Downfall of America and Rise of the Beast

//Downfall of America and Rise of the Beast

QUESTION: Robert, when do you see the coming fatal blow to the 7th head, and is there a name attached to the deliverer of it?

The short answer is, no one knows the day or hour. And the name attached to the “deliverer” of the mortal blow is “the tyrant and tyrants of the nations.”

This ought to raise a few questions in the minds of inquisitive persons, such as what is the seventh head? Who are the “tyrants”? An explanation is in order.

The need for a clearer understanding of the two questions posed by the inquirer is all the more necessary given the less than adequate explanations proffered by the Watchtower. To underscore the need for clarity simply ask one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, even a knowledgeable elder or a Governing Body member, regarding when the seventh head of the beast is struck with a mortal blow.

Of course, Jehovah’s Witnesses believe the fatal blow was delivered to the head of the multi-headed wild beast during the First World War. In other words, evidently it was a non-event —completely forgettable. We might rightly wonder why God saw fit to even mention it. Think of it, the Watchtower teaches that the Anglo-American duo is what is symbolized by the seventh head of the beast and supposedly the victors of WWI suffered a catastrophic deathblow, but somehow miraculously recovered.

Like all other prophecy, the reason the Watchtower is compelled to concoct this sort of cockamamie fusion of pseudo history and prophecy is because the mortal blow to the head of the beast coincides with the overthrow of Satan and the demons from heaven, which occurs as a result of the Kingdom coming to power, which the Watchtower insists took place in 1914.

But a little study of history might help dispel the Watchtower’s sacred 1914 mythos from your mind.

As we know, the seven-headed beast symbolizes the series of empires that have wielded power over God’s people beginning with Egypt, then Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece and the Roman empire, with the British Empire emerging as the Neo Roman Empire in the latter part of the 18th century, from which the American colonies broke away.

All of the empires that existed (excepting the present) were toppled by the empires that succeeded them, in one way or the other. For example, Babylon conquered Assyria. The Medes and Persians under Cyrus overthrew Babylon in one night. Alexander the Great defeated Persia. And the four kingdoms that resulted from the breakup of Alexander’s empire after his untimely death were ultimately overwhelmed by the ascendency of Rome. So, thinking Jehovah’s Witnesses might ponder the question: What nation or empire defeated the British Empire or America during the First World War? The question is absurd, really, since it is common knowledge that The U.S., Britain and France were the victors of that Great War, as well as the Second World War that began 21 years later.

Given the incapability of Jehovah’s Witnesses of reasoning on even the simple historical facts such as these I suppose it is at least a hopeful sign that an individual had the wherewithal to ask when we might expect the future fulfillment of the prophecy.


Exactly 20 years ago this coming October for no particular reason I picked up the Bible and started reading in the middle of the book of Ezekiel. Specifically, I started reading at chapters 26 thru 32 regarding the fall of Tyre and Egypt. And it immediately became apparent to me that Tyre and Egypt represent London and America, respectively, during the time of the end.

When Ezekiel penned his prophecy Egypt was no longer the dominate power, having been subjugated by Assyria. But around 605 BCE the combined Egyptian and resurgent Assyrian armies were soundly defeated at the Battle of Carchemish by the Babylonians. That decisive battle opened the way for Babylon to eventually topple Judah, Tyre and Egypt, along with numerous other nations like Philistia, Moab, Edom and Ammon —all of which was foretold in prophecy.

In the 31st chapter Ezekiel likened Egypt to a towering cedar tree, more majestic than any other tree in Jehovah’s garden of tree-like nations. All the peoples lived under the shade of that tree and were envious of its beauty and stature. That description aptly fits America now, touted as the greatest nation that has ever existed. As the supposed champion of freedom, opportunity and prosperity, America has exerted its influence around the world, so much so that many people have sought to immigrate or emulate, thus living under the shadow of the mighty, shade-casting cedar. Ezekiel symbolized “Egypt” this way: “All the birds of the sky nested in its boughs, all the wild animals of the field gave birth under its branches, and all the populous nations were dwelling in its shade. It became majestic in beauty and in the length of its branches, for its roots went down into abundant waters. No other cedars in the garden of God could compare to it. None of the juniper trees had boughs like it, and none of the plane trees could match its branches.”

Because of its extreme arrogance, though, God commanded that the towering Egyptian cedar be cut down. Who is assigned the task? Ezekiel reveals the answer: “Therefore this is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah says: ‘Because it became so tall, lifting its top among the clouds, and its heart became arrogant because of its height, I will hand it over to the mighty ruler of the nations. He will surely act against it, and I will reject it for its wickedness. And foreigners, the most ruthless of the nations, will cut it down…”

In the fifth century B.C.E. the mighty ruler of the nations was Nebuchadnezzar. But the prophecy notes that he is accompanied by “foreigners, the most ruthless of the nations.” That most likely came in the form of the Medes and other mercenary troops that accompanied the Chaldean hordes.

But why ought Jehovah’s Witnesses believe this somewhat obscure prophecy has any relevance for us now? Well, because the Watchtower says it does. The reason it does is because the language of the prophecy indicates that the ultimate fulfillment has to do with the coming of Christ and the day of Jehovah. For example, the opening words of the 30th chapter say: “Son of man, prophesy and say, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah says: “Wail, ‘Alas, the day is coming!’ For the day is near, yes, a day of Jehovah is near. It will be a day of clouds, an appointed time of nations.””

Also: “‘And when you are extinguished I will cover the heavens and darken their stars. I will cover the sun with clouds, and the moon will not give its light. I will darken all the shining luminaries in the heavens because of you, and I will cover your land with darkness,’ declares the Sovereign Lord Jehovah.” —Ezekiel 32:7-8

Bible students will quickly recognize the similarity with what Jesus said concerning the sun turning dark, the moon turning to blood and the stars falling from heaven after the tribulation in those days. Likewise, the opening of the sixth seal brings about the same apocalyptic phenomenon. Clearly, the sudden downfall of Egypt is a precursor to the tribulation and the ultimate day of Jehovah.

So, what does Egypt symbolize? According to the Watchtower it symbolizes all the nations that will be destroyed at Armageddon. And the mighty tyrant of the nations who will chop it down represents none other than Jesus Christ! Suffice to say that the Watchtower does not quite have things in proper focus.

