“Be dressed and ready and have your lamps burning, and you should be like men waiting for their master to return from the marriage, so when he comes and knocks, they may at once open to him.” – Luke 12:35-36

Who will endure the day of his coming?

Friday, March 22 – You keep proclaiming the death of the Lord, until he comes.—1 Cor. 11:26.

One reason why we invite others to observe the Memorial with us is that we want those who attend for the first time to learn the truth about what Jehovah and Jesus have done for all of us. (John 3:16) We hope that what they see and hear at the Memorial will move them to learn more and to become servants of Jehovah. We also invite those who are no longer serving Jehovah. We do so to remind them that God still loves them. Many respond to our invitation, and we are overjoyed to see them. Attending the Memorial reminds them of how much they enjoyed serving Jehovah in the past. (Ps. 103:1-4) Whether people respond positively to our invitation or not, we diligently invite others to the Memorial, knowing that Jehovah is interested in individuals.—Luke 15:7; 1 Tim. 2:3, 4w23.01 20 ¶1; 22-23 ¶9-11

If an inquisitive, indoctrinated JW could speak to Paul he might inquire which “coming” the apostle is referring to. Paul, of course, would have no clue what the brother was talking about. But it is a perfectly reasonable question for Jehovah’s Witnesses to consider since the Watchtower teaches that there are multiple comings of the Lord. For example, the Watchtower claims that the messenger of the covenant came in 1914. The messenger, of course, is Jesus. Notice how many times various tenses of “come” are used in the following passage: “Look! I am sending my messenger, and he will clear up a way before me. And suddenly the true Lord, whom you are seeking, will come to his temple; and the messenger of the covenant will come, in whom you take delight. Look! He will certainly come,” says Jehovah of armies. But who will endure the day of his coming, and who will be able to stand when he appears? For he will be like the fire of a refiner and like the lye of laundrymen.” – Malachi 3:1,2

If the true Lord whom Christians are seeking came to his temple in 1914 why is it necessary for us to wait for him to come again? It is a simple question. It is not a trick question. Even so, no JW can answer that. No member of the Governing Body can explain it reasonably and logically.

It is noteworthy that Jesus also spoke of his coming in connection with the slaves whom he appointed over his house. Notice again, how many times Jesus spoke of his coming: “Keep on the watch, therefore, because you do not know on what day your Lord is coming. But know one thing: If the householder had known in what watch the thief was coming, he would have kept awake and not allowed his house to be broken into. On this account, you too prove yourselves ready, because the Son of man is coming at an hour that you do not think to be it. Who really is the faithful and discreet slave whom his master appointed over his domestics, to give them their food at the proper time? Happy is that slave if his master on coming finds him doing so! Truly I say to you, he will appoint him over all his belongings.” – Matthew 24:42-47

Some JW’s may not realize that not too many years ago the Watchtower taught that Jesus came as a thief in the night back in 1914 and supposedly that is when the faithful slave was rewarded and appointed over all of the master’s belongings. However, in 2013 new light shone and the coming of the Son of man was moved from 1914 to a point in the future. Prior to that, the coming of the Son of man was moved from 1874 to 1914. However, how reasonable is it that the true Lord and messenger of the covenant has already come to his temple and yet the Christ has not come to judge his appointed slaves? It is not reasonable or sensible. It is absurd. And yet it is regarded as God’s truth. Any who question 1914 are regarded as apostates.

As regards the daily text comments, the Watchtower encourages JWs to extend Memorial invitations to those who were once active witnesses but are no longer. That is nice. But if the Governing Body were sincerely concerned about the spiritual welfare of the growing multitude of JWs who have left the organization or who have checked out mentally, it would seem appropriate to address some of the factors that have contributed to the ongoing exodus. We all know that will never happen. The leaders of the Watchtower are content to muddle through hoping Jehovah will bail them out by bringing on the great tribulation. That’s not going to happen. The true Lord is coming to clean house. No wonder Jesus posed the somewhat unsettling question: “But who will endure the day of his coming, and who will be able to stand when he appears?”

We with unveiled faces reflect like mirrors the glory of Jehovah

Thursday, March 21 – I saw . . . the Lamb . . . and with him 144,000.—Rev. 14:1.

Those ruling in God’s Kingdom will help to care for billions of people living across the globe. Like Jesus, the 144,000 will serve as kings and priests. (Rev. 5:10) Under the Mosaic Law, the priests were primarily responsible for protecting the people’s physical health while making sure that they were spiritually healthy. The Law was “a shadow of the good things to come,” so it is reasonable to conclude that Jesus’ corulers will assist in the unique role of caring for the physical and spiritual needs of God’s people. (Heb. 10:1) We will have to wait and see just how these kings and priests will communicate with subjects of the Kingdom who are on earth. We can be confident that in the Paradise to come, those on earth will receive the guidance they need.—Rev. 21:3, 4w22.12 11 ¶11-13

In Hebrew, the word satan means opposer and devil means slanderer. Satan is opposed to the truth. Jesus revealed that the Devil is the father of the lie and the ruler of the world. Not surprisingly, everything in the world is a lie. Take evolution for example. There is not one shred of scientific evidence that something comes from nothing or that creatures change into other kinds, yet it is considered an unquestionable fact. Besides all of the phony Eastern religions and Islam, all Christian religion is based upon lies too. The original lie was that “you will not die” and every religion is founded upon that lie including so-called Christian faiths.

Jesus revealed that he did not have a human father. He came down from heaven encoded in a seed that miraculously impregnated a Jewess virgin in order for a perfect “Adam” to be grafted into the dying human race to provide the ransom price required. But Jesus did not stay dead. Because God had performed another miracle, Jesus was born again, the first of many brothers. As a born-again Son of God Jesus was not resurrected as a human. He became a life-giving spirit. Christ promised his disciples he was returning to heaven but that he would come back to take them home to be with himself and the Father forever. As a direct result of this revealed truth the Devil spun another series of lies based on the phony heaven/hell dichotomy. Naturally, no one wants to be roasted for eternity, and because mankind has a mythical undying soul everyone but the worst of the worst is going to heaven. Even the Muslims are going to heaven. Lies just take on a life of their own. But alas, the last little book of the Book of Truth revealed that only 144,000 will be bought from the earth.

No one can enter the heavenly Kingdom unless they are born again. All of the original Christians who were the first to be born from the spirit were Jews, Israelites to be sure. Back before Jerusalem was destroyed the genealogic records established the tribal ancestry of all of the Israelites. No doubt those original anointed ones (literally christs) were taken from all of the 12 tribes of Israel. However, Jesus made it a point to choose 12 apostles. Those 12 apostles became the symbolic heads of what Paul called “the Israel of God.” And as the apostle Paul painstakingly proved the members of the Israel of God are not solely of Jewish ancestry. The real Jews are those who have been born again.

One of the identifying characteristics of these spiritual Jews is that they bear the name of God and the Lamb on their foreheads. That means that they are owned by God, having been purchased with the blood of the Lamb. But having God’s name on their forehead also means that they are witnesses for Jehovah. That certainly disqualifies those multitudes of evangelical born-again pretenders who have purged the name of God from their preferred versions of the Bible and embrace one of Satan’s more popular lies that Jesus is Jehovah.

But the Devil has a lie for anointed Christians too. How can that be if they are in the truth? It is by God’s permission that the Devil is allowed to create mimic anointed persons who also are witnesses for Jehovah and who partake of the Memorial emblems. They are the same as those superfine apostles in Corinth who disguised themselves as anointed ministers. In Revelation did not the Lord warn of those in the congregations who falsely claim to be Jews? However, the lying Jews are virtually indistinguishable from the genuine sons of God. Jesus spoke about this in an illustration, explaining how an enemy oversowed a wheat field with weeds. Jesus explained that the enemy is Satan and the weeds are imitation sons of God. During the harvest, the angels will physically remove the sons of the wicked one from his Kingdom. After the harvest, the sons of God will shine as brightly as the sun in the Kingdom of their Father. Most assuredly, no such harvest has taken place. The wheat and the weeds will be shoulder to shoulder for yet another Memorial.

What will cause the true sons to shine as brightly as the sun after the weeds are uprooted and taken away? They will see Jesus when he returns to take his little flock to heaven. Their shining as brightly as the sun is what Paul was referring to when he compared Christians to Moses after he came down from the mountain after he had seen the glory of Jehovah, to the extent that mere flesh can behold the face of the Almighty. After the encounter, Moses’ face glowed, so much so that he wore a veil because the people were terrified. But Paul said: “Now Jehovah is the Spirit, and where the spirit of Jehovah is, there is freedom. And all of us, while we with unveiled faces reflect like mirrors the glory of Jehovah, are transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another, exactly as it is done by Jehovah the Spirit.” – 2 Corinthians 3:17-18

In some yet unknown way, the last of the 144,000 (7,000) will reflect like mirrors the glory of Jehovah God because the spirit of Jehovah will be upon them in full measure. Then will be what Paul described as the revealing of the sons of God, the brothers of Christ. And their deaths at the hands of Satan’s brood will be what brings the nations to a special place called Armageddon.

You have ruled them with harshness and tyranny

Wednesday, March 20 – He died for all so that those who live should live no longer for themselves, but for him who died for them and was raised up.—2 Cor. 5:15.

