My corpses will rise up

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Sunday, July 23

Give us more faith.Luke 17:5.

What can you do to build and maintain strong faith? Do not be satisfied with only what you learned up to the point of your baptism. Take note of fulfilled prophecies in the Bible because these can provide you with powerful reasons for having faith. You can also use God’s Word as a measuring rod to see if your faith matches the description of what is expected of those who have strong faith. The apostle Paul told fellow Christians that they could “have an interchange of encouragement by one another’s faith.” As we associate with fellow worshippers, we can build up one another’s faith, especially when we are with those who have already demonstrated the “tested quality” of their faith. Bad associations destroy faith, but good associations build it.  That is one reason why we are counseled not to forsake “our meeting together.”

Faith is everything. It is the only means by which we can have a real relationship with God, through Christ.  Certainly, the Watchtower has made it possible to build faith based upon an accurate knowledge of the truth. But therein lies a problem. Because the Watchtower occupies such a dominant place in the spiritual lives of Jehovah’s Witnesses it may actually hamper the development of faith. To be sure, there is more than meets the eye.

To illustrate the point, consider the whole disciple-making process. Typically, the first contact a person has with Jehovah’s Witnesses is when they knock on their door. Nearly always the householder is presented with some type of literature published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. Upon each return visit more literature is placed. Eventually the householder agrees to a Bible study. Except the Bible is only referenced. The actual study material is another Watchtower publication. Nevertheless, the householder progresses and begins attending meetings. There they are acquainted with more Watchtower literature and now they are also introduced to Watchtower produced videos.

Eventually they grow to the point of wishing to go out in service. But before that can happen they have to be vetted by the elders to determine if they qualify based upon criteria established by the Watchtower. In time they progress to the point of baptism, but in order to qualify they first must answer a series of questions posed by the Watchtower.

Ultimately, upon their actual baptism “candidates” are required to confess that they recognize that their dedication to God and baptism identifies them as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses in association with God’s spirit-directed organization. In other words, their faith is made inseparable from the organization —from the Watchtower. And that is just the beginning.

The Watchtower determines virtually every aspect of the expression of faith of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Therein lies the problem though. How so?

The problem is, Satan the Devil has an issue with God. It goes back to the accusations Satan made in connection with the man Job. The Devil brought up the same issue when Jesus began teaching his disciples. That is why on the night of his arrest and trial Jesus forewarned Peter that Satan had demanded to have them to sift them as wheat. And the sifting commenced moments later when Judas led the mob to the garden of Gethsemane.

It is worth noting that there is one aspect of the spiritual lives of Jehovah’s Witnesses that the Watchtower cannot control. Obviously men cannot control the spirit. Jesus likened the holy spirit to the wind, in that, the wind blows wherever it will blow and men do not know where it comes from or where it is going. So it is, God chooses whomever he wishes and there is nothing the Watchtower can do about it. Be that as it may, the Watchtower still exercises authority over all who are called into the Kingdom –at least for now.

In the 12th chapter of Revelation we are informed that at the moment Satan the Devil is hurled down from heaven by the incoming crown prince, Michael the archangel, the Devil is identified as the “accuser of our brothers, who accuses them night and day our God.” That means that at the time when the final members of the seed of the woman are brought forth another period of sifting commences when Satan is hurled down.

Besides our individual faults, there is no doubt that Satan’s primary accusation is that Jehovah’s Witnesses are merely following God’s spirit-directed organization and could not possibly be true to God if made to stand alone. As in the case of Job Jehovah has put up a protective hedge around his people —the organization. Surely, the issues that are at the heart of Satan’s accusations must be settled with finality before the Devil is put away.

Jehovah himself is very much intent on settling the issues Satan has raised, once and for all time. That is why God hid the reality of Jesus’ death from the apostles in order that their faith might be tested. Incidentally, it is interesting that when the apostles asked Jesus to give them more faith they had already seen Jesus perform quite a few miracles, such as casting out demons, healing various diseases and ailments, miraculously transforming water into wine and a few fishes and crumbs of bread into a feast, even calming a tempestuous storm at sea. Still, they asked for more faith.

Jehovah’s Witnesses have never seen Christ. They have not seen miracles. As already stated, their faith is entirely bound up with the Watchtower. Indeed, the Watchtower reinforces that dependency at every opportunity. It is not enough that the Watchtower is at the center of the spiritual lives of Jehovah’s Witnesses at the present time, but the Governing Body have assured the faithful that when the time comes they will be at the helm of the spirt-directed organization to issue “live-saving direction.”

In that respect the entire association today is in a similar situation as the apostles were before Jesus’ death. They assumed Jesus was going to become king then and there. They simply could not comprehend what Jesus was saying when he plainly spoke about his being handed over and put to death. Just to be clear, the apostles were not simply ignorant. The account at Luke 9:45 makes it plain that the truth was concealed from them by God.

Following that pattern, God has allowed for Jehovah’s Witnesses to be brought under a “deluding influence.” Like the delusion the apostles were under regarding the imminence of the Kingdom, Jehovah’s Witnesses have been brought under a massive delusion regarding Jesus supposedly having come in his Kingdom in 1914. The delusion is regularly reenforced with persuasive, but specious scriptural support.

It is worth noting that the apostles should have known Christ had to die. The prophets and Psalms spoke very plainly about his death, burial and resurrection. But the account in Luke indicates that they were afraid to question Jesus any more. After all, Jesus once sternly rebuked Peter for trying to dissuade him from his course of self-sacrifice.

Similarly, Jehovah’s Witnesses are afraid to question the Watchtower; fearful that they may be rebuked or even branded as an apostate and cast out of the synagogue. Indeed, the Watchtower instills such fear.

But, like the apostles, Jehovah’s Witnesses should know better, if they really examined the Scriptures as they ought.

But, obviously God permits the delusion to persist for a reason. The reason, of course, is so that Jehovah’s Witnesses may be put to the test. And that test will commence when Christ comes. That is why Jesus posed the question: “Nevertheless, when the Son of man arrives, will he really find this faith on the earth?”

When Christ arrives then it will become apparent that the deluding influence emanated from God’s spirt-directed organization. Not only that, but just as Judas betrayed Christ at a critical moment, the prophets make plain that there is a Judas class among Christians, known as the man of lawlessness, the son of destruction —which is what Jesus dubbed Judas.

Following his lead Jesus foretold that many brothers will hate one another and betray one another.

The stage is set. The Watchtower is not going to lead you into paradise. In fact, whatever remains of the Watchtower during the Lord’s day will serve as an antichrist in opposition to Christ. By faith Jehovah’s Witnesses will have to leave the spirit directed organization. At the time it will be as though all anointed persons suffer a spiritual death. It will require a miracle, a resurrection to bring them to life.

Regarding that future resurrection the prophet Isaiah wrote about it in the 26th chapter. In veiled reference to the lofty place the Watchtower occupies presently, the prophet wrote: “For he has brought low those inhabiting the height, the lofty city. He brings it down, He brings it down to the earth; He casts it down to the dust. The foot will trample it, the feet of the afflicted, the steps of the lowly.”

As regards the judgment of the man of lawlessness, Isaiah goes on to say: “O Jehovah our God, other masters besides you have ruled over us, but we make mention of your name alone. They are dead; they will not live. Powerless in death, they will not rise up. For you have turned your attention to them to annihilate them and destroy all mention of them.”

Surely, the Watchtower has acted as masters over the anointed sons. It has required them to confess they belong to an organization run by lawyers and accountants and a board of directors. They have ruled over us. But when Christ comes then that is it for them. The spirit-directed organization will become impotent in death. And the agents of Satan who have up until now disguised themselves as ministers of righteousness will be sentenced to permanent death, which will bring about the weeping and gnashing of teeth.

But since the faithful have been made dependent upon the organization, its demise will seem to have brought an end to Jehovah’s entire purpose. It will require the demonstration of a faith that transcends that which was made subservient to the Watchtower. That is why, speaking for the true sons of the Kingdom then, Isaiah wrote in advance: “O Jehovah, during distress they turned to you; they poured out their prayer in a whisper when you disciplined them. Just as a pregnant woman about to give birth has labor pains and cries out in pain, so we have been because of you, O Jehovah. We became pregnant, we had labor pains, but it is as if we have given birth to wind. We have not brought salvation to the land, and no one is born to inhabit the land.”

To be sure, no life-saving direction will emanate from on high then, from Bethel. Jehovah’s Witnesses will be brought to their knees. Only then will God reveal himself in Christ. That is why Isaiah goes on to say, speaking for Jehovah: “Your dead will live. My corpses will rise up. Awake and shout joyfully, you residents in the dust! For your dew is as the dew of the morning, and the earth will let those powerless in death come to life.”

Here Jehovah is not speaking of the literal resurrection of the dead. That is apparent because the command to awake and rise up from the dust is issued prior to the command to “Go, my people, enter your inner rooms, and shut your doors behind you. Hide yourself for a brief moment until the wrath has passed by.”

The reason God speaks of them as “my corpses” is because Jehovah bought them with the sacrifice of his Firstborn. They belong to Jehovah and Christ as their special possession. The revival of Jehovah’s corpses is the same phenomenon as what Ezekiel envisioned regarding the valley of dry bones that rattled and assembled themselves into flesh and boned servants of God. That it comes after the judgment of the evil slaves and before the wrath of God is expressed agains Satan’s world indicates that the “resurrection” is when the chosen ones see Christ in his glorious parousia. They will come to life after they endure God’s discipline and afterwards God will declare them to be righteous, granting them entry into the Kingdom. They will come to life in the fullest sense too, since upon their deaths they will be instantaneously changed in the twinkling of an eye into immortal spirit brothers of Christ. Having seen Christ even before their change they will then shine as brightly as the sun in the Kingdom of their Father. It is they who will then lead the faithful to Christ and into the new world. 

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    • Ha ha! I love it. The power of Photoshop! lol

      • Seriously, what does Jesus think of all these luxurious buildings? Are they really necessary to spread the Good News of the Kingdom?

        • And I wonder where were located the buildings of the central Bethel in the time of the first Christians? In what luxurious apartment would the apostle Paul rest when he returned from his missionary journeys?

          • Right. No doubt Paul would ask the GB if they have become rich already, if they have begun ruling as kings without the rest of the called ones? Obviously, they have.

            • Richard Long

              housekeeping business…. the links on the gray recent comment bar as well as the new “My youtube” and latest podcast features appear to be non functional at the moment.

      • you should totally use that picture in
        an essay or maybe even kingdom bulletin, ha

    • Luis Meriño Vásquez


    • ha! XD

      that is a great picture and example i will use in future discussions. awesome

  • Please8834

    Robert… This article brings the question to mind I asked in the previous article Jeffrey Jackson during Australian hearings was asked if Jehovah’s Witnesses we’re God’s only people and mouth peace on Earth.. Jeffrey Jackson’s reply was it is presumptuous for us to think that the Jehovah’s Witnesses are the only people that is acceptable to Almighty God. That being said , if all Men will be tested during Christs Arival and inspection will there not be those who are not Jehovah’s Witnesses invited in to Jehovah’s Kingdom? Or was this just a Lie by mr. Jackson?

    • As I recall Geoffrey Jackson did not say that there are other Christian groups that are doing God’s work. He was specifically asks if the Governing Body are God’s exclusive spokesman on earth, to which he replied that it would be presumptuous to think so. Of course, everyone knows that the GB had already declared themselves to be the faithful and discreet slave. So, yes, Jackson was lying. The Governing Body certainly do consider themselves to be God’s sole mouthpiece.

    • Daisy

      Mr Stuart asked G Jackson “do you see yourselves as Jehovah God’s spokes people on earth “?
      With both hands resting on top of the NWT, under oath, he replied: “That, I feel would be quite presumptuous to say that, er, that, er, we are the only spokesperson that God is using. (Wobble)

    • muldoon55 .

      I would go by what the revelation given to John says.
      Quite clearly states that any one rejecting Gods rulership in favor of the beasts will not survive.
      At that point in time, mankind would have come through the greatest distress the earth had ever experienced and while the sudden miraculous appearance of the eighth king will indeed mislead many , I would think there would be quite a few non jws whose hearts would be receptive to the warnings folks like us will be heralding

  • Nigel

    Great article, Brother King. I really hope every JW worldwide reads it – and heeds the wisdom/warning therein. It really goes to the heart of the issue that will face every JW in the (near) future.

  • Lisa-Lisa

    GREAT ARTICLE ! I wish all JW’s would have to read this before they get baptized.

    • Ken Rosenberg

      They have to get baptized regardless.

      • Cathii D’Anthonii

        How does one get baptized when the WT vows are diluded? Wasn’t the red sea a baptism, and the ark was in a sense, a baptism, can sisters baptize someone? Of course not! What we are about to go through, won’t that be a baptism of a sort?Everyone now is overly sensitive in the truth, like walking on eggshells…

        • Ken Rosenberg

          Baptism questions don’t ask about 1914.

          • Richard Long

            Ken, my dedication in 1990 included the “in connection with God’s spirit directed organization” blasphemy and causes me to vomit in my mouth every time I think upon it. All I have left is the coming baptism by fire or death.

            • Ken Rosenberg

              They might be spirit directed, just not the way they want you to believe.

            • Richard Long

              Right. I believe your comment to Lisa left the impression on Cathii that you were suggesting JW baptism is the only valid course, when I know that is not your stand. I believe you to be simply stating the fate of all who wish to become JW’s. I have it on good authority you may be able to suggest solutions for anyone facing the WT baptism dilemma. Perhaps a forum topic?

            • Ken Rosenberg

              Well, are you insisting the church baptize you then?

            • Richard Long

              Me? No. I was baptized age 14 by a Baptist denomination, age 25 by the JW demonization. If Jehovah hasn’t gotten the idea yet that I want to be His, hopefully he will by the time I am baptized through death or trial, whichever He chooses. No man shall ever baptize me again. I was asking you to help those with no baptism understand the issue clearly, absent JW delusion.

            • Daisy

              We reject the trinity, because it’s not scriptural but are expected to get baptised into God’s spirit directed organisation which is also not scriptural.
              If we object to this, quoting Jesus’ words, Matt 28: Go therefore, baptising in the name of the Father and the Son and Holy Spirit, we are shown the door.
              Worship us, not God’s son in other words.
              Is worshipping Jesus still a disfellowshipping offence, idk as I can’t remember?

            • Burt Reynolds

              It’s true that you can only believe the trinity if you don’t believe the bible.

            • Cathii D’Anthonii

              My brother just told me he’s reaching out to be an elder…what can I say??? (a little stunned here)

            • Richard Long

              To your brother? Probably nothing. To Jehovah? Everything!

            • i’d say let Jehovah use that elder position to teach him a lesson 😉

            • Burt Reynolds

              One issue about getting baptised with an honest heart and open repentance, is that what went before in your life, is apt to be forgiven. If we are to believe that this is the truth here, then we have to give ourselves to it….so just allow it to lead you and quit worrying about what is past, because you can’t change it, just be sorry for it and glad that it over. Jehovah has provided you and your family a way out, so you must be pretty well in his attention and for all the right reasons.

            • Richard Long

              Thanks, Burt. I’m at peace over this.

          • Burt Reynolds

            Quite right. That’s because they don’t have an explanation for it!

          • funny 🙂

        • Richard Long

          Matthew 3:11 I, for my part, baptize you with water because of your repentance,+ but the one coming after me is stronger than I am, whose sandals I am not worthy to take off.+ That one will baptize you with holy spirit+ and with fire.+

          Is the WT not more properly thought of as “John”, rather than “Jesus” You know you are right, Cathii. 🙂

          • Arvid Fløysand

            (Acts 2:1-4)…Those 120 where the first ones to be babtized by holy spirit and fire while they were praying and the fire was only visible for them to see…when they came outside,that fire was not visible anymore…but in the meantime,Jehovah had made “the whole town” come to that place….this will happen again in a similar way wery soon 🙂

            What made you come to this site? 🙂

            • Richard Long

              Despair! It was either go the way of Daniel Genser or find a way to salvage my faith.

            • Arvid Fløysand

              (Matt.5:1-11)…You dear and all beautiful brothers and sisters on this site and all of you out there where ever you are…following this site…find yourselves in those verses of Mattew…ore to be more correct..Jesus the Christ is the one that found us 🙂

            • Cathii D’Anthonii

              Arvid thank you for that, I have been visiting Br. Kings sites since 2006…bought the book, dug my heels ..looked up everthing to see if his comments agreed with the Bible..So far they have…Icstudied with a sister if the anointed many years ago who often said,” dont believe anything the WT says unless you can prove it..Florence Dahlstrom was her name. She was alive in 1914, in her 20’s

            • Arvid Fløysand

              I have said this several times before but i have to say it again…i do feel a strong connection to all of you on this site and i know very well that many people of good heart also follow this site…i do love all of you and longing for the clean free world when i can hug all of you one by one…we can do this..lets stay firm in the truth..together for Jehovah our God and for Jesus Christ our king 🙂

            • Richard Long

              And you are both highly regarded and deeply loved by many here, Arvid!

            • Arvid Fløysand

              Was Florence from Sweden?

            • Cathii D’Anthonii

              She may have been..She was an RN in ww1. Then she came into the truth.I remember she had a unique love for Jehovah and knew every event and persons in the Bible. She said for her the Bible was a personal letter from her father.

          • Cathii D’Anthonii

            Did you see the post on music? I’m also on fb..

            • Richard Long

              I did, and thank you. Back-burner topic for me. You might have noticed I’m a bit of a mess! lol

        • Burt Reynolds

          Quite! I agree, but I think the answer must be that though the terms of watchtower baptism are distorted, it is in fact the willingness of the person getting baptised to serve Jehovah that counts, and not the additions that the watchtower demands. A baptism of the heart.

  • The Raven

    Thank you, Robert.

  • Sharon

    so the address #1 kings drive

  • Max

    Great article!! I have always thought myself that the WT “hampers the development of the faith” of the friends. In my own experience as a publisher I didn’t see that hampering too much but when I became an elder the emphasis given to the society’s guidelines were just overwhelming. So much so that those guidelines were considered to be above the Bible because it was the Bible’s interpretation of the loyal and discrete slave which in the organization has the same weight as the word of God himself what was written in those books we had to follow to the letter. Sighs! Sometimes I wish it was different. A part of me miss that sence of security that the organization used to provide me before my bubble burst. Now that I know how the real great tribulation will be like and that we JW will not be totally protected as the organization sometimes implies.Now I feel like having to go through a painful surgery before the new world comes, and I also feel the strong need and urgency to be strong enough to survive it and that is scary! I could honestly say that since the bursting of my bubble my faith has grown stronger because I know at the end it will be my faith in Jehovah alone and no organization in between what will finally give me the strength to stay loyal till the end. So thank you brother King for bursting my bubble!

    • Craig Knight

      Well said! My faith has returned and is so much stronger than when I was a regular JW many moons ago. Standing before Jehovah and Christ alone like Job did is a scary but wonderful thing at the same time. The things coming upon us are going to be horrible like in Josephus’ description of the destruction of Jerusalem in 70. If you haven’t read that account, it is very scary what the Jews went thru. There were several sects of Jews killing each other and burning each others food supply’s massive civil war plus mass starvation. Their gold didn’t save them either. It gives us a glimpse of how terrible things will be. So like you say now is the time to strengthen ourselves. I’m so glad to have found Roberts site.

    • Burt Reynolds

      That’s exactly how I feel. It’s true what you say, very true in fact, that the watchtower engenders a form of security and sense of safety. And it’s sad that people feel cast adrift when they leave it. But that too is a lie, because what that sense of insecurity actually is, is the freedom to really get to know Jehovah, to know the truth that he carries, the love that he has, the provision of a way out from under our sins, the sense of reward in taking that way, of choosing right, of aligning ones self with the ways of Jehovah, the hope, the joy, the release, the anticipation, the taste of fresh air and freedom to worship not just in an acceptable way, but to be part of that acceptable way in your own willingness to serve him knowing what he truely is. You, me, all of us have to go through that surgery you speak of, but it is not painful, because the anaesthetic is love, and the surgeon is Jehovah. All you have to do is heal.

  • Max
    • Burt Reynolds

      IT really gets to me that the watchtower cannot even write a song without trying to Lord it over new ones and view them as fragile, thus making themselves shepherds in authority. It takes a lot more faith to become a JW and to stay in the organisation than it does to understand the truth! ☹️

      • Cathii D’Anthonii

        Hebrews 13:13, Let us, then, go outside the camp. Hence Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people ….let us then go forth to him outside the camp

        • The Raven

          Thanks, Cathii. That’s very interesting! I need to see more of this:
          Hebrews 13:10-16
          10 We have an altar from which those who offer sacred service at the tent have no authority to eat.+ 11 For the bodies of those animals whose blood is taken into the holy place as a sin offering by the high priest are burned up outside the camp.+ 12 Therefore, Jesus also suffered outside the city gate+ in order to sanctify the people with his own blood.+ 13 Let us, then, go to him outside the camp, bearing the reproach he bore,+ 14 for we do not have here a city that remains, but we are earnestly seeking the one to come.+ 15 Through him let us always offer to God a sacrifice of praise,+ that is, the fruit of our lips+ that make public declaration to his name.+ 16 Moreover, do not forget to do good and to share what you have

        • Arvid Fløysand

          True…outside the camp…outside the city…in the wilderness is where the chosen ones has been driven ore called out to in connection to all big events 🙂

          Abraham was called uppon by Jehovah to leave his city and settled in the vast opend fields in Canaan.

