The Bible in the Age of Technology

//The Bible in the Age of Technology

Saturday, May 21

This good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations.Matt. 24:14.

Jesus’ disciples knew that they could not accomplish the preaching work on their own. Jesus had said that he would be with them and that the holy spirit would assist them. In some respects, circumstances existing in the world of that day may have been favorable for Kingdom preaching. The book Evangelism in the Early Church states: “Probably no period in the history of the world was better suited to receive the infant Church than the first century AD . . . By the second century Christians . . . began to argue that it was a divine providence which had prepared the world for the advent of Christianity.” To what extent God maneuvered first-century developments to make extensive preaching work possible, the Bible does not say. But this much is certain: Jehovah wanted the good news to be preached, and Satan did not.


To what extent the world was well-suited in the first century to facilitate the Christian preaching work, the modern era has been even more favorable.

If any one thing could be pointed to as the most significant invention as far as the work of Christians is concerned it would have to be the printing press. As if to underscore that fact, in 1456 the very first book published by Johannes Gutenberg was the Bible. And when the empires of Europe began to colonize the world the colonists took their Bibles with them.

Because of having suffered religious persecution in England and Holland the original pilgrims that came to America imparted a spirit of freedom that was legally enshrined in the Bill of Rights. That laid that groundwork for a favorable political environment. As a result, in the 1800’s numerous Bible societies sprang up, both in England and America, along with various sects that promoted the Bible. Hence, after the American Civil War the environment was perfect for the beginning of another phase of preaching spearheaded by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania.

1070187ae55bd5c8375d2b45ac8790b4Since the late 1800’s countless inventions have been utilized by the Watchtower in their mission to make disciples. For example, C.T. Russell utilized the telegraph to wire his sermons to newspaper publishers. During the 1920s and 30’s J.F. Rutherford adopted the newly emerging radio revolution to broadcast his sermons to millions. Thomas Edison’s phonograph was developed into a portable record player that Jehovah’s Witnesses used to use on door steps and in sound cars.

More recent inventions have empowered Christians to publish their message on the world wide web in hundreds of languages. Now Jehovah’s Witnesses use smart phones and tablets in their ministry. 

At some point, though, this favorable environment will change. It will not be gradual, but suddenly, overnight. This catastrophe is foretold in the Hebrew prophecy of Joel.

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  • James

    On top of this sudden change, it would seem (from Joel and Revelation) that the “field” will perish and people will be unable to hear the Good News. Propaganda will have poisoned the well.

  • Alexandra Bogolin Bautista

    I was just thinking about this at the last midweek meeting. While I totally appreciate the ease of technologies and tablets etc, I feel nervous about how heavily it is being taught and promoted. I keep mentally preparing myself for what life will look like during war and I highly doubt we’ll have internet and charged tablets. On a separate note, did anybody else internally “sigh” when it was announced that the next book for CBS is the purple “God’s Kingdom Rules.” ?? I already keep a lot of thoughts to myself at KH , but this bookstore is going to be especially difficult to stomach….a lot of whitewashed history with the emphasis on 1914. Oh boy…….lol

    • Sam

      When the system crashes, our bros and sisters will be totally lost. They imagine the way to salvation is keeping up with “Jehovah’s direction” through the organization and it’s electronic media… it’ll be a total wake up.

      I’m looking forward to seeing them trying to explain the overlapping generation in the study lol best thing is to keep reading the Bible to distract yourself from all this. Otherwise it can really get you down… well it does me xD

    • Kevin b

      If I remember correctly, Robert did an exposé on the “God’s Kingdom Rules” book. I’m sure it’s still available somewhere on the site. Can somebody post the link to it.