Jesus taught people about the blessings that God’s Kingdom would bring. We are thankful for the ransom because it opens the way for us to enjoy a close friendship with Jehovah and Jesus. Those who exercise faith in Jesus also have the hope of living forever and of seeing their dead loved ones again. (John 5:28, 29; Rom. 6:23) We have not done anything to deserve these blessings; nor can we ever repay God and Christ for what they have done for us. (Rom. 5:8, 20, 21) But we can show them the depth of our gratitude. How? By using our resources to advance the Kingdom work. For example, we can make ourselves available to help with constructing and maintaining buildings for pure worship. w23.01 26 ¶3; 28 ¶5

The death and resurrection of Jesus changed everything. Except no changes have been brought about. Not really. The world still goes on as before. The demons are still running the same old wicked system. The Watchtower’s artfully contrived 1914 myth aside, the first resurrection has not begun. Not one person has come to life as a result of Christ’s sacrifice. We are still waiting.

Jehovah’s Witnesses have been led to expect that the great tribulation is the next big event on the prophetic calendar and then it is on to paradise. But is that realistic? Could God possibly overlook all of the lies and dishonesties, coverups, cruelties, flip-flops, and downright wickedness perpetrated by those who are looked to as the leaders of Jehovah’s earthly organization? It does not matter how many Bibles and Bible-based publications the Watchtower has distributed, unless one dies and awakens in Eden there is no possibility that Christ will give the Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses a free pass to paradise. First, there must be a day of reckoning.

Did you know that the Watchtower teaches that Christ came in 1914 and cleansed the Bible Students of all of their uncleanness and refined them into the purest gold and silver? It is true, at least that is what Jehovah’s Witnesses are required to believe. Except, all of those who went through the fire and were refined have all died. No matter. The dogma lives on. It is crazy, though. The Watchtower claims that Jesus returned in 1914. The epic second coming of Christ has already occurred. But no one other than Jehovah’s Witnesses knows it. Needless to say, the second coming didn’t really amount to all that much. That is why Jehovah’s Witnesses do not speak of a second coming. But, not to worry, Jesus is coming again. Call it #3. This is the official teaching of the Watchtower. Any JW who does not confess their belief in this absurdity is punished with the most severe punishment that can be meted out.

A sister contacted me a couple of weeks ago. Her name is Ruth. She had had a text exchange with another sister and recommended watching my videos. Predictably the sister reacted negatively, saying I am a false teacher, blah, blah, blah. And of course, she notified the elders that Ruth was watching unapproved YouTube videos by some guy who called himself Jehovah’s Watchman. Two elders met with Ruth. She told them she did not believe Jesus returned in 1914. The coordinator contacted Ruth again and requested that she formally disassociate herself. If not, she was to appear before a judicial committee. She declined to meet with them. Since Ruth did not write a letter of formal disassociation from the so-called Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses a few days later Ruth was notified that she was being disfellowshipped in absentia. Why?

Mind you, Ruth did not say she no longer believed in Jehovah. She told them she did. She believes that Jesus Christ gave his life for mankind. She believes in the promise of a new world. She believes Jesus is coming again. She believes Christ is going to sit down on his throne and set matters straight. She simply told them that she did not believe that an invisible parousia began in 1914. And that simple confession set in motion an Inquisition. There was no effort on their part to readjust Ruth. Did they bother to examine the videos Ruth recommended? How do they know that the videos of this watchman fellow are not true? No matter. They do not need to bother themselves with such matters. Ruth spoke heresy! There is only one remedy. What further need do we have for witnesses? 1914 is sacrosanct. The faithful slave has spoken. Seven times equals 1,260 days X 2, a year for a day from 607, and leave out the zero year. The numbers don’t lie!

And so the Governing Body has sanctioned the slaughter of another innocent sheep to the glory of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

If the elders believed that one of Jehovah’s sheep had been misled is it not their obligation to try to find that straying sheep? That is what Christian shepherds are supposed to do. Whatever happened to snatching a doubter out of the fire? It is as Jehovah has said of his shepherds: “You have not strengthened the weak or healed the sick or bandaged the injured or brought back the strays or looked for the lost; rather, you have ruled them with harshness and tyranny.” – Ezekiel 34:4

Last week the president of France shocked the West by talking about the possibility of putting uniformed troops in Ukraine, besides all of the mercenaries that have been there already. People dismissed Macron as a deluded Napolean wanna-be. Apparently, though, 2,000 French troops are in Bulgaria ready to travel through Romania and onto the battlefield in Ukraine. Putin said such a move would be one step from World War Three. This is of special interest to me, because 19 years ago, the same week of the Memorial as now, I was disfellowshipped. Confessing I did not believe that Jesus returned in 1914 was the last straw for them. The last thing I said to the six members of the appeal committee as they were putting on their coats in the foyer of the Kingdom Hall and I had my hand on the door: “There is going to be a third world war.” And I walked out.

Imagine that. This false teacher, this imposter on the Internet who misleads Jehovah’s Witnesses, who has been talking about World War Three for years and years, and now it is looking like WW3. Surely, it has to be a coincidence. Actually, it is not. Nor is it a lucky guess. I believe the Bible. I believe Jesus. When I realized 1914 was a hoax I knew there would at some point have to be the actual fulfillment of prophecy. Simple. True.

What do you suppose will happen when the missiles fly and the earth is rocked? It will be the long-awaited change. Can we expect to have some Updates on jw.org? That would be interesting. How can the Governing Body possibly spin it when it all comes undone? I will be difficult but I expect they will try. Even so, it will be a bitter pill for them to swallow. They may never openly admit it but I imagine the talk will spread among Jehovah’s Witnesses that this watchman fellow was right and they will have to face it. I believe that it has something to do with the first being last and the last first.

So when he comes and knocks

Tuesday, March 19  – We . . . gain life through him.—1 John 4:9.

In the late 19th century, a group of Bible students led by Charles Taze Russell began an intensive study of the Scriptures. They wanted to know the truth about the value of Jesus’ sacrifice and how his death should be commemorated. Today we benefit from their research. How so? Our eyes have been opened to the truth about Jesus’ sacrifice and what it accomplishes. (1 John 2:1, 2) We have also learned that the Bible holds out two hopes for humans who please God—immortal life in heaven for some and everlasting life on earth for others. We draw closer to Jehovah as we consider how much he loves us and how much we personally benefit from Jesus’ sacrifice. (1 Pet. 3:18) So like our faithful brothers of the past, we invite others to join us in observing the Memorial according to the pattern Jesus set. w23.01 21 ¶6-7

Do we benefit from C.T. Russell’s research into the parousia or are Jehovah’s Witnesses bound by the dogma he introduced? Assuredly, it is the latter. True, Russell was correct in teaching that the parousia should not be translated as “coming.” That much is true.

It is a bit of forgotten theocratic history, but C.T. Russell was convinced that the parousia is invisible and that it had begun in 1874. Russell believed that up until his sudden death on Halloween, 1916. That is why from its founding the Watchtower Magazine caption read: The Watch Tower and Herald of Christ’s Presence.

For many years after his death the Bible Students and the renamed Jehovah’s Witnesses accepted 1874 as the beginning of the ethereal parousia. It was not until the 30s that the date changed. Rather than focus on the shifting anchor date for the phantasmic event known as the parousia, this commentary will consider the underlying reasoning behind the doctrine of an invisible presence of Christ.

Jehovah’s Witnesses might be surprised at how specious Russell’s reasoning was. He claimed that if Jesus returned visibly it would nullify the ransom sacrifice. But didn’t Jesus visibly appear to his disciples after he was resurrected? And because his disciples had such little faith Jesus needed to materialize bodies of flesh and blood in order to convince them that he was alive. So, did those various incarnations of Christ nullify the ransom he paid with his flesh and blood? Surely, everyone can correctly answer that question.

The Watchtower has explained the word “parousia” to mean “being alongside” and his being alongside occurs over an extended period. Okay. We understand that. And since we now know what the Greek word parousia means we are in a position to examine the facts. What facts? Did not Jesus assure his disciples that he would be with them all the days until the conclusion? And did not the Lord also assure his followers that where two or more are gathered together in his name he is in their midst? If Jesus is with his followers and in their midst in what way is his being alongside them any different? There is no point in reciting arcane calculations involving seven times and days of years or any of that chronological mumbo-jumbo. Did Jesus Christ, the Lord of the whole earth, in any way demonstrate that he had come alongside his followers in a way that was any different than before? Surely, everyone can correctly answer that question too.

32 years ago a Watchtower article on the Messiah’s presence and rule, stated the following in paragraph seven:

Undoubtedly, the pa·rou·siʹa is not literally visible to human eyes. If it were, why would Jesus spend so much time, as we shall see, giving his followers a sign to help them to discern this presence?

Ah, and now we have the underlying error upon which the parousia delusion is founded. True, Jesus spent considerable time detailing the events that would mark the conclusion and his presence. Or did he? Can we separate the two things — conclusion and presence? What I mean is, can the conclusion of the system commence before Christ comes alongside the chosen ones? Well, consider what Jesus said in conclusion: “Now learn this illustration from the fig tree: Just as soon as its young branch grows tender and sprouts its leaves, you know that summer is near. Likewise also you, when you see all these things, know that he is near at the doors.” – Matthew 24:33,34

What does it mean “he is near at the doors”? Jesus concluded his messages to the seven congregations using a similar expression: “All those for whom I have affection, I reprove and discipline. So be zealous and repent. Look! I am standing at the door and knocking. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come into his house and take the evening meal with him and he with me. To the one who conquers I will grant to sit down with me on my throne, just as I conquered and sat down with my Father on his throne. Let the one who has an ear hear what the spirit says to the congregations.”