First, Egypt is portrayed as being unlike any other nation, towering over the lesser trees of the world garden of nations. That being so, Egypt represents the greatest nation in comparison to lesser nations, not all the nations.

What is more, the prophecy relates the impact the fall of Egypt will have on people of the world, as expressed at Ezekiel 32:9-10: “I will distress the hearts of many peoples when I lead your captives to other nations, to lands that you have not known. I will cause many peoples to be awestruck, and their kings will shudder in horror over you when I brandish my sword before them. They will tremble continually, each fearing for his life, on the day of your downfall.” Needless to say, the kings of the earth will not shudder in horror after the nations are destroyed on the battlefield of Armageddon.

Moreover, since Nebuchadnezzar was the typical tyrant that Jehovah appointed as the executer of his judgments on the nations of antiquity the King of Babylon represent the last king, the eighth king, the final manifestation of the king of the north, the little horn that supplants three horns, and the fierce looking king that brings the mighty ones of this world to ruin. Obviously, the impotent League of Nations did not bring the high and mighty to ruin, nor has its successor —the United Nations.


King Edward VII

A bit more history is in order: After the 13 British colonies broke free from the Crown and formed the United States of America, London set about on a generations-long scheme to reacquire their possession. There was the War of 1812, when the British burned down the Whitehouse. Then there was the American Civil War. The British sponsored and supported the Confederacy in an effort to divide and conquer. When that scheme failed to achieve the desired result and America embarked on a great nation-building project that began to be emulated around the world, particularly by Germany and Russia, King Edward the VII began setting up Europe for the Great War that erupted in 1914.

One year  prior to the beginning of WWI British agents succeeded in foisting a privately owned central bank upon America, a scheme that made the government indebted to foreign financiers. No sooner had the Federal Reserve been put into place the financiers, whom FDR called “the economic royalists,” brought about the Great Depression.” Along with that after the war the lords of London embarked upon a scheme to inject America with British imperialism. Thus, various think tanks were setup to ostensibly foster British-American relations, but in reality were/are intended to re-educate American leaders; most notable among these institutions is the Council on Foreign Relations.

With the breakup of the post WWII Bretton Woods fixed exchange system in 1971 and the repeal of Glass Steagall in 1999, now after a century of British subversion, Wall Street, an arm of the City of London, has at last succeeded in bringing the USA to the brink of financial ruin and total subjugation, and with it the entirely of the Trans-Atlantic system.

While it is no secret that the British Empire is allied with the most ruthless nations in the world, such as Saudi Arabia and all the wealthy Arab kingdoms that London set up after WWI, and that London is the center for international money-laundering, which directly funds global terrorism, most recently with the Brexit from the EU the Crown is moving to ally itself with China with the apparent intention of becoming the primary financial center for Chinese dominance after the smoke and dust settles from the crash of the present Anglo-American dominated system.

So, when may we expect the death blow to come? Soon. Very soon. 

And who is the mighty tyrant or tyrants of the nations? Behind the British Crown stands a handful of ultra wealthy financiers who owe no allegiance to any nation, who have only one driving ambition – to rule the world. With their alliance that is now forming with China it is apparent that the intent is to foreclose upon the debtors —America being the foremost debtor nation. This will come even at the cost of destroying their host nation —Great Britain.

As the final manifestation of the king of the north the illuminati bankers – as some insist upon calling them -are moving to pull the rug out from under the nations and shift their financial backing in the form of gold and possession of raw materials to a world government, no doubt in the form of a re-tooled United Nations.

In this way the King of the north will subjugate the king of the south —the king of the south also just so happening to have originally been Egypt, which is why the king of the south is referred to as Egypt during the time of the end: “And he will keep thrusting out his hand against the lands; and as regards the land of Egypt, she will not escape. And he will rule over the hidden treasures of gold and silver and over all the desirable things of Egypt. And the Libyans and the Ethiopians will be at his steps.”

While the Watchtower and Jehovah’s Witnesses are totally oblivious to the present situation leading up to the crash, in the post-crash world Jehovah will raise up new witnesses. That is apparent from the last verse of the 29th chapter of Ezekiel, which says: “In that day I will cause a horn to sprout for the house of Israel, and I will give you an opportunity to speak among them; and they will have to know that I am Jehovah.” 

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  • Volcanic

    Oh, my, that has all become so horribly, horribly real! I need to get my nose to the grindstone & start learning even harder now.
    What an amazing article Robert, thank you.

  • Burt Reynolds

    I’m glad you’re back Robert. ‘A week is a long time in theocratics.’ Very nice article. What issues are you referring to when you say that Edward VII set up Europe for the Great War?

    • ewatchman

      Did you click on the blue highlighted link for Edward the VII? Webster Tarpley is my main man, my go-to-historian. He used to write for EIR and the now-defunct New Federalist newspaper back in the 80’s and 90’s, with the weekly American Almanac column, which fortunately has been archived on the Internet at least. It is a treasure drove of American history that you can’t get anywhere else

      • Ed(the other Ed)

        I’m trying to understand why London would ally itself with China and move it’s global financial district to there land? Do you suppose they plan on having the Chinese provide them with physical security?

        • Burt Reynolds

          As far as we know the situation with China….its economy is in decline, having been over spent and Britain is able to prop it up and develop its China’s growing debt towards the inevitable end. There is at present a nuclear power development that would give China billions of dollars in trade with us. There may also be a biblical reference but I don’t know of it.

          • Ed(the other Ed)

            That sounds reasonable. Maybe another added reason is that China being communist is also a better choice so as not to allow any other nation the chance to revolt during this time of upheaval.

            • Burt Reynolds

              That’s right me old China !

            • Ed(the other Ed)

              They’re much better at clamping down on there own people then you brits!
              You have Mick Jagger to help smooth things out as long as he’s getting paid.

            • Burt Reynolds

              I suppose you’re right. He has a big enough mouth.

          • ewatchman

            That is funny. Western money pundits talk about the decline of the Chinese economy, yeah, they have slowed from 10% anual increase to around 5-6%. Meanwhile, Europe and America get all excited expecting a half percent growth.