    • when it comes down to it, Jehovah’s witnesses, the WT men or bible students never pointed foward to 1914. there are no brochures, no tracts, announcement, nothin. use your WT library CD. ive had others try to prove it to me but there is only some articles that they can use to suggest but nobody ever knocked on anyones door and said 1914 is coming

    • The whole technology push will be a huge trap for servant’s of Jehovah, getting everyone hooked on using them for everything.
      Just look around, at traffic lights, ballgames, movie theaters, restaurants, grocery stores, kingdom halls, on and on and on………
      It’s a trap, and during the tribulation All transactions will be digital . And if you don’t support the leadership of the United nations world government you will be digitally CUT- OFF. hung out to dry (die) This is when people will choose sides. Thats why you feel like you do, you know it’s a trap.

      • Today for the first time in my life I was asked to show a ID to make a cash deposit in to my own bank account, cashless society is coming sooner than everyone thinks.

        • little info to skip around through in amtv’s video –

          not that what hes promoting is really going to be of much use but theres just info at times in the video

          • Thanks brother, that was interesting. Haven’t seen Chris Green in awhile. I understand about what you are saying about videos, you have to dig out the nuggets and throw out there solution . Cause we all know how it ends. Such a great blessing to know Jehovah’s final chapter on this system.

          • Joe Dman

            Good info but it still gets me that the people who are selling gold and silver are taking your money. Then they’re telling us that money won’t be any good, but give it to us and we’ll give you the gold. But then again, if when it all collapses and you get to trade what you have for the new world currency, it won’t seem so strange. You’ll be getting to join the new world order and buy and sell all you want. It will be the relief everyone will be looking for after the collapse. The savior of the world. The mark of the beast. Gold probably won’t be part of that currency. And what gold and silver and currency a true christian has will be abhorrent to them. Ez. 7:19

        • ewatchman

          That’s insane. Did they think that someone would put money into someone else’s account?

          • Good morning brother, I see your up early! It has gotten insane at the banks, there spying on everyone for the government. Even the new chipped debit cards track everything, not that I care cause I have nothing to hide. But you can just FEEL the beast system rising.

        • Jonah Peter Paul

          Was long due to travel abroad to visit my brother but well the passports were recently chipped and I was just put off by that. Recently too for no clear reason, all the car plates in our country had a mandatory replacement and was replaced with plates that include an rfid chip. Told my father in-law that the banks are gonna get their money soon so better save some cash on hand and invest on gold. Have read several blogs and articles about people in the US having difficulty withdrawing their money no matter if it’s just a small amount. Quite disturbing but it’s still better having knowledge beforehand. At least in that way, you could prepare for what’s coming.

          • Hello sister, hope you are doing and feeling well.
            Yeah all over the planet they are putting together the final touches for their digital cashless beast system to enslave the world. For those of us that are awake we can see it and feel it coming.

            • ewatchman

              For the many millions who don’t have any cash anyway a cashless system won’t have that big of an impact. ;~(

            • Jonah Peter Paul

              Yeah that is true and it’s also a good thing that we decided to live a simple life in this world, being contented by Jehovah’s provision of our basic needs. After all when the end begins, it is easier to leave knowing that we wouldnt have to leave anything behind or worry about our money. We are rich in a better way though (as Proverbs 10:22 has stated) even if we don’t much have cash, after all it won’t matter too much during the end. My personal goal has always been to fill my bank account, not on earth but in heaven- Matthew 6:20

            • True in a sense, but when that mother of four scrapes together a few bucks to take down to the local corner fruits and vegetables stand and the owner informes her that cash is no longer allowed & illegal to own ( or valueless). That when it will matter to everyone.

            • Jonah Peter Paul

              agree with you brother

            • the tribulation started early for many and many most their life. maybe a headstart for some

            • Jonah Peter Paul

              Thank you for your concern. Just got busy these past couple of weeks and had some personal matters to deal with but we never fail to check the website and read all your encouraging comments. Yeah I know everything is already in place… these are the times when we should really more than anything, persevere in praying. I guess no matter how much we physically prepare, our salvation will ultimately be in Jehovah’s hands. Sending our brotherly love to you and your wife.

          • You ok sister? You haven’t chimed in on anything lately. We’re all keeping you in our prayers. ?

      • noname

        I left a bank for that very reason when 2 years ago, they pulled the same stunt on me, Chase Bank.

        If anyone is digitally cut off they would have to rely on the many underground markets that would no doubt pop-up using barter or other methods of exchange. Its not beyond the limits of imagination since today many illegal underground markets exist.

    • It’s so hard to stomach the whole 1914 trap, when you know ” the rest of the story “.
      Keep bitting your tongue dear sister & praise Jehovah for choosing you with his guarded secrets !!

      • Alexandra Bogolin Bautista

        I daily need the reminder to bite my tongue! Does anybody else “on here” feel socially isolated in your congregation? Are most people here active or DFed JWs? How did y’all even find this site? So thankful I did…..I was lurking in the shadows of various “apostate” (some were definitely apostate) websites and channels, but it never shook my faith in Jehovah or the Bible …it actually motivated me to keep digging and studying even more and it was a little link drop in one of those apostate YouTube comments that led me here. Part of me wants to post e-watchman as a comment on some of those videos, but I think the majority of the people cruising those sites WANT an excuse to flake out and fade. Plus, I don’t want to attract any attention to myself, more than I already have.

        I’m SO THANKFUL for THIS forum and community….it seems like there is an HONEST exchange of questions and answers and opinions and most importantly FAITH.

        • Definitely socially isolated, my journey for answers begin in 2005. My older brother David a spiritual insightful genus himself led me to Robert’s site . There is no other place to find answers, Jehovah has truly blessed him with insight. We both try to attend Sunday meetings but knowing what we know it is hard to jump through the unrealistic hoops they heap on working people. So I guess we would be considered inactive by JWs standards, but that’s okay I’ve learned how to cope. I know Jehovah is training us at this site for a future assignment when the Watchtower falls and the sheep are scattered. I’m now so thankful for knowledge I discovered here. May Jehovah bless all you sheep like ones searching for him.

        • Joe Dman

          Alexandra, I know exactly how you feel. When I first left the “Truth” I was introduced to Robert’s website over 10 years ago by a very angry disgruntled ex JW. I got the impression Robert was another JW basher. Guess I didn’t read the right articles. I didn’t re-discover his website until a few years later but in the meantime I kept praying to Jehovah as I continued my search and I was amazed at where ex-witnesses ended up. Some even accepting the trinity. I was even introduced to the new new-age thinking. They don’t like the term “new age”. Nonetheless I kept calling on the name of Jehovah and behold, I made my way back to Robert’s site. I’ve looked for every excuse not to return to the WT but I couldn’t fight it any longer. I got re-instated over a year ago because I felt I needed to be were the action was going to be and as Robert told me, it would be better to have your freedom of speech within the congregation when it’s time to talk. So while I dutifully sit in on the meetings I imagine a time when chaos begins and they are all gathered at the Kingdom Hall, I’ll show up and muster up the courage to speak up and tell my story. And I hope my digital device is working because I have my outline in it. (Note to self: print out your outline). But I’m hoping Jehovah’s spirit will do the talking for me.
          I’ve told a couple of elders that I’ve been close to before I left how I made my way back, comparing Robert to one of the two men that were supposed to gather with the rest of those that were to be given some of the spirit that would be taken from Moses at Numbers 11:16 and of course Luke 9:49 (Scripts that I found right after fervent prayer concerning Robert). They tried to adjust my thinking by recommending a book and referring to some scriptures. It was like walking a tight rope. At least when it all comes tumbling down I can go to these well respected elders and say: “You remember when…” .
          So its true that if you keep searching, it will be shown to you. It’s so inspiring to see ones like yourself, Joseph, D34 guy and many others on here, and to read your comments. I know y’all are like myself: thoughts of Jehovah and the Kingdom ruling your mind every minute of the day. May Jehovah be with you all.

          • Alexandra Bogolin Bautista

            E-mail me your script…..if you want.

            • Joe Dman

              Sure. I’m glad you asked cause now I’ll have to put it on paper and iron it out. I’ll work on it tonight.

          • Joe Dman

            Just wanted to point out that at numbers11:16 on down it talks about the two that were supposed to have been at the tent of meeting to receive God’s spirit but weren’t there with the others but still received the spirit and Moses confirmed that they were still approved for anointing with the spirit. Just in case anyone didn’t get the point.

        • “socially isolated in your congregation?”

          no, whats that like?

      • Alexandra Bogolin Bautista

        I wish I had her physical body…lol. that was my first thought.

        • Joe Dman

          My wife walked up and saw that picture while I was typing. I told her: “It’s gonna be nice when your body looks like that again”. Just imagine, everyone being fit and energetic.

          • I had to chuckle at this comment cause if I said that, my wife would give me a bop on the back of the head , hahaha hahaha

    • noname

      Yes that will be difficult. Personally I think the main thing is to keep meeting with our brothers and sisters and keep encouraging them. Letting our light shine. No good deed goes unnoticed by our God. 🙂

  • Joe Dman

    Ez. 7 Jehovah tells Ezekiel what is to come to HIS people. Later verse 19 says their Gold will become abhorrent to them, not the world in General. The worlds religions won’t see prophecy being fulfilled. So seems likely to me that the greedy running the show at Bethel will find a way to compromise to keep their wealth while those who understand this prophecy will have to conscientiously become destitute.
    Seems like there probably won’t be a huge EMP event since likely the Tyrant will need electronics to enslave the masses.

    • Enjoyed your comment Joe, makes perfect sense. The top part & the bottom part. Here I’ve been thinking their goal was to knock us back to the dark ages. But you right, they need all this technology to enslave the world. By the end of the tribulation Jehovah may use a solar burst to knock out the digital enslavement.

      • Joe Dman

        I’m not cutting open all my faraday packages yet. I have to maintain my “crazy survivalist” label. But it’s funny that I don’t seem so crazy anymore. All my family thinks they’re coming to my SHTF compound but all they’ll find is a note saying “keep hoping in your god of good luck” with a quote from Isaih 28:19 “Only terror will make them understand the things heard”. They all know what I believe cause I can’t keep quiet. But in reality, by that time I’m confident that wherever I am is where I can be of most benefit to helping my spiritual brothers with their loss (1914) because that’s where Jehovah will put me. If I’m wrong, it won’t be the first time, eh hmm..1914.
        Joseph. I appreciate all your comments. It’s inspiring and I don’t feel so alone. I do trust in Jehovah as Y’all do and the ride is about to get rough so I hope we can all hang in there. It’ll be like riding a roller coaster and your faith, that restraint bar, is firmly in place but not everyone’s have been pulled down all the way. We’re going to be watching them clamber to that bar, some will fall. I realize we’re not all completely out of the woods and we should never become overly confident. It’s all about how we minister to the Holy Ones: The One’s that are likely currently in the organization, or have been. How ironic, to have to flee from the very place we, and everyone who has the Truth, received it from. Would you have believed this after you first got baptized and initially indoctrinated?


    real wealth is treasures in heaven or said differently, our personal relationship with Jah.

    • The collapse of the system is going to result in the loss of life on a staggering scale never-before-experienced in modern history . 1 billion 8 hundred 50 million (1,850,000,000 souls) world wide . That is mind boggling.

      • i hate it

        • The good news is that they will have the hope of a Resurrection.

      • Leighton Williams

        Truly terrible. Hopefully we’ll be able to withstand the initial blowout and witness the display of Jehovah and Jesus’ awesome power. Us being able to not only see his work but also even hear his voice, no longer hiding himself.

