Tuesday, March 29

Draw close to God, and he will draw close to you.Jas. 4:8.

Jehovah urges us in his Word to “draw close” to him, and he promises us that if we do, “he will draw close” to us. What an uplifting thought that is! Yet, many people think that it is unrealistic to believe that God wants to be close to them; they feel that they are unworthy to approach him or that he is too remote to be approached. Is closeness with Jehovah really possible? The fact is that Jehovah “is not far off from each one” who wants to find him; it is possible to get to know him.  Our God purposed that even imperfect humans should be close to him, and he is ready and willing to receive them into his favor as close friends.  From personal experience, the psalmist could write about Jehovah: “O Hearer of prayer, to you people of all sorts will come. Happy is the one whom you choose and bring near.”


Most people go through their lives without thinking too much about God or their need to be close to God. Religion reduces God to special days, so-called holidays, like Easter and Christmas.

But when people are faced with disaster or illness or extremely stressful situations, then they naturally seek help from on high. How much better, though, to be close to God and have him close to us all the time. Then we can have the assurance that when we are in dire need he will be there for us.

As the day’s text states, many people feel they are unworthy. And, of course, that is true —we all are unworthy. That is why the Scriptures refer to God’s dealings with us as undeserved kindness, or grace if you prefer. Knowing that God is extremely merciful and gracious should draw us to him. By faith we can claim the mercy that is available to us.

However, there is an expiration date. That is why Paul states: Today is the day of salvation. 

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