Strategic Update – April 2019

The single most significant development presently is the success of China’s One Belt One Road initiative, originally the brainchild of LaRouche more than 30 years ago. The implementation of the so-called new Silk Road is what America would have done after WWII had it not been hijacked from within by British imperialists. The policy of [...]

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War is just a shot away

Back around 20 years ago when I discerned that “Egypt” in prophecy symbolizes America and portrays what is to befall the greatest nation in the world during the conclusion, I could not really appreciate the significance of Isaiah 19:2, which states: “I will incite Egyptians against Egyptians, and they will fight one another, each against [...]

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The world has suddenly changed

Jehovah’s Witnesses used to be heard saying “these are interesting times.” Being somewhat out of the loop these past few years I cannot say whether that phrase is still bandied about. If not, I recommend that it be resurrected, because these really are interesting times. Having come of age during the so-called Cold War, the [...]

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What the new year may bring

Over the course of the past year the societal fault lines in America have opened into a gapping chasm. White-black, left-right, Christian-Atheist-Islamic, haves and have-nots -- you name it. Of course, the trigger for the tectonic jolt was the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. Even before his inauguration the [...]

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Peace and Security Update #4

From the moment he took office in the first month of 2017 Donald Trump has been intent on achieving peace in the Middle East —specifically, a solution to the seemingly insolvable Palestinian-Israeli problem. To that end he deployed his orthodox Jewish son-in-law, Jared Kushner, as a special envoy. Although most observers give Trump little chance [...]

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Jehovah is riding on a swift cloud

For those not living in the United States it may be hard to appreciate the round-the-clock media propaganda campaign that the American public has been subjected since the election of Donald Trump. It has been almost surreal. For the past six months the so-called mainstream media has hardly covered anything except how Trump colluded with [...]

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What is the New Silk Road (OROB)?

QUESTION: In a recent Tweet of yours you linked to an article on LaRouche PAC talking about “fake news.” Towards the end of that article they wrote: "The world is turning to China's New Silk Road process, marking the end of zero-sum "geopolitics" under the British Empire..." but I have no idea what they're talking [...]

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British Empire vs America

The election of Donald Trump seems to have shaken the ruling establishment to its core like nothing before, more so with each passing day he is in office —now, almost a month. Astonishingly, he is implementing many of the policies he campaigned on, which is unheard of in politics. But the political battle over immigration [...]

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Since the election of Donald Trump, which the “experts” in the mainstream media declared to be impossible, a phase-shift has occurred. The discredited media are going after the alternative media —the so-called alt-right. Various blacklists have been produced of websites and bloggers who are deemed to be dangerous sources of Russian-linked propaganda. This phenomenon is [...]

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Whenever they are saying ‘peace and security’

Since the improbable election of Donald Trump developments are rapidly coming together. Although the nations are still preparing for war, evidenced by Russia’s recent move to place nuclear missiles in Kaliningrad —a Russian exclave bordered by the Baltic, Poland and Lithuania — President-elect Trump is already moving to bring a swift end to the ongoing [...]

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The Scene of this World Is Changing

After the Second World War the United States emerged as the greatest nation on earth. But no sooner had the war ended a new war began —the so-called Cold War, which pitted the former allies during WWII, the USA and USSR, against each other in rivalry. Proxy wars were fought in Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan [...]

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