Can you imagine, Jesus going door to door? But in this illustration, Jesus is not looking to make disciples. No, his message to the congregation of Laodicea is directed to anointed persons who will be on earth when the Lord’s day begins. Jesus knocking on the doors of their private homes means that those who hear his voice and who open the door and have Christ enter their home and take the evening meal together will be accepted into the Kingdom of Christ. Speaking to what he called his “little flock,” Jesus spoke similarly, saying: “Be dressed and ready and have your lamps burning, and you should be like men waiting for their master to return from the marriage, so when he comes and knocks, they may at once open to him. Happy are those slaves whom the master on coming finds watching! Truly I say to you, he will dress himself for service and have them recline at the table and will come alongside and minister to them. And if he comes in the second watch, even if in the third, and finds them ready, happy are they! But know this, if the householder had known at what hour the thief would come, he would not have let his house be broken into. You also, keep ready, because at an hour that you do not think likely, the Son of man is coming.” – Luke 12:35-40

Here is a question: Does the parousia precede Christ’s coming or does the second coming of Christ climax with his presence among those who receive him into their homes? According to Jesus’ simple illustration, his coming precedes his presence. And to be sure, in saying he “will come alongside and minister” to those who are found ready and waiting and who open the door when the Lord knocks, is to say he will be present with them in a way that is far different than his being with his disciples until the conclusion. To put things in perspective, Charles Russell lived before the invention of the automobile. He surely knew how a horse was harnessed to a cart or carriage. Somehow, though, concerning Jesus’ coming and presence he got the proverbial cart before the horse. Not surprisingly the cart has not moved in 150 years!

Of course, the most egregious error is 1914. Not only did the parousia not begin then, but none of the things Jesus foretold began then. Nation rising against nation and kingdom against kingdom is still in our future, although by all accounts world war is imminent. Of the utmost relevance is that Jesus forewarned his little flock that many false prophets and false anointed persons would mislead many. Are we there yet? Let the one who has an ear hear what the spirit says to the congregations.”

The Ends of the Systems

Saturday, March 16 – Put on . . . the hope of salvation as a helmet.1 Thess. 5:8.

A soldier wears a helmet to protect his head. In our spiritual warfare, we need to protect our mind from Satan’s attacks. He bombards us with temptations and ideas designed to corrupt our thinking. Just as the helmet protects a soldier’s head, our hope protects our thinking so that we can remain faithful to Jehovah. If our hope weakens and we allow fleshly thinking to take hold of our mind, we can lose sight of the goal of everlasting life. Consider the case of some Christians living in ancient Corinth. They lost faith in a key promise of God—the hope of the resurrection. (1 Cor. 15:12) Paul argued that people with no hope of a future life live only for the present. (1 Cor. 15:32) Today many who have no hope in God’s promises live for the moment, grasping whatever pleasures are available to them. We, however, put our trust in the future promised by God. w22.10 25-26 ¶8-9

The first books of the Bible are the oldest documents in the world. Throughout the 1,500-year history of Israel, more writings were added; namely, the Prophets and Psalms, etc.; culminating in the first century with the addition of the Christian Greek Scriptures and Revelation. It is amazing to contemplate, but the Bible was written and preserved down through the ages, now translated into virtually every language of mankind, specifically for those who will be alive when Jesus returns. To be sure, the return of Christ is not the end of it all, but a beginning of the end. For example, Paul wrote concerning all of the historical examples of the bad outcomes for those who rebelled against God, saying: “Now these things happened to them as examples, and they were written for a warning to us upon whom the ends of the systems of things have come.” – 1 Corinthians 10:11

True, in the first century the Jewish system was coming to an abrupt end; but notice, that Paul spoke of a plurality of “ends” and multiple “systems.” Most translations likewise use plurals, such as “ends of the ages,” or similar expressions. That there are multiple ends of systems and two manifestations of Christ Paul made clear in his writing to the Hebrews: “But now he has manifested himself once for all time at the conclusion of the systems of things to do away with sin through the sacrifice of himself. And just as it is reserved for men to die once for all time, but after this to receive a judgment, so also the Christ was offered once for all time to bear the sins of many; and the second time that he appears it will be apart from sin, and he will be seen by those earnestly looking for him for their salvation.” – Hebrews 9:26-28

Although a book for the ages, it was written primarily for those who will be alive the second time he appears. Was Jesus invisible the first time that he appeared? It is a silly question, isn’t it? Was Jesus seen and perceived as the Savior by those earnestly looking for the Messiah in the first century? Of course. Did Jesus visibly manifest himself to his disciples after he was resurrected as a spirit? Absolutely! So, why is it that the Explainers of all things biblical speak of an invisible presence the second time he appears?

Oddly, the notion of an invisible parousia was regarded as an unassailable truth from the very beginning of the Bible Student movement when they were endeavoring to discern the basic, elementary doctrines. And yet they supposedly understood the deep and hidden things of Christ’s return? I thought the light was supposed to get brighter and brighter. In all this time Jehovah’s Witnesses have never questioned the veracity of Russell’s invisible parousia doctrine.

But what does this have to do with the daily text? Being written to those who would be living the second time he appears God has given us a sign so we will know when the Christian system is concluding and what will come next. We will not need anyone to explain to us what the sign means. The sons of light will know what it means, light their lamps, and go out to meet him. What sign has God provided? The prophet Paul explains: “Now as for the times and the seasons, brothers, you need nothing to be written to you. For you yourselves know very well that Jehovah’s day is coming exactly as a thief in the night. Whenever it is that they are saying, “Peace and security!” then sudden destruction is to be instantly on them, just like birth pains on a pregnant woman, and they will by no means escape. But you, brothers, you are not in darkness, so that the day should overtake you as it would thieves, for you are all sons of light and sons of day. We belong neither to night nor to darkness.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:1-5

It is a familiar passage for Jehovah’s Witnesses. But what does it mean? The Watchtower claims that “sudden destruction” will come upon Babylon the Great during the tribulation, which will segue into Armageddon. But the Watchtower is wrong. And when their error is manifest it will be plain for all to see. First, as I have discussed in other articles (below), it is quite likely that Paul did not use YHWH in the text, but wrote concerning the Lord’s day. That presents an enormous problem for the Explainers because they say the Lord’s day has already begun, more than 100 years ago! As regards the ends of the systems, the New World Translation does provide a useful footnote.

Rendering of the Greek word ai·onʹ when it refers to the current state of affairs or to features that distinguish a certain period of time, epoch, or age. The Bible speaks of “the present system of things,” referring to the prevailing state of affairs in the world in general and the worldly way of life. (2Ti 4:10) By means of the Law covenant, God introduced a system of things that some might call the Israelite or Jewish epoch. By means of his ransom sacrifice, Jesus Christ was used by God to introduce a different system of things, one primarily involving the congregation of anointed Christians. This marked the beginning of a new epoch, characterized by the realities foreshadowed by the Law covenant. When in the plural, this phrase refers to the various systems of things, or prevailing states of affairs, that have existed or will exist.

The conclusion of the systems (plural) is the end of the Christian era, the end of the age of evangelism and disciple-making. It is also the end of the prevailing state of affairs among nations. It will spell the end of Jesus using the rulers of Satan’s world to further his work. Jesus is, after all, King of kings and Lord of lords. He has not been idly sitting at his Father’s right hand watching the clouds float by. The end of the age will be the end of the superior authorities serving as God’s civil ministers. Satan will become the unrestrained god of the post-current state of affairs system, a system decreed to last for one hour, equivalent to 42 months.

So, whenever they are saying peace and security will cause the sudden destruction of the present ordering of nations along with the worldwide work of Jehovah’s Witnesses. To be sure, it will mean the end of the Anglo-American-dominated nation-state system, freedom, representative democracy, capitalism, stock dividends, carefreeness, baseball, apple pie, and all of that. Did not Jesus say he was coming as a thief in the night at a time even his own disciples think to be unlikely? That is why Paul said that you need nothing to be written to you about the Lord’s day coming as a thief in the night because the Lord already said he is coming as a thief in the night. Get it?

When the Lord’s day begins the sons of light will not need to wait for life-saving instructions from men who have been proclaiming the Lord’s day has begun for the past century. Nor will they believe the lying claims of the false prophets that Jesus is in the inner chambers or out in the wilderness. That is because the second time he appears he will be seen by those earnestly seeking him.

Again, what does any of this have to do with the daily text? Nothing. It is just that I flipped to the chapter to read the cited verse in context and went off on a tangent. Sorry.

A righteous man’s supplication has a powerful effect

Friday, March 15 – A righteous man’s supplication has a powerful effect.—Jas. 5:16.

We can ask Jehovah to help our fellow worshippers to endure sickness, natural disasters, civil war, persecution, or other difficulties. We can also pray for our self-sacrificing brothers and sisters who provide relief for those in need. You may personally know some who are facing such challenges. Why not mention them by name in your personal prayers? We show genuine brotherly love by asking Jehovah to help them to endure. Those who take the lead in the congregation greatly appreciate the prayers of others and benefit from them. That was true of the apostle Paul. He wrote: “Pray also for me, that the words may be given to me when I open my mouth, so that I may be able to speak boldly in making known the sacred secret of the good news.” (Eph. 6:19) Today, too, we have many hardworking brothers who take the lead among us. We show love for them by asking Jehovah to bless their work. w22.07 23-24 ¶14-16

William Tyndale can certainly be considered a righteous man. He devoted his life to translating the Bible into English, which was considered a crime at the time. Tyndale’s work first introduced the English to the name Jehovah. Tyndall paid with his life. He was betrayed and imprisoned. He was unrepentant. On October 6, 1536, William Tyndale was strangled and his body burned at the stake. The last thing he said was a prayer: “Lord, open the King of England’s eyes.” His prayer was answered. In 1604 the King of England authorized the translation of the Bible into English. And in 1611 the Authorized King James Bible was published, much of it based on Tyndale’s work. Reading the Bible in English was no longer illegal, all because of William Tyndale’s prayer.