    • Great points! When this collapse happens make sure you cut your mail box down, skip your wallet and cellphone ( aka tracking device ) across the pond .
      Lay low out of sight , don’t move about or you will be beat, robbed, raped or even killed. Remember it’s going to be the bleakest time in human history. Put All your trust in Jehovah and look for those glowing faces to give you directions and keep you safe.
      May Jehovah find favor in us all.
      First comes the crash, the stumbling and exile. Then the repurchase. Then during the close-out phase of 3.5 years.
      Jehovah will speed it up in its own time .
      Jesus’ example can be tremendously encouraging. Just knowing that Jesus conquered the world by his faith can empower us to face the terrifying times ahead.

    • Joe Dman

      The one factor this guy can’t consider is the people who realize that participating in the market system after the collapse is akin to receiving the mark of the beast. If you own your own property it may get you a little further down the road but eventually you’ll probably have to pay taxes on it and you won’t be able to do that unless your plugged in to the market system. I figure you’ll be issued a debt card (or implanted chip) where any transaction you make will be recorded. Just try to barter with someone who is loyal to the beast. They’ll probably be rewarded by turning you in. But relax, once you’re in prison, if they decide to let you live, you’ll get free food (Rev 2:10). Any gold or assets you have can be credited to you and you can participate in the system. You know Romans 13:8 tells us not to owe anything to anyone except love. It was written a few verses after counseling to be in subjection to the superior authorities, but of course that may not be possible during the wrap up of this system, but we still should be as much as we can unless God’s law’s prevent us from it. The examples of Daniel, Mordecai and Joseph may indicate there will be some of God’s anointed people who may be put in charge but it will likely be short lived since this time around when they are tested, it will mean giving up their earthly life. Rev 12:11. Rev 6:11 says they are about to be killed as they (Christ brothers) have been. And of course we’ll (great crowd) be judged by what we do for them. Put yourself in the position of one the three, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. They were ranking officials but when they refused to bow to the image, Nebuchadnezzar’s “expression of his face changed toward them” and he became furious and heated up the fire seven times more. Dan 3:19. But really, we should think about being in that situation and resolve now to obey Jehovah, who we can have an everlasting relationship with. By giving in and having our life spared may buy us another year or two but how miserable that person will be if he don’t pull a Judas and end it for himself. Darn, I get carried away. I meant to type only a few words.

      • Beverly kenyon

        Well I for one am glad that you did get carried away and carried on typing. Very interesting points you brought out regarding the horror and carnage that’s coming. You had me reaching for my bible to look up the scriptures you quoted. Relevant and faith strengthening. Always look forward to the insightful and thought provoking comments. Confident that I get the truth ABOUT the truth here!

        • Joe Dman

          Beverly, I really appreciate you saying that. I got all teary eyed. I’ve always hesitated to comment on some of the things going through my mind for fear i might be wrong or come across as a crackpot. Most of my thoughts come from links in Roberts tweets. And links on the links. You can get lost. I recall a tweet describing an area where an experiment was conducted in France maybe, where no cash transactions were permitted. Another linked article was discussing a UN sponsored think tank concerning how a basket of currencies could be authorized to allow different currencies to be consolidated and used as one. The connection was they would in essence be used via a debt card, hence a cashless society and a card, or chip, authorized by the UN. And of course that would require that person to be asked with the beast. May not happen exactly that way but looks like that’s where they’re headed.

          • Beverly kenyon

            Wow! Joe. Your comments are so insightful and well written! You gave me a lot to think about. You live up to your name. You ARE the Deman!! Lol. You wrote about things that I was unaware about. But now I know more cos it’s pretty obvious that you dig deep and do your homework. And no, you most definitely do not come across as a crackpot. Smart, coherent, articulate and someone who loves Jehovah, his Son Jesus Christ and the Kingdom. That’s how you come across. I will always have time for anything you write. Agape love Joe Deman.

