The Day of Jehovah Is Near

//The Day of Jehovah Is Near

Friday, August 26

We are members belonging to one another.Eph. 4:25.

Jehovah is helping us “to serve him shoulder to shoulder.” He is training us to fit into his eternal purpose. What does that include? He purposes “to gather all things together in the Christ.” Yes, he wants to unify all willing creatures throughout the universe, and he will succeed in doing this. Does that help you to see the need to work unitedly with Jehovah’s organization? Jehovah is teaching us to attain unity now, with the objective of having unity forever. Again and again, the Scriptures tell us to “have mutual concern for one another,” to “have tender affection for one another,” to “keep comforting one another,” and to be “building one another up.”  Jehovah knows that Christians are imperfect, and this may make it challenging to be united, so we need to work at “freely forgiving one another.”


Are Jehovah’s Witnesses united? Yes. Is it in fulfillment of Zephaniah 3:8,9? No.

If you are so inclined take a few minutes to read the prophecy of Zephaniah. It is only three chapters. Although the prophet’s words are directed to those living in Judah and Jerusalem, the prophecy has a much broader application to the universal day of Jehovah, as ought to be apparent given what is stated at Zephaniah 1:18: “For by the fire of his zeal the whole earth will be consumed, because he will make an extermination, indeed a terrible one, of all the inhabitants of the earth.”

Foremost Jehovah expresses his determination to exterminate the false worshippers within the company of his people, those who hypocritically swear to both Jehovah and Baal and Malcam and who suppose Jehovah will never call them to account, saying to themselves: “Jehovah will not do good, and he will not do bad.”

Although it may seem far-fetched to many that this judgment could pertain to the leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses, we do well to consider Jesus’ illustration of the wheat and the weeds. As Jesus explained, the weeds are the sons of the Devil who were planted among the sons of the Kingdom. According to Christ the two grow together until the harvest, at which point the angels are dispatched to uproot the weeds. Jesus further explained that the angels will remove all things that cause stumbling and all persons who practice lawlessness. We must assume this will be total. And this is exactly what the prophecy of Zephaniah relates to.

Zephaniah states: “‘I will sweep away man and beast. I will sweep away the birds of the heavens and the fish of the sea, and the stumbling blocks along with the wicked ones; and I will remove mankind from the surface of the ground,’ declares Jehovah. ‘I will stretch out my hand against Judah and against all the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and I will wipe out from this place every vestige of Baal…’”

One of the features of Baal worship was child sacrifice. The Watchtower has condoned a form of child sacrifice, in that, it has presided over an organization that has allowed tens of thousands of children to be sexually abused by cunning pedophiles. All the while the Watchtower has tied the hands of elders and made it as difficult as possible for them to expose and prosecute sexual predators. The Watchtower even reserves for itself the right to secretly appoint men into positions of responsibility who are known to have committed crimes against children.

The leadership of the Watchtower knows no shame. Her prophets have treacherously off-shifted all adverse judgments to Christendom, while applying to themselves Jehovah’s judgments of redemption. It is as stated in Zephaniah: “Her princes within her are roaring lions. Her judges are wolves in the night; they do not leave even a bone to gnaw until morning. Her prophets are insolent, treacherous men. Her priests defile what is holy; they do violence to the law. Jehovah is righteous in her midst; he does no wrong. Morning by morning he makes known his judgments, as unfailing as the daylight. But the unrighteous one knows no shame.”

Note that in the illustration of the harvest, the weeds are cast into the fiery furnace where they weep and gnash their teeth. This must occur at the same time as the nations are in anguish, not knowing the way out, as Jesus said. Zephaniah similarly states as regards the fiery day of Jehovah: “The sound of the day of Jehovah is bitter. There a warrior cries out.”

After the sons of the wicked one are removed Jesus said that the wheat will be gathered into the storehouse, at which point the chosen ones will shine as brightly as the sun in the Kingdom of God. Zephaniah is in agreement with that ordering.

It is in the aftermath of the destruction of “Jerusalem” and the removal of the wicked that God gathers his own. Thus the closing words of Zephaniah: “‘Look! At that time I will act against all those oppressing you; and I will save the one limping, and I will gather together the dispersed. I will make them an object of praise and fame in all the land of their shame.  At that time I will bring you in, at the time I gather you together. For I will make you an object of fame and praise among all the peoples of the earth, when I gather back your captives before your eyes,’ says Jehovah.”

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    It has become so very difficult to discuss the bible with people without them, as soon as you mention Jehovah or Jehovah’s Witnesses, to bring up child abuse and the watchtowers abuse topic…It hurts me bad to have Jehovah’s name become synonymous with wickedness…I know it hurts Him!

    • Volcanic

      Micah 6; 2, 3 ………”for Jehovah has a legal case with his people, and it is with Israel that he will argue; Oh my people, what have I done to you? And in what way have I tired you out?Testify against me”………. Ezekiel 20; 44 And you will have to know that I am Jehovah when I take action with you for the sake of my name, not according to your bad ways or according to your corrupted dealings, O house of Israel, is the utterance of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah”

      There will come a day soon, Elijah7 when we see all those who defiled Jehovahs perfect name be brought to dust!

      It hurts me badly too, but I know it will not be forever & then the answer WILL be forever, that Jehovah is PERFECT

      • ELiJAHxSEVEN

        I have to say, after reading this article I was compelled to read all of Malachi…Jehovah has spoken through His prophets, His will….I know it will take place..Praise Jehovah Forever & Ever!

        • Volcanic

          hot on your tail, Elijah7, Malachi is open on my desk here! It makes your heart almost burst with pride to know that Jehovah is our God & He will be victorious

          • ELiJAHxSEVEN

            Thank You for your positive encouragement…makes me smile!

      • i think about that scripture from time to time; Micah

    • sally

      Yes this is so true! for me this is very close to home. I have been having discussions with my Son over the past months as he has been interested to hear about what I have been learning. Just prior to coming to this site he had done research and also talked to others about my new beliefs and the child abuse thing came up and I didn’t know what to say to him. He came to the Sunday of the convention with me, his view was that the Watchtower section was rigid, wooden and they were just parroting back what was written. Again I did not know what to say to him as I knew he was right! It put him off taking him to the convention on the Sunday. I have not told him yet about my discovery of this site. I don’t want him to think I am swaying one way then another. I at least have had the basics through the bible study process for a while. He has not. I feel angry at the WT for putting me in a difficult position with my own very aware child. I am not yet decided whether to just send him straight here. I should imagine there are many many people who are put off by these things. Jehovah must be totally pained by this it is an injustice of massive proportions to him.