Since Jehovah is the Hearer of prayer we ought to follow the advice offered in the Daily Text, except I encourage you to widen out. Following Tyndale’s example, I pray that Jehovah will open the eyes of responsible brothers at Bethel, at least one or two. I pray that the growing numbers of Jehovah’s Witnesses who are becoming discouraged and sickened by the Watchtower’s hypocrisy might not be stumbled from the path of life.

I know many of you pray for me that I can keep doing what I am doing. I thank you. I know Jehovah listens to you. He keeps giving me the juice to keep going.

Elders need to think seriously about what they are doing. Jehovah expects you to look after his sheep, especially the sickened and lost ones. He expects you to look for the lost ones, not hunt them down to entrap them, not punish them, not disfellowship them in absentia because they refuse to meet with a judicial tribunal to discuss why they do not believe the Kingdom was put in place in 1914. Why not pray for them and pray for wisdom to discern why they feel the way that they do? Better yet, follow the apostolic exhortation and make sure of all things.

If you are facing intense scrutiny by the elders, perhaps they have heard you are not all on board with the Governing Body and their vaccine mandate, pray for strength to explain to them your position. Pray for an opportunity to give them a witness. There isn’t much time left. The storm is getting closer and closer by the day. Pray for the strength to be able to stand firm to be able to help others when the hour of darkness arrives. Read the Psalms. Most of them are prayers inspired by the holy spirit. Pray that your flight is not in wintertime? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll give the Preterists that one.

A noticeable change or a sudden realization?

Thursday, March 14 – War broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels battled with the dragon, and the dragon and its angels battled but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them any longer in heaven.—Rev. 12:7, 8.

Satan lost the battle foretold in Revelation chapter 12, and he and the demons were hurled down to the earth. Enraged, Satan began to vent his anger on humankind, resulting in “woe for the earth.” (Rev. 12:9-12) How can these prophecies benefit us? World events and the noticeable change in people’s attitude would help us discern that Jesus has become King. So rather than become upset when we see people act selfishly and hatefully, we remember that their actions are fulfilling Bible prophecy. The Kingdom is in place! (Ps. 37:1) And we can expect world distress to increase as Armageddon draws ever nearer. (Mark 13:8; 2 Tim. 3:13) Are you not thankful to our loving heavenly Father for helping us to make sense of our turbulent times? w22.07 3-4 ¶7-8

The realization just recently occurred to me that Jehovah’s Witnesses are Preterists, at least they are what are called partial Preterists. In case you are unfamiliar with the term Preterism is the belief that all the things written in prophecy, particularly Daniel and Revelation, as well as Jesus’ so-called Olivet discourse, have already been fulfilled. For example, Preterists believe that all of Jesus’ words about war, famine and pestilence culminating in a great tribulation were all fulfilled in the first century and that’s it. Then there are the partial Preterists who believe some things are left unfulfilled. Though, the Watchtower does not teach that all things were fulfilled in the first century, nevertheless, Jehovah’s Witnesses have been deluded into believing that nearly all of Daniel and Revelation, as well as the idiotically-named Olivet prophecies, were fulfilled in the first half of the 20th century. While the details differ, the intent is the same. Preterists do not look for any future fulfillment of what is most assuredly vital and profound revelations of future events. That is certainly the predicament of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The most egregious example of the Watchtower’s unique brand of Preterism is their recent “new light” on Joel that has dissolved any future manifestation of the symbolic locust plague serving as Jehovah’s great military force during the last days.

Has Satan vented his anger on humankind? I don’t think so. No. That is not true. I know so. Look at the world. Everyone seems to be doing their business; people are eating and drinking, sometimes a lot! Men are marrying and women are being given in marriage; heck, men are marrying men and women are marrying women; it seems more like a satanic paradise than a world under siege by enraged demons.

But it is not as though Satan has been inactive. He has been very busy with an operation intended to trick anointed Christians into believing that Jesus has already come; that the Kingdom is already in place; that the first resurrection has begun; that the beast has experienced a mortal wound and revived; that the eighth king is already ruling for his allotted one hour; that the prophetic time period of 1,260 days or 42 months have already lapsed; that people of the world who salute flags and sign patriotic songs have already been marked with the 666 and doomed to everlasting death, and on, and on, and on, and on. The Watchtower might call it something else but I am calling it theocratic Preterism.

In yesterday’s commentary, I demonstrated the fraud of the Watchtower’s claim that the Finished Mystery book was the work of the inspired two witnesses of Revelation. Although the Watchtower has long ago relegated the Finished Mystery to the dustbin of theocratic…whatever, and JWs who consult the Finished Mystery may even be sanctioned for reading what amounts to apostate literature, it still claims that the nonsensical drivel contained therein was the work of the two witnesses. That is because the clergy used their influence to get the book banned during the First World War and the leading members of the Watchtower were even arrested and imprisoned for espionage. But why would the clergy become infuriated over the publication of a book that makes the authors appear to be religious, lunatic fanatics? The answer may surprise you. Paul warned that an operation of Satan and ultimately an apostasy will precede the return of Christ. To back up the demonic deception the inspired prophet explained “the lawless one’s presence is by the operation of Satan with every powerful work and lying signs and wonders and every unrighteous deception for those who are perishing, as a retribution because they did not accept the love of the truth in order that they might be saved.” – 2 Thess 2:9,10

The fact that the Watchtower claims that a book they would now be embarrassed to admit they ever published is still held up as “evidence” that the Kingdom began ruling in 1914 and that God’s two witnesses were so vocal in their condemnation of Christendom that the book was banned and censored — lying signs and wonders, indeed!

Now let’s focus on some of the word trickery the Watchtower Preterists employ to fortify their deceptive illusions. Notice what is stated in the text:

World events and the noticeable change in people’s attitudes would help us discern that Jesus has become King.

Ignoring the “world events” aspect for the sake of brevity, what prophecies are they alluding to that foretell there will be a “noticeable change in people’s attitudes”? The answer? There are none. Zippo. Nada. Knowledgable JWs who have been mentally conditioned will naturally assume the WT is illuding to 2 Timothy 3:1-4. True enough, it is a passage frequently cited by the Watchtower and Jehovah’s Witnesses. But may I suggest reading the passage again, this time slowly, more deliberately and try to discern if there is anything in what Paul has written that says there will be a noticeable change in people’s attitudes during the last days. Remember, you are going up against very clever demons. They know every trick in the book. Hey, they wrote the book, but they didn’t write the Bible and there is very little they can do to influence what has already been written. What they do is, influence our minds through suggestion, assertions, repetition and dogmatism.

So, reading what the apostle recorded for those living in the future when the last days begin, it is noteworthy that Paul wrote nothing of the gradual decline of morals over an extended period of time. Instead, we simply read: “But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal…”

The theocratic Preterists should know that the last days will be critical times hard to deal with, not because there will be a “noticeable change in people’s attitudes,” drawn out over many decades, but because people will already be as Paul described when the last days, suddenly, unexpectedly begin with Christ’s stealth arrival like a thief in the night. The truth is, the last days have not begun. Satan has not been cast down. Yes, people have become exactly as the apostle described but these are not the critical times hard to deal with. If you think these are turbulent times just wait until Jehovah unleashes his tempest upon Satan’s world. Then you will know what demonic rage is.

And what is this new theocratic lingo, “The Kingdom is in place“? Has the heavenly Kingdom been out of place? Is this a form of watering down the overused expression “God’s Kingdom rules”? Why not proclaim that the second coming of Christ occurred 110 years ago? You should know why. Satan is too clever for that. People would catch on, most of them anyway. And yet, that is exactly what the Watchtower teaches. But what’s the point of the Kingdom being in place if it does none of the things it is supposed to do? Ask a pure language-speaking Preterist. They’ll explain it.

The Finished Mystery

Wednesday, March 13 – True wisdom cries aloud in the street.—Prov. 1:20.

The Bible states: “The fear of Jehovah is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Most Holy One is understanding.” (Prov. 9:10) So when we have an important decision to make, we should make Jehovah’s thinking—“knowledge of the Most Holy One”—the basis for our decision. We can do that by consulting the Bible and Bible-based publications. When we do, we are showing true wisdom. (Prov. 2:5-7) Jehovah is the only one who can give us true wisdom. (Rom. 16:27) Why is he the Source of wisdom? First, as the Creator, he has unlimited knowledge and understanding of his creation. (Ps. 104:24) Second, all of Jehovah’s actions reflect wisdom. (Rom. 11:33) Third, Jehovah’s wise counsel always benefits those who apply it. (Prov. 2:10-12) If we are to acquire true wisdom, we must accept these basic truths and allow them to guide us when making decisions and when taking a course of action. w22.10 19 ¶3-4

What if we have consulted God’s word and diligently compared it with the Bible-based publications of the Watchtower and have discerned disturbing discrepancies, particularly as regards the fulfillment of prophecy? Then what? What is the course of wisdom for the growing number of Jehovah’s Witnesses who realize that everything attached to 1914, all the Society’s voluminous exegesis, amounts to an artfully contrived false story? Ought such truth-seekers be punished by a judicial tribunal for having read “apostate” material such as Jehovah Himself Has Become King?

