The City of Tearing Down

In 1492 Christopher Columbus led an expedition made up of three wooden sailing ships across the vast Atlantic Ocean in search of a way to the land of the East by sailing in the direction of the setting sun. But instead of the Orient Columbus “discovered” a new world, so-called. At least it was new from the perspective of the centuries-old European civilization. (The Vikings did not make permanent settlements.) Columbus’ initial discovery of Hispaniola launched the age of global exploration. In a short time newly discovered lands began to be colonized by the Spanish, French, English, Irish and others.

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Doom of the American Republic

Revised repost from November 2011 Other than Israel and Judah no other nation is featured so prominently in the Bible as Egypt. Before God even founded Israel Egypt existed as a great nation. The father of all those with faith, Abram, along with Sari his beautiful wife, once sought relief from the famine in Canaan by going down to Egypt. Abraham’s offspring did too. In [...]

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Downfall of America

It is natural to ponder what each new year may bring. In these beginning days of 2018 it seems especially fitting for people of faith to do so; the reason being, because, even from a casual assessment it certainly seems that the world has never been more perilously close to nuclear war. Ironically, though, from the perspective of Jehovah’s Witnesses the world’s present situation is [...]

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