      • ELiJAHxSEVEN

        Personally.. I have a cousin that I have been studying with for several months…he is too astute to believe the 1914 doctrine…we have a mutual cousin that is also a witness, so the entire family is saturated with…(the point),someone who is sincere in finding the truth and truly wants to find accurate bible knowledge will open their mind and explore the options as I have done for many years even after I became a witness…I just discussed with my cousin (study) about our cousin (JW) ,how our family view us..She plays for team and I play for Christ Jesus and Jehovah’s team..(sorry for that analogy),but..She and I know Jehovah, but thats hard to explain to others how we differ on doctrinal belief…I try not to bring that up, I encourage everyone to study with her and pray about their search…thats all I do…I avoid pitting myself against her in any way, though she has called me an apostate and made it known to the family..smh…the positive thing is I study occasionally with my aunt who is a non-witness and my jw cousins mother, because she has been shunned for not being a witness by her own daughter?!..Oh what a mess, but I try and get them to understand the best I can…its difficult, what the watchtowers policies have done for those who want to follow Christ and who are proud to bare Jehovah’s name…the watchtower has cast a heavy dark cloud over the truth…take heart, keep persisting on prayer, I have many positive experiences to relate, but I’ve taken alot of space, sorry Brother King..

      • Peter Zuccerberg

        I know how you feel. I have a relative that is been a baptized witness for approximately 40 years. I was fortunate: Just before deciding myself to get baptized I kept observing patterns of habitual serious son in the congregations.
        Not by so much by the publishers so many much, but by the overseers and other leaders, consistent and organized. Appalling!

        But I was trained “apparently” subliminally by the Watchtower to accept those anomolies as a chance to show “love covers a multitude of sin” i.e. ignore it.

        It is like they are playing with your head. You need time alone away from all the meetings and pressure to really think about that and other Bible verses in Malachi, Zechariah, Zephaniah, Haggai, Habakkuk.

        There is something soothing beyond words and elucidating words in those books. Your eyes and ears become opened for the first time, like that popular workly movie “The Matrix”. No can pull the wool over you eyes again once you read those books with heart, the get on the internet and get the real news and unplug yourself from all mainstream media…and the rest is history.

        I don’t know how to get through to this relative, maybe it will take the great tribulation… Maybe that is the only wake up that will work. Tough love from Jehovah, not ignoring sin and pretending to be doing God’s will by the Bible verse “love covers a multitude of sin”.

        Maybe it’s the best and only thing for them, the great tribulation .

        It shows you can show real love all sorts of ways other than pretending to ignore sin as the watchtower would have one.

        And we can say perhaps we are showing love by protesting the watchtowers hypocracies.

        What other things can we constructively think of to help our brothers trapped in fear of men in the JW organization run by the corrupt Watchtower leaders? Personally, the ideas are just beginning to come to my mind!

        • ELiJAHxSEVEN

          Jeremiah 7:27 comes to mind…….but we love the brothers too much to give up trying….so we persist in hope and love

          • Peter Zuccerberg

            You are absolutely right! I also continually search for new ideas to help the relative and others. But I try to keep a little distance, because who is to say that I cannot stumble or learn “tricky” ways, by osmosis?

        • sally

          In my study the other evening, the chapter in the book we are currently doing is “respecting authority” it is all about respecting those taking the lead, ultimately the GB but the elders. There are a bunch of scriptures that backs this up. Including Hebrews 10 v 24 and 25 which requires meeting together. Now I know many members here do not attend meetings either at all or not all the time. So this is confusing to me. Personally I can attend the meetings, I find it difficult sometimes, particularly the watchtower study but its doable. The study I am struggling massively with, I am not liking the second book at all, i do not think it can teach me anything that I do not already know or understand or can study for myself. But mostly because my study sister is not someone that I particularly like. I do not say that lightly, I say that because despite being an elders wife, she is not in my view very christian!! Yes very watchtower orientated and both she and her husband follow the GB to the absolute T, but I have been shocked at comments and behaviour from her throughout my time knowing her for my study. This has been an issue for me for a while before I came here, and now it is magnified as I slowly begin to make sense of the real truth. I truly believe that Jehovah helped me (via Volcanic) as I had been praying to him to help me with my negative feelings, I knew I had the truth in terms of Jehovah being God Almighty, Jesus being his Son, understanding Jesus Ransom Sacrifice and Jehovah’s ultimate purpose for mankind. But… wasn’t sitting right with me what I was seeing in the congregation, my study sisters haughty critical attitude and I was getting depressed. I actually want to drop the study and just quietly attend the meetings. But would I be doing Jehovah’s will if I did that? I know if I could just quietly attend meetings (I feel that I am being dominated almost bullied at the moment and want to just quietly attend on my own terms) I would feel much more at peace. But i am too afraid to say that I want to just attend meetings as they might not let me just do that. I could not give any ideas how to constructively help other congregation members who might be trapped in fear as I do not know how to help myself at the moment let alone anyone else!

          • Tabitha

            Dear Sally, you poor thing, what a way to be treated by another member of the “flock”! I admire you so much for keeping going with your studies and not just giving up, it can only be your intense love for Jehovah and the truth that keeps you so strong, certainly not any devotion to the so-called leaders. It sounds like there must be the same kind of “sister elder’s wife” in every congregation, cause I have experienced the very same dominating and bullying treatment as you described, as has my daughter “Sophie”. Unlike you however, I have been in the truth for a very long time and so was able to set the sister kindly but firmly right, (only in a letter mind you, even I cannot stand before the very presence of such a mighty one without crumbling), but this was not before feeling extremely upset also.
            In regard to your concern that if you ceased your study you may not be doing Jeovah’s will, I hope you don’t mind me giving my opinion……you already have done Jehovah’s will! Jesus said at John 17:3 that we must take in knowledge of him and the only true God, and THIS means everlasting life. Jehovah has provided his word the bible in order for us to gain this knowledge. Your study conducted has helped you to see the truth from the bible as opposed to what Christendom teaches, so she has done her job, and now you don’t need her anymore, you’re no longer a babe needing milk, and as we know, to keep drinking milk as an adult is unhealthy. The fact that you say you are getting depressed is an indication of that. There would be nothing wrong with saying to your study conductor that you can’t make it for the study for the next couple of weeks, because something has come up, you don’t have to explain yourself in details, just say that and then button your lip. Then when she asks after the two weeks if she can come again, just say, no not yet, I’ll let you know I am able to fit it in. Keep going to the meetings as has been your usual routine and Jehovah will continue to be with you. Ruth 2:12
            I know this sounds easy to do in theory, and that such persons can be very overbearing and make you feel very small and insignificant. But you are not small or insignificant to Jehovah or Jesus. Just remember how Jesus spoke to the Pharisees and know that he feels the same way about such ones today who are skinning the flock and leaving them thrown about like sheep without a shepherd. This sister is not treating you as would Jesus, the loving shepherd. So don’t let her skin you anymore!
            I wish we could all meet up together, I can’t believe how close I feel to all these dear brothers and sisters here and just want to hug them all! There is so much more I want to say, but for now dear sister just know that you are loved by Jehovah and all of us here!