Let’s talk specifics. For example, the Grand Climax commentary on Revelation teaches that the two anointed witnesses came on the scene during the First World War. Keep in mind that the two witnesses stand in the public square and give witness to the wisdom of God. It seems like an incredible stretch that this could have happened in 1917 because the Book of Truth says that the two anointed witnesses can devour their enemies by issuing fire out of their mouths. Of course, any sensible person will realize this is symbolic, as does the Watchtower. So, how did the two witnesses associated with the Watchtower symbolically kill their enemies with the fiery judgments of God that they spoke back then? The Grand Climax (para 16b) has the answer:

In 1917 the Bible Students published The Finished Mystery, a powerful commentary on Revelation and Ezekiel. This was followed by the distribution of 10,000,000 copies of the four-page tract The Bible Students Monthly with the feature article entitled “The Fall of Babylon—Why Christendom Must Now Suffer—the Final Outcome.” In the United States, the irate clergy used the war hysteria as an excuse to get the book banned. In other countries the book was censored. Nevertheless, God’s servants kept fighting back with fiery issues of the four-page tract entitled Kingdom News. As the Lord’s day proceeded, other publications would make clear Christendom’s spiritually defunct condition

It is understandable why the scholarly Fred Franz would feel the need to add a bit of a footnote of clarification, as noted in the last sentence above: “Other publications would make clear…” But if the two witnesses are standing next to the Lord of the whole earth and conversely the Lord of the whole earth is standing next to them, which, of course, is what the parousia is, then why would it be necessary for “other publications” to “make clear” what the inspired two witnesses spoke back in 1917? Is it because what has been falsely attributed to the two witnesses is a volume of incomprehensible gobbledygook and embarrassing gibberish?

What is even more perplexing, the Watchtower did not begin teaching that the Lord of the whole earth began some sort of invisible presence in 1914 until around 1930. That means the two witnesses who were standing alongside the Lord of the whole earth in 1917 did not at that time realize that the Lord of the whole earth had come alongside them. See what happens when we try to make sense of nonsense?

It is doubtful that very many people living today, millions of JWs included, are aware that the Watchtower distributed a book that so infuriated the clergy that they used their political influence to get the book banned. That is incredible. Why ought such a tome of firey denunciations of Satan’s system now be a forgotten relic of theocratic lore? Surely, the Governing Body agrees that since we are living in the climactic Lord’s day the words of the immortal two witnesses must be studied and preserved for all eternity. How often is it that God’s people are gifted with the words of the prophets spoken in real-time? Thankfully there are still a few mouldering copies of The Finished Mystery book out there. You can get your hands on a copy on eBay. Also, the Lord has seen fit to preserve the Watchtower’s words of wisdom on PDF. A few years ago some curious JW read The Finished Mystery and diligently noted key points with page references to facilitate your own research, should you choose to make sure of all things. They compiled a list and published on the Internet so that all may benefit from the firey words that the two witnesses issued back in 1917. See the second post as I have reached my word limit

Since the Watchtower has rightly relegated their Finished Mystery to the rubbish bin and has even ordered JWs not to consult older publications (for obvious reasons) why has not the faithful and discreet slave repudiated the claim that the distribution of the nonsensical Finished Mystery was the fulfillment of prophecy? Put another way: What might likely be the response of someone not associated with the Watchtower if they were to read the words attributed to the two witnesses? Since I am constrained by Christian manners and do not wish to offend the sensitive, I would imagine that many would describe it more crudely than merely a metaphoric heap of male bovine manure. Since that is undeniably true, why must God’s people believe what many would rightly call BS in order to remain in the truth?

Since organizational unity can only be maintained by falsehood and tyranny, it cannot possibly last. A lie will only take you so far and it is looking more and more like we are at the end of the line. God has already revealed the outcome, let us call it the real finished mystery. Here is what Jehovah my God has said:

“Now go, write it on a tablet in their presence,
And inscribe it in a book,
So that it may serve for a future day
As a permanent witness.
For they are a rebellious people, deceitful sons,
Sons who are unwilling to hear the law of Jehovah.
They say to the seers, ‘Do not see,’
And to the visionaries, ‘Do not tell us truthful visions.
Tell us flattering things; envision deceptive illusions.
Turn aside from the way; deviate from the path.
Quit putting before us the Holy One of Israel.’”
Therefore this is what the Holy One of Israel says:
“Since you reject this word
And you trust in fraud and deceit
And you rely on these,
So this error will be for you like a broken wall,
Like a bulging high wall ready to fall.
It will crash suddenly, in an instant.
It will be broken like a large potter’s jar,
So completely smashed that no fragment among its pieces will be left
To rake the fire from the fireplace

Or to scoop water from a puddle.”

Isaiah 30:8-14

 “May Jehovah be praised”

Tuesday, March 12 – He is a God, not of the dead, but of the living.—Luke 20:38.

Satan may take advantage of a life-threatening medical situation to try to get us to compromise. Medical doctors or unbelieving family members may pressure us to accept a blood transfusion, which would violate God’s law. Or someone may try to persuade us to consider another therapy that goes against Scriptural principles. Although we do not want to die, we know that Jehovah will not stop loving us if our life should end. (Rom. 8:37-39) When Jehovah’s friends die, he keeps them in his memory, as if they were still alive. (Luke 20:37) He longs to bring them back to life. (Job 14:15) Jehovah has paid a high price so that we “might . . . have everlasting life.” (John 3:16) We know how deeply Jehovah loves us and cares for us. So rather than abandon Jehovah when we are sick or threatened with death, we turn to him for comfort, wisdom, and strength.—Ps. 41:3w22.06 18 ¶16-17

This month four years ago the COVID lockdowns began. At first, it was presented as two weeks to slow the spread. The two weeks turned into more than a year. During the first year, JW Broadcast started doing regular Updates, so-called, where the rising death toll among Jehovah’s Witnesses was grimly reported. And, of course, every Kingdom Hall and assembly hall throughout the world were shuttered and Jehovah’s Witnesses were ordered to stay in their homes and not venture out. Ironically, or should I say tragically, at a time when millions of people who would ordinarily not be at home were at home, so were millions of JWs.

On one Update Anthony Morris scolded Jehovah’s Witnesses for being so reckless and foolhardy as to venture outside. Unbelievable! On another Update JWs were berated for questioning the benefit of wearing masks and social distancing, now proven to be useless. How dare elders who cautioned brothers and sisters about allowing themselves to be injected with a gene-altering, untested elixer. Keep it up and you will face a judicial committee, growled another member of the GB. Incredible!

It seems that New York State was the epicenter of the fear-stoking campaign. The governor gave daily updates that were broadcast nationally. The news networks showed endless footage of body bags stacked up in alleys and freezers. Now it turns out the hospital system was killing people by the thousands and blaming the virus. And the Watchtower was in lockstep with the pandemic tyrants. Brothers were actually proud that they were out in front of all of the idiotic lockdown tyranny. Then in 2021 the vaccines were rolled out and presented as salvation. The GB said so. “Jehovah knows.” (Indeed He does) Jehovah’s Witnesses were told that if they wished to remain in the land of the living they had to take the injections. It was Jehovah’s will.

And now the same people who masterfully instilled fear and bamboozled millions into getting vaxed and boosted are gaslighting JWs telling them it is Satan who takes advantage of life-threatening medical situations we face. Well, yeeaah! Of course, it is true. The Devil created the pandemic hysteria and lured the leaders of the Watchtower with money to use their influence as Jehovah’s spokesmen to promote the vaccines.

I have had to re-read this statement a few times and I am still puzzled: “Or someone may try to persuade us to consider another therapy that goes against Scriptural principles.” Say what? What other therapy other than treatments involving blood might go against Scriptural principles? Perhaps gene-editing therapy? Perhaps some Christians may feel that receiving injections that came from cell lines of aborted fetuses is against Scriptural principles? Is not the Governing Body’s endorsement of the vaccine scheme “against Scriptural principles”?

Surely cashing in on millions of dollars to advocate a useless and dangerous procedure is against the law of Christ. According to their own mission statement, the Watchtower Bible Society exists to facilitate a global preaching and educational work. Fine. That is good. We need Bibles. However, the leaders of the WBTS have no authority to advocate or discourage any personal health regime or medical treatment. Even if the vaccines were safe and effective, which they are not, the Governing Body has no authority to restrict persons who for whatever reason have chosen not to be vaccinated. Why should those who choose not to give into fear be punished?

In the same 11th chapter of Zechariah that foretold Judas’ wage of 30 silver pieces is a judgment against the shepherds who have sold God’s sheep for money. Although we do not have photocopies of the receipts, I am certain that that is exactly what the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses have done. And even knowing that the Watchtower has profited have they not praised Jehovah for providing the vaccine that has killed millions of people including Jehovah’s Witnesses?

“This is what Jehovah my God says, ‘Shepherd the flock meant for the slaughter, whose buyers slaughter them and are not held guilty. And those who sell them say, “May Jehovah be praised, for I will become rich.” And their shepherds have no compassion for them.” (4,5)

How can you run a race against horses?

Monday, March 11 – [Jesusknew what was in man.—John 2:25.

Jesus dealt with all 12 apostles in a kind and loving way. The lesson for us? What matters is not only what other people do but also how we react to their mistakes and shortcomings. When we are upset with a fellow believer, we can ask ourselves: ‘Why does what he did bother me so much? Does it reveal a negative trait that I need to work on? Could it be that the person who upset me is dealing with a difficulty? Even if I feel that I am justified for being upset, can I show unselfish love by overlooking the offense?’ The more we deal with others in a loving way, the more we prove to be Jesus’ true followers. Jesus’ example also teaches us to try to understand our fellow believers. (Prov. 20:5) Granted, Jesus could read hearts. We cannot. But we can make allowances for the imperfections of our brothers and sisters. (Eph. 4:1, 2; 1 Pet. 3:8) It is easier to do so if we learn about their background. w23.03 30 ¶14-16

Jesus rebuked and reproved his disciples frequently, but he did so with restraint so as not to crush their spirit. He was less restrained with the Pharisees and scribes and the merchants who set up shop in his Father’s house.

