Friday, October 16

Remember . . . your Grand Creator . . . before the days of distress come.Eccl. 12:1.

Solomon used poetic language to describe the calamitous days of old age. No one should plan on waiting until he arrives at that stage in life before starting to serve Jehovah. Even though we may have been serving Jehovah for many years, it is good for us to stop occasionally and think appreciatively about how grand our Creator is. Is not life awe-inspiring? The complexity of its design is beyond human understanding. Jehovah’s provisions are so rich in variety that we have abundant possibilities for enjoying life. When we contemplate Jehovah’s creation, we renew our appreciation for his love, wisdom, and power. But remembering our Grand Creator also involves pondering our obligations to him. During such reflective moments, we surely feel resolved to express our gratitude to our Creator by serving him as fully as possible for as long as we live.


“Before the days of distress come” can be taken in more than one way. Solomon was referring to the distress brought on by advanced age. However, Jesus spoke about a time of great distress – a great tribulation that will come upon the whole world.

Although the Watchtower has been heralding the end of the world for as long as it has existed as a religious and publishing institution, in more recent years Bethel seems to have lost the plot, so-to-speak. Whereas, the organization used to annually publish in-depth commentary on the Hebrew prophecies and Revelation, now – save for the occasional reminder that the next prophecy to be fulfilled is the destruction of Babylon the Great – they have all but left off any fresh consideration of prophecy. Jehovah’s Witnesses may assume that there is nothing more to say. But nothing could be further from the truth. 

In reality the world has never been in such a precarious state than at this very moment. And there is no indication that the nations have any inclination to get rid of organized religion. Instead a great move is underway to overthrow the post-World War Two power structure. This will be nothing short of the distress of nations not knowing the way out and more importantly, it will signal that the authentic parousia has begun and the conclusion of the system.