          • Volcanic

            Sally, it’s time I butted in here. I worked long & hard to get you into the truth & then to get you here, even though you were convinced I was turning apostate! I’m not going to stand by & see you suffering, Tabitha is right, you need to back off from your study. It is not just the fact that the sister is ‘overbearing’, it’s the fact that you have almost been stumbled. You & I have chatted about it already & you are still not settled, so I think you have couple of options. #1 you can continue with your study & become more miserable. #2 speak to an elder & say you need to change your study sister, #3 put off your study as Tabitha suggested.
            Not only is that sister stumbling you & almost caused you to drop out of the Truth, she is also causing Spiritual damage to herself by stumbling you – she could become bloodguilty, so therefore you need to put a stop to it before it goes any further!
            They cannot stop you going to meetings, you just won’t be able to answer up, but that is no hardship.

            I’ve gone back & am putting up with being shunned by certain ones & told by my dear friend that I am studying possibly with apostates here, but I went back because Jehovah wants me to. I don’t care that few speak to me & others think I have been beamed up by aliens, I love being under the congregation prayer & singing to Jehovah, I can feel His pleasure in me when I am at the KH so I’m happy with that.

            As far as meeting with others, you are fulfilling that scripture by associating here, remember, we have laughed about attending our nightly meetings here before!
            Be brave & stamp your dainty little foot & say ‘no more’! If necessary we can study on skype for a while until you sort yourself, but you do need a break from that sister. xxxx

            • Volcanic

              As for your son, Sally, drop him in here, he is your flesh & blood & if I know you then I know him – he will cope 😉

            • Peter Zuccerberg

              Your right.

              Right Volcanic, and there are many ways to do what you suggest, (by the way, a very very good suggestion), we are all individuals with certain strengths and weaknesses. I personally understand weakness by the way.

              Jehovah does not put us all into one mold.

              He loves our indiividulity.

            • Peter Zuccerberg

              I have been very very busy for the last week or so.

              Let me apologize for my lack of persistance in obtaining the data claimed I viewed of:


              Raymond Franz former JW Governing Body member stating that all the GB follows the lead of, and is intimidated more or less of, 1 of its senior members.

              You see, I basically scan the internet on multiple subjects, and as you may know, there is serious, extremely serious talk about the U.S. and the U.N. blocking any sites that they deem negative of them or is releasing any information they do not want you to know, thus, I am in the process, as well should others, in downloading huge amounts of sensitive, rare and one of a kind materials from impeccable sources on multiple subjects for instance from religion to state of the art alternative healthcare i.e. forbidden subjects per the FDA law, etc.

              To the point:

              Now, I ran across 2 (Two) separate interviews of Raymond Franz, in retrospect, I should have downloaded it, but this was a while back, that is, before I learned about the legislation in Congress to block websites and other material by the U.S. Government. So I did not download it.

              To Continue:

              Franz gave many long interviews, this man was a real live GB insider as you can imagine, he was in demand all over the world, travelling rather extensively.

              So I ran across 2 (Two) in two interviews. I managed to relocate one, but there is another interview where he is asked the question from an audience member ” is there a GB member that exerts a controlling power over all the rest of the GB members” and Franz stated “yes” and stated the name. And went on to state that person basically runs the GB…in so many words.

              I found out he was often asked that.

              Inquiring minds need to know.

              As stated: I found 1, ad I time marked it so you and others will not have to listen to the entire 1 hour and 1 half interview. But his interview is highly interesting to me, his candor is impeccable in my opinion.

              I will send you the links when I have located the other…this way it will have more impact because the first one, the one I have now, he does not go into detail, as the translator for him and the audience had some difficulty in Romania.



              I believe you asked about the picture of Charles Taze Russell with a Rothchild.

              I am in the process downloading all of the “Zions” Watchtowers from the internet.

              The original scans for this are rare, as most of the scans are strictly text scans but I have a few original scans with pictures and illustrations etc.

              The commontator interviewing the former JW elder that was dinning with the GB members and the JW finance director at Bethel many years ago stated, amoung other things, that he had all the Zions Watchtowers since the be and in one was a picture of Russell and a Rothchild, I cannot recall the first name at the moment, but it was a Rothchild. There is also a news clipping with that said Rothchilds printed letter to Russell and vise/versa. Extremley interesting… I have that now,

              Thus I guess that picture and the scan of the newspaper I now have came back to haunt the present day GB. Another nail in its coffin.

              All any awake person need do is:

              Google “Rothchild,” “Freemasonry,” “Charles Taze Russell” and review the link I have already sent which states that the the Watchtower is given a blank check basically on an annual basis by JP Morgan Chase etc. etc., plus, the material I will be sending regarding the second Franz interview and the news clipping scan of the letter from the Rothchild to Russell and vise/versa.

              And if they are not completely brainwashed, they will know who runs the Watchtower.

              But there is biblical precedent that Jehovah knows how to manipulate entire governments, let alone a a handful of trillionaire Jewish freemason crackpot bankers from Russell with his numerology and pyramids fixations, etc.

              I wonder why people cannot connect dots Volcanic. What I am saying is, a detective does not have all the pieces of the puzzle of the crime, because the very nature of a conspiracy is that they try very very hard not to get caught.

              So the detective has to deduce…for for the for the missing pieces.

              When he does that, that is, use his God given common sence, he catches his man or men, get them to confess.

              So, if I see a brainwashed person, I try to show them the pictures and evidence…not too much, in order to shock them out of it. But I am afraid that even if you slowly walk them through and even show them the cold hard evidence, they will not change.