Putting up with each other is important and will be vital going forward. When things get difficult and stressful it becomes a challenge to be kind and loving. We live in a time of peace now and yet the Watchtower has to continually offer counsel on how to get along with fellow believers and deal with problems that arise in the congregations. If such is the case now, how will JWs fare in the future when everything falls apart, including the Watchtower? Jehovah posed a similar question to the Jews prior to Babylon’s invasion: “If you get tired running with footmen, how can you run a race against horses? Even if you are confident in the land of peace, how will you fare among the dense thickets along the Jordan?” – Jeremiah 12:5

The leaders of Jehovah’s Witnesses are certainly confident. Even though they claim that we are deep into the time of the end and that peace has been taken from the earth, they are living “in the land of peace.” But how will you fare when all of the things the Watchtower has declared to have been fulfilled in the past (war, famine, pestilence, etc) become reality? Or are you still in a state of denial in the face of the impending outbreak of World War Three? Jesus has already issued his forecast: “Then, too, many will be stumbled and will betray one another and will hate one another. Many false prophets will arise and mislead many; and because of the increasing of lawlessness, the love of the greater number will grow cold.”

Are we to suppose that the love of the greater number of unbelievers will grow cold as a result of the increase in street crime? Is it not rather the case that the leadership of the Watchtower is becoming more and more lawless? When the Governing Body uses its influence to promote a vaccine, even giving it Jehovah’s blessing, a vaccine that has proven itself to be unsafe, ineffective, and deadly to some, is that not an act of lawlessness? It surely is. And all the more so when we factor in that the Watchtower more than likely received millions of dollars to do so.

The very fact that Jesus’ words of warning regarding false prophets arising to mislead many is attributed to sources that have little to no influence has made Jehovah’s Witnesses vulnerable to being deceived by the very source they have been conditioned to look to for “life-saving information.” Indeed, how can you run a race against horses?

Because they did not believe the truth

Saturday, March 9 – Love truth.—Zech. 8:19.

Jesus urged his followers to pursue righteousness. (Matt. 5:6) This means that one needs to have a strong desire to do what is right, good, and clean in God’s eyes. Do you love truth and righteousness? We are sure that you do. You hate lies and all that is wrong and wicked. (Ps. 119:128, 163) Lies reflect the personality of Satan, the ruler of this world. (John 8:44; 12:31) One of Satan’s goals is to slander the holy name of Jehovah God. Satan has been spreading lies about our God since the rebellion in Eden. He portrayed Jehovah as a selfish and dishonest Ruler who withholds good from humans. (Gen. 3:1, 4, 5) Satan’s lies about Jehovah have continued to poison the minds and hearts of people. When humans choose not to “love truth,” Satan can lead them into all kinds of unrighteous and wicked conduct.—Rom. 1:25-31w23.03 2 ¶3

It seems odd, strange really, that the Watchtower makes such a statement as above: “Do you love truth and righteousness? We are sure that you do. You hate lies and all that is wrong and wicked.” It is presumptuous and boastful for anyone to say of themselves that they love truth and righteousness, even more so for the Governing Body to pretend to know the inner heart condition of millions of people who by their mere affiliation with the Watchtower Society are declared to love the truth and hate lies.

God, of course, wishes that we do love the truth and hate lies. But humans have a dual nature. We are made in the image of God but are sinful and inclined to evil and under Satan’s influence to a degree. On the one hand, Jehovah is the God of truth and He cannot lie. It is impossible for God to lie. That is incredible. Jesus said of himself that he is the way and the truth. By contrast, Satan is a liar and the father of the lie, and the wicked ruler of the world. Under his evil influence, the world is now smothering under a blanket of his lies.

The Bible Students under the guidance of Pastor Russell were able to discern that the great church systems, Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant, and Orthodox, all teach lies that originated in ancient Babylon; hence, Babylon the Great is the mother of all the religious harlots. Because of knowing the long-hidden basic doctrinal teachings of Christianity Jehovah’s Witnesses consider themselves to be “in the truth.” That is common parlance among JWs. Actually, that expression originated with Jesus when he said of Satan that “he did not stand fast in the truth.” So, the Devil was once in the truth.

Jesus once had a conversation with a Samaritan woman who came to draw water from a well. The Jews would have nothing to do with Samaritans. But Jesus struck up a conversation with her and told her things he did not reveal to anyone else, not even to his fellow Jews and apostles. He told her that God is a spirit and that God is actively looking for people who will worship Him in spirit and truth. The Samaritan woman then brought up the issue of the Messiah and amazingly, Jesus told her straight out that he was the Christ. Jesus never revealed that to anyone else. He expected those who saw his miracles and who heard him teach to draw that conclusion in their own mind and heart. But in a foreign land (Samaria) and speaking to a despised Samaritan woman, Jesus revealed himself to be the promised Christ. The woman responded positively, going to tell the people in the village about her encounter with someone who might be the Messiah. As a result, Jesus stayed with them for a few days.

In his conversation with the nameless woman at the well Jesus said that salvation originated with the Jews, even so, a change was coming. Although the Samaritan woman did not realize it, she was going to be brought into the truth while most of the Jews would be excluded, especially the most learned and righteous appearing leaders. When Peter was dispatched to Samaria with the keys of the Kingdom the woman with whom Jesus spoke was likely among those who were baptized with the holy spirit. Don’t you just love the truth?

For the Jews, with all of their 2,000 years of theocratic history going back to Abraham, remaining in the truth required that they accept Jesus as the promised Messiah, like the Samaritan woman. Most did not. They were locked into their religion and could not be persuaded to believe Jesus was the Christ even by the many miracles that he performed. They did not love the truth.

It was said of Jesus that he did not entrust himself to any man because he knew what was in man—meaning, he knew people were deeply flawed and prone to hypocrisy. Humanity has not changed. That is why God has allowed for an operation of Satan to go into effect among those who boast of being in the truth. The purpose is to implant a lie that is regarded as God’s sterling truth. Why would God allow the Devil to exert influence over anointed Christians? Paul explained that it is in order to test their love of the truth. So, what is the lie? Simple.1914.

Naturally, JWs will vehemently protest. They will launch into reciting a pseudo algebraic equation regarding seven times equalling 2,520 days derived from the enigmatic time, times, and half a time, which is half of seven, therefore seven represents 2,520 days X 360 days—a day for a year. Presto! The numbers don’t lie. Or do they? Of course, they do.

Satan has been allowed to create a false coming of Christ and all of Jehovah’s Witnesses must confess their belief in the Devil’s delusion as a requirement of being in the truth. It is not possible to disabuse the Watchtower leadership of this deception for the reason that it is Jehovah’s will that the operation of Satan remains in effect until the actual coming of Christ. Then it will be obvious to all lovers of the truth that the Watchtower’s beloved doctrine is a lie. But to remain in the truth will require Christians to leave behind the organization that promoted a false Christ. Only during that tumult and confusion will it become evident who really loves truth and righteousness. Sadly, many will not: “But the lawless one’s presence is by the operation of Satan with every powerful work and lying signs and wonders and every unrighteous deception for those who are perishing, as a retribution because they did not accept the love of the truth in order that they might be saved. That is why God lets a deceptive influence mislead them so that they may come to believe the lie, in order that they all may be judged because they did not believe the truth but took pleasure in unrighteousness.” — 2 Thess 2:9-12

What, do you not know?

Friday, March 8 – Do you not know that unrighteous people will not inherit God’s Kingdom?—1 Cor. 6:9.

Serious sins are gross violations of God’s law. If a Christian commits such a sin, he must approach Jehovah God in prayer, and he must go to the elders of the congregation. (Ps. 32:5; Jas. 5:14) What role do the elders play? Only Jehovah has the authority to forgive sins fully, which he makes possible on the basis of the ransom sacrifice. Jehovah, however, has entrusted the elders with the responsibility of determining from the Scriptures whether the sinner can remain in the congregation. (1 Cor. 5:12) Among other things, they will endeavor to answer the following questions: Was the sin intentional? Did the person scheme to do what was wrong? Did he practice the sin over an extended period of time? Most important, is there evidence that he is sincerely repentant? Are there indications that Jehovah has forgiven him?—Acts 3:19w22.06 9 ¶4

It has been more than 20 years since the Watchtower was exposed for having joined into a political partnership with the United Nations. After the London Guardian exposed the affair in October of 2001, a couple of days later the WT hastily dissolved their NGO membership. At the time I called for an outside judicial committee to be formed to determine whether certain members of the Governing Body and others should remain in the congregation. Of course, it was I that was brought before a judicial tribunal. In any case, there is no statute of limitations in Jehovah’s law. And there is such a thing as community guilt. So, even though most of those who were directly involved with what amounts to apostasy have passed off the scene, the organization remains. So, let us apply the daily text’s judicial criteria to the Watchtower and her spokesmen.

Was the sin intentional?

The spokesmen for the Watchtower at the time claimed that some lowly clerk at the UN told them that in order to gain access to the Dag Hammarskjold Library in the UN headquarters facility the organization they represented had to be recognized as an NGO in partnership with the UN’s Department of Information. That was a lie. I contacted the head librarian and she explained that any qualified researcher could use the library. Ironically, because of 9-11 in New York City a few days after the WT was exposed, the UN required researchers to be affiliated with an NGO in partnership with the UN. The truth is, becoming an associate-level NGO was not like getting a library card, as certain people would have JWs believe. It was an involved application process that required applicants to submit samples of their work to demonstrate their commitment to providing the public with accurate information about the UN’s many programs. Furthermore, all accepted NGOs were required to annually submit proof of their ongoing campaign to support the UN to retain accreditation. This they did. I know most readers are aware of all of this because I have written and spoken extensively about it. However, if you are a new visitor please read the information published in Jehovah Himself Has Become King

So, on this first point, the Watchtower knowingly, intentionally schemed to join in a political partnership with the United Nations. Worse, millions of publishers and pioneers were unwitting couriers of UN propaganda having been duped into disseminating magazines by the millions with cleverly worded articles and information snippets that were published in order to comply with the criteria of association. GUILTY!