            • Burt Reynolds

              That was a great read Robert. Told me a lot of things I didn’t know. The banks here have cut the interest rate to one quarter of a percent yesterday and are pumping billions of pounds into the economy. There are of course no gold reserves to support it……not that the government own anyway. I’m okay though, I have two gold sovereigns stashed away. Rothschilds won’t get me.

        • ewatchman

          London has always had a hand in the pie in China. That’s what the Opium Wars were all about. HSBC, London’s flagship bank, got its start in HongKong processing the proceeds of the opium trade. When HongKong went back to China like 20 years ago the London-trained bankers on the island taught the communists how to play the global captial markets. As soon as it is time for Jehovah to begin his destructive work I would expect China, Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia and all the Gulf states, to ditch the dollar – converting the US into a third world nation with a vast nuclear arsenal virtually overnight.

          • Ed(the other Ed)

            Yeah, I thought the relationship that London had with Hong Kong back then may have had something to do with it too, I know that Kissinger and his cronies have good buddies on both sides of the fence. The thought of a superpower with a worthless currency and a vast nuclear arsenal is a scary one.

            • Burt Reynolds

              Ah yes, but have you thought that the USA may flog its nuclear weapons to China to raise cash to stay in power at home? Then Britain gets the missiles due to Chinese bad debt and gives them back to the USA…..but the quick way! End of problem. I had better get a cup of tea….

            • 1914for100Alex

              And I think I’d better brush up on my English accent…

            • Ed(the other Ed)

              Sell weapons to the Chinese? they just steal the technology as we build them, and as far as staying in power goes we just print money to do that. TPTB seem to have an easier plan in place, as long as the Dollar is the reserve currency and it’s hoarded by the nations, all is well until that awful day of reckoning, but they apparently will have all there ducks in a row before the missiles get tossed back and forth.

          • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

            This is difficult to digest

      • Burt Reynolds

        Ill do that right now. Thanks.

      • T570

        Hi Robert. I posted a question did it get dumped?

        • ewatchman

          No. Not by me. Sometime Disqus marks comments as spam. I’ll check and see what’s in the spam can.

          ….yep. It was marked as spam

  • T570

    Wiat a moment ,what if all is not as you say will become a reality,just how will America roll over to a Chinese British Government? Since Russia is already aligned with China and the British not able to subdue Russia where does this come into play? The US Military or the ultra wealthy here aren’t going to ly down and roll over either.I don’t see any country eve capable of putting a standing Army here .Is it not possible that British are the king of the South and this is the beast that will be given the power ?

    • ewatchman

      You are right. No one is going to simply roll over. There is going to be a war. Right now the American military supposes it is the mightiest in the world. Not counting the draw in Vietnam the US is undefeated. Since the collapse of the USSR the US has been invading Third World countries and no one opposes them. But the next world war will not have the same outcome as the previous two. And apparently Jehovah will intervene directly to prevent a nuclear holocaust from killing us all.

      • T570

        This is possible, however this Duo that represents the seventh king I’m just not certain one can do without the other or a house divided against itself cannot stand..China’s military is a scrap heap compared to Russia, sure they have a lot people but it takes a lot of resources to move an army of that size..I’ve been to Russia I’ve seen first hand there readiness there armaments are a mix of new and old but still effective, there ICBMS are faster by a couple of minutes but there are satellites called the rods of God and this is no myth, just one launch can pulverize a 15 mile radius up to 700 ft deep thanks to Ronald Reagan,we star wars aloft..The US possess weapons that are unique and unimaginable. I know I worked as a civilian contractor for defense industry. There is no other country on earth that can rival these insane weapons. Talk about fire coming own from heaven, that’s a certainty. I propose that with desperate wealthy men here in the US will do desperate things to hold on to power. This encircling of Russia and China isn’t even really nessasary, because the US has had first strike readiness since the last of 15 shuttle launches. The US military has only one rival, God’s Heavenly Army. This China thing aligned with the British Empire will be like taking the biggest bone from the meanest dog on the block. It may mean the eight king literally rises from the ashes of nuclear fallout, and if that is the case, I find it impossible that the US go’s down because the United Nations throne is in the states and if Satan will sit a king after the fallout it will be at the United Nations..

    • 1914for100Alex

      I’ve struggled with this a bit too, mainly because we’re (the U.S.) the strongest military out there. I do agree with Robert’s assessment of England (or London if you prefer) being King of the North, as they inherited that title from Rome. If the U.S. is Egypt in prophecy, which I also believe, then it would make sense that they would take on the real Egypt’s former role of King of the South.

      The prophecy in Daniel makes it very clear that the K of the N and K of the S have an established history/relationship leading up to the “pushing”. I don’t see any other countries that would fit those titles, although I admit I need to re-read Robert’s explanation of how each country has fulfilled the things that have already happened. Just reading the relevant verses of Daniel on my own isn’t making it click.

      I think the main issue here is that no one sees it coming. It’s impossible to picture us going to war with England. I think there are some pieces of the puzzle yet to be revealed. For all we know, the U.S. could do something unthinkable, or be set up so it looks like they did, and that could turn allied countries against us. I agree that England wouldn’t be able to do it on their own, but with the backing of another country, especially in the heat of war, anything’s possible. One thing’s for sure. Whatever you can imagine happening probably won’t even compare to what’s coming.

      • ewatchman

        The fallacy is that the US has the strongest military. Excluding nuclear capabilities the US and NATO would lose going to war with Russia. That is the assessment of military professionals.

        • 1914for100Alex

          Wow. I knew Russia wasn’t militarily weak, but that puts things in a new perspective for me. Thanks. Moral of the story; don’t poke the bear.

          This information brings up a couple scary scenarios. The U.S. may feel as though they have no choice but to use those nukes because they know they can’t win, or they implement the draft. Or both. And now there’s talk of making women draft eligible. The senate approved a bill earlier this year, but it’s not a done deal yet.

