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QUESTION: What are your thoughts on the “Brexit”? Does this have anything to do with Bible prophecy?

ANSWER: Britain’s exit from the European Union seems to have taken everyone by surprise. Except it should be pointed out that it is not a done deal yet. The referendum may be nullified or overturned.

That said, whether the United Kingdom actually leaves the Union is irrelevant, as it seems that the first shot has been fired of what looks to be a revolt against Brussel’s autocratic rule over the 20-some nations comprising the EU. The Brexit referendum has caused a groundswell of popular uprising. For example, Denmark is now being swept up in the leave or remain issue. That is why the leaders of France and Germany hurriedly promised to reform what some refer to as Brussel’s dictatorship over Europe.

The Brexit has even emboldened people in far away Australia to dare to think of leaving the British Commonwealth.

As far as Bible prophecy goes, keep in mind that although the Watchtower has convinced Jehovah’s Witnesses that the prophecies in the seventh and eighth chapters of Daniel have been fulfilled, we may be sure that such is not the case. Consider the seventh chapter and the vision of the unusually terrible, ferocious wild beast with 10 horns and iron teeth and copper claws that is devouring and crushing the world.

Most significantly, a little horn emerges among the 10 and plucks out three of the 10 horns. The little horn then wages war against the holy ones and prevails. Here is what the angel said: “As for the ten horns, ten kings will rise up out of that kingdom; and still another one will rise up after them, and he will be different from the first ones, and he will humiliate three kings. He will speak words against the Most High, and he will continually harass the holy ones of the Supreme One.”

 Britain’s supremacy was confirmed by the crushing victory over Napoléon of France in 1815 C.E. The “three kings” that Britain thus ‘humiliated’ were Spain, the Netherlands, and France.  As a result, Britain emerged as the world’s greatest colonial and commercial power. Yes, the “small” horn grew to become a world power! – Pay Attention to Daniel’s Prophecy, 1999 

Embarrassingly, the Watchtower claims the three horns were plucked out long ago and it occurred not as a single incident, but stretched out over a span of a couple hundred years —beginning in 1588, when King Phillip’s Spanish Armada was defeated by the British. But the loss of a few dozen wooden sailing ships, most of which were wrecked by North Atlantic gales, was not the end of Spain. True, it marked the beginning of the slow rise of the British Empire to oceanic domination, which was finally capped with the defeat of the French navy in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805; however, the three nations that were supposedly “plucked out” over several centuries —namely, Spain, Holland and France —are just as viable today as they were then. And not coincidently, those three nations are now an integral part of the European Union. (For a more detailed discussion of the prophecy read the article Spanish Armada or WWIII?)

Although during the heyday of the Victorian Empire London held supremacy over a large part of the world by means of its domination of the seas, establishing control over the continent of Europe was much more challenging. As a consequence the Empire has fomented conflict among European nations as a way of weakening rivals and potential rivals, just as it is presently orchestrating chaos throughout the Middle East and Africa.

King Edward the 7th, in full royal raiment

King Edward VII

The forgotten history of pre-WWI, for example, reveals that King Edward VII for the most part single-handedly crafted the set of alliances that pitted the two great blocs of nations and empires against each other.

Although he did not live to see the end result of his machinations, history verifies that his goal of destroying Germany and the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires was accomplished by means of the conflagration known as the First World War, as well as setting the conditions that led to the Bolshevik Revolution that took down Czarist Russia. 

After the Second World War the victors carved up Germany into East and West, with the East, along with Berlin, under Soviet domination. But when the USSR was dissolved and Germany was reunited the lords of London knew that the industrious Germans would soon return to dominance of the continent and perhaps beyond. In 1992, just a few months after the Union of Soviet Social Republics was disbanded, in order to establish some control over Germany the Empire foisted the Maastricht Treaty upon them, which was the first step towards the so-called European Union. The intent being to transfer sovereignty away from nations to a single government controlled by London’s bankers. (To be clear, many Euro banks are actually of British pedigree, such as Lord Rothschild’s InterAlpha Group of banks and even Germany’s Deutsche Bank PDF)

Now, though, the British monetary and financial system is disintegrating. The bailouts and negative interest rates, the quantitative easing have run their course. There is little that can be done now to disguise the insolvency of the Trans-Atlantic system, except the last resort of simply flooding the world with money that will lose value by the minute.

While the day-to-day traders and money-changers may not realize the jig is up, the handful of men who sit on top of the heap are no doubt aware of gravity of the moment. It is in their interest to control the timing of the inevitable collapse.

At the same time the BRICS nations are ascending. For example, China just announced that its AIIB is going to convert a half trillion of its US treasury reserves into physical investment in Eurasia.