Did the person scheme to do what was wrong?

Without a doubt, a core of schemers treacherously conspired to commit the organization into a compromising political alliance with an institution that Jehovah’s Witnesses have been taught is the scarlet-colored seven-headed wild beast. GUILTY!

Did he practice the sin over an extended period of time?

Yes. The Watchtower was an associate-level NGO for 10 years. Even now they do not miss an opportunity to quote from some UN official. And during the pandemic, the Governing Body implied that the UN has the same authority as sovereign nations. Through their pandemic Updates, the Governing Body echoed the UN’s World Health Organization’s guidance. This is what the British oligarchy has been promoting for decades, to have a global government with greater authority than sovereign nations. No doubt as a result of the influence of the Empire’s masonic spooks within the Watchtower the organization has always spoken against nationalism as if it were the greatest evil in the world and not London’s global empire that has for centuries pitted nations, races, and cultures against each other. GUILTY!

Most important, is there evidence that he is sincerely repentant? Are there indications that Jehovah has forgiven him?

Far from repentance, the men running the Watchtower have lied and covered up the extent of their spiritual prostitution. How could Jehovah forgive an institution that lies and persecutes whistle-blowers and truth-tellers? No doubt the leadership of the Watchtower imagines that the NGO disaster is behind them. It is not. They simply do not know Jehovah. He allowed Israel to commit all manner of idolatry and lie and scheme and then suddenly, BOOM! Take the case of Eli the priest and King Saul. They both were displeasing to God but Jehovah let them stay in their respective offices until one day they were both killed and Jehovah brought in Samuel and David. That’s how it works. There is no evidence whatsoever that anyone within the leadership of the Watchtower has expressed what could be termed “repentance.” GUILTY!

He Raised His Voice and the Earth Melted

No commentary on the daily text today

As part of their Memorial campaign this year JW.org features a banner article entitled: Jesus Will End War. Perhaps it is a Memorial invitation? Whatever.

It is true—Jesus will put an end to war—an end to everything evil and harmful. Reading the little snippet one might get the impression that Jesus is going to end the wars taking place right now, such as the wars in Ukraine and in the Middle East. It says so in the first paragraph: “Soon, he will again prove his love for people by using his authority as King of God’s Kingdom to bring “an end to wars throughout the earth.” Psalm 46:9.

How sad that the Watchtower through its vagueness and ambiguity gives people false hope. Please read the half-quoted verse from the 46th Psalm. Jehovah will put “an end to wars throughout the earth.” Are there wars throughout the earth presently? Are there wars in North America? How about South America? Wars in Asia? How about Africa? Is there a war in Europe other than Ukraine? Discounting the guerrilla wars and low-intensity conflicts the answer to all of the above questions is no.

The Watchtower claims that since 1914 peace has been taken from the earth, and yet for the most part the majority of earth’s population has been enjoying an extended period of peace. Now, please read the entire 46th Psalm. It is not that long. Here: “God is our refuge and strength, a help that is readily found in times of distress. That is why we will not fear, though the earth undergoes change, though the mountains topple into the depths of the sea, though its waters roar and foam over, though the mountains rock on account of its turbulence. There is a river the streams of which make the city of God rejoice, the holy grand tabernacle of the Most High. God is in the city; it cannot be overthrown. God will come to its aid at the break of dawn. The nations were in an uproar, the kingdoms were overthrown; He raised his voice, and the earth melted. Jehovah of armies is with us; the God of Jacob is our secure refuge. Come and witness the activities of Jehovah, how he has done astonishing things on the earth. He is bringing an end to wars throughout the earth. He breaks the bow and shatters the spear; He burns the military wagons with fire. “Give in and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations; I will be exalted in the earth.” Jehovah of armies is with us; the God of Jacob is a secure refuge for us.”

Is God your refuge? I would think not. Not because you do not believe in God, no—for the reason that we do not need a place of refuge, yet. A refuge is a place of safety from a lethal threat. Let us no longer delude ourselves that Satan has been hurled down and peace has been taken from the earth.

Have the symbolic mountains toppled into the sea? Do you know what that means? The opening of the sixth seal has something to say about that. It symbolizes the collapse of the system—or as the Psalm goes on to say: “The nations were in an uproar, the kingdoms were overthrown.”

Are the waters of the symbolic sea of humanity churning and foaming and roaring in chaos? Even the Watchtower will admit that these words of Jesus have not been fulfilled: “…and on the earth anguish of nations not knowing the way out because of the roaring of the sea and its agitation. People will become faint out of fear and expectation of the things coming upon the inhabited earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.” — Luke 21:25-26

Has the earth melted in fear because Jehovah God has raised his voice? Of course not. But mankind will beat themselves in grief when the see the sign of the Son of man appear in heaven. So, do you see how silly it is the talk about Christ putting an end to war without context? Christ is going to initiate war before he puts an end to it. And it will begin in heaven when Satan and his angels are thrown down. Their ouster will have a knock-on effect, plunging the world into war and ultimately a great tribulation that will rock this world to its foundation.

It is in the aftermath of the greatest calamity ever to befall this world that Jehovah, through Christ, will intervene and bring an end to wars. We can get ahead of the game by giving in now and recognizing that Jehovah is God.

My master is delaying

Wednesday, March 6 – Whom shall we go away to? You have sayings of everlasting life. —John 6:68.

By means of “the faithful and discreet slave,” Jesus has built up a remarkable organization on earth to promote pure worship. (Matt. 24:45) How do you feel about that organization? In response, perhaps you think of the words of the apostle Peter, who said the words of today’s text to Jesus. Where would any of us be today if we had not come in contact with Jehovah’s organization? Through it, Christ makes sure that we are well-fed spiritually. He also trains us to carry out our ministry effectively. Further, he helps us to put on “the new personality,” so that we are pleasing to Jehovah. (Eph. 4:24) Jesus provides wise direction in times of crisis. The benefits of that direction were evident when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. While many in the world were uncertain about what course to take, Jesus made sure that we received clear guidance to keep us safe. w22.07 12 ¶13-14

First, Jesus did not appoint a faithful and discreet slave. He appointed a slave to feed his domestics. When the master unexpectedly arrives like a thief in the night only then it will be determined if the appointed slaves have been faithful in their master’s absence. It is not a given.

How do you feel about that organization?

Frankly, personally I feel disgusted; not because I do not believe that it is Jehovah’s organization, but because I believe that it is. The Governing Body have betrayed their trust and dealt treacherously with God and tyrannized His sheep. Whatever good has been accomplished has been ruined. As is demonstrated by the daily text, the organization is held on high and equated with Jesus Christ himself. Is it the Watchtower that has the sayings of everlasting life? Sounds like Moses when he struck the rock and declared: “Hear, now, you rebels! Must we bring out water for you from this crag?” Jehovah disallowed Moses from entering the Promised Land because he took credit for supplying life-giving water to the thirsty people.

Where would any of us be today if we had not come in contact with Jehovah’s organization?

That answer is different for everyone. For some yet unknown number of Jehovah’s Witnesses who have perished due to their having taken the vaccine the answer is, they would still be in the land of the living if they had not come in contact with the Watchtower. For everyone else, the answer is the same. We are not where we would hope to be. No one has attained the hoped-for prize of life. So, where are we, exactly?

When Peter confessed that Jesus had sayings of everlasting life Jesus and all of his disciples were devout Jews. And as Jews, they were bound by the Law. The Jewish system was Jehovah’s organization at the time. Jesus attended weekly meetings at the local synagogue and he traveled to the annual assemblies in Jerusalem. All the Jews did. And those Jews who became Christians did not stop being Jews. Even so, the time would come when all those Jewish Christians living in Jerusalem and Judea would have to leave. ‘Let the man on the rooftop not come down to remove the goods from his house,’ Jesus warned. Their very lives would depend upon obeying Jesus and abandoning what had been Jehovah’s organization but which had become obsolete. Jesus explained that the holy city of Jerusalem and the temple were going to be thrown down and trampled upon by the nations for an appointed time.

That is a pattern for what is to come. The same destiny awaits the Watchtower organization. It is going to be trampled upon by the nations. Jesus, in fact, gave us explicit, life-saving instructions and a sign: “When we see the disgusting thing standing where it ought not…” So, the real question is, where will we be in the future when Jehovah’s organization comes to desolation? And that question cannot be answered any more than the question Jesus posed: “Who really is the faithful and discreet slave?”

“While many in the world were uncertain about what course to take, Jesus made sure that we received clear guidance to keep us safe.”

Jesus appointed a slave to provide spiritual food. Period. Where in the Scriptures can we find that Jesus authorized elders to function as medical experts during a time of manufactured crisis? What is the scriptural basis for elders to determine who may or may not serve God based on their vaccination status? Did Christ anoint the Governing Body to act as doctors and dictate health procedures for millions of people around the globe?

