The Watchtower published a milquetoast article on how to protect ourselves from misinformation and conspiracy theories. So, here is my response filed under Watchtower Review

Did you know that the phrase “conspiracy theory” came into vogue after the assassination of President Kennedy? It was only natural that people would want to know who was behind the murder of the American president—the fourth to be murdered, so far. And, of course, the powerful perpetrators of one of the most impactful crimes in modern history were/are determined to keep the citizens from finding out the truth. By the way, if you have a few minutes and are so inclined, read an article originally published by the LaRouche organization back in 1994 entitled: Why the British Kill American Presidents.

Over the years the public has been subjected to the “conspiracy theory” phrase more and more frequently as it is being repeated over and over by the mainstream media as a way to discredit any sort of information that the establishment does not approve of. And I have no doubt that cockamamie, lunatic fringe conspiracies—like the US government is hiding the truth about the presence of aliens from outer space—are pushed by the very same intelligence spooks who lurk in the shadows, as a way of obfuscating the real conspiracy. 

Just for the record, I am a certified conspiracy theorist. I first began a study of the secret doings of the modern world about 30 years ago. (See article: Me and Lyndon LaRouche) Except in my case my “theories” are based upon Scripture and facts painstakingly gleaned through credible sources.

An essential fact to keep close in mind is that Satan the Devil, whom we know is the ruler of the world, has an earthly organization, just like Jehovah has. Satan, being a liar and clever manipulator, has an earthly throne, an administrative capital, which is the headquarters of a global criminal operation. With the father of the lie pulling the strings from the invisible realm, how could there not be a conspiracy against the truth? 

The end goal of the Devil’s scheme is to wreck the entire political and economic system under which we live and impose an absolutist, monolithic empire—a communistic world government. That is the conspiracy. All else is secondary or largely misinformation churned out by the conspirators themselves. Ultimately, the end goal is the eradication of Jehovah’s people. But as long as the present political system is in place we are protected. 

Shame on the Governing Body for their weak-eyed foresight. They truthfully claim that the United Nations is destined to destroy organized religion, worldwide. They just lack the insight to grasp the fact that the UN is a paper tiger at this present time and the only way for it to be empowered to the extent necessary to accomplish the words of God is for the present, nation-based system to be overthrown. That is the conspiracy. And that is what Jehovah is referencing in Habakkuk, where he chides the belitters of the conspiracy, saying to them: “Look among the nations and pay attention! Stare in amazement and be astounded; for something will happen in your days that you will not believe even if it is told to you.” — Habakkuk 1:5

It used to be that America prided itself upon freedom of expression. Freedom of the press is absolutely vital in a republic. Those in power cannot be allowed to operate above scrutiny. And a multiplicity of various perspectives had ensured that no one political viewpoint would prevail to the extent of stifling all criticism. That is what happens under communistic regimes. But over the years things have changed. Journalism is a dying profession. Whistleblowers like Assange and Snowden are vilified and prosecuted. Anyone with a dissenting voice is mocked and canceled. The mob rules. 

The so-called mainstream media is owned by six giant corporations. Online information is monitored by the so-called tech giants, Google, Twitter, and Facebook who employ “fact-checkers,” sort of like Orwell’s Ministry of Truth. Fewer channels of information make it easier to control what people are allowed to consider. Billionaires, who own most of the world, decide what is true and what is false. 

On top sits the British Monarchy. Like a giant vampire squid, the empire’s tentacles extend around the globe, embracing a labyrinth of institutions—including the political parties, banks, hedge funds, the media, think tanks, academia, police, and intelligence agencies. And yes, the Watchtower is influenced through the masonic network the empire controls. 

One of the most insidious lies is the myth that the British Empire is a bygone relic of history. People believe it because the colonial system was dissolved. In its place, though, is the City of London and its offshore financial system that controls virtually every aspect of life. 

Like its predecessor, the decadent Roman Empire, London promotes a modern form of bread and circuses. Only now the circuses are everywhere! People even recognize that TV programming, movies, and modern music, are stupid and degrading. That is by design. The empire wants to stupefy the population. And instead of pacifying the masses with mere bread like the caesars of old, now drugs and alcohol are liberally supplied. 

