Why do you attack the Governing Body?

//Why do you attack the Governing Body?

QUESTION: Before I ask this question I just wish to make it clear that this is not a personal attack on you, so please do not take offense.  Okay, so I acknowledge that you have often clearly stated that you are not anti-JW, or bitter about having been disfellowshipped, and that you actively encourage those who are in the Watchtower organization, or those who are studying with Jehovah’s Witnesses, to continue doing so.  You also state that you believe that the Jehovah’s Witnesses have, on the whole, the Truth, though you disagree with some of their teachings (1914 etc.)  However, I have noticed that you often appear to ridicule many of the teachings of the organization in your podcasts and commentaries. You also seem to attack the members of the Governing Body at times.  Don’t you think that your negativity could cause some Witness or Bible studys to stumble and leave the organization, despite the fact that you advise that they remain?

Yes. It is possible. I suspect some have been stumbled by what they read on e-Watchman.

Unfortunately, though, the Watchtower itself has stumbled many more of Jehovah’s Witnesses and interested persons than I ever could, even if that was my intention, which, of course, it is not. For example, am I the source of the stumbling blocks related to the Watchtower’s child abuse scandal that has been widely publicized in recