Book Review – Your Comments Please

//Book Review – Your Comments Please

I mentioned a few months ago that I was going to issue a third edition of Jehovah Himself Has Become King. Since many of you have either read the hard copy or portions of it online, as a new feature on this edition I thought I might add readers’ reviews on the back jacket. If anyone who has read the previous versions would like to write up a brief opinion, good or bad, I will consider publishing it. You might offer to relate how the information has impacted you personally. I might add that the third edition is not significantly different, so if you have read the first or second edition your opinion of the 3rd is valid.

Best to keep it to a few sentences. If you wish to use your name that is fine, or perhaps initials, or even an anonymous entry is okay. 

I plan to send it to a publisher next week, so if you wish to say something please leave your comment here or email me something in the next few days. 

As a second thought, if there are a lot of reviews that will not all fit on the back cover I may consider adding them inside the book as a preface or addendum of some kind.

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  • Rose Castro

    I just sent you an e-mail with my opinion.

  • Sam

    The book has increased my thirst for God’s Word particularly the prophets and how Jehovah’s judgements effect his people. Well written and reliant on scripture

  • I must Jehovah him self has become king has greatly impacted my life spiritually. this book has greatly helped me overcome spiritual stumbling blocks it has given me a great understanding and accurate knowledge concerning the bible and biblical prophecy and I am no longer at a standstill in my life but now able to move forward and continue to spiritual grow and build my personal relationship with our heavenly father Jehovah. the book is well written and right on point with an abundance of accurate knowledge and powerful insight. thank you MR King.

    • ewatchman

      Thanks Leonard. I’ll edit it up a bit for you.

      • thank you brother Robert I’m looking forward to going through the book again there’s just so much insight in your book it will take me some time to take it all in.

  • Bklyn Kevin

    I have read an uncountable amount of prophetic literature In my life time and I must honestly say Robert king’s work is unparalleled and stands above the rest, his work goes beyond extraordinary.

    If you yearn for answers concerning Jehovah’s plan for the future this is your opportunity to have the answers.

    Thank you brother Robert for all your loving hard work and may you continue to abound with Jehovah’s blessing.

    • I can honestly say MR Kings work is like nothing I have read before. so much clarity and insight it could not have been easy to write this book and one can certainly see Jehovah’s blessings at work here.

      1 Samuel 10:6

      6 The spirit of Jehovah will empower you, and you will prophesy along with them and be changed into a different person.

  • Joe Dman

    Most books need new editions because of new information or “new light”. This one contains the same truth as the first edition, instilling confidence that Jehovah is the source of its light. One apparent reason for subsequent additions is the need to keep up with the Watchtower’s ever changing understanding of prophecy.
    It’s message is not to discredit Jehovah’s Witnesses. Quite the contrary. It provides evidence through Jehovah’s written word that the Watchtower is the only source of basic Bible understanding. The irony of it all is exposed through Roberts explanation and application of 2Thes. 2:1-12

  • Erik

    I have been an active JW since the mid 1960’s. Throughout that time I have read a lot of literature regarding end times prophecy from various sources. I can say with complete sincerity and honesty: of all the information I have come across throughout my many years, this information is the most reasonable application of prophecies that I have ever encountered. There is not only a sound logical application to many of the scriptures but one cannot escape the almost deafening “Ring of Truth” that resonates from this book. I would urge any JW to read it for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

  • Danny

    Jehovah? You mean the guy ordering slaughter and mass-rape, why on earth would you want to call this guy your father?

    • ewatchman

      Yes. Jehovah is my Father. And he has approved of giving the Kingdom to a select few. And when we receive it, guess what, then we are coming after you!

      • Danny

        Jehovah? Thats a mistranslated word invented by a catholic munk in the 1500s.

      • Danny

        Jesus adressed his father by Eli, Abba, my father etc, not Jahweh.

    • Obviously you do not know the father for if you did you would shutter at such lies. Jehovah does not need me to defend him but I take great offence at you mocking our heavenly father but as jesus said father forgive them for they know not what they do nor do you have understanding. your father is speaking through you and that one is a murder and father of the lie.

      John 8:44

      44 You are from your father the Devil, and you wish to do the desires of your father. That one was a murderer when he began, and he did not stand fast in the truth, because truth is not in him. When he speaks the lie, he speaks according to his own disposition, because he is a liar and the father of the lie.

      Matthew 16:23

      23 But turning his back, he said to Peter: “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me, because you think, not God’s thoughts, but those of men.”

      satan challenged Jehovah many times with falsehoods about man and jehovah’s holy name is sanctified and you are but a man and have no rite to challenge slander or mock Jehovah again. know your place brother and ask Jehovah for forgiveness and maybe he will find it in his heart to forgive you. its not to late to repent and change your ways and know the truth but you will need Jehovah’s blessings to do so and so I Suggest you start by changing your way of thinking.

      • Danny

        Jahweh and Satan is the same guy. Theyr “both” into sacrifices and even child sacrifices. Jahweh’s not the father of Jesus. Jesus doesn’t even mention jahweh anywhere. He addresses his father with “Eli”, “Abba”, “my father” etc. Jahweh and Jesus are completely opposite characters. I love Jesus and his father. And Jesus father doesnt order slavery, mass-rape and killings, orders people to sacrifice their child etc, thats a sick monster.

      • Danny

        Whats the difference between Jahweh and Satan? They both love sacrifices, Jahweh ordered Abraham to sacrifice his own child. Its obvious that Jesus and Jahweh are opposite characters. Jesus teaches love, old testament is purely about war and hate.

        • ewatchman

          Unless you are a complete ignoramus, which I do not rule out, you likely know that Jehovah had no intention of allowing Abraham to go through with the sacrifice. Not only was it a test of Abraham’s faith, it was a prophetic drama of how Jehovah would sacrifice his own Firstborn for mankind.

    • Jehovah has given no such order. you are lying or very misinformed.

      • Danny

        Let me know if you wanna bet. I’m in for whatever amount up to $10.000. We would arrange with a solicitor. Or you could just google it and find it in 30 sec.

      • Danny

        Yes he did several times, let me know if you want me to give you the scriptures.

        • you are Delusional.

        • what are ya, two? been there done that. nobodys that dense, especially since you know quite well the truth about those scriptures yet continue to twist them out of context even after knowing better. however, i will let you know that youre embarrassing yourself and its painful to watch you torture yourself everytime you refuse to learn the truth. get out of your denial and excise the nonsense. your on the wrong team. draw close to Jehovah; maybe he will take notice

  • Leighton Williams

    This has given me much to ponder on, especially when it comes to anticipating the full ramifications of what will go down in the future.

  • Please8834

    Dear Robert.
    Your book demonstrates the search for truth and the desire to open the eyes of not only yourself but share with those who are willing to sacrifice being labelled a traitor for looking for answers that may very well save there lives. Most importantly your work is one that is not above challenge that you demonstrate any changes with humility where needed in your book.. many thanks

  • ewatchman

    Thank you all for your comments. Just so I am clear in my own mind, for those who did not specify a name, is it okay if I use the name associated with your Disqus accounts with your review comments? If you wish to change something you can edit your comments to add a name or initials.

    • Rose Castro

      I tried to write mine as clearly as possible. Can you edite it to make sure the grammar/spelling is correct?