              To continue:

              I believe I already sent you and others that link.

              Unfortunately, I am having difficulty locating the remaining Zions, but I understand that they are out there and it is just a matter of time before I have downloaded them all and/or locate the persons that have them all and have them send me copies.

              The entire volumes have also been sold on E Bay.

              I will elucidate and record all the evidence with multiple links, etc. for everyone to see in the very near future.

          • Peter Zuccerberg

            I like how both Fred Franz and brother King (here on his site) explained it. Franz just searched and searched and searched for parallel examples in in the new testament.

            How could beat that example?

            He was very very calm, relaxed and at peace in his interviews. This was a sincere truth seeker of all truth. Mature.

            The watchtower teaching mode to me was push push push, pressure fear and guilt and I heard conflicting talks… amoung other things. How much can an intelligent reasoning person take of that before it breaks you down at 3 or 4 meetings a week? Jehovah certainly does not want that for me.

            At best, at best, I could personally only take the public meetings while at the same time espousing the real truth to all who would speak to me. And if they wanted to shun, gossip and alienate me, then that’s fine. I fulfilled all my obligations, and I would know from the negativity of the results on what to do next as far as attending other weekly meetings, because if I I attend more additional weekly meetings, it would be to publish the ‘real” to them.

            Rest assured I would be attacked in some way eventually, so I would limit my attendance to the public talks, and I would attend multiple congregations public talks, as many as possible, changing to a new congregation every week to maximize my the decimination of the real truth and make minimize the coming attacks on me from my brothers. In fact, this what we all can do! Imagine the possibilities!

            Why it is even called a “Public Talk”. So go early and meet all the people, and discreetly, and with season, talk publicly about the real truth. They will, like Franz stated …be more impressed by what the sense of your sincerity, than the words of real truth you are telling them at first. Then if they think you’re sincere… That is a witness. Your fearlessness my cause them to wonder, and even that may wake them up too. You may have develope secret admirers of your faith.

            So you see, if pray earnestly to Jehovah in sincerity, he will show you “ways”.

            In fact, when you really start to think about it, Jesus spoke the truth, and quickly as possible, moved on, to spread it to as many as possible.

          • Just keep swimming!

            To add to Tabitha’s and volcanics sound advice: 3) read the rest of keep yourself in God’s love book and tell your “teacher” that you read the book and do not feel that studying it together is necessary anymore.
            She will probably buck at this suggestion, but now you are potentially jeopardizing your mental and emotional health to pacify the “spiritual ego” (oxymoron?!) of this sister.
            Please take care. You are a superstar in my book….learning about Jehovah AND the underbelly of the organization simultaneously….of course it’d be hard to keep your balance!! Those of us “in the truth” for decades struggle a lot…so I can only imagine the mental whiplash you’ve experienced. Stabilize your neck…your head sits on it!!

            • sally

              Thank you ALL for your advice and concerns I really do appreciate it, I know that everyone is going through trials I don’t want to come across as over the top. The only difference for me is the bible study that I am having. Funnily enough, my study sister asked me last week if I wanted to do the book as she thought I didn’t. She suggested that we study the weekly watchtower study instead! I said no to that as you can imagine. I had already missed several weeks of bible study just prior to coming to this site as I was struggling. I wanted to take back some control I felt that I was being interrogated to the point of what was not acceptable about my life in general. I also had felt upset as my study sister had said that she was not going on the ministry very much so I kept her statistics up. I did not want to keep her statistics up, so i suppose I rebelled a bit.
              In terms of am I ready to be baptised. No I am not anywhere near ready, I still have much to learn and I have never been on the ministry and I have never answered up at the meetings either. I just go to them. I don’t feel that I would meet the requirements and giving up the study is just only going to add to the long list!
              I was going to the mid week meetings quite often but havent been for 2 months and don’t know if I am being paranoid but last Sunday a couple of sisters who have always been chatty to me were very straight faced and didn’t talk to me when I arrived. I don’t know if this is because I hadn’t had my study for a few weeks or because of not going to the midweek one or both. Or if my study sister has spoken to them about me. Its just very unhappy time at the moment and I don’t want to make things worse for myself. I feel very grateful to be here and very grateful to Brother King for all the study material on offer. I think I will go to this weeks study on Thursday and discuss with my study sister then about having a break from that side of things. I will definitely get grilled and told I am spiritually harming myself etc but I will have to take what comes on the chin like the rest of you. Thank you ALL so much again for your ton of advice!

            • Shelley.

              I understand completely Sally.I just finished that exact chapter as well.It was very difficult for me to get thru.I am also struggling with with my study.I love learning the truth.The real truth that is.I can’t get enough of Brother Kings work and I love reading the bible.I enjoy the public talks on Sunday as well as the Watchtower study (most times,unless it’s about 1914 or loyalty to the org.) I do comment sometimes as well. I still struggle with smoking and I know this is holding my progress back.I had almost 3 weeks in without smoking and relapsed after a personal family issue. I am going to try again.I do not attend the mid week meeting yet. One of the sisters I study with is my mother and I am starting to find it difficult.I feel very pressured most times.Even if I did not smoke I am also far from ready to be baptized.Knowing the truth about the truth makes things so much more complicated for me.I just wish I could concentrate on my personal relationship with Jehovah without feeling l am not progressing fast enough for the org.I keep hearing how so and so is doing so well and how fast this one starting field service and got baptized in 6 months and so on.Personally myself I feel that dedicating my life to Jehovah will be the most important step in my life.I want to fully understand the real truth and read Jehovahs word and understand what he is sharing with me before I make that step.Any way Sally I just wanted you to know you are not alone with your struggle.Our relationship with Jehovah is a personal one and he knows our hearts.We would not have made it this far if he was not drawing us to him.

