Friday, February 5

We are overturning reasonings and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God. —2 Cor. 10:5.

Satan is determined to change our thinking. He uses every type of reasoning to counteract the influence of the truth of God’s Word. Satan continues to ask the same question he asked Eve in the garden of Eden: “Did God really say that . . . ?” (Gen. 3:1) In the world under Satan’s control, we often hear challenging questions, such as these: ‘Does God really not approve of same-sex marriage? Does God really not want you to celebrate Christmas and birthdays? Does your God really expect you to refuse a blood transfusion? Does a loving God really expect you to avoid association with disfellowshipped loved ones?’ We need to be convinced of our beliefs. If we leave challenging questions unanswered in our minds, they can become serious doubts. Those doubts could eventually distort our thinking and destroy our faith. w19.06 12-13 ¶15-17

We could add to the list as well. For starters, does God really approve of men selling property for profit which were solemnly dedicated to Him by hard-working Christians? When something is dedicated to Jehovah doesn’t it belong to him? Does God tolerate people stealing from him? (See article: How Dare You Crush My People)

Does God really approve of the Watchtower’s lawyers making secret backroom deals and out-of-court settlements with sexual abuse victims and binding them with gag orders to prevent the details of the crimes committed against them by one of Jehovah’s Witnesses from being made known? (See category Child Abuse)

Does God really expect Christians to obey Christ’s command to go make disciples during a pandemic that is fatal to about 0.10% of people?  (See article: Is This What Apostasy Looks Like?)

Does God really expect Christians to obey the apostolic command not to forsake gathering together if it poses the slightest risk of infection? Does God really expect young and healthy Christians to carry on Christian activity even though the virus poses virtually no risk to them at all? (See article: Has the Governing Body Become Apostate?)

Is it really true that Jehovah’s Witnesses are in spiritual paradise? The Bible portrays spiritual paradise as a condition, not just where everyone is forced to believe the same thing, but by the absence of evil people. Isn’t it true that thousands of children have been raped and molested by sexual predators lurking in the congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses? (Chapter: Spiritual Paradise)

Does God really expect us to put faith in men who have proven themselves to be untrustworthy stewards and who have perpetrated a deception upon a trusting people? (See article: Where Is Your Coating of Plaster?)

Does God really approve of the Watchtower? (See article: Go into Your Interior Rooms)

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