      • ewatchman

        Yes, no problem. I’ll fix grammatical errors and stuff

    • Sam

      that’s fine brother

  • Jonah Peter Paul

    will email mine later 🙂

  • Jehovah Himself Has Become King is a book that seeks to provide answers to all the timely questions Jehovah’s witnesses may have on “What part does Gods organization play in the final days ahead and why is spiritual paradise so filled with unspeakable pain for the victims of child abuse?”
    The Watchtower is certainly aware of the fact that there is a growing number of disaffected Jehovah’s Witnesses. Many have become weak and discouraged. Some have choose to disassociate themselves from the organization. Others have decided to fade this tactic is so they may avoid a judicial inquiry and possible disfellowshipping & ostracized from their families.
    I’m convinced that Bethel’s flashes of new light has come from Jehovah Himself Has Become King as they try to get a handle on the growing number of disaffected Jehovah’s Witnesses. This is a must read for all of Jehovah’s witnesses and has aided in finding Jehovah’s precious lost sheep and bandaged their spiritual wounds.
    Robert has a banquet of food and the gift of teaching, to take in this book and it could take a while to Digest, if your heart is pure & you pray to Jehovah for insight all of this will make sense and your eyes will be opened after all you and your families life will depend on what you learn in this book and how you can apply this knowledge in the days ahead. With this knowledge & Jehovah’s love and kindness you will be able to make sound decisions when things go terribly wrong for the leadership of the WTBTS.

    Joseph S. Schiess

    • ewatchman

      Joseph, I am going through and pasting all the reviews into the final manuscript. Just wanted to let you know I really appreciate your comments but I feel it is a little long, so I am only going to use about half of it

      BTW, Have you ever thought of writing a book? ;~)

      • That’s quite alright brother, work your editing magic. Use whatevers going to peak the interest of future readers! Oh and no I’ll leave the book writing to you !!

    • Leighton Williams

      You know, back during a convention in 2005, there was a lot of emphasis put upon Jesus returning to establish Kingdom rule over the earth. For some strange reason, I imagined Jesus in his glory walking through the front doors into the auditorium, scepter in hand.

      Vivid imagination I tell you 😀

  • Darren Wilks

    Jehovah Himself has Become King has truly rekindled the love I have for the truth and removed the stumbling blocks placed in front of me by the Watchtower. Mr. King uses reason and sound logic, always referencing the scriptures. My understanding of Jehovah’s judgements is so much clearer now. I urge all lovers of the Truth to read this book! -Darren Wilks

  • im sorry Robert, im sad i cant think of what to say. you know Jehovah through you have helped my life. i had made a move and act in my life because of you and Jehovah’s compassion for me personally. it is obvious that he is the hearer of prayer and he is concerned for us all on a personal and intimate level. he puts up with us and has went to a great lengths to save us because he desires we live forever. you have only strengthened our relationship and my love for him. thank you for your hard work Robert. i am forever in your debt.

  • James

    Robert, I love your book – as an avid reader, I have some suggestions for version 2, making it more “universal” (I had two people tell me they got lost in the UK historical / banking analysis) – so, I’ll most definitely read v3 and send you an email with any “editorial” thoughts which occur to me in light of my experience trying to get others to read your book.

    (I’ve shared the hard copy a 5+ times)

    As webmaster, author, editor, and spiritual leader, you have a lot on your shoulders; good job getting all of this stuff put together over the years brother.

  • Kevin b

    Many people are afraid to read anything written by anyone other than the Watchtower. For good reason, because apostate reading material can destroy your faith in Jehovah and Jesus. Jehovah has become king had the opposite effect on me, my faith on future events have never been stronger. I always felt the Watchtower was missing something when it came to explaining prophecy. This book explains prophecy from A to Z with out twisting the scriptures. The bible finally makes since.

    Kevin B

  • Rowel M. Jimenez

    Matthew 5:6 said “Happy are those hungering and thirsting for righteousness, since they will be filled.” i can say that although i become a reader of wt publication im still hungry and thirsty mostly in biblical interpretation in prophecy. The book Jehovah Himself… helps me a lot in spiritual needs and know what happens in Jehovah’s people so we can be watchful. It helps me to maintain my faithfulness to our God Jehovah and always His servant. Thanks Bro Robert.