            • sally

              Hi Shelly, I feel your pain with that chapter I really do! I would have struggled with it even without earning the “real truth” I had already been stalling with continuing with the book, I don’t feel that I need it I just want to learn the bible FACTS. You will get the smoking thing under control when your ready. I have not quit yet but am getting ready for the big day which I have set myself later on in September. I will pray to Jah to give me the strength to crack it. The extra pressures that we currently feel give us an excuse to not quit but it is an excuse, because that’s what smokers do! make excuses. I bet we both do it soon, 2016 is our year!!
              I will pray to Jehovah to help you to, we are in this together sister!
              It must be stupidly hard to have the study when one of your study sisters is your own Mother!!! She is of course going to apply pressure – she wants you in the fold its to be expected. I feel for you its complicated enough being under the rulership of the bible student process when you have a different take on everything like we have. But having the study sister that close is just an added pressure. To be honest I hear stories about baptisms happening real quick but I have never been impressed by hearing that even since the very beginning of my learning. How sincere is that commitment? How can you know everything you need to know to sincerely from the heart pledge your everything to God? I know I have the truth, I absolutely am convinced of Jehovah, Jesus and his plans for the future. But I feel I would be short changing Jehovah by rushing in. For example I would have been baptised before even hearing the 1914 doctrine was false. Before knowing of the UN apostasy or the Child Abuse scandal. No I am glad i am taking my time and your the same situation as me.
              Trouble is how to move forward. I just know that I am considered to be slipping away and am being talked about.. If they had half a clue just how hard I am studying and learning via this site I bet I am doing more studying each week than any of the congregation!! I think the best we can do Shelly is play it day by day, minute by minute and like you said concentrate on our personal relationship with Jehovah and just let the witnesses draw whatever conclusions they like about us for the moment. I am not worrying about baptism right now. I just want to keep learning what I am learning and get spiritually strong and be right with God. What will be will be.

            • Volcanic

              Soooo, you got your end of term report card from Jehovah did you Shelley? Did He write that ‘Shelley could do better, she is not progressing as fast as others!”

              There is a scripture that states each part of the body is as important as the other; 1 Corinthians 12:in particular v14 onwards; “For the body, indeed, is not one member, but many. If the foot should say “Because I am not a hand, I am no part of the body”, it is not for this reason no part of the body. And if the ear should say;”Because I am not an eye, I am no part of the body”, it is not for this reason no part of the body. If the whole body were an eye, where would the sense of hearing be etc., etc………………………+18 But now God has set the members in the body, each one of them, just as he pleased”………JUST AS HE PLEASED!!!

              You & Sally can spend an hour in the naughty corner reading 1 Cor 12 & meditating on it 🙂
              It really does NOT matter how quickly or slowly you progress….’progress’ means ‘going forward’ …I rest my case xoxoxo

          • Song of Hannah

            Sally, do you feel ready to get baptized? I ask the question not to pressure you in any way, but only to let you know, that once a person is baptized they can stop their study afterwards with no repercussions. Bible students do it all the time, much to the chagrin of their teachers.

            If not, then I agree with the folks here, lay off your study for now. But I’ll add this – while doing so, prayerfully observe the sisters in the congregation and find the one you feel is most Christ-like, no matter how young or old, asking Jehovah’s spirit to guide you.

            Once you’ve decided, you can either approach one of the Elders, or approach her directly, and ask if she can study with you. If the Elders or she protests because of your studying in the past with the other sister, share your dilemma and how you haven’t studied in X amount of weeks because of it. Then say “Studying with someone else is better than giving up all together, isn’t it?” Saying this, it is almost a guarantee the Elders or she will work it out so that you can study with her.

          • Peter Zuccerberg

            You should listen to the interviews of Fred Franz the former go member now apostate, but respected internationally.

            Regarding your concerns:

            He stated he would search search and search the new testament for parallels for his issues. From that, I decided the below:

            I would and may well soon in the future attend the public talks only, and change to a new congregation every week as I know I will be ostracized eventually. But one doing it like this will naturally gain silent supporters, over time, a group of people wanting the “real truth” would form. Just like these online discussion groups have. But people can’t read your mind if you are just going to the Kingdom Hall and pretending to agree with the falsities, your not helping them or yourself.

            This is what Franz more or did. A courageous man.

            Jehovah is always correct when he say the fear of men… Is a snar.

            Getting to the public talks early for that purpose and meeting everyone and constantly moving weekly or so to new congregations and discreetly and with season publishing the real truth is a perfect, humble and satisfying ministry, it practically mimics Jesus’ pace and style of how he kept moving and busy and reaching many in doing Jehovah’s will. You may be surprised at how many people find it refreshing.

      • Sadly, many have become impatient with Jehovah and have removed themselves from his congregation. They have observed the ease of the wicked within God’s house, while they themselves have suffered, and have concluded that God does not have a household; contrary to the many scriptures proving otherwise. Some now ridicule others who are likewise suffering but are continuing to wait patiently on Jehovah. Jehovah is making apparent the distinction between someone righteous and one who is wicked, “at the day when [he is] producing a special property.” It is just as he foretold: “And you people will again certainly see [the distinction] between a righteous one and a wicked one, between one serving God and one who has not served him.” (Mal. 3:17,18; Dan. 12:3, 10; Matt. 13:43) We are serving God by remaining steadfast in his temple, listening to him and obeying him. —Revelation 7:15-17.

    • Peter Zuccerberg

      I cannot really say I know what you mean exactly because I was never baptized and did very very very little door-to-door ministry work, but now at present I find it hard to give a witness and then say; …Why dont you visit a Kingdom Hall and ask for a bible study?

      I would be endangering their children (if they had any) and, sending them to here about how 1914 Christ has been ruleing “invisibly”.

      I am currently downloading original scans of the “Zions Watchtower” and after that, all other pertinent original historical literature published by the Watchtower, and other historical relevant material.

      From a cursory reveiw so far, I am continually being stunned at the hundreds of outright false predictions/interpetations etc.

      They appear to want to cry wolf just to then make up another prediction and lead another generation believeing is their concoctions… an endless cycle.

      Playing the devils advocate, I keep asking myself:

      Why would the Watchtower (intelligent men in the GB) repeatedly keep doing this, as a even 12 year old can see this…it is as plain as the nose on your face, particularly if you get out of your chair and get on the internet and look at the history form cica 1870 to 2016 ? You have to become a historian, because you cannot believe what the media or the Watchtower says, it is satans world…get it?!

      It is appearing more and more evident that they are methodically and very intentionally preparing a stumbled and discouraged generation of people, that are anti-christain/jehovahs Witnesses, because each stumbled JW
      person is going to infect dozens or even hundreds of other people.

      This is not only JWs, but all religions have some sort of pedophilia and/or other quirk that ultimately proves to its followers (inwardly) that it is a sham, or not to be taken seriously so as to lay down your life for your brother (i.e. WWI, WWII etc.)

      The Jewish Bankers have been successfull in this.

      I remember when I was a child, people around me including my parents, were rabid anti-Jehovahs Witnesses, and they never said exactly why. And I was puzzeled as to why?

      I mean JWs seemed so nice to me!