    • Burt Reynolds

      There are some critical points that should be recognised in all of this. The first one being really that we can only speculate. No one knows the mind of Jehovah. However, at some point along the line, those who believe the bible must put faith, biblically supported of course, in the one telling it. Why? Because Jehovah has raised prophets before, events have turned out in quite unexpected ways, and we perceive things in our own, limited manner. There are other sites that one can look at that proffer similar prophesy, being but one of them that, whilst decrying Robert’s ‘status’, plagiarise his work to back up their hypothesis. The question is not so much, is what is said reasonable, than what are the alternatives based on the bible? Should we lean on our own understanding, or are we to judge what the prophet says on an understanding of the bible, that understanding being fragile as it is. My own experience of this and these other sites is that one has to, one must, make a decision. An article of faith as it were, lest you allow yourself to be tossed upon the waves backwards and forwards, never reaching the shore.

      That being said, the Anglo American alliance is based not on military strength but on finance. Secondly, if you look at the society makeup of America, huge swathes of the populace are at war with themselves already, most, if not all are fervently aligned to politics and religion and the underclass can and will be bought off by money and superficial security. Though there are not such sharp devisions in Britain, the survival mode here, is similar to Black Friday shopping deals in the States. Murderous. The survival instinct in all people blinded to politics and uniformity in social settings is ‘me first’. It was so in the Jewish labour camps of the second war, surprisingly, and it is so in every society. Thus when it comes to the tribulation, it is neither the size of the army, or the wealth of the nations that will be a deciding factor, but the ABSENCE of wealth and army/ies, the one being dependant on the other, and of the proliferation of nuclear weapons. If you look at the two deciding factors here, it becomes more plain. Huge debt, no gold to support the debt. Huge armies, no means of running them. So what is left? Nuclear weaponry. Panic, starvation, survival instinct, self interests the priority, both in mob and in politics. What are the indicators to all this?

      The banking system is teetering on the edge. In Britain the base rate has been cut again to a quarter of a percent and I can here the printing presses churning out paper money from here. There is nothing to support this unspeakable gap between reserves and paper value. America and China are sizing each other up, Russia is ready to fight it out over the Ukraine and it’s peninsular, and has the largest gas and oil reserves in Europe: the EU is simmering nIcely and Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal and Holland are in line to leave the EU given the chance. Germany and it’s bank, along with the IMF are a metaphorical breath away from collapse. Public unrest and immigration issues are to the forefront and who knows about the Middle East other than its a walkover for whoever has enough serious artillery…..not ‘boots on the ground’ but missiles in the air. Now, does it matter a jot about who is king of the north, south, east or west; whether this will happen on ‘the 5th September after sundown’, as the watchtower predicted the end in the 1975 summer assemblies, or the other fine detail of who or what will do this or that? Does this deserve equal comparison?

      We can argue until the cows come home. The bible is the touchstone and the message is clear and no one person knows the time or the hour except Jehovah and what does happen, will be unexpected as illustrated by the fall of the watchtower and the effect this will have on the witnesses. We have the warning. We have the signs. Do we need the detail or does this, though important in a lesser way, serve only to keep us distracted whilst we need to be at prayer so to speak. One issue that does keep me waiting on this site, is that those who would plagiarise Roberts work, all claim that he has been ‘abandoned’ by Jehovah for being ‘hard headed’ and then go on to say that they are blessed with inspiration alone….except where they use Roberts work!

      I suppose that we can liken these issues of exactitude in prophesy to the deciples who questioned Jesus…..I am certainly not making comparison here in human terms, only biblical….. In that even when told the basic facts, still they did not understand their outworking. Likewise, we look at the strange but compelling words of the bible, wonder at it, try to explain it, but, in the same way we look at our universe, can only come away with the basics. Ergo, the planets revolve around each other, time and gravity exist. So it is with the tribulation. It is going to be difficult. Who causes the difficulty or where it comes from, is not an article of faith for us. Nor perhaps, should it be.

      • ELiJAHxSEVEN

        Yeah, I checked out “Jehovah’s word” .org….SMH
        I won’t be checking it out again lol….I will stick with

        • Burt Reynolds

          Rolee, are you aware that your profile is on Private and thus no one can follow you? If this is intentional, please excuse me for asking.

          • ROLEE ALLEN

            Sorry, I have 2 accounts and I was trying to sort it out…I thought my “elijahxseven” account may have been compromised…my name is Robert also and I am not keen to the idea of anonymity but given the mental stability of some on the web its wise to “wear a mask” (D-alien reference) lol…Thank you for making me aware…I unchecked the box…I enjoy all of the association on e-watchman and wonderful comments…you are a very articulate brother!…thanks again!

      • T570

        The point is that America is a totally financial military structure, the band aid is the hoakum to make cities and states look as if all is well, that simply is exploitation of the ignorant. This country has been honed into an Hybrib Animal of war criminals .and the patsy takes the scaps.. My point is the Military will be used for something to totally control the world..

        • 1914for100Alex

          I think there are going to be a lot of “aha” moments for those of us around to see how it all unfolds. I get where you’re coming from though. It’s hard to imagine us going down without a fight, and not a pretty one at that. But maybe that’s how it will play out. Crippled by a financial crisis, engulfed in war. A few desperate measures taken here and there and then we get overtaken, with the U.N. still in tact. Some deals are made, and next thing you know it’s “all hail the 8th king…or else!”. But then again, I’m just a guy speculating on the Internet.

          • T570

            We can all say that America or the military won’t crash and burn, yet the scriptures say Jehovah has turned army’s upon themselves..that could certainly bring down this machinery..

            • 1914for100Alex

              Absolutely. Whether it be infighting or a military coup, I’m sure we can expect plenty of confusion and disagreements.

              On a side note, the attempted coup in Japan at the end of WW2 is one of the more interesting ones I’ve read about. I’ve often wondered if the blackout wasn’t just a coincidence.


              Also, I saw this related program when it first aired on the History Channel. I highly recommend it if you’re interested in history. If you click on the “Description” box a little ways down it gives a brief summary.


        • Ed(the other Ed)

          I don’t think there is any denying that the US military will be used in shaping the NWO. I know Robert has touched on this in some of his articles. It’s been said that the thorn in the side of the oligarchs is the Democratic hold, or what’s left of it, that is counter productive to their agenda. Eventually the Constitution will be scrapped by force, while we are being divided by means of age, gender, race, sexual orientation to keep us pre-occupied. What I don’t get is that political figures like Putin, Obama etc. appear to favor globalization and central world government. I guess the problem is deciding who gets to control what and when, and this will be determined when one party gets the green light to nuke the other right after a handshake.

