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Robert King has been associated with Jehovah’s Witnesses for 40 years. Having served as an elder and pioneer for several years and more recently anointed, the time has come for the voice of a watchman to announce the judgments of Jehovah.

Jehovah will enter into judgment with the elders

Monday, November 20 Your servants have come . . . out of regard for the name of Jehovah your God, because we have heard about his fame and about all he did.—Josh. 9:9. The Gibeonites wisely recognized Israel’s backer to be the true God. Rahab too perceived God’s hand in the events of her day. After learning about [...]

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The spiritual paradise to come

Sunday, November 12 The heavens are my throne, and the earth is my footstool.—Isa. 66:1. Besides referring to the earth, the term “footstool” is also employed figuratively in the Hebrew Scriptures to describe the ancient temple used by the Israelites. Located on the earth, the temple served as the center of true worship. For that reason, [...]

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No more haughty boasters

Saturday, November 11 The name of God is being blasphemed among the nations because of you.—Rom. 2:24. What a privilege it is for us not only to know God’s personal name but also to bear it as “a people for his name.” We implore our heavenly Father: “Let your name be sanctified.” Your making such [...]

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Has anything like this happened in your days?

This is the third installment of a series on Joel. The world has been in a near-constant state of war for thousands of years —really, since Satan became the god of this world. Europe, especially, has experienced one war after the other, going back to the Hundred Years War between England and France. And as [...]

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The Watchtower’s Grand Climax Phallacy

Tuesday, November 7 Oppose the Devil, and he will flee from you.—Jas. 4:7. As we near the end of this system of things, Satan wants us to relax our guard, to “be kind” to ourselves by carving out a niche in this world, thus losing our sense of urgency. Do not let that happen to you! [...]

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It will crush all these kingdoms

QUESTION: Is the stone hitting the feet/toes of the Daniel image the equivalent / same as Armageddon, or, the start of the "great tribulation? And does the not mixing of the iron and clay indicate that not all peoples will support the "eighth king" / world order dictatorship with the kind of order/unity that Hitler [...]

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The desolation of Jerusalem by the Northerner

As Jehovah’s Witnesses consider the Bible book of Joel this week in the Life and Ministry meeting, hopefully, some at least, will give the prophecy more than a cursory reading. It is, after all, a prophecy concerning the events leading up to the great and very awe-inspiring day of Jehovah. We should all give it [...]

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An introduction to Joel, indeed!

From the time of J.F. Rutherford the Watchtower has explained the book of Joel in the most absurd way imaginable. The locusts and creeping caterpillars supposedly represent Jehovah’s Witnesses who devour the harvest of Christendom’s fertile fields of operation, forcing the terrified clergy to beseech Jehovah for relief from the hordes of unstoppable ministers who [...]

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Christ is yet to appear

Monday, October 30 You people must be born again.—John 3:7. Before receiving this personal witness from God’s spirit, anointed Christians cherished an earthly hope. They longed for the time when Jehovah would cleanse this earth, and they wanted to be part of that blessed future. Perhaps they even pictured themselves welcoming back their loved ones [...]

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Is the great crowd in heaven or on earth?

Why do Jehovah’s Witnesses believe the great crowd will live on earth when Revelation 19:1 clearly says the great crowd is in heaven? It is problematic when a single verse is used as the proof of a particular teaching. Yes, obviously, Revelation 19:1 states that John “heard what seemed to be a loud voice [...]

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The last days of the Watchtower

Friday, October 27 O Jehovah, open my lips, so that my mouth may declare your praise.—Ps. 51:15. Speech is part of our daily life, but we do not need to talk all the time. In fact, the Bible says that there is “a time to be silent.” Maintaining silence when others are speaking can be a [...]

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Who is the false prophet of Revelation?

QUESTION: Who is ‘the false prophet?" And why is he called such? Revelation 16:13 is the first mention of the false prophet. It reads: “And I saw three unclean inspired expressions that looked like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the wild beast and out [...]