Back about 30 years ago when there was still some semblance of an independent press the San Jose Mercury published an expose of how Sir George H. Bush and his CIA were importing planeloads of cocaine, using the money to finance other illegal operations, and as a side bonus, they were dumping the lethal narcotic on black neighborhoods as a form of genocide. The journalist, one Gary Web, was attacked, discredited, and ultimately murdered. That’s how the empire works. But people don’t know history. The British Empire invented the dope business. Ever hear of the Opium Wars? The myth is that they no longer run the dope business. The reality is, London’s offshore international dark money empire launders about a trillion dollars per year.

So, yeah, it is no conspiracy theory. The anglo empire is a beast. It is responsible for virtually every war that has been fought over the past 250 years. It has flooded the world with dope and demonic “entertainment” and disoriented the population with a blizzard of propaganda and misinformation. All the while inflating an enormous financial bubble that is intended to explode. Ultimately, the king of the north will collapse the global financial system and then the trap will be sprung. It is even so written in the Divine Book of truth:  

“His power will become great, but not through his own power. He will bring ruin in an extraordinary way, and he will be successful and act effectively. He will bring mighty ones to ruin, also the people made up of the holy ones. And by his cunning he will use deception to succeed; and in his heart he will exalt himself; and during a time of security he will bring many to ruin. He will even stand up against the Prince of princes, but he will be broken without human hand.” — Daniel 8:24-25

Jehovah long ago foresaw the culmination. From His vantage point as the Most High over all the earth, there is no conspiracy. Or, worded differently, Jehovah has sanctioned it. That is because he intends to use the empire’s conspiracy against them! That is why in Isaiah Jehovah states:

“Cause harm, you peoples, but you will be shattered to pieces. Listen, all you from distant parts of the earth! Prepare for battle, but you will be shattered to pieces! Prepare for battle, but you will be shattered to pieces! Devise a plan, but it will be thwarted! Say what you like, but it will not succeed, for God is with us! With his strong hand on me, this is what Jehovah said to me to warn me away from following the course of this people: “You should not call a conspiracy what this people calls a conspiracy! Do not fear what they fear; Do not tremble at it. Jehovah of armies—he is the One you should regard as holy, He is the One you should fear, and he is the One who should cause you to tremble.” — Isaiah 8:9-13

As an afterthought, the JW Broadcast program for May features a reiteration of their new light regarding Russia as the king of the north. Part of the reason they claim Russia and her unnamed allies are the biblical king is that Russia has supposedly engaged in cyber warfare against certain American politicians. Presumably, they are basing that on the sensational reports that the mainstream media ran with that Russia hacked the Democratic party servers in order to sabotage Hillary Clinton. Evidently, the GB feels that there is credible evidence for that claim because it comes from all the biggies on Main Street, you know, the venerable New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and all the other letters of the alphabet, including Alphabet, Google’s parent.

The thing is though, it simply ain’t true. Sadly, the two people that know the Russians did not hack the DNC cannot speak. One is dead (Seth Rich) and the other is locked away in a deep dark cell and will probably never see the light of day, that being Julian Assange. But the hacking claim has been thoroughly debunked by retired nation security guys who know what they are talking about.

Although it appears a Democratic insider stole the data and uploaded it to Wikileaks the spooks used it to their advantage. The FBI had already begun spying on the Trump campaign and ginning up the hoax that he was a Russian agent. British Intelligence simply added in the Russian hacking story to make it politically impossible for Trump to establish friendly relations with Putin, which is what he intended to do and said so publicly.

So, while the Watchtower might lecture the lowly pubs about not believing stuff on the Internet, it is ironic, indeed, that the GB embraced the British intel op that gushed through the Mainstream media sewer pipe 24-7 all during the Trump presidency and they gulped it down and now have at least partly based their interpretation of prophecy, taught to millions of trusting JWs,  what amounts to a lie.

So, since the mainstream media were all behind the Russian cyberattack story, which was a provable lie, where can reliable information be found that bears the stamp of approval of the establishment? 

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