            • Joe Dman

              You’re too kind. There are a lot of insightful people on here. I think Jehovah is bringing us here and for those who search as though they’re searching for treasures, he will cause to become insightful. Insight into Jehovah’s ways and plans is how he reveals himself to us and prepares us.
              D’Man is short for Deiterman. I needed a company name and Deiterman Inspection was just too long so I took the guts out. I see that a few people use their names and I figure its possible that there are WT agents who with a little digging could figure out who I was. I was at first apprehensive because I wasn’t yet prepared, but now I figure if I get called out it will be an opportunity for them to hear why I think what I do and they can re-adjust my thinking, recommend a few books, quote a few scriptures, maybe even have an elder study with me. I’ve been doing too much daydreaming again. I work by myself all day so I have plenty of time to come up with these scenarios. OK, my wife just humbled me. I have to go. Bye.

          • Joe , here’s a little nugget I came across today. Just another puzzle piece.


            • Joe Dman

              We all know people who say they’re going to do something and they never do. No doubt most people are like that. Then we know of one or two that don’t say what they’re going to do or want to do unless they actually do it. Those are the so called movers and shakers and many of them find their way into leadership or policy making positions. That’s why the U.S. and all countries for that matter aren’t going in the direction of the majority of the population’s desires. So yes, like the video brings out, when they’re talking about developing a European army or a new world order, it’s probably already in the works or in existence.
              Thankfully we know of One whom when he says something, his word will not return to him without results.

      • I’m with Beverly on this one Joe , great points & right on the mark. Thanks for sharing, keep them coming !

      • the free meal during the civil war was one spoon full of beans and salt. i’l edit later; sick

        • Beverly kenyon

          Fascinating fact but very sad. When it kicks off it will be every man jack for himself. Don’t think we will even get a handout. Thank goodness I have my stash of food stuff! My bible and Robert King,s book (you can’t beat paper) the two dogs and my girls! We’re gonna rely on Jehovah and just try and wing it.

          • Sounds like a great plan to me, Jehovah will speed it up in its own time .
            Jesus’ example can be tremendously encouraging. Just knowing that Jesus conquered the world by his faith can empower us to face the terrifying times ahead.

          • Psalms 27:5

            • Beverly kenyon

              Thank you D34D 4L!3N for posting that scripture (liked Isaiah 26:20 that you also posted). Reading those scriptures just takes the edge off the fear of what’s ahead that we will be facing. Those words are comforting. I’m just an ordinary “Amaaret” with a state school education, so wanted to ask you if you are a secret genius because your mind is super clever and fast. Apart from being the funniest guy on E Watchman (you never fail to make me laugh) some of what you write is so very clever. You, Joseph, Bklyn Kevin, Erik, Joe Dman and of course Robert King make it a joy to be a part of this site. I always learn something from all of you.

            • Beverly kenyon

              Meant to write that I’ve learnt a lot from many others here on this site as well!

            • youre welcome. i was reminded of that scripture cause of Roberts update page. it does take the edge off dont it.

              im just a nobody, in whom no salvation belongs and One you cant put your trust in either. im far from genius but Jehovah is my strength cause i have none. 2-Cor 12:9-10

              the thing i hope for in the new kingdom is rehabilitation to be approved by Jehovah

            • Beverly kenyon

              Well for a nobody you’re a very funny, spiritual and humble person. Far from dull! So in my opinion that makes you very much a somebody. You’re right. Jehovah does give us the strength when we think we’re going to cave. We’re only dust after all. I just know you will get your hope in the new Kingdon to come soon! Just know that there’s a person in the heart of Manchester,England who looks forward to reading your supportive posts here on this site. Thank You.

      • Beverly kenyon

        Joseph is right! Keep them coming. Very insightful. Really appreciated reading your comments. And so true when you said about Jehovah and his Kingdom ruling our thoughts daily.