  • Cleopatra

    What else is interesting, is how the Bible talks about the Elders “Woe to the Shepherds” who have scattered the Sheep of my pasture” They are laughing at Jehovah’s own words can you believe it? Regardless, the end of the system will not end until the scattered sheep are gathered back,including all those victims of child abuse who the Elders blame it is their fault. Don’t you find it interesting how these so called loving Elders decide their own families will survive the great tribulation and whom Jehovah should love and discard like garbage. Jehovah may change his time frame giving these showy Elders a second chance to repent and clean up their wrongdoings….so far I have seen Three Elders Wives die and one Elder die plus a Congregation of ‘Body of Elders’, be dissolved within a few years for protecting and covering up wrongdoing, Jehovah’s spirit has left them and yet they still laugh at him, how disgusting is that? Trust in Jehovah and do not lean upon your own understanding…he is cleaning up these hypocritical Elders. If we continue to trust and love Jehovah, he will make all things right. As you know a thousand days to us is but one day to Jehovah…patience is a virtue, the key to having faith in Jehovah.

    • Jonah Peter Paul

      What I want for those elders, CO’s, DO’s, ZO and even the GB member who turned me down when I was asking for help while I was being abused by the elders in our congregation is not for them or their wives to die… That is just too merciful. Death is painless, it will only free them from the pain and agony that they surely deserve. I believe that the most evil ones will be preserved alive up until the end and experience for themselves what Jehovah has prepared for them. I want to see with my own eyes, and hear with my own hears how Jehovah will punish the wicked shepherds who abused his sheep. That is what is referred to by one elder as- DIVINE JUSTICE. I never really bought that idea of his that God would ever move against these people. After all they have been doing evil for many years and their lives only get better while child abuse victims such as myself struggle to survive everyday of our lives. But we were brought to this website and there I understood what divine justice meant- it is the most painful torment that the wicked would have to endure and it is by Jehovah’s hands himself that they will suffer.

      • Sam

        This weeks reading to be considered regarding Job and his false “comforters” reminded me of yourself and others in your situation. They (the comforters) spoke so self righteously, untouched by what Job was suffering. Able to use “persuasive speeches” to paint him in a bad light… adding insult to injury. They spoke so as to paint themselves as God’s advocates in their judgement of Job but Jehovah rebuked them, and they saw what God really thought of their actions.

        Soon Jehovah will see to it that the “shepherds” who have today treated God’s sheep in the same way will see the same end!

        • Jonah Peter Paul

          Yes I could definitely see the similarities. Thank you for this great point. It gave me something to ponder.

          Most abuse victims are blamed and made to believe (by elders themselves) that it was their fault that it happened and not the perpetrator’s. After that, the abused who is so tormented and heartbroken will get another present from the body of elders- defamation, slander and libel. That is exactly what happened to me. In order for others not to believe the story of the abused, the next on their list is to deeply destroy the reputation of the abused and make it look like he or she is a very evil person.

          You wouldn’t believe how many crimes I was accused of- some of those are things I can’t even imagine. Next thing I know, I am hated, I am ignored by everybody- treated like a criminal or a person with a contagious disease- take your pick. I was defamed even to people I haven’t personally known yet. My whole JW life was over and those whom you treated as brothers and sisters tell you that you are an agent of Satan. How comforting is that? Should I mention the relative part? It was the worse. My JW relatives was asked to traumatize me- the most evil thing that they have done to me. They were deliberately trying to make me lose my mind so that I could no longer report them to the authorities.

          Up to this day, I fear sleeping because I get nightmares all the time and it’s always about them.

          I heard others have had it worse. Sadly most have decided to abandon and hate Jehovah. I probably would too at some point if Jehovah lead us here a little later.

          Losing everything including your health can really change you as a person and teach you how to hate.