  • Yuri Fisher

    Hello everyone there.
    I also enjoyed this article about the fall of America. I read chapter in the book. I have a question. When America falls also soon after this WT organization will fall. I understand it this way. So after fall of WT when new witnesses will be around what will be with milions disfeloshipped persons like Robert. Will they again will be active as new witnesses. Is it now valid in the Jehovah’s view when WT organization disfellowship some body. Now this organization become bad. Jehovah see it and knows that WT makes wrong to many disfelowshipped. Will they will be returned to new witnesses organization. What is your opinion Robert. Do we have to be affraid to be disfeloshipped now? I personally do not affraid to be disfellowshipped. I know Jehovah and Jesus see what is going on.

    Brotherly love to all.

    Yuri Fisher


    • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

      To Respected YURI FISHER
      You need not have to be afraid to be dis-fellowshipped now!!! Be bold like me on this matter. I am boldly waiting for some one to dis fellowship me as I deliberately give all outright answers which is not taught in the watchtower but of e-watchman’s, yet not even one talks to me, because they know the consequences what will happen if they dis-fellowship. If they dis fellowship me many will be caught for doing what is wrong. They cannot dis fellowship on other grounds because even worldly people knows about me. They can dis-fellowship on only one thing that is difference of opinion between me and the WTS.

      • How different from the way things were done in the Christian congregations of the First Century, as recorded in the Greek Scriptures. Today, God’s people have become mere employees of a corporation, and like with all corporations, there is rivalry and a desire for promotion. Employees can be dismissed (disfellowshipped) if they do not submit to the management. (Ezek. 34:27) The ones who should set the example in humility have instead exalted themselves as leaders, and have brought the way of the world into God’s house. —2 Cor. 1:24; 1 Peter 5:1-4.

        • Burt Reynolds

          Reminds me of my boss at work. Glad to be retired. I should have got myself secularly ‘disfellowshipped’ years ago!

          • Hi Burt, I did hear from Daisy this morning, and she is doing fine. She is at home resting over the weekend. She is truly faced with a dilemma, opt 1- treat the remaining 25% of cancer with chemotherapy or opt 2- use alternative treatments (natural remedies)
            Does everyone have any advice on what she should do? Keep her in your prayers please.

            She also sent me a photo of herself, my my what a beautiful person she is !!!

            • Volcanic

              I am about to e-mail Daisy, you are right JS, she is terribly pretty, just think how showstopping she will be when the years roll off in the new world!
              I am redoing all my alternative therapies for cancer for her & of course praying like mad.

            • Burt Reynolds

              Hello Joseph, yes I do have some advice on treatment. My first wife died of breast cancer in 1987. She was 37 years old. We went through holistic medicine, much like Erik was choosing to do. However, the issues of holistic medicine are that they in themselves do not help the cancer, but critically, enable to body to fight the cancer by clearing it of all the rubbish and toxins that we eat and that strain the body’s immune system. Thus Daisy’s choice should be based on her body’s immune system as it stands for her age, and which, if she does not mind me saying , will be that of her current age. There are some natural remedies that do help the body fight cancer, in the same way that deadly nightshade or foxglove, will help the heart via digitalis. Daisy will need to not only discuss this with the clinic dealing in natural remedies, but also with her doctor who will be able to tell her of any medical advantage. Daisy should not forget that rarely are natural curatives dispensed by a knowledgable and qualified doctor. In my opinion, or experience, I think by using natural remedies, we, my then wife and I, extended her qualititive life by three months. My basis for this belief was that the doctor guessed her then life as six months. She lived nine. Self help through natural remedy is also a powerful assistant in engaging the patient in their own care, and In giving the family something positive to do to help the patient. A good mental approach by all concerned is an imperative.

              On the other hand, the medical remedies are proven to shrink cancers and to prolong life, but as Erik pointed out, these come at a price due to the side effects. However, my wife went through radiotherapy and it was eighteen months before the cancer came back, the six month survival being given once this had returned. In some people, they can expect five or even ten years or more through radiotherapy or chemo. However, this was a particularly virulent form of breast cancer and my wife’s age was against her as she was only 35 at the outbreak. Now, in an older person, cancer is likely to be slower to develop, but in the other hand the body is weaker. My sister in law has recently undergone, at the age of about 40, similar surgery and chemo for a virulent cancer and is now clear, using modern techniques and care. So that just shows the advances made in 32 years since my wife died. So, what to do. 1. Keep control of your health. Check all things with your GP and have your questions ready when you go and written down. If you do not understand the question, ask them to explain. Make friends with your assigned nurse and question her about everything. Use the Internet to inform you. It is like looking into your mortality, but it pays dividends by helping you govern your treatment and makes the GP more open with you. 2. Decide to live. Your body is your most powerful friend. A forthright decision to live will strengthen you and help your body to help itself. Literally. Don’t underestimate the secrets that your body has to self cure. Jehovah made it. 3. Go to a registered clinic for natural remedies. The one at Bristol is very good and it was the one we used. There are others. Use your internet. Clean your body and its systems and immune system internally with the diets on offer. Betacarrotine, from liquidised carrots is very good with a spoonful of cream in it. A nice refreshing drink and full of cancer fighting elements. Avoid red meats. Investigate vegetarianism with fish and chicken for protein. Listen to your body. 4. Take all that you find out at the health clinic back to your doctor. Book a double appointment and talk to him about it and how medicine can help you also. 5. Take your chemo therapy. It will prolong or save your life. There are plenty of other people walking about with cancer who will die, not of cancer, but of old age. My brother in law is one with prostate cancer. A client of mine had bladder cancer and died of old age. Chemo will help you. Chemo may save you. It May also make you feel a lot worse before you get better, but you must see it through. Stiff upper lip and all that. Sleep as much as you can, but use your waking hours profitably. 6 do your natural remedy along with your chemo. Release your body resources to fight the cancer. If your body is fighting to deal with a McDonald’s, it cannot help you fight the cancer. You get the picture. 7. Draw close to your husband and family. They are grieving for you….it is called preemptory grieving and they need you as much as you need them. Stay together through all this and allow your family to help you. They need to feel useful and it is an important part of the process of survival. No matter the outcome, they will feel that they were there for you and pulled you though, gave you the hope and stamina to carry on. You will have dark moments. Your family will lighten them for you and bring light ones of their own. 8. Never give up. The chemo may drag you down. Be ready for this and determine to stay positive. Sleep as much as you can. It’s restorative. 9. Ensure your medication is taken on time. Get a special medication box….called a Dossett box….with the days of the week on and assign a family member to keep you regularly dosed. You will not be bothered about it. Ensure you have adequate pain control if required. 10, ensure you get help from social services. I know it’s not much but it may be worthwhile. 11. DO GET A REFERRAL TO THE MCMILLIAN CANCER NURSES. GO THROUGH YOUR HOSPITAL SOCIAL WORKER OR DIRECT THROUGH YOUR GP. 11. Stay close to Jehovah. Use prayer . Jehovah’s way may not be our desired way, but acknowledge that inwardly and pray for his love to shine upon you. Determine to be part of his service. Use your mental strength.