      They were and are funded by the Rockerfellers and the Rothchilds (if you do your research, you will find this) and;

      They are Jewish Zionist and shills of Jewish Zionist (you will find this if you do your research) and;

      They are anti-Christain fundamentally and are making a mockery out of it, as the have encouraged the splitting-up of Christianity into thousands of competing sects (you will find this if you do your research-you must do research because these rich Jewish banker have successfully re-wrote the history books, so now, you have to go to the core source, which is difficult-) and;

      Are (in my opinion) sociopaths, some even psychotic (you will find this if you do your research). They call themselves eccentric (i.e. those with the gold, make the rules…

      With that kind of money power in thousands of rich and insane person hands, you get your Freemasonry and other bizzare rich man cult goups (they love exclusivity and fooling people, called “duppers delight”…a rich mans past-time) with their wierd (bizzare) ideologies i.e. Charles Taze Russell with his bizzare masonic symbology etc., etc.

      They seem to be fixated on a 1 world currency and Government. Control freaks is another word.

      Loving the control of populations (including Governments) with their trillions of dollars and financial institutions. We all adults know some of the financial part, at least.


      So all these religiously discouraged millons knowingly or not, are now diposed for a 1 world government, when it comes in with its mass panick…, and from the Watchtowers obvious policy(ies) from its very begining, to just “constantly” make predictions (that they know will fail, and reverse policies and lie to coverup, and to secretely promote pedophilia, like the abovementioned sociopaths practice in secrete.

      The jehovahs Witnesses that stay with the organization, are obviously the type that like to hear predictions, irrespective if they are true or not, that fits that sect for what that sect attracts to them, as are all other sect that are set up for say the “trinity” etc.

      But, as brother King states I too believe, that: Jehovahs Witnesses is the true religion, because it has most of the truth, and it has preached worldwide.

      The problem is, you have very very cunning rich Jewish bankers, that have nothing else better to do than to sit around and thing up ways to control, by stealth.


      So what they have done is mingled a lot of the truth (to bait the sincere), and;

      Mingled that truth with lies and a fundamental policy to invent knowingly to fail prophetic interpitations and to inact, by misappropriating biblical scriptures to protect and promote pedophilia. BRILLIANT!

      It is important to get a lot of the truth into this religion, so as to bait the sincere…as they will work hard and loyally and keep working and defending the Watchtower…even in the face of pedophilia facilitating Governing Body, and, as you can see now, many people like us see the lies, but many just cannot stop going to the Kingdom Halls and leading others to the Kingdom Hall… even with the pedophilia, they just put their blinders on. (Who is more blind than my people… I think brother king paraphrased from the bible)



      They just do not know what to do with themselves outside of the Watchtower, and then become fearful and start re-attending and leading other people into a pedophile misguided organization run by 1 man that is controlled by Jewish Bankers that are anti-Christain.

      From brother Franz (the former GB member “now apostate”) 1 man controls all the Governing body, and that man is no doubt in my mind is a Freemason and a shill for ultimately the aformention sociopathic individuals (Rothchilds/Rockerfellers)

      Why would one knowing the real truth, lead another into that mess, I do not know.

      But on the other hand, Jehovah has proven and shown in the Bible that he can take and Government that hate him, and have them do his will, let alone a religion, thus I repeat again, Jehovahs Witnesses is the true religion, and he will purify it at the Great Tribulation.

      We can do what brother Franz did to not forsake the gathering of yourselves:

      1. Preach the real truth to everyone you meet.

      2. Form group bible or online studies with people who want the real truth.

      3. If you feel you want/need to go to a Kingdom Hall: Go to the to the public talks, and spread the real truth as much as possible, and even go to multiple congregations public talks, even traveling miles away to do so.

      4. If you want/feel you need to polish your religious accume: Go to the theocratic misnistry school, by all means.

      5. And give your bible studies the true historical history of the Jehovahs Witness from the very begining.

      For that, you have to become somewaht of an historian… it may take a while. Let them know what they are getting into. Do not bait them in. Give them the real truth from the begining. They will appreciate it, and be loyal like a brother.

      6. Teach your bible studies to do the same 1-5.

      7. Do not blindly lead people to the Kingdom Hall without doing the above, that is, if they want to go, give them the facts, no matter how ugly, the historical facts. They may well find too that Jehovahs Witnesses is the true religion, but is under satans influence, so one must take precautions. Give people credit for being intelligent, do not become a salesman for the Watchtower with slick bible come-back scripts, people are on to that.

      If we do all this, we will eventually have a very busy ministry, plus, it would include going to the kingdom Hall, as you can see from the above.

      • LW

        At the beginning of the organization’s start, there was that small but burgeoning group of anointed Christians who saw the “light” of truth and formed their own study groups. But there was another revival or “awakening” taking place at the same time – yes an OCCULT revival. Eventually, once truly adjoined to the system, well, then that’s when things happen.
        It’s simply a by product of being in a world run and influenced by the demons.

        • Peter Zuccerberg

          Yes, the sincere. That would seem plausible.

          But they were immediately steered astry, immediately it would seem to appear!

          Look back on. Thu, we have the luxury of history and technology (the internet) to learn and look back on, so as to learn from it.

          If we get out of our chairs to take advantage of it…

        • Peter Zuccerberg

          We are now Like that small group!

  • Volcanic

    How many times have we all heard some of the Zephaniah scriptures quoted? I can almost say them off by heart, but, never, NEVER, have I read the whole of Zephaniah before & been so moved, since I came to this site!
    We all ought to get on our knees & humbly thank & praise Jehovah for giving us this amazing chance to really know the truth.
    I don’t know what it is that moved Jehovah to guide us here or what we have done, or even how He intends to use us in the future, but I, myself, am so eternally grateful for this site & the truth of Jehovahs words!

    Zeph 3;9 “For then I shall give to peoples the change to a pure language, in order for them all to call upon the name of Jehovah, in order to serve him shoulder to shoulder”
    +17; Jehovah your God is in the midst of you. As a mighty one, he will save. He will exult over you with rejoicing. He will become silent in his love. He will be joyful over you with happy cries” …………… to think the Almighty God of this whole Universe LOVES us to that extent!

    What a wonderful commentary, Bro Robert & thank you. May Jehovah continue to bless you in order to feed us this life saving information.

  • only read half the text. this saddens me because all that happens to me for telling the truth is getting shunned, ignored, defrended. unity? i guess if thats what you wanna call that.