          • Sam

            Your faith through all you’ve experienced is beyond inspiring.. clearly Jehovah is caring for you.
            Luke 4:18- “..he anointed me to declare good news to the poor…to proclaim liberty to the captives…to send the crushed ones away free” Jesus will do that on an even grander scale very soon

  • e.v.g

    When I read for the first time the article related to the prophecies of Amos I was stunned, the message in all items of study related to the prophecies of the Bible seemed to me shocking.

  • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

    In 2010 I was thinking of leaving the organization as I found boring when I read prophecies of Isiah, Daniel and Ezekiel, also I was not in a position to understand those books as everyone knows that Watchtower taught it was all over back n 1914. I also saw that there are many worst things happening with in the kingdom hall even among elders and MS and CO’s hence I thought I my heart is this the Jehovah’s people, and where is their clean standing reflected among them. It was because of my wife I was going to KH because down to this day she is a very good woman. But still my heart was to get out of the organization, I was totally depressed Oh Jehovah help me where can I find the truth can these phrocies of Isiah, Daniel and Ezekiel cannot be understood as I am not satisfied with WTS explanation. Then one day in 2010 when I was thinking let me do some research on Jehovah himself to find where this God is really a true God or a Canaanite god before leaving the organization. Then typed in the Google Jehovah I could see Jehovah’s witness but also I saw Jehovah himself has become king then I clicked it. HOOOSH waw my head was blowing up like anything when I read the chapter Harvest from then onwards daily I read it down to this day. after reading that then I once again started to put faith in Jehovah and Jesus this is how this book helped me, otherwise I would have been a atheist then I found that 1914 story is a fraud. At last I could able to convince my wife that 1914 is a deluding influence of Satan as she and her family are staunch JW’s. Still her father and brother who are elders are typical society man. A new flash of light flashed upon me just as the light of Jesus flashed upon Paul on the road to Damascus and opened my blind eyes. I feel as if Jehovah himself saved me from going away from truth by making me to click inadvertently the drop down pop up messages. Now I love Jehovah and Jesus not because of my wife but because of truth that I found in this book.

  • Leighton Williams

    When I started to do more research, I began to come across much information detailing the hidden forces that control this system. I could start really making connections between a good amount of information and the Scriptural truth I already knew.

    One day I came across a site which had as the title of one of it’s sections: Heeding Bible prophecy: Understanding Satan’s Plan to Counterfeit the Second Coming of Christ.
    Objectively i decided to take a closer look. While there were a few things which seemed nonsensical, the vast majority of the information seemed to harmonize so well with what i already knew. I was inwardly shocked beyond belief.

    Eventually, the Watchtower study articles spoke of satanic propaganda being disseminated at the declaration of peace and security. At that point, I could begin to see things come into more clear focus.

    Finally, when I read the book, my inward feelings were vindicated, as it were. Indeed I knew, that certain premonitions that I had weren’t just coincidences.

    Many speak of experiencing a spiritual awakening of sorts, but I can honestly say that I have as well, in that everything has fallen into place.

  • noname

    This book is for anyone who loves Jehovah but has struggled with a bad feeling that not everything is okay in the organization. A book that illustrates how you can keep your faith while still questioning what you see is wrong. Eye opening and healing, you will understand the prophets and our hope in a way you never thought possible.

  • Leighton Williams

    What I’m most interested to see is how the public reaction will be to this book. The fact that this is being sent to a publisher indicates to me what could very well happen.

    Even though this encourages those of us in the faith, what about the impact upon nonbelievers of the world? Some no doubt will have a negative reaction to the contents, but being how certain parts in the book touch on things pertaining not only relating to judgment of the house of God, which have direct impact for us today, but more so relating to the great tribulation and the so-called “conspiracy theory” for a new world order, I can’t help but wonder what would be the effects in other public camps.

    I feel like I’ve just read the script for a movie that’s yet to play in the future, and truly there’s no movie that could hope to come close to this.

    It’s an exciting time to be alive..and the best is yet to come.

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