Interestingly, against President Obama’s pleadings, Britain actually joined the AIIB, which is an overt rival to the Anglo-American-controlled World Bank and IMF. Some observers see this development as the beginning of the end of American economic dominance. As another sign of London’s move to ally with China Barclay’s Bank secretly sold their state of the art gold vault in London to the Chinese. The vault can store 2,000 tons of the precious metal.

(There is probably a secret London/Beijing connection due to the fact that Hong Kong was under British control for more than a century. When Hong Kong reverted to Chinese authority in 1999 the wealthy oligarchs who had been schooled in the British imperial system brought Beijing into London’s global financial arrangement. Quite likely there are secret society ties among the Chinese elite and the lords of London.) 

perfidious Albion

Perfidious Albion, walking on a sea of blood after looting the continent.

So, on the one hand British foreign policy has become the driving force for the American military, which is actively seeking war with Russia and China, while in true form as perfidious Albion, London is quietly allying itself with China, obviously in order to control the new economic system that banker’s intend to put in place when they scuttle the Dollar/Euro/Yen system.

It may be, that, the Brexit is not a popular uprising at all, but is a clever ploy by the insiders to trigger a financial panic. Whether it detonates the implosion of the whole system remains to be seen. Time will tell.

That brings us back to the beast with 10 horns. Since the ascendency of the little horn and the plucking out of the three has most assuredly not taken place, it may well be that the three horns represent Britain, America and France. That’s right, although Great Britain has been home to the capitol city of the Empire for more than two centuries, the global elite have no loyalty to any particular nation or people.

The London traders and bankers have accomplished their purpose of plundering the nations. Now that the mechanism for doing so is itself bankrupt, the next phase of the scheme for world domination will be to crash the system. Then swoop in in the aftermath and lay claim on all physical assets. We have seen a fore gleam of this with little nations like Greece, which were swindled into massive indebtedness that has resulted in the bankers virtually owning the nation. The same can happen on a much larger scale. Governments, corporations and households are loaded with debt. And as the Bible says, the borrower becomes a slave of the lender.

The little horn? Since all nations are already members of the United Nations, an admittedly impotent institution, we might think of it as a placeholder.  It is most likely that the owners of the assets after the foreclosure of the system —the gold and oil and food —will transfer their ownership of nations to the authority of the United Nations, which will then become a form of global communism. After all, Jehovah’s judgment is that the nations be crushed by the tyrants of the nations.

With America and Europe dashed by tyranny, Jehovah’s Witnesses will come under ban. In that way the little horn will wage war on the holy ones of the Supreme One and prevail against them until Christ slays the beast.

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  • Christian Obadiah

    Thank you for addressing this topic. I went back to reading Jehovah Himself Has Become King after a hiatus and this ties in great with the chapters I am on. Just finished “London – Satan’s Throne” last night. It feels like I am making more neural connections. By the way, I love the new PDF button!

  • Please8834

    Hello Robert.
    Question . When does the King of North come to rule over the hidden treasures of the King of the South? Any thoughts much appreciated .Thank you

    • ewatchman

      The subjugation of the king of the south occurs during the time of the end, after the “pushing” results in the king of the north flooding over the lands. The WT claims that the prophecy was fulfilled during the Cold War, when the now-non-existent USSR supposedly ruled over the economy of the U.S. by forcing American to spend an exorbitant amount on defense. Of course, the opposite is true. The USSR was bankrupted trying to compete with America in the arms race.

      Now the WT even admits it has no idea who the king of the north is now. I find that both hilarious and sad.

      • “against President Obama’s pleadings, Britain actually joined the AIIB, which is an overt rival to the Anglo-American-controlled World Bank and IMF. ”

        seems a possible reason for “pushing”, plus the clay are all bosting about their Brexit as if its some kinda defeat for the elite and win for enslaved people

      • (flood over)

        Rob – “With the emergence of Saudi Arabia as one of the empire’s greatest assets, being a fountainhead of cheap oil and the sponsor of Wahhabism, which is the religious foundation of radical Islamic terrorists, it appears as if the “foreign god” is Allah – he being foreign to Westerners. ”

        “scientists have more recently developed miniaturized nuclear bombs that are very portable —mini-nukes, they are called. They can fit into a suitcase and be detonated virtually anywhere. Because of their portability they present a greater danger than the city-destroying nuclear warheads.”

        “…Britain actually joined the AIIB…
        …sign of London’s move to ally with China…”

        Dan 11:13- “And the king of the north will return and muster a crowd larger than the first; and at the end of the times, after some years, he will surely come with a large army and with many resources. In those times many will stand up against the king of the south.”

        we also know how much North Korea hates the U.S. as they emphasize with a passion

        Rev 19:19

        Russia, China, Nort Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc…

  • It has been said that the best way to hide something is to conceal it within plain view. What is that supposed to mean? As regards God’s Word, it means that if we assume that we understand a certain thing, when in reality we do not, then we are not going to be as receptive to the truth when it presents itself, since we imagine that we already know it. By that means, then, Jehovah is able to conceal from us within plain view as it were, whatever he wishes.

