Moscow Moving for Total Ban on Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia

//Moscow Moving for Total Ban on Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia


A statement dated April 7th posted on indicates that Russia is moving to implement a total ban on the the work of Jehovah’s Witnesses, including the confiscation of the branch property, known as the Administrative Center of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia.

For a few years the city of Moscow has been suppressing Jehovah’s Witnesses. But a nationwide ban would set Jehovah’s Witnesses back to the days of Stalin’s USSR and the Siberian gulags. 

According to the Watchtower’s press release “Russian authorities have been increasingly hostile to Jehovah’s Witnesses largely due to what has been described as the government’s symbiotic relationship with the Russian Orthodox Church.”

What is noteworthy about this development is that if the NGO known as the Administrative Center of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia is shut down due to the political influence of the Russian Orthodox Church, it would presumably call into question the Watchtower’s long-held assertion that since 1919 Babylon the Great no longer wields power over God’s people.

Putin with prelates of church

Putin is a baptized Russian Orthodox with strong ties to the resurgent church

What has gone wrong? Could it be that Jehovah is no longer defending the interests of the Watchtower? After all, with the Society’s stable of attorneys and their constantly turning to the European Court of Human Rights for help, perhaps this is God’s way of telling them to work it out for themselves.

That would certainly be in keeping with the way God dealt with the Israelites. When they truly looked to him he always supported them. But when they made alliances with foreigners Jehovah abandoned them to their enemies. (Here is a PDF which is an example of the dozens and dozens of appeals the Watchtower has made to European officials over the years.)

Besides, why should Russia care to please the ECHR, when the very same nations are part of NATO and the Anglo-American scheme to encircle Russia with first-strike military positions? Russia and Europe are increasingly on a war footing.

It seems the the Administrative Center for Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia would be better advised to plead their cause before God rather than look to Europe and the court of public opinion to save them. But alas, can a leopard change its spots?

spotted leopard

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  • Please8834

    Hello Robert ..your comments seem at times a personal if holding two interpretations of a perceived idea or thought that is squarly not on sound footing..There’s certainly isn’t anything wrong with this.You mentioned in one your your most recent daily commentary that “Sometimes it is best to say nothing and see what happens, it would appear that Jehovah is allowing this crack down in Russia which like you mentioned has been going on for many years.its possible Jehovah is testing how the org will resolve this? ..Respect

  • The real challenge will come when the system comes unwound, when Satan is thrown down and goes off in a rage to wage war with those who obey the commandments of God and bear witness to Jesus. The fact that Jehovah’s Witnesses are laboring under the delusion that Satan has already come down in great anger will make it all the more difficult to come to terms with the situation then.

  • Song of Hannah

    I am confused – I thought the Society got rid of all their NGOs when they were exposed as having them. They still have an NGO in Russia?

    • ewatchman

      The WT has set up about a half dozen NGOs in Europe, for legal purposes. There is nothing wrong in itself with NGOs, but if they becoming politically involved then that is a problem, at least as far as Jehovah is concerned. Here is an excerpt from Strange Bedfellows that mentions some of the WT’s NGOs. By the way, the link to Balkans Human Rights petition signees is still active if you want to check it out

      For a fact, the Lisbon OSCE summit has not been the only political conference that
      Jehovah’s Witnesses have attended. For example, in October 2000, the Balkans Human Rights organization published a petition to the OSCE that was signed by numerous NGOs (no doubt many of the same NGOs that attended the Lisbon summit a few years prior). One of which was an NGO called the “Administrative Center for Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia.”

      Just what is the Administrative Center for Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia? It is
      another non-governmental organization set up to represent Jehovah’s Witnesses. Admittedly, it is not an NGO in the same way that the Watchtower was an international NGO associated with the UN-DPI, but it evidently serves a similar purpose. The OSCE petition that the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia signed stated:

      “The undersigned NGOs have all valued the Human Dimension meetings,
      throughout the years and in their various formats, as significant for both governments and NGOs to raise human rights concerns in the participating states. Consequently, they have actively participated in them with reports and interventions, and have been encouraging other NGOs to do likewise.”

      The petition verifies that the subsidiary Russian NGO, representing the Watchtower
      and Jehovah’s Witnesses, willingly participated with numerous other NGOs, including the Church of Scientology, in raising “human rights concerns in participating states.” By signing the petition the Administrative Center for Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia admits to actively “encouraging other NGOs” to take up the cause of human rights
      interventions. And, of course, the evidence is overwhelming that the parent organization in Brooklyn used its resources to “raise human rights concerns.”