    • Volcanic

      gosh, what’s wrong, Dead Alien? You are so down these last few days. It makes me sad to see you like this.
      1 Peter 3; 13,14 “Indeed, who is the man that will harm you if you become zealous for what is good? But even if you should suffer for the sake of righteousness, YOU are happy…”

      Go get ’em Tiger xoxoxo big hug for a dear Brother

      • truth is, loving the truth gets YOU rejected. the organization defeats its purpose.

        • 1914for100Alex

          Only comfort I can offer is that it serves a purpose for it to be this way, and that it won’t last much longer. Hang in there. Satan is the one that wants this stuff to bother us to the point that we just give up. Jehovah wants us to understand it. He’s not saying we have to like it though.

        • ELiJAHxSEVEN

          Cheer up, I look forward to your comments and Brother King hasn’t shunned you…well, yet..hahaha (joke)….You can’t tell me that you can’t feel the positive vibes when visiting the comment section..I do!….The truth does make you lonely. Im an outcast for faith, trust me…that itself makes me happy knowing that I am following Jesus Christ….its a blessing Brother, not a burden!

        • Sam

          bro i can relate… i’m feeling pretty defeated lately. Sometimes it gets so stupid that you can’t bear to hear another word from the hypocrites. Keep going DA think about Ezekiel 8, verse 12 He said to me: “Son of man, do you see what the elders of the house of Israel are doing in the darkness, each one in the inner rooms where his idols are displayed?* For they are saying, ‘Jehovah is not seeing us. Jehovah has left the land.’” Remember that while they think Jehovah doesn’t see, he does and he will remove them. We’re all struggling together

        • Bklyn Kevin

          Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Divine Purpose.

          Isn’t the Watchtower a false prophet?

    • Just keep swimming!

      I am sending you a big hug brother. If Jesus could pray for those literally killing him (Luke 23:34) we can pray for those shunning and defriending us. Just keep swimming.

      • Volcanic

        good point, JKS (if I may give you initials!!) I presume you are a sister, being a lemon coloured fish, welcome to the site Sister & a big hug to you also xoxoxo

        • Just keep swimming!

          Call me Dory! (From Finding Nemo)

          • Volcanic

            hahahaaaaaaa, Dory it is then xoxoxo

  • Just keep swimming!

    Just a question off the top of my head….do you think there are any “wheat” at the highest levels of the organization? The scriptures indicate there would be, otherwise the angel wouldn’t have to separate anything. I try to consider the GB as wheatlike whenever possible. I’m so thankful I’m not a judge.

    Doesn’t “the slave” refer to ALL the anointed ones with the heavenly invitation? How could the FDS only be 7 men? Aren’t all the anointed feeding (by teaching) at some level? Ugh…thats why Matthew 25:45 is a QUESTION….because we don’t know the answer until Jesus comes!!

    • exactily. thats a good question, which is why they, (WT men) recently changed the interpretation again.

      only links i can think of is –

      “Who really is…”

    • LW

      During the time leading up to the destruction of Jerusalem, Ezekiel served as a watchman along with Jeremiah, just as Isaiah had previously done. Today, Jehovah is using a small group of his anointed servants to feed his people and warn others before the outbreak of the great tribulation. In turn, all of Christ’s domestics have a share in sounding the warning.—Matt. 24:45-47.

      • that was a real good answer too

        • LW

          Yeah. It was from the Questions from Readers about the adjusted understanding of the vision of the six men with smashing horns for Ezekiel. I’m surprised Robert didn’t mention this in the article regarding this adjustment, because it seems to be a rather significant point.

          • humm i wondered if it was from somewhere

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Robert did explain. The Secretary’s Inkhorn.

            • humm was it that one? i glossed over that one but must have missed what i was looking for. heres two more related also –


            • Huldah

              Hi Kevin I have a question. When does the ” Day of Jehovah” begin?
              Is it different than the beginning of Christ’s presence?
              Does it start after the fall of US?
              Just want to be clear.

              As in Joel 2:31
              Sun turned to darkness before day of Jehovah.
              So does this mean day of Jehovah starts after fall of US and judging of HOG?

              Anyone can answer.
              Thanks. Kevin, my main man, Lord of the Librarians ??????

            • Kevin will answer you and probibly find you some good links on e-Watchman to read too but until then here is a scripture – Eze 30:3 “For the day is near, yes, a day of Jehovah is near. It will be a day of clouds, an appointed time of nations.” – Luke 21:24. Jehovah’s day is the “times and seasons” of the great tribulation.

              nations* being a key word of Jehovah’s apointed time. not making seven times into thousands of years for no biblical reason. the Watchtower fails to note this abvious cross-reference

            • Huldah

              Guess Kevin didn’t like being called Lord of Librarians. Probably because the acronym is LOL. He hasn’t answered me yet.

              Thanks for your reply. I’ll read the article later tonight.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Hi Huldah sorry I could not tend to your question sooner, I’m sort of in transition moving to another place at this time and as soon as I get settled I will be able to be more attentive.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              In a nutshell yes…
              The Day of Jehovah Is Near!
              Jehovah’s Day will be preceded by a demonically-driven human catastrophe that will envelope the nations in blood, fire and columns of smoke; confronting all people with their own helplessness and insignificance. And our response to the globe-engulfing calamity will serve as the basis for God’s judgment, for it will force upon all humanity the unavoidable choice of either unequivocally accepting the rule of Christ’s kingdom or swearing allegiance to the last human kingdom in opposition to God’s rulership – Satan’s mimic kingdom, the so-called new world order.

              The concluding verses of the prophecy of Joel indicate that the symbolic locust onslaught will serve as a precursor of Armageddon, segueing into the final judgment of the nations. Joel 3:13-14 says:“Thrust in a sickle, for harvest has grown ripe. Come, descend, for the winepress has become full. The press vats actually overflow; for their badness has become abundant. Crowds, crowds are in the low plain of the decision, for the day of Jehovah is near in the low plain of the decision. Sun and moon themselves will certainly become dark, and the very stars will actually withdraw their brightness.”Read more>

              Read a lot more>
              Search results for: Day of Jehovah

            • Huldah

              Thanks Kevin. Happy moving! Can’t imagine what that would be like if you actually live in Brooklyn. I’m glad I’m in the boonies.

    • Bklyn Kevin

      The wheat and the weeds (24-30)
      Matthew 13:
      27 So the slaves of the master of the house came and said to him, ‘Master, did you not sow fine seed in your field? How, then, does it have weeds?’
      28 He said to them, ‘An enemy, a man, did this.’ The slaves said to him, ‘Do you want us, then, to go out and collect them?’
      29 He said, ‘No, for fear that while collecting the weeds, you uproot the wheat with them.
      30 Let both grow together until the harvest, and in the harvest season, I will tell the reapers: First collect the weeds and bind them in bundles to burn them up; then gather the wheat into my storehouse.
      40 Therefore, just as the weeds are collected and burned with fire, so it will be in the “conclusion” of the system of things. Read more>

  • NWOBS9014

    Robert King has more inspired wisdom and knowledge in his little pinky finger then all the anointed governing body combined, My comment is not to insult them in the least. To them will say, Sometimes the truth does hurt.


      And…Thank Jehovah for that!

  • Jehovah’s purpose is to purge the wicked and faithless from his nation as a precondition for their entry into the blessed new world – particularly from the leadership, which is evident from the following passage: “In that day you will not be ashamed because of all your dealings with which you transgressed against me, for then I shall remove from the midst of you your haughtily exultant ones; and you will never again be haughty in my holy mountain. And I shall certainly let remain in the midst of you a people humble and lowly, and they will actually take refuge in the name of Jehovah.” – Zephaniah 3:11-12

  • 随便看看,随便转转!

  • The wicked within God’s house are at peace. Because of their prosperity and success they have no dread of God’s coming judgment. They actually prefer things to continue the way they are. The Psalmist asked: “Why, O Jehovah, do you keep standing afar off? Why do you keep yourself hid in times of distress? In his haughtiness the wicked one hotly pursues the afflicted one; They get caught by the ideas that they have thought up. For the wicked has praised himself over the selfish longing of his soul, And the one making undue profit has blessed himself. . . He has said in his heart: ‘God has forgotten. He has concealed his face. He will certainly never see [it].’ Do arise, O Jehovah. O God, lift up your hand. Do not forget the afflicted ones. Why is it that the wicked one has disrespected God? He has said in his heart: ‘You will not require an accounting.'” —Psalms 10:1-3, 11-13; compare Mal. 3:14,15.

  • Teleologist

    Robert King said:

    “One of the features of Baal worship was child sacrifice. The Watchtower has condoned a form of child sacrifice, in that, it has presided over an organization that has allowed tens of thousands of children to be sexually abused by cunning pedophiles.”

    The Watchtower also promotes a policy that it says results in the actual death
    of children. Here it is:

    “In former times thousands of youths died for putting God first. They are still doing it, only today the drama is played out in hospitals and courtrooms, with blood transfusions the issue.” Awake! 1994 May 22 p2.

    • Peter Zuccerberg

      You are so right. I so appreciate when people just say it like it is!

      • Teleologist

        Do you reject the Watchtower’s blood ban?

        • Peter Zuccerberg

          No. But did no Jesus say that if on the Sabbath… If one saw life being threatened (animal or human) would not one move to save that life?

          He is appealing to your “common sence” Jehovah wants you to use your common sense because as you know life and it’s preservation is everything. This is about your conscience and knowing Jehovah.

          It is thus between you and Him, not the dogmatic cleaning of the outside of the cup, but the cleaning of the inside of the cup. Which is the most difficult by far than the outward showy display of how we observe biblical rules, laws, statutes etc. observable to others, i. e. Christmas, birthdays, etc.

  • LW

    There is another very effective way in which Jehovah confronts the world with the fact that mankind urgently needs his kingdom as the only solution to the world’s many problems. For that reason he is exposing all that is wrong with it. He is revealing, by bringing out into public view, the extreme rottenness of this entire system in which man has put his trust, including the hypocrisy and corruption of the world’s and religious leaders; the greed of the world’s Bankers; the failures of the judicial system; the wickedness of many in positions of trust; the crime; the hate; the wars; the selfishness; the suffering of the innocent; etc. People all over the world are seeing these things and are uniting in expressing their outrage, while calling for change.

    Take for example the many protest rallies that are sweeping the world, where hundreds of thousands come together to express their anger, in some cases even deposing their leaders. What is motivating them? What is it that people have in common that they all want? When the demonstrators of the present widespread popular “occupation” rallies were interviewed by the media, many expressed the same concerns. Holding up signs of their various grievances and demands—some even with their young children clutching signs—expressed their basic desire for a steady job that enables them to care for their families; affordable housing; lower food costs; access to health care, especially for the elderly; tax relief; an equalization or sharing of the wealth of the “One Percent minority” rich with the “Ninety-Nine percent” poor majority; holding greedy financiers accountable; an end to oppressive government; and so on. We all have watched these on the News.

    But are these not the very things that Jehovah has promised mankind; that his kingdom will fulfill all their desires? His kingdom means a righteous government that genuinely cares for the people; no more wars; peace, security, and justice for all the earth; meaningful work, such as building ones own house and living in it; planting gardens and eating its fruitage; even the animals will be at peace with man; no more sickness, no more pain, and death will be a thing of the past; and even more amazing, the dead will return to life in the resurrection that Jesus promised. Yes, so much more than anything that man has to offer! (Isaiah 9:6,7; 26:19; 32:16-18; 33:24; 65:21-25; John 5:25,26, 28,29; Rev. 21:3,4) So why are the majority of these people not interested in what God promises?

    Suppose you were to share the good news of God’s kingdom with these demonstrators, how many of them would want to listen to your message? The fact that so many are even willing to sacrifice their lives to bring about change, and yet at the same time refuse to consider God’s solution, makes it clear that they don’t want God’s rulership under any circumstance. They want to cling to the system that belongs to Satan, but of course without the many problems that afflict them personally. (Psalms 2:6-12; Rev. 11:15, 17,18) To them God is not relevant, and therefore his kingdom is not a practical solution, although they may pay lip service to God. (Matt. 15:8,9) Should Jehovah excuse them because they are not personally contacted with the good news? It’s clear that this would not make any difference, for by their response to present conditions they are going on record before Jehovah that they do not want his kingdom. In this they are really no different from the Jews in the first century to whom Jesus preached the good news of the kingdom. They refused to listen to him, in spite of his many miracles that he performed. When the end comes—and it will come—they will all perish. Their blood will be upon their own heads!

    • sally

      I loved reading that LW!! SO on point! I am off to my bible study soon, completely dreading it. I shall be back here later to get some real truths and read great posts like this one in the comments section. That will make me feel better 🙂

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