Monday, September 28

Critical times hard to deal with will be here.2 Tim. 3:1.

With the help of Jehovah, his spirit, and the Christian congregation, we can successfully overcome whatever disappointments or fears come our way. We can stay faithful. It is good to note that Paul introduced his prophecy about the last days with the expression “know this.” Those words guarantee that what follows is certain to occur. Ungodly society will continue to advance from bad to worse until Jehovah steps in to end it. Historians have documented that here or there some society or nation experienced a steep moral decline and then collapsed. Never before in history, though, has the overall morality of the entire world deteriorated to the extent that it has now. Many people may ignore the implications, but this unique development since 1914 should clearly demonstrate to us that we can trust that God’s Kingdom will soon take decisive action.


Paul did not say that men will become lovers of themselves, lovers of money, open to no agreement, and all the rest, during the last days. All of those wicked traits Paul enumerated are not the evidence of the last days. The apostle was indicating that the last days will be “critical times hard to deal with” because men will have become so wicked and society so degraded. 

These are not the last days. The last days will be a relatively short period of time, certainly not a century. On the contrary, this is the period of time noted in prophetic scripture that immediately precedes the critical times of the last days, before a fierce-looking king brings the mighty ones of this world, along with the holy ones, to ruin “during a time of security.”See Daniel 8:25

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