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Robert King has been associated with Jehovah's Witnesses for 40 years. Having served as an elder and pioneer for several years and more recently anointed, the time has come for the voice of a watchman to announce the judgments of Jehovah.

Why so many kingdom halls for sale?

QUESTION: Why is the Watchtower closing down and selling so many kingdom halls? Are that many JW’s leaving the organization? I really have no insight into the Watchtower’s financial state. The Watchtower is a private corporation and is not required to publicly disclose its financials. What I do know, though, is that the leadership of [...]

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War is just a shot away

Back around 20 years ago when I discerned that “Egypt” in prophecy symbolizes America and portrays what is to befall the greatest nation in the world during the conclusion, I could not really appreciate the significance of Isaiah 19:2, which states: “I will incite Egyptians against Egyptians, and they will fight one another, each against [...]

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How does Armageddon come about?

I've heard you say before that what actually triggers Armageddon is when the Beast and/or Gog murders the remaining seed of chosen ones. This is a very impactful and weighty truth that highlights the significance of their role in representing the Kingdom. It also shines a light on what I see happening with the Organization’s [...]

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The love of the greater number will grow cold

QUESTION: Do you agree with the WT explanation of Matthew 24:12 regarding the love of the greater number growing cold? The context seems to possibly hint otherwise. (Questions from Readers in October 1, 1984, Watchtower- 2nd question) Frankly, no. The Watchtower article linked to by the questioner was published 34 years ago. In the interim, [...]

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Does Israel in the Middle East factor into prophecy?

QUESTION: I am wondering if perhaps the moving of the capital of Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is part of the disgusting thing on holy ground? In a word, No. Although it is the central feature of end-times theology for various evangelical sects and cults, the establishment of Israel as a nation in 1948 has nothing [...]

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Noah’s Flood and Kangaroo Migration

I may have just debunked the Bible: Q: If the Genesis account is to be believed, how would we explain: 1. How did Kangaroos make it all the way to just Australia from the Mountains of Ararat ? In geologic studies there are two schools of thought —Uniformatarianism and Catastrophism. The dominate view that [...]

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Did the League of Nations fulfill prophecy?

QUESTION: (Rev. 13: 14,15)  Is it true that the WT teaches that the wild beast that received the sword-stroke was the League of Nations?  —and that the healed beast was/is the revived League now known as the U.N.? This is how I always interpreted their teaching. To me this makes sense when looking back at [...]

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Delusions, past and present

QUESTION: Is there any Bible example(s) where Israelites or early Christians were under a "deluding influence"? The deluding influence --formerly called an “operation of error”--is a unique phenomenon associated with the return of Christ. In context, Paul was warning the brothers —who, as it turns out, is us —not to accept any announcements as authentic, [...]

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The fall of America in the time of the end

America has had a special role in the outworking of Jehovah’s purpose. In what way? Knowing, as we do, that God’s purpose is to have the good news preached throughout the earth, it was obviously by divine providence that the reappearance of an anointed congregation in the latter part of the 19th century took place [...]

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Then there will be great tribulation

QUESTION: Jehovah’s Witnesses have long understood the facets of the sign of Christ’s presence to be a description of conditions that would precede the great tribulation. My question is, are the various facets of the sign that Jesus describes merely a description of the great tribulation, rather than events that lead up to it? There [...]

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Blessed is he who comes in Jehovah’s name

Quite a bit is made of the fact that the Greek Scriptures, the so-called New Testament, does not  use God’s personal name, such as it appears in the Hebrew Scriptures thousands of times, most commonly translated as Jehovah. However, even the most ancient Greek texts are copies, perhaps even copies of copies. The oldest fragments [...]

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The terrifying presence of Jehovah

The expression “the day of Jehovah” appears almost two dozen times in the Hebrew Scriptures —most notably in the prophecies of Joel (5) and Zephaniah (7). Additionally the New World Translation uses the related terms “Jehovah’s day” and “the day belonging to Jehovah” in a couple of places —not counting the so-called New Testament. [...]

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The world has suddenly changed

Jehovah’s Witnesses used to be heard saying “these are interesting times.” Being somewhat out of the loop these past few years I cannot say whether that phrase is still bandied about. If not, I recommend that it be resurrected, because these really are interesting times. Having come of age during the so-called Cold War, the [...]

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The Grand Master among Jehovah’s Witnesses

QUESTION: You've written at various times about the influence of Masonry within the Watchtower organization over the years, so I would like to have your thoughts on a recent adjustment in the New World Translation. In the 1984 edition, at Hosea 12:14, the NWT translators chose to use "Grand Master," and likewise at Malachi [...]

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Might Jehovah alter his timetable?

QUESTION: Does the "inspired" recorded story of Jonah set a precedence for Jehovah to change his mind and delay the world’s destruction? —Especially upon those nations which have little to no say in world affairs or at the U.N. or who "know not their left hand from their right?" (Hindus, Buddhists, Shintoists, Islamists, etc... including third [...]

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Is Satan divided against himself?

