Saturday, October 17

[Jehovah] serves for my salvation.Ex. 15:2.

Jehovah delivered the oppressed Israelites and ‘brought them out of Egypt.’ Think about what that included. They were guided by a pillar of cloud and of fire. They walked on the seabed as the Red Sea towered on the left and on the right. Once safely across, they saw those waters crash over the Egyptian military. If you have children, are you helping them to trust in Jehovah as a Deliverer? Can they see that conviction in you, in your conversations and decisions? You certainly can include in a Family Worship discussion what we read in Exodus chapters 12-15 and stress how Jehovah delivered his people. At other times you might develop that point in a consideration of Acts 7:30-36 or Daniel 3:16-18, 26-28. Yes, young and old alike should be confident that just as Jehovah delivered his people in Moses’ day, he will deliver us in the future.


The Israelites deliverance from Egypt was certainly accompanied by an impressive display of Jehovah’s power. It is worthy of our consideration. 

However, although it was not accompanied by  such a dramatic manifestation of God’s mightiness, the deliverance of the Jews from their captivity in Babylon approximately 1,000 years after the Exodus, was no less miraculous.

It might be said that the fall of Babylon is the centerpiece of Bible prophecy. That is because the overthrow of Babylon by king Cyrus and the combined armies of the Medes and Persians casts prophetic shadows for the coming of Christ and the deliverance of the holy ones from their bondage to a greater Babylon.

The leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses is certainly aware that the fall of Babylon is a prophetic pattern of monumental things connected to the coming of Christ. But according to everything that the Watchtower has ever published on the subject the antitypical fall of Babylon has already been accomplished. It occurred in 1918. 

And how were the holy ones freed from captivity to Babylon the Great? Supposedly a generation of long-since deceased Bible Students were freed from all babylonish constraints when the new president of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, J.F.Rutherford, along with seven of his associates, were released on bail from the Atlanta penitentiary, where they had been incarcerated for seven months. Ever since then individuals continue to get out of Babylon the Great simply by having their names removed from church registries and becoming baptized as Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Why doesn’t the Watchtower exhort family heads to consider this ongoing grand act of salvation in their Family Worship?

Probably because the Governing Body knows that the closer one examines their story the greater the likelihood that unanswerable questions will arise, especially among bright young minds that have not been wholly indoctrinated into Bethel’s 1914 myth.

Obviously the Governing Body thinks it is best to just let it fade into obscurity in the hope of retaining the shroud of truth around it, than to hold such things up to the light of thoughtful examination.