Commentary on the Psalms

Psalms #19 – The heavens are declaring the glory of God

No doubt David had a spectacular view of the night sky 3,000 years ago as he watched over his family’s flock of sheep, day and night. But even he had no idea of how absolutely immense and utterly wonderous the cosmos really is. It would seem that the shepherd/poet was inspired to write these words especially for us: “The heavens are declaring the glory of [...]

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Psalms #18 – Jehovah comes down to fight the war of Armageddon

Over the course of history, there have been countless wars. Before Christ Jehovah was directly involved in some wars. On one occasion God even caused the sun and moon to stand motionless in the sky for the length of a whole day while Joshua and the Israelites routed the Amorites. It truly was the longest day. On other occasions God caused storms and hailstones to annihilate [...]

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Psalms #17 – I am satisfied to awaken to your presence

Statue of emperor Constantine As Christianity spread throughout the Mediterranean region Satan changed tactics and instead of persecuting Christians his earthly emperor, Constantine, befriended them and imposed what passed for Christianity upon the entire realm of the pagan Roman Empire. The scheme has had a far-reaching impact that reverberates to this day.  Several centuries later Mohammed was used by the demonic principalities to create [...]

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Psalms #16 – You will not leave me in the grave

When Adam took the forbidden fruit from Eve’s hand it was impossible for him to even imagine the catastrophe his rebellion against God set into motion. Now, some six thousand years removed from Eden it seems like paradise is an unrealistic pipe dream, and life in this 21st century is rapidly devolving into a nightmare.  As we know the real rebel was not human but was [...]

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Psalms #15-Oh Jehovah, who may be a guest in your tent?

When David became king Jerusalem was occupied by the Jebusites—a tribe of Canaanites. David captured the city and eventually had the movable tent that served as God’s temple brought to Zion along with the ark of the covenant. David himself could not enter the tent. Only the levitical priests could. And only the high priest was authorized to enter the inner compartment where the ark [...]

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Psalms 13-14 – They will be filled with great terror

David experienced many hardships and heartaches and made some grievous mistakes. Through it all, though, God blessed and richly rewarded David, even as the fugitive poet sang in the last verse of his brief 13th Psalm: “As for me, I trust in your loyal love; my heart will rejoice in your acts of salvation. I will sing to Jehovah, for he has richly rewarded me.” It [...]

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Psalms #12 – The sayings of Jehovah are pure like refined silver

There is a general expectation among people in the world, especially in the so-called “developed nations,” that conditions of life will continually improve—that the next generation will be better than the one before. That is the way it was been for many generations. Except now that is no longer the case. Civilization is coming unglued. What is more, it is being intentionally demolished.  The same mindset [...]

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Psalms #11 – The upright will see his face

Being an Israelite David knew the history. He undoubtedly knew the story of his fellow shepherd, Moses, and his close encounter with Jehovah atop Mount Sinai, when Moses requested to see God’s face.  Jehovah replied and explained that no man could see his face and live. Even so, God positioned Moses in a crag with his face to the rock and Jehovah is said to have [...]

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Psalms #10 – The unfortunate ones fall into his clutches

The 10th Psalm opens with a question that has likely been voiced in various ways by many people for a long time: “Why, O Jehovah, do you stand at a distance? Why do you hide yourself in times of distress?” There is no denying the fact that God allows evil to exist and prevail. The question, though, is why? Why does God hide, as it were?  [...]

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Psalms #9 –  Jehovah is known by the judgment he executes

The ninth Psalm is the first acrostic Psalm. It is a victory song to be sung by those who come off victorious from the assault by the wild beast during the finale. The opening verses state: “I will praise you, O Jehovah, with all my heart; I will tell about all your wonderful works. I will rejoice and exult in you; I will sing praises to [...]

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