QUESTION: Luke 11:18,  Jesus: "If Satan is divided against himself, how will his kingdom stand?” If all of the world's kingdoms are Satan's, and, if the Anglo-American world power is to be the last before the Kingdom stone not cut by hands strikes the feet of the Daniel image; and, if Great Britain and America became [...]

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The wars of Jehovah

QUESTION: The Bible says that young David unnecessarily obtained an extra 100 foreskins, killing/mutilating an extra amount of men for King Saul and yet the Bible says that Jehovah’s spirit "continued with him" after this dirty deed. The Bible also says: "Do not become mutilators of the flesh..." and "look out for those who mutilate the [...]

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The Harvest is a Conclusion of a System

QUESTION: With 8 million JW's being so misguided, how are we to explain/understand/apply Jesus’ parting words at Matt. 28:20 ? Was the "conclusion" he was referring to including or only the destruction in 70ce? Being "with you all the days..." -Who has he been "with" for all what days? "All" means all, or does [...]

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More Questions for Jehovah’s Witnesses

This is the last installment of 60 questions for Jehovah's Witnesses Question #54: If Jesus died on a torture stake with a single nail through both hands, why does John 20:25 say that NAILS were used for his hands? The questioner already asked this question. It was answered here (#41) Question #55: if Jesus died on a [...]

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How many Jehovahs are there?

Question #51: How do you explain the 2 Jehovahs stated in Genesis 19:24? This was removed from your 2013 Bible, but is in prior versions. Jehovah made it rain sulfur and fire from Jehovah. Which means there are 2 Jehovahs. By reading the previous context this can be proven too. For example, Jehovah was physically standing [...]

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I will not give my glory to anyone else

Question #50: Why does Jehovah share his glory with Jesus (eg. John 17:5 & Revelation 5:12-13), but scripture is clear that Jehovah does not share his glory with anyone (eg. Isaiah 42:8 & Isaiah 48:11)? The answer to the question is profound. Jehovah shares his glory with Jesus as an expression of his appreciation. Moreover, the underlying theme of scripture is [...]

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Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Question #48: Why is it that you are called 'Jehovah's Witnesses' but Isaiah 62:2 says God would call his people by a new name (single name, not names) and that new name was already assigned in Acts 11:26? Originally all of Jesus’ disciples were said to belong to The Way. No doubt that is because [...]

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Jesus was a God-fearing man

Question #46: Since Jehovah's Witnesses believe that you cannot truly know someone without knowing their name, doesn't this mean that you don't know your own God then since nobody knows the true name of God? Probably the most important aspect of knowing that God has a personal name, regardless of what the correct pronunciation of [...]

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You will have to know that I am Jehovah

Question #44: Why do you make a big deal out of the invented name 'Jehovah' when your own organization admitted several times that nobody actually knows the true name of God? Trinitarians make a big deal out of the supposed unknowableness of the exact spelling of YHWH. Their hypocrisy, however, is on full display [...]

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Jesus and the throne of God

Question #40: Why did the translators of your Bible conveniently fail to insert the word 'Jehovah' in Philippians 2:11, Romans 10:9, and 1 Corinthians 12:3? I feel embarrassed for the questioner. He wants to be a teacher of Jehovah’s Witnesses, but like Paul said of the would-be-teachers of his day, so too trinitarians, who are “wanting to be [...]

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Did men bow before Jesus because he was God?

Question #38: Why does your Bible render the word 'proskuneo' as 'obeisance' in regards to Jesus (eg. Matthew 2:8,11), but as 'worship' in regards to Jehovah and even Satan (eg. Matthew 4:9-10)? Obeisance and worship are pretty much interchangeable terms, but can have slightly different connotations depending on the context.  According to the NAS lexicon [...]

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Questions regarding the holy spirit

Question #31: If the Holy Spirit is only Jehovah's active force, why does the Holy Spirit speak and use the pronouns "I" and "me" about himself in places like Acts 13:2 and Hebrews 3:7-11?  It is a literary device called personification. Various things are personified in the Bible. For example, the 8th chapter of Proverbs personifies wisdom. In [...]

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Downfall of America – 2018?

It is natural to ponder what each new year may bring. In these beginning days of 2018 it seems especially fitting for people of faith to do so; the reason being, because, even from a casual assessment it certainly seems that the world has never been more perilously close to nuclear war. Ironically, though, [...]

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What the new year may bring

Over the course of the past year the societal fault lines in America have opened into a gapping chasm. White-black, left-right, Christian-Atheist-Islamic, haves and have-nots -- you name it. Of course, the trigger for the tectonic jolt was the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. Even before his inauguration the [...]

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The Flying Scroll of Zechariah

Lea este artículo en español The book of Zechariah might be called the Revelation of the Hebrew Scriptures. There are many similarities between the two prophetic books. For one, both were written after Jerusalem was destroyed; yet, they point forward to God renewing "Jerusalem" and to another judgment of God’s house concurrent with the [...]

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Commentary feature suspended

It hasn’t exactly been a daily commentary. On average more like every other day —exhibited by the fact that over the course of the roughly past two years I have published 366 commentaries. It was good discipline, imposing a sort of daily writing deadline upon myself. But after 366 commentaries on the Watchtower’s Daily Text, [...]

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