          Moses was driven out of Egypt into the wilderness of Midjan,to the holy mountain Sinai/Horeb.

          The whole nation of Israel was called out of Egypt to wilderness of Midjan.

          David was driven out in the wilderness.

          Elijah was driven out to the wilderness of Midjan,to the holy mountain Sinai/Horeb.
          (it is the same mountain with two tops like a camel,one name for eatch top)

          In the first detruction of Jerusalem and in the first of 3 deportations…all those who Jehovah saved was driven out of the city….tru the wilderness and into safety

          Right after Jesus was babtised,he also went out in the wilderness…40 days just as Moses and Elijah.

          Likwise Paulus went out in the wilderness of Arabia (i guess to the very same place as Moses and Elijah)…right after he was chosen by Jesus to be an apostle (Gal.1:17)

          In the second destruction of Jerusalem all those who followed Jesu warning,fleed to” th mountains.

          And now it is our turn to flee to the “mountains and wilderness”.
          THe “woman” in Revelation is given the wings of the great eagle to fly out to the wilderness to be safe from satans attack.

          So same as alwayes…He is there outside the “city” .there is where the” carcass” is and the eagels gather…the sheep knows their sheeperds voice 🙂

          • Cathii D’Anthonii


      • Max


  • Huldah
    • Arvid Fløysand

      Indeed…a very good one…it confirms Jesus words when he said that “mammon” (money/finance) is the god of this world…thank you for sharing this one Hulda 🙂

    • ha! (only reading the headline, cause im lazy)
      thats why in my passive thoughts much of their “image” is a financial one.
      when the death-stroke brings them to their knees, they then
      fix their image with a new buying and selling tactic.

      “Empire of Finance is a harsh master” interesting

  • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

    Jehovah’s Witnesses have been
    brought under a massive delusion regarding Jesus supposedly having come
    in his Kingdom in 1914. The delusion is regularly reenforced with
    persuasive, but specious scriptural support.

    What a blindness is imposed by WTS!! So Sad! So Sad!

    At the time it will be as though all anointed persons suffer a spiritual death.
    Tears run in my eyes!!

    Surely, the Watchtower has
    acted as masters over the anointed sons. It has required them to confess
    they belong to an organization run by lawyers and accountants and a
    board of directors. They have ruled over us. But when Christ comes then
    that is it for them. The spirit-directed organization will become
    impotent in death.

    What a insight by Robert King !!!

    But since the faithful have
    been made dependent upon the organization, its demise will seem to have
    brought an end to Jehovah’s entire purpose. It will require the
    demonstration of a faith that transcends that which was made subservient
    to the Watchtower.

    Here one needs courage!!!

    My corpses will rise up

    The WTS has not even quoted the verses in the Isaiah book Vol1 instead it said to read it let alone the interpretation. The interpretation on this is accurate by Robert. Brother keep it up may Jehovah bless you through Jesus .

  • Burt Reynolds

    I’m amazed at what Lev said about the watchtower bethel leaders just de-camping to another state and leaving the congregations. So that’s brotherly love, tending to the needs of the flock, standing firm and taking the lead. That really takes the biscuit. Well at least nobody can call them radicals…..cowards maybe, but certainly not a radical. Can’t wait to read their heroic spin in the watchtower soon and how they are supporting the brothers in Russia. My money is on that they will quote the scripture of Christ walking through the mob that wanted to kill him, but his time was not yet.

    • The Raven

      Might be a good indicator of what to expect with the coming catastrophes. This is a very good lesson.

  • money, among other things, can damper faith too.
    how will Jehovah’s people react without it?

  • Michelle

    I like how you started this article Robert – “Faith is everything.” Your faith in Jehovah is palpable. When and how did you develop such a strong faith in Jehovah. I am not talking about simply learning about different doctrines, but when did you develop an unshakeable faith in your heart that you could rely on Jehovah to be YOUR God.

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