    • Sam

      lol what’s with all the identity/name changes? Are they onto us? Do I need to buy myself some sunglasses and a fake moustache? xD

      • Lol, thanks for the laughter, guess some folks are afraid of Darth Vader cracking their code. Not me, life is to short to care ?

        • Sam

          I just don’t want to show anyone up with my devilishly good looks ?

      • ewatchman

        Forget the sunglasses and fake mustache a simple grocery sack will serve the purpose.

        • Sam

          we only have see through plastic ones over here! I think I have an old cardboard box laying around somewhere tho ?

        • Hahaha hahaha, reminds me of the unknown comic from the gong show when I was a kid.??

          • Sam

            …reminds me of when Spider-Man tried to join the fantastic 4

      • The odds of a elder from someone’s town & someone’s Hall coming on here are slim to none. And if he did he would find more fake ID’S then an Auditorium of underage kids trying to get into a bar.

        • Sam

          true enough

        • Burt Reynolds

          ‘That’s true’, said Burt . Though the first of us must have been Simon known as Peter.

        • i advertise/distribute the site daily to fellow witnesses so im sure several or enough do

    • Joshua

      That is an excellent and very wise in discernment, one example that I can relate to is the understanding of “this generation” spoken of by Jesus Christ. The Watchtower has long led Jehovah’s Witnesses to believe that the generation that would not pass away was the generation of 1914. Then that was edified to mean that the anointed generation would not pass away until the Great Tribulation occurred, so when Jehovah’s Witnesses felt they had the truth about the generation of 1914 they were unable to see the truth because of the lie.That’s why it’s so dangerous to allow yourself to be influenced by or to use language or expressions like “most assuredly” “established fact” “without doubt” or “undoubtedly certain”. So in encouraging brothers and sisters about the future I would encourage them to prayerfully reason on God’s word. The “seventy weeks” prophecy ends with the fufillment of the final “seven” or “week” a seven year time period. The “generation” that will not pass away did not have its fufillment with the watchtowers claim of the 1914 generation or the anointed generation, the end that comes with the coming of Christ’s parousia is a seven year time period with the completion of the 70th week. So when world war three begins brothers and sisters and everyone begins to say here is the Christ or there is the Christ! Jesus Christ warnrd is not to believe it. Then there occurs a fufillment of the “generation” that will not pass away until “all these things occur”. When a fufillment of the 70th week appears or seems to start with world war and it seems to be having its fufillment Christ said do not believe it, when he said;

      “Then if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There!’ do not believe it. For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. See, I have told you beforehand” (Matthew 24: 23-25)
      Daniel had a vision where he said the king of the North would attempt to change times and seasons;

      He shall speak pompous words against the Most High,
      Shall persecute the holy people of the Most High,
      And shall intend to change times and law.” (Daniel 7:25)

      So brothers and sisters when world war three begins, don’t believe it. May Jehovah love bless and be with all of you.

      • Burt Reynolds

        Thank you for the insight. It is wisdom to me.

    • Burt Reynolds

      Excellent reasoning and insight. Thank you.

  • 虚心学习!!

  • First 5 minutes only ???

    • amusing its titled Jubilee.
      i spent too long trying to find a old educationl film about how big government is schemed an perpetuated to reply on your comment. i couldnt remember the lame name of the mechanism its called in the video. anyway it reminds me of another example of the ORDO AB CHAO method

    • Burt Reynolds

      I think politics and football are two things I’m really ignorant in….and I pride myself on it! But I wonder if dollar vigilantly is not one more deception riddled with tantalising insights into the truth of what is happening….plausibility for those who have difficulty with gullibility, but still have their own mind. I can’t help thinking that the deception is going to be so much greater than we can imagine. What is the biblical advice that we can apply in our daily lives that will keep our eyes and hearts open? How do we isolate ourselves from the deception and keep our minds safe(r) from deception if even those chosen will be falling unless Jehovah cuts the day short? I’m praying for an essay on it. I wonder if Jehovah will hear my prayer!

  • LW

    This is from a blog called the State of the Nation in which the title of the post was:

    EU Exposé: A Planned Totalitarian Superstate to Destroy Europe

    The European Union Project Was Designed to Obliterate Every European Culture and Nation
    Regardless of what the original intentions were behind the establishment of the European Union (EU), it’s now clear that the true masters of the current leaders are hellbent on using it to destroy what is left of European culture and national identity.