In what way, exactly, has Jesus enlightened the Governing Body that differs from the “guidance” given by the so-called medical establishment and the UN’s WHO? For those of us who have honestly examined the facts, there is not one shade of difference. Since that is undeniably true, why did the Governing Body feel compelled to simply recycle the information everyone in the world was being fed by the “experts” and authorities and then claim that their “guidance” was divinely sourced? A more honest and humble Governing Body may have said something like: ‘We know that many brothers and sisters do not agree with our “guidance” and it has also become evident that the vaccines were not as safe and effective as we had been led to believe. We are truly sorry for the many brothers and sisters who have had adverse reactions or have died. We beg for your forgiveness and pray that Jesus will mercifully overlook our foolish and reckless guidance.’

Of course, they would never be so humble and truthful. Instead, if you read the last sentence carefully it is evident that they are not crediting Jesus, they are blaming him. It wasn’t the faithful and discreet slave who threatened elders with judicial action if they warned the brothers and sisters about the untested vaccine. That “guidance” came from Jesus. Although the Governing Body virtually ordered Jehovah’s Witnesses to submit to a vaccine, a vaccine that does not protect one from infection or prevent contagion and has killed and continues to kill millions of people around the world, the “guidance” came from Jesus.

The leadership of the Watchtower has demonstrated that they have emerged as the evil slave of Jesus’ illustration. The evil slave says in his heart “My master is delaying.”

You see, it is the master’s fault that the appointed slave begins associating with the wicked drunkards of the world and beating his fellow slaves. If the master had shown up when he was supposed to this wouldn’t be necessary. But clearly, the beating the slave metes out is only a manifestation of the clear guidance he has received from Jesus to keep us safe.

What ought to be clear is that the stealthy coming of the Master is near…very, very near.

Oh, the horror!

Tuesday March 5 – He will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore.—Rev. 21:4.

Who will benefit from these wonderful provisions? First of all, the great crowd of Armageddon survivors, along with any children who may be born in the new world. But Revelation chapter 20 also promises that the dead will be resurrected. (Rev. 20:11-13) Faithful “righteous” ones who died in the past along with “unrighteous” ones—who did not receive an adequate opportunity to learn about Jehovah—will all come back to life here on the earth. (Acts 24:15; John 5:28, 29) Does this mean that everyone will be resurrected during the Thousand Year Reign? No. Those who wickedly rejected the opportunity to serve Jehovah before their death will not be raised to life. They had their chance and proved that they were not worthy of life on the Paradise earth.—Matt. 25:46; 2 Thess. 1:9; Rev. 17:8; 20:15w22.05 18 ¶16-17

Jesus assured the thief who was executed next to him that he would be with him in paradise. Whatever excruciating pain the thief went through on the stake will not be remembered when he awakens in paradise along with billions of others. There will be no need for God to wipe the tears from their eyes. They will not be in pain either. Jesus will fashion for them fully restored bodies. They will not come back with crippling defects or disease-ridden bodies. Some people have been blown to bits or burned to ashes and yet they will come back to life brand new.

On the other hand, the great crowd that will come out of the great tribulation and survive the global war of Armageddon, literally the end of the world, will undoubtedly suffer post-traumatic shock. They will see and experience horrific things, horrible things, people going crazy, killing each other. The enemies of Jehovah will have their tongues rot in their mouths and their eyes rot in their skulls. Unimaginable. Those saved will be very few compared to the masses of humanity that will be exterminated. There will be death everywhere. Corpses will be strewn around and lie unburied. The survivors will suffer the loss of everything. Many will mourn the loss of loved ones and family members and friends who were killed or executed outright by angels. And, of course, all of Christ’s brothers will be executed. Every last one of them.

Jehovah has been warning us about his day of wrath for a long time. It will be a day unlike any other. It has to be. Jehovah has to exalt himself and destroy his enemies. It is the only way. Even the wicked demon gods of this world will be hauled off and incarcerated. But don’t think they will go quietly into the night. When the dust settles and the last demon is gone Christ and his fellow kings and priests will administer first aid and comfort to the survivors. In time the horrors they experienced will be forgotten and their trauma will be healed.

Will there be a world government?

Monday, March 4 – I saw a wild beast ascending out of the sea, with ten horns and seven heads. —Rev. 13:1.

What is the seven-headed wild beast? We notice that this beast has the general appearance of a leopard but the feet of a bear and the mouth of a lion, and it has ten horns. All of these are also features of the four beasts mentioned in Daniel chapter 7. Yet, here in the book of Revelation, these characteristics are combined into one beast, not four separate beasts. This wild beast does not represent just one government or world empire. It is spoken of as ruling “over every tribe and people and tongue and nation.” So it must be greater than any single national government. (Rev. 13:7) This wild beast, then, must represent all the political powers that have dominated humankind down through history. (Eccl. 8:9) Another indication is that the number ten is often used in the Bible to denote completeness. w22.05 9 ¶6

There is a saying among Jehovah’s Witnesses that Bible prophecy cannot be understood until after it is fulfilled. On the face of it that sounds about right. However, the purpose of prophecy is to reveal the things to come. And the things to come have to do with the coming of Christ. The book of Revelation on which the daily text is based explicitly states that the purpose of the book is to to ‘show Christ’s slaves the things that must shortly take place.’

The Watchtower, on the other hand, has interpreted virtually all of Revelation to have been fulfilled during the first half of the 20th century. Their commentary on Revelation refers to a grand climax being at hand. That is because they have explained Revelation to have all taken place already except for the climactic destruction of Babylon the Great and Armageddon

There is no denying that the explanations offered are artfully contrived and even convincing, to a point. But they are simply not true. There is no possibility of overturning the Watchtower’s 1914 doctrine. It is too deeply entrenched. Anyone among Jehovah’s Witnesses who expresses the slightest doubt that the angels blew their trumpets and the bowls of God’s wrath were poured out in the 1920s is viewed as spiritually weak or even an enemy of the truth. There can be no discussion. No analysis. No search for truth. Revelation has been fulfilled. Book closed.

Nevertheless, no matter how ardently a falsehood is embraced, reality will eventually impinge on unreality. Now, please let me direct your attention to the statement above: “This wild beast does not represent just one government or world empire. It is spoken of as ruling “over every tribe and people and tongue and nation.” So it must be greater than any single national government.”

The Watchtower has assured the few million of Jehovah’s Witnesses under its authority that there will be no such thing as world government—no global empire under Satan’s control. The Watchtower claims that God’s Kingdom is ruling the world now and it is the only world government that will ever exist. There will be no political new world order. No Novus Ordo Seclorum. No United Nations global governance. No great reset. That is all the stuff of crackpot conspiracy theorists. Or is it?

The 17th chapter of Revelation depicts a scarlet-colored beast ascending out of the abyss and John was informed that the beast was itself an eighth king that springs from the seven. Furthermore, all of Earth’s kings represented by 10, will give their power and authority to the beast for “one hour.”

The symbolic 10 kings giving their authority to the eighth king for the allotted “one hour,” means that the only authority will be the eighth king. What this means in reality is that all national governments will abdicate their sovereignty to a single ruling body. Sounds like a world government to me. In that way, the Scripture will be fulfilled that the beast will rule “over every tribe and people and tongue and nation.” Placing the fulfillment of this prophecy to the establishment of the United Nations in 1945 does not work. The primary complaint against the UN is that it does not have any authority. Since that is the reality, how could it possibly be true that all of the nations have already given their authority to the United Nations?

The Watchtower claims there are two nearly identical seven-headed wild beasts. Is that logical? Not really. So why does the vision presented in the 13th chapter of Revelation depict a wild beast with seven heads coming up out of the sea and the 17th chapter presents us with a scarlet-colored seven-headed beast arising from an abyss? How do they relate to each other?

To understand the distinction we must first discard the Watchtower’s artificial interpretation regarding the meaning of the head of the beast that received what seemed like a mortal wound but then recovered. The Watchtower insists that the mortal wound was inflicted upon the head of the beast during the First World War. The explanation in the Grand Climax book claims that the victorious Allies fulfilled the prophecy even though neither the British Empire nor the United States experienced anything that could remotely be considered a catastrophic collapse. Bluntly, the Watchtower’s interpretation does not match history. It is a work of fiction.

But since Revelation is a message to Christ’s slaves to reveal the things that must shortly take place, given the advanced state of rot within the Anglo-American political and economic machinery, it does not require a great deal of imagination to envision the outright collapse of the entire system. It would seem that the ballooning debt of one trillion dollars per 100 days is the last phase in an accelerating advance toward what will be a supernova blowout of the City of London and its Wall Street satellite and the utter bankruptcy of the treasury of the one-time greatest nation in the world. There is no possibility that the precariously unbalanced, debt-bloated system could remain intact when once the missiles begin to fly.

The death of the Anglo-American head of the beast will give rise to the eighth king. That is why the scarlet-colored beast is pictured ascending out of an abyss. The abyss represents a death-like condition. The beastly system that has existed for centuries will suddenly die. Then it will come back to life. The scarlet color of the beast rising from the Grave or abyss may denote its rage, reflecting the great anger of the dragon after it is hurled down from heaven and causes a mortal wound to the head of the beast.

The resurrected beast will likely come in the form of global communism. It looks like digital currency will be imposed. Already the central bank of the central banks, the Bank of International Settlements, is putting into place a Central Bank Digital Currency system to replace national currencies. Will the United Nations become the embodiment of the eighth king in the post-nation-state system? I cannot say with certainty that it will. However, any form of government requires a lot of infrastructure. The UN already has the framework in place. It also has some legitimacy in the minds of most people. The Watchtower has certainly lent its support and held the UN up as a noble but powerless institution. I suspect that the masonic-designed city of Astana in Kazakstan might become the new home for the UN, making it a world capital for the last empire. But that is speculation on my part.