  • Alexandra Bogolin Bautista

    Is anybody on here at the district convention in Green Bay Wisconsin, this weekend? (May 26-28) I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer or spoiler alert…..but a MAJOR theme of this convention is all about being zealous shunners. I find it disgusting. So many of the interviews and experiences revolve around commending family members for “being loyal to Jehovah by shunning and PRE-SHUNNING friends and family who are DFed.”

    I’m trying to look at this in an oddly optimistic way: I pray that we are so close to Jehovah and Jesus cleansing his people, because some of these talks and videos are just backwards and cruel.

    • patri

      NWO is alive and well and kicking within the Organisation.
      Our poor brothers believe they will enter God’s new world by acting in such an un-Christian way! Yes, disgusting, and I wanted to retch as I read your news. The vicious cold hearted depths the leaders will go to to destroy lives is nothing less than Satanic and those umbillically attached to 1914 are being prepped for spiritual suicide.
      Its sick…

      • It would be nice somehow to hijack one of these conventions ( with the guidance of Jehovah’s Holy Spirit) and announce Jehovah’s judgments. Come in with a assigned part , then change the whole script and let Jehovah do the talking though you !
        Ohhhhh yeah, one can dream-Right.

        • patri

          Count me IN! We can but dream. Oh yes!
          Doubt whether anything will remove the ticking bomb strapped to the bodies of our spiritually snoozing brothers though. Wish I could be more positive but have brain dead family members close to me who would die for the ORGANISATION.

          • Yeah we have one holdout, the rest of the family has embraced Robert’s book !

            • patri

              Well how about that, I’m so happy for you all.
              So on a more positive note,
              I mustn’t give up on my husband, he argues at least, so I’ll continue being like a constantly leaking roof on a rainy day!

        • Joe Dman

          I use to daydream about that. But on a more local note, as I was telling Alexandra, as I sit in the Hall I imagine having the opportunity some day to get up in front of the congregation after things are crumbling and try to tell them why things are happening. (if there is a hall, or at least wherever they’ll gather). I even developed an outline of sorts. I recently mentioned to Robert in an e-mail that maybe he could put together some sort of outline, but I’m sure there’s reasons not to do that. I suppose when it’s time the Holy Spirit will prompt us to say what we need to say and when and to whom to say it. But I suppose the outline is a good way to rehearse in my own mind and to keep pertinent scriptures in the forefront.
          Just returned from the meeting. The WT study seems to suggest that they’ll be around to keep teaching us the things that are written in the new scrolls that Jesus will open.
          I wonder exactly who Dan.12:4 applies to: in “the time of the end,…Many will rove about, and true knowledge will become abundant”. Possibly to JW’s in general for having the basic knowledge, or those that the holy spirit will be poured out upon after the judgement of God’s house takes place?: Acts2:16-18. Or even a select few of those who gather here.
          Then sometimes I feel I was directed to Robert not because Jehovah has anything special for me to do, but that the WT has failed to come look for God’s lost sheep. (I think that probably applied mostly to the anointed but Jehovah probably has the same attitude toward even the other sheep). After I left, I didn’t hear from them for 13 years, even then I went to them. So they probably felt obligated to let me back in in short order. They did seem embarrassed that I just showed up and they didn’t even know I was still in town all these years.

          • ive been over episodes like that in my head a million times also

        • ive had a lot of similar thoughts

    • Beverly kenyon

      Surely witnesses with their bible trained consciences will find such a thing vile and unchristian. They’re turning into the hateful religion. They teach that an identifying mark of being God’s people is that they will have love amongst themselves. That love is surely cooling off as written in The Bible. The Man of Lawlessness is upping the ante with introducing a “Stasi State”. Btw, Alexandra loved your raw honesty when you wrote your history and the fact that you and your husband stayed in. How you were treated could’ve been a real deal breaker.

      • Alexandra Bogolin Bautista

        Thank you. We love Jehovah, Jesus, the Bible, our brothers and neighbors.

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