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Who is the one acting as a restraint?

QUESTION: Who is "the one who is acting as a restraint?" --and why does God "let" anyone be fooled by a lie? God of love, really? The question is based upon Paul’s prophecy regarding the presence of a man of lawlessness, wherein the apostle revealed: “And now you know what is acting as a restraint, [...]

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The vision is yet for its appointed time

Sunday, October 22 The righteous one will live by reason of faith.—Gal. 3:11. We must never doubt that if we follow God’s direction, it will turn out for our good. It is vital that we put faith in the One who can really help. Paul reminds us that God is “the one who can, according to [...]

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The Second Coming of Elijah

Commentary on the Daily Text of Jehovah's Witnesses Saturday, October 21 There will be no dew or rain except by my word!—1 Ki. 17:1. In Israel’s early history, people had the opportunity to see and hear about how God acted in Israel’s behalf. Jehovah miraculously delivered his people out of Egypt, and then king after king fell [...]

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I shall have to correct you to the proper degree

Friday, October 20 I well know, O Jehovah, that man’s way does not belong to him. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.—Jer. 10:23. From the Bible we learn that humans are not created with the right of self-determination, to be independent of God, and that ignoring this fundamental truth [...]

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Just as the days of Noah

Commentary on the daily text of Jehovah's Witnesses Wednesday, October 18 [Noah] proved himself faultless among his contemporaries.—Gen. 6:9. Noah lived in an evil world but had no desire to make its inhabitants his close friends. He did not seek the companionship of ungodly people. He and the seven members of his family occupied themselves with [...]

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Whatever happened to 666?

Sunday, October 15 They are no part of the world, just as I am no part of the world.—John 17:16. We should not be surprised if the world hates us for our neutral stand; Jesus warned us that it would. Most opposers do not appreciate the importance of the issues involved in Christian neutrality. For us, [...]

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Watchtower’s Revelation anticlimax hoax soon to end

Saturday, October 14 There will be great tribulation.—Matt. 24:21. Although we do not fully understand all that will happen during that time of test, we can expect that it will involve some measure of sacrifice. In the first century, Christians had to leave behind their possessions and endure hardships in order to survive. To remain faithful, [...]

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Woe to the shepherds who are feeders of themselves

Wednesday, October 11 One man was there who had been sick for 38 years.—John 5:5. Just north of the temple at Jerusalem was a pool known as Bethzatha. Large crowds of sick and infirm people would gather there, hoping that they would be miraculously cured. Moved with pity, Jesus approached a man who had been sick [...]

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The showy crown of the drunkards of Ephraim

Monday, October 9 He will crush your head, and you will strike him in the heel.—Gen. 3:15. Abel likely gave much thought to that promise and realized that someone would be ‘struck in the heel’ so that mankind could be lifted to perfection such as that enjoyed by Adam and Eve before they sinned. Abel had [...]

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The Masters and the Learners

Commentary on the Watchtower's Daily Text Friday, October 6 This is my Son, the beloved, whom I have approved.—Matt. 3:17. Brothers who are learning to serve in the congregation should be taught to think in terms of Bible principles. For example, suppose an elder asks a brother to keep the entranceway to the Kingdom Hall clean [...]

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Leaving the Watchtower

Commentary on the Watchtower Daily Text Tuesday, October 3 Saul . . . spoke to Jonathan his son and to all his servants about putting David to death.—1 Sam. 19:1. Because Saul was determined to kill David, Jonathan faced a conflict of loyalties. Although he had made a covenant with David, Jonathan was also submissive to his father. But [...]

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In this way the last ones will be first

Sunday, October 1 Those whom he foreordained are the ones he also called.—Rom. 8:30. Jehovah began choosing anointed ones after Jesus’ death and resurrection, and it seems that all in the first-century Christian congregation were anointed. From the first century until the beginning of the last days, the vast majority of those who claimed to follow [...]