              Daisy, so sorry to be blunt. I was asked for advice and have given it straightforwardly. This is not a time to speak platitudes if you are actually thinking of critical life changing choices. There is a great deal you can do for yourself. Your body is your best weapon, your mindset is of equal caliber, your chemo will help and may cure, your family will be there for you and you must be there for them. Love is a two way thing. Let them help you. Make sure someone goes to the hospital with you and brings you back. This is critical. Take with you water, a plastic bag, tissue. Ask the GP for advice. Make sure you have a phone.

              May Jehovah bless you and keep you. May he make his face to shine a upon you and be merciful to you. Trust in Jehovah. You are not alone. All here will and are praying for you. Please bear in mind I am not a qualified doctor, I have no medical experience. I have spent my life as a social worker and have only the benefit of experience. You must make your decision with your family as to what is best for you. Our love goes out to you. X

            • Burt I will forward this valuable information to Daisy, thanks brother your the best! Also so so sorry for your loss of your 1st wife.

            • im no expert but…

              Marine Phytoplankton
              Turmeric powder
              Papaya seed enzyme
              Grapefruit Seed Extract
              Raw garlic
              Apple Cider Vinegar
              Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

            • Song of Hannah

              Also Vitamin D3, get your level checked and if it is not high (30 or over) take 10,000 IU a day until you test high (higher is better, up to 65). Make sure the caps have oil in them so you can fully absorb it.

            • hum yeah i even thought about typing d3 too but i thought i should read about it again

            • Volcanic

              was just going to add to your list, DA, with the turmeric should be used black pepper, apparently it’s more effective that way

            • humm thats interrsting. thats good to know.
              i just watched parts of a black pepper mini documentary a few days ago too, i guess production sales went up down or somethin i dont remember.

            • Volcanic

              great point Hannah, it has been proved from tests that lack of Vit D is a cause of many cancer deaths, so it is vital to take it, Daisy.

              Also, every morning before anything 1 litre of water with juice of lemon in it, lemon has been proved to be 1,000 times more effective than chemo. You can eat 40 minutes later. Contrary to how it appears, lemons are not acidic.

              If you can stomach it also bicarb soda in water a few times a day, it is a great help in alkalizing the body, cancer only spreads in an acid environment.

            • Volcanic

              great, thank you DA

          • Alexandra Bogolin Bautista


      • Alexandra Bogolin Bautista

        Dear brother in India (that’s how I think of you because your name is long!):
        I admire your zeal, boldness, and courage. Have you told many witnesses in your circle about this website? Have many people in your congregation expressed curiosity by the way you speak? Do you have any Bible studies?… what point (if any) would you expose a student who loves Jehovah, but doesn’t have years of experience with Witnesses to this website? It almost feels like giving a baby their first carrot, I’m afraid there could be a choking hazard, but the kid (student) has to learn how to eat solid food eventually. I usually err on the side of keeping quiet, but I feel so restless. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

        • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

          TO RESPECTED SISTER Alexandra Bogolin Bautista.

          Yeah I do have a bible study. But my wife has more bible studies. She has 12 bible studies. Two are towards the point of baptism. One unique thing is that many of her Bible studies willingly come to our home and study rather than my wife going to their homes. That is really an advantage for us because we can give them the truth what we learned from the ewatchman’s website. My wife totally eliminates the 1914 doctrine, this is what I liked the most. Only the basic truth is taken from the teach book. I also sit along with her studies but keep quite because whenever the doubt arises for the students from the prophecies and world events she directly take references from the ewatchman’s website and teach to her studies in their own language either in Kannada or Tamil. What is one peculiar thing is that all her family members, father and her own two brothers’ are Elders. My wife’s own sister’s son is an MS. The thing is that this MS comes to our house and spend much time and takes some class from my wife which is actually the material taken from ewatchman. My wife has taught him about Daniel’s prophecy directly from ewatchman’s material. Finally before going he will always tell my wife: Aunty you have a unique knowledge!!! Many sisters in our congregation want to accompany my wife because she handles the situation in a very good way in field ministry and many of the sisters directly tell my wife that she has unique biblical knowledge what not even elders or CO knows. OH! LOL! Let the credit goes to Brother Robert King!!!We are nothing!

          As far now many don’t know about this website. I am waiting for the time. I am collecting many proofs about the wrong doings with in the congregation. For example one brother is an MS in our congregation and he is married but he has relations with homosexuals this is secretly revealed to me by my wife’s own sisters’ son that is the same MS mentioned above but no proof. I am collecting many of the proof of their wrong doings. At the same time many knows what is my character even by the outsiders. I should thank Jehovah for having this type of character which I am practicing now. Don’t think I am boasting of myself, I am now leading a life of a Nazarite (a teetotaler). No alcohol, no entertainment, but only work and bible study. This has become known in the congregation as well to outsider (expect my secret research through ewatchman’s website). No one knows why I am like this because in these days no one will choose a life like this especially in north Karnataka where this place is famous for tobacco users and alcohol. The outsiders named me as modern day Basavanna (google it) an highly respected man of 12th-century Indian philosopher, statesman, Kannada poet. Let it go one fine day I will boldly speak like Jeremiah at that time they will form a judicial committee against me at that time I will throw all the proofs those who are doing gross sins. Then stands the decision will they dis-fellowship persons who are doing gross sins or will they dis-fellowship person who is leading a Nazarite life and telling the truth (but only has difference of opinion with WTS). I know that the outcome likely would be negative. What happened to Jesus will happen. That Barabbas was released righteous Jesus was killed. That means I will be dis-fellowshipped but those guys will lead the congregation. This is what Satan will do to me. But I will be still happy and not ashamed because I will be dis-fellowshipped for the sake of truth just like Robert King not because of adultery, robbery or any other gross sins. My suggestion is just a little while you will have your voice. Jehovah will do that. Till then be as innocent as dove but as cautious as serpent.