    The events of the past few years have dramatically demonstrated, beyond any doubt whatsoever, that the EU has morphed into quasi-communist, quasi-fascist super-state inexorably arcing in the direction of totalitarianism. This supranational entity was specifically engineered in order to manufacture consent Europe-wide especially around those issues of great import to the furtive ruling elites. The primary item on their covert agenda concerns the imperialistic designs being surreptitiously promoted by the NWO cabal. (Think war on Russia.)

    Does any of this sound too extreme to anyone?

  • Francis Bencharles

    It appears to me that they are getting ready to jump ships in the world banking systems. The Western banks have clearly made a mess of things and have been holding themselves together with, as my old friend in the JW’s would say, “bubble gum and spit”. They will first need to destroy all remnants of the Western system before they move to the East. To those aware, this will clearly be a false flag of all false flags, but to the unaware this will fool them completely according to Revelation 13,-

    “And it performs great signs, even making fire come down out of heaven to the earth in the sight of mankind.
    14 It misleads those who dwell on the earth,((those who are unaware)) because of the signs that it was permitted to perform in the sight of the ((current)) wild beast,(( as it slays in one stroke both the seventh King of Anglo-America and the current U.N. arrangement)) while it tells those who dwell on the earth to make an image+ to the wild beast ((a new “wild beast”, your son is your image, so the new beast will be the Son of the current U,N., a new improved model described in Daniel 7)) that had the sword-stroke and yet revived.

    But just as there is tumult on earth, there also seems to be tumult in the realm of the demons who have been thrown down with Satan to the earth as described in Rev. 12. Although I have read this scripture many times, this particular idea did not occur to me, until recently, how about any of you who read this?

    “As for the ten horns, ten kings will rise up out of that kingdom; and still another one will rise up after them, and he will be different from the first ones, and he will humiliate three kings.+ 25 He will speak words against the Most High,+ and he will continually harass the holy ones of the Supreme One.” Daniel 7.

    So, another world leader (demon) will rise up (who is different from the other ten kings according to Daniel) and he will humiliate 3 of the chosen 10 kings. These are the very same “kings” as in “in the days of “THOSE KINGS” mentioned in Daniel 2:44. The “those kings” are not the kings represented in the image that is destroyed, but are the 10 kings (the toes of the image) that purposefully survive the false flag on the image of Daniel 2 (the nation state system that has existed for millenia). The Globalist leaders of this false flag (including the deep state members of both the U.S. & U.K. current powers) know that the system of things number is up. They have to have a reset, and since Satan knows he only has a very short time left from his 3.5 years extension, the time will have to be now. What Satan does not expect (at least I think this) is that at least one or more of his demons are not happy playing second fiddle to him any more. There is a disruption in the “force”, the “evil force”.

    Since this is a relatively new “insight” I would love it if Robert would comment. If Robert has any gifts from Jehovah God, I suspect it is his pure love for prophecy in the Bible. This is clear to me at least from his obvious ability to untie the “knots” in prophecy, especially as they concern the Watchtower. I have enjoyed very much sitting in his “class” on prophecy and have sincerely enjoyed his insights (that is not a satirical statement). What do you think of this idea of mine Robert? Any merits at all?


    • Jamie Mac

      Hi Francis, I cannot really understand it to be honest. Why, would you gain to seek Robert’s approval on this. It’s sounds like it is in planning stage and you are not convinced of it yourself.

      • Burt Reynolds

        It’s a psychological methodology of drawing people in to discuss an issue, so that it can be argued from an assumed position of equality. The object is to achieve equality of status with a certain person whom the instigator feels is the authority and/or senior to himself. In this way, one could be seen to be superior to those who do not try to assume such equality and are happy to be students, rather than teachers. The point advantage is to be seen also as a teacher with authority and acceptance of such from the one who takes the lead. Hence the initial sacrifice of ‘humility’ which is the price to pay to draw the ‘victim’ in. It depends on whether the target takes the bait, and which in this case, is unlikely.

        • Thinking

          Exactly !!!!!

      • Francis Bencharles

        Hi Jamie:

        I have been an avid student of the Bible for the last 40 years, more so in the last 20. I recognize Robert as one who has true insight into the scriptures, especially as they apply to the Watchtower, as he has proven since at least the early 2000’s in his many writings. Sometimes when I read something with insight it inspires me to delve deeper into the Word of God and during those times I see things in God’s Word that I have not seen before. Perhaps Robert is the same way. You tend to view things a certain way until you adjust your spiritual vision a little and then there it is. That’s all. He is free to ignore me if he so wishes.

  • Francis Bencharles

    I you don’t wish to engage in an adult discussion of this issue, just ignore it. If you would like to engage, please do so. But know, I will not engage with sophomoric name calling and insults. If that is what you choose to do, you will be ignored, at least by myself.

  • Francis Bencharles

    Very nice video, especially the ending. I think we are going to see the modern fulfillment of Daniel 7 in real time, not vision time almost immediately.

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