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Jehovah’s Witnesses – In the Eye of Horus

It may sound odd, but if there is anything that proves Jehovah’s Witnesses are the true faith it is the presence of an evil within. Ironically, an expression of that evil is the belief imposed upon Jehovah’s Witnesses by the leadership of the Watchtower that there is no evil presence. Jehovah’s Witnesses are supposed [...]

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Get ready to meet your God

Tuesday, September 12 Let your name be sanctified.—Matt. 6:9. Many people can recite the Lord’s Prayer from memory. In our door-to-door ministry, we often refer to this prayer to help householders understand that God’s Kingdom is a real government that is going to bring wonderful changes to our earth. Or we may refer to the first [...]

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Opening the ears of the deaf and eyes of the blind

Monday, September 11 The crowd felt amazement as they saw the speechless speaking and the maimed being made sound and the lame walking and the blind seeing.—Matt. 15:31. God’s power enabled Jesus Christ to perform a wide variety of astounding miracles. He cured not only leprosy but also every sort of disease and every sort of [...]

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Satan’s influence over Jehovah’s Witnesses

Friday, September 8 He will crush your head.—Gen. 3:15. When Jesus was born, Satan knew that this newborn child would grow up to become the promised Messiah. Would Satan reason that taking the life of a baby was going too far? Satan has no noble code of ethics. And with regard to the child Jesus, Satan [...]

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The wild beast from the abyss

Tuesday, September 5 Scrolls were opened.—Rev. 20:12. The Bible informs us that scrolls will be opened to give us directions in new world living. By studying these, all people, including resurrected ones, will be able to know God’s will for them. These scrolls will surely give us further insight into Jehovah’s mind. Guided by an [...]

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The hour of the judgment is nigh

Monday, September 4 Let anyone hearing say, “Come!” and let anyone thirsting come; let anyone who wishes take life’s water free.—Rev. 22:17. As members of the Christian congregation, how can we succeed in giving this invitation? Only by being “harmoniously joined together and made to cooperate.”  To share the message of the Kingdom good news with [...]

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They have brought Jehovah’s judgment against themselves

Saturday, September 2 For the sake of his great name, Jehovah will not abandon his people.—1 Sam. 12:22. Although God had anointed Saul to be king, Saul later became disobedient and was rejected by Jehovah. Since God did not immediately remove Saul from the throne, his misconduct tested his subjects and all who were close to him. They [...]

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The revealing of those hidden in Christ

Thursday, August 31 Jehovah knows those who belong to him.—2 Tim. 2:19. In recent years, we have seen an increase in the number of those partaking at the Memorial of Christ’s death. That trend contrasts with the decrease in the number of partakers that we saw for many decades. Should this increase trouble us? No. [...]

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Why did God choose to adopt?

Tuesday, August 29 You received a spirit of adoption as sons, by which spirit we cry out: “Abba, Father!”—Rom. 8:15. Those who have received this special invitation from God do not need another witness from any other source. They do not need someone else to verify what has happened to them. Jehovah leaves no doubt whatsoever [...]

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The Presence of the Lord has Drawn Close

Sunday, August 27 The earth will certainly be filled with the knowledge of Jehovah as the waters cover the sea.—Isa. 11:9. In many lands, Bibles are expensive and not readily available, so just receiving a Bible is a great blessing. A report from Rwanda stated: “For a long time, many people with whom the brothers were [...]

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Does Thess 4:17 indicate a rapture?

QUESTION: In view of 1 Thessalonians 4:17, will there perhaps be some anointed in the end who will not be killed, but will simply be "raptured"? Would appreciate your thoughts on this. The answer is no and yes. Allow me to explain. In context the verse in question states: “For this is what we tell [...]

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The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

The “second coming” of Jesus Christ is a commonly used expression, especially among various Adventists groups, LDS and the many evangelical sects. Catholics, Orthodox, Methodist, etc, not so much. Oddly, though, the phrase “second coming of Christ” does not resonant with Jehovah’s Witnesses at all. And there is a very good reason why that is [...]

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