          My true brotherly love to you sister.

    • disfellowshiping itsnt the end of a persons relationship with Jehovah nor personal duty to tell the truth. even Jesus was shuned even as far as killed

    • Volcanic

      a late welcome from me, Yuri & how wonderful it is to meet you here. I don’t actually know but I would imagine that all those disfellowshipped ones will have chance to return, but, bear in mind that the organisation will not be around then.

      I do not know if there will be an actual organisation then either, just those of us who have stayed by the side of the absolute truth maybe. Also, people like Robert will be still on earth to guide us.

      There must be many yet who are thrown out of the organisation who love Jehovah & are searching for truth but haven’t found this site yet, so it is up to us to be watchful & try to help where we can if needed, Jehovah will direct us I’m certain.

      In actual fact no-one should be afraid of being disfellowshipped, only Jehovah has the authority to do that.
      From the events of the last few weeks which led me to this site, I know for an absolute fact that Jehovah is guiding us, I have NEVER felt so close to Him or so guided by Him as I have since I came here.

      I am only a lowly sister so it is not my place to think about these things too much & I should let the brothers here guide us & teach us, so don’t take what I said as absolute truth, it is only my mind working on it.

      Greetings from the Canary Islands 🙂

    • Bklyn Kevin

      Obviously the so-called faithful steward at the watchtower / Bethel went beyond the things that have been written and had wrongfully excommunicated many due to their
      own man mad unbiblical policies, so do they have the final / LAST say?, most certainly not according to the Apostle Paul, please take note of what he said In reference to the so-called faithful stewards

      1 A man should regard us as “attendants” of Christ and stewards of God’s sacred secrets.
      2 In this regard, what is expected of stewards is that they be found faithful.

      4 For I am not conscious of anything against myself. But by this I am not proved righteous; “the one who examines me is Jehovah”.
      5 Therefore, do not “judge” anything before the due time, until the “Lord comes”.
      He will bring the secret things of darkness to light and make known the intentions of the “hearts”
      {and then each one will receive his praise from GOD}.

  • More proof that America is finished………

    • Burt Reynolds

      Quite a programme, but on the quiet, I reckon he has committed at least 8 sins, maybe even 9 or 10! Quite a few of our politicians spend some time in jail for being really naughty, but generally, they just have to sit on the naughty step until the media calm down.

      • 1914for100Alex

        I’m quite convinced that we don’t have a naughty step on this side of the pond. Not even a naughty corner to stand in. If you’re bad and get caught, it either gets ignored or they step down only to be rehired elsewhere in government, or they resign with their benefits package in tact. It’s the American way (as long as you’re a politician).

  • Searcher

    Given the incapability of Jehovah’s Witnesses of reasoning on even the simple historical facts such as these I suppose it is at least a hopeful sign that an individual had the wherewithal to ask when we might expect the future fulfillment of the prophecy. (?)

    • Burt Reynolds

      Yes. It shows that there are still questioning minds, like the Boreans. The bible says to keep checking you have the truth because the obverse is that we get led away by men. That is why this site is so valuable in that there is nothing in terms of subject matter that is not biblically based or related to it, to add understanding. As for opinion, again, yes, it is hopeful, not to anyone on this site, but to Jehovah that his people are questioning the anomalies of the watchtower. None of us here can hope to save anyone. They must see if for themselves. They must also see that the prophesy is not fulfilled, but how will they see this unless someone tells them. The fact that it is not fulfilled is clear in the scripture. It is not uncommon for someone dispensing truth to chide the listener to action, or be exasperated at their lackadaisical attitude . Christ was magnificent in delivering a tongue lashing to his listeners on occasion, putting Churchill quite in the shade.

      • Searcher

        Sorry Burt, i found this paragraph condescending and judgmental, to claim JWs are incapable of reasoning on simple historical facts is a broad sweep of the broom. Clearly this is not the case, who are we to judge our brother’s – Matt 7:3

        • Volcanic

          Your first reply to this article was “Given the incapability of Jehovah’s Witnesses of reasoning on even the simple historical facts such as these I suppose it is at least a hopeful sign that an individual had the wherewithal to ask when we might expect
          the future fulfillment of the prophecy. (?)”

          I am wondering to whom you addressed it, since the reply you gave to Burt was telling him he was condescending & judgemental to claim that JWs are incapable of reasoning on simple historical facts etc.

          Indeed it seems that although similarly phrased your 2 replies contradict each other. Which is it to be? Did you applaud the individual who made the original question to Robert? Why did you then claim that Burt was condescending just a few hours later?
          In fact, having read Burt’s reply to you a couple of times I cannot see anywhere that he has been either condescending or judgemental.

          I would appreciate a clarification of your 2 statements please, so that I may understand exactly what you mean. Thank you.