      • Please8834

        This is only true in that the Org is no less under obligation to be peaceable to All men..Nothing wrong with this. And the idea that the Organization should plead there case before the executive offices is not because they havent tried in times past, they did and it was in vain to establish freedom of religion is Russia.This is long running history in what might be said to be a extremely Godless country..I know I’ve been there enough. .

      • Please8834

        This is only true in that there is nothing wrong with the Organization being peaceable to All men..It doesn’t mean the Org is aligning itself with Scientology or any other bat-crap for brains claimed religion, besides its Jehovah who allows the governments and courts to have some form of peaceful human order, otherwise we’d be screwed. so for crying out loud its not a sin or wrong or against the law with the Org promoting Peace.via the courts or the dissemination of literature or standing on street corners with literature that says freedom of religion or peace on Earth, at least its still ok doing this in most parts of the earth for now..sure you might be called a kook. Now,this idea that the Organization should plead there case before the executive offices in Russia the fact is they have a number of times as have many other religious affiliations only to run up against a brick wall and what may be called an extremely Godless country I know I’ve been there enough.

  • Song of Hannah

    Philippians 1:7 is often quoted as justification of seeking to “legally establish the good news”. How does this factor in?

    • ewatchman

      We should assume that legally defending and establishing the good news is something that should be done within the courts and law-making bodies of each country. For example, Paul appealed his case directly to Cesar. He didn’t so off to Syria or Egypt and try to persuade them to pressure Rome to change its policy, or whatever.

      But, the WT is not using that approach, at least not as their main tactic. What they are doing is appealing to nations and courts outside of Russia, primarily to the European Parliament. For what purpose? We can only assume the WT expects Europe to bring political pressure on Russia.

      Given recent developments in Syria and Ukraine and the futile sanctions the EU has placed on Russia, we can only say to the WT, good luck with that strategy. And that is why I say Jehovah may well leave them to fight their own legal battles.

      • Please8834

        The Russian administraton has an established presents with the European courts on human rights so they do in fact have agreements with the same courts. They’ve brought there own cases to the European courts ..

        • Sam

          I don’t know all the details but apparently Russia has passed law that says they can overrule international courts

          • ewatchman

            That is the sticky thing about national sovereignty, no international body can force Russia to obey them. That is why the empire is determined to destroy Russia.

        • ewatchman

          The European Parliament and Russia ain’t very friendly any more. The EP has blacklisted Russian diplomats, etc. Here is an article in the EU news on the topic

          Like I said, or like Paul said, ‘the scene of this world is changing.’ The Wt is pleading with the EP to make Russia behave. That isn’t likely to work given that Europe and Russia are moving towards all-out war.

          • Please8834

            Robert i think theres something up the reply to post comments I have left my comments only to come back and its gone.?? Cant you see my entire post now the one I left prior to this? ? Ive tried a dozen times to make it stick I wrote a farley long article I can see it..I tired posting it here.. nothing

            • ewatchman

              For some reason your comments were going into the moderation queue. I approved it. Thanks for mentioning something. Otherwise I may not have noticed

  • Sam

    This sheds some very interesting light on things! Sooner or later Jehovah will make them know that he is Jehovah

    • Natia Brown

      yes sam agree

  • e.v.g

    The consequences will be disastrous, that only will stoke the fury of Jehovah if the watchtower seeks the support of the nations. Really it will have to happen the worst.
    How sick your heart was, declares the Sovereign Lord Jehovah, ‘when you did all these things, behaving like a brazen prostitute!
    (Ezequiel 16:30)

  • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

    It seems the the Administrative Center
    for Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia would be better advised to plead their
    cause before God rather than look to Europe and the court of public
    opinion to save them. It is indeed an excellent advice from e-watchman to JW’s in Russia but will they really listen to a voice in the wilderness?
    Well Robert himself gives a fantastic answer!!!But alas, can a leopard change its spots? I don’t know whether it is true or not but one thing is sure Russia is wrongly thinking that JW is an American religion and the orthodoxy Church wants our work to be banned and that is the reason they are using Putin to ban JW’s, well this is the time Jw’s in Russia need the real help from Jehovah

    • yeah and we each individually should be doing the same; pleading our cause to Jehovah

  • Stetson Flores Toonz

    Signs Of The Last Days My Great Grandmother Would Always Tell Me

  • Guilherme Net Point

    KGB, SS, Adolfo Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, Mussolini, parecem que falharam na repressão total contra as TJs. Quem será o próximo a perder a batalha para Jeová?

  • Guilherme Net Point

    KGB, SS, Adolf Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, Mussolini, seem to have failed in the total repression against JWs. Who will be next to lose the battle to Jehovah?

    • LW

      The Eighth King.

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