        • Burt Reynolds

          Hello Searcher, I accept you point, but probably to your distaste, I would have to agree to the sentiments that Robert expresses and in explanation, I will give a personal example. Both my sister and brother in law are active JWs. My brother in law is a long standing elder, in the congregation, I’m not so certain who leads at home! And they have been in the truth forty five years….that’s ninety years between them. They have two children still in the truth, making a grand total family of 155 years of watchtower teaching in the bible. Longer than the watchtower itself has been in existence. As such a family you would expect some semblance of biblical response to the diatribes of discussion and exasperation on biblical matters that go on in this site. But no. Not a peep do I get in response and they just cannot see even the significance of, say, 1914. Because, and this is the critical point, the watchtower teaching tells them that the events 1914 is said to apply to, have taken place. Thus they are blinded in their reasoning. And through my twenty five years as an active member and another twenty five of study in the scripture on my own and in research of the JW thesis of teaching, I have found the same response in all, yes all of the JWs I have known, ergo, zilch, zero, blotto. And I knew hundreds. That is not to say that enlightenment is not sought by them in many cases and on many subjects, but when the manner of teaching of the watchtower is taken into account, the leperous connotation of apostacy, the fear of leaving and all that goes with it, you know for yourself what I refer to, few think for themselves as all are told to ‘wait upon jehovah’ . And rather than go against the herd, most do just that, even to the point of allowing child abuse and sanctioning the watchtowers lame excuses. Are such ones not to be rebuked for accepting such things, they are all complicit? However, even though the watchtower agrees with me in the subject of complicity, still the congregants ignore even their own teachings.

          So why the apparent slur on the brothers that you refer to? Well I should not speak for others, but my take on it, was that the statement was illustrative of the common thinking and stasis in thought by the JWs in general and not pointed at any one individual. It grates, because it is true, and whether we like it or not, it is true. And you will note from your study of the scripture that Christ did not hold back from pointed remarks, personal remarks even, to his disciples. And sometimes, is it not, that such remarks and generalisation and sentiments are justified? How many times I was called a slave in the congregation I know not, but too many, and though I knew what it meant, it did nothing for my sense of achievement. ‘ oh that’s nothing, it’s only what we should do…’ In response to my pioneer efforts. If you are referring to the manner of delivery in the article, then I can only give my opinion again in that it is lovingly given, in the spirit of love, in the effort of long hours spent researching for accuracy and to the best of ones ability. Taken in context to what Jehovah has in mind for complacent ones, I think a sharp kick up the backside is not only warranted, but necessary. Harsh words, kindly borne. The statement was true and the bluntness called for. But that is my opinion only. I hope it helps.

        • not all are. fact is, many are being mislead and are not applying 1-John 4:1 nor “making sure of all things” they are subtlety being coaxed into formalism that leads to organizational idolatry so that the Watchtower is placed before Jehovah. they are not drawing exclusively close to Jehovah personally but putting faith in “the temple of Jehovah the temple of Jehovah”.

          is Jehovah condescending when he calls the men in his house “stupid”?

          it looks to me you need to learn the difference between a observational statement from personal experience and judgment. – 1-Corinthians 4:2-5

          Robert loves his brothers and sisters who are Jehovah’s servants. that is obvious from the years of hard work clearly on display here on his site.

          careful not to make yourself out to look like those annoying girls that say in their whiny voice ‘stop judging me’. youve taken Robert’s essay the wrong way.

        • Alexandra Bogolin Bautista

          Welcome “searcher.” Keep searching! Im newish to e-watchman and a born and bred JW, finally learning how to “eat meat.” (Hebrews 5:12-14) I can understand why you might react to our words as being a judgmental overgeneralization, but the deeper you dig, you will see it is an accurate observation. We all love Jehovah God here, we absolutely respect the Bible, and we’re trying our best to balance this privilege and responsibility with our spiritual brothers and sisters. It’s not easy, but we cannot dilute the truths like we are used to drinking in WT literature. Again, welcome. Keep searching.

  • LW

    So all the so-called Brexit really was, was to simply further consolidate the financier oligarchy’s power.

    • Burt Reynolds

      It may have a biblical purpose but the common feeling here was just to get away from the gravy train that is Brussels, the corruption there, and to get control of our country back, and if course, to get away from the French, but not their cheeses. Although I sinned and voted to get out of the EU I really couldn’t care less if we teamed up with Russia. The quicker it all goes down the pan, the better!

      • LW

        Yeah true. I was told that several witnesses voted for Obama back in 2008, because they wanted to be on “the right side of history”. While I do understand what may have impelled to do such, we know what Jehovah will ultimately do. He helped usher along the Plan and now, it is essentially complete.

        • Bklyn Kevin

          The Destroyer Will Be Destroyed

          Revelation reveals that all who hail the resurrected beast as their savior will be marked with the irrevocable, symbolic 666, which signifies their everlasting doom. Read more>

  • LW

    Jehovah has become king

  • LW


  • rajan

    Dear Robert

    I was rather worried about you as there was no notice you were away and i thought you might be ill.

    I am very glad you are ok

    A very well put together article – although i have been following you since 2010 and have read just
    About all your articles, book and have heard all your podcasts

    Truly Jehovah has blessed you with knowledge, wisdom, understanding and wisdom.

    May Jehovah guard you and keep you safe

    Kind regards

    Rajan from RSA.

    • ewatchman

      Actually, I left a comment saying I was working on the Spanish site and wanted to get it up, but there are a lot of comments these days and so it scrolled into oblivion pretty quickly.

  • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

    The last 4 paragraphs actually gives more detailed answers how the US will fall down. Ultra wealthy financiers who owe no allegiance to any nation is a point to be noted and highlighted.

  • T L C

    Loved this article…Learning so much about history. Thanks for so thoroughly breaking these things down…

  • Bklyn Kevin

    Who Will Be the Next President of America?.
    This event is portrayed in Isaiah, Ezekiel and Daniel as the downfall of “Egypt.” Having been the first great nation and the first head of the symbolic beast, as well as the original king of the south, Egypt represents America at the time the Kingdom comes to power. Read more>

  • Burt Reynolds

    Congratulations on producing your new Spanish site Robert. An admirable achievement. It might be all Greek to me, and double Dutch to others but I am sure our Spanish speaking brothers will be all Russian to read it. Look what just one person can do to bring the word of Jehovah to millions more people at the figurative touch of a computer key! Now that really IS discreet slaving!!

    • Volcanic

      my daughter will be thrilled & also Russian to read it all in español, so thank you Robert & translator

  • Bklyn Kevin

    Astonishing Desolation to Come. Read more>

  • Bklyn Kevin

    Chapter-14-Downfall-of-America. More Information >

  • Huldah

    Seems a good place to post this from KWN and Mark Faber on possible fascist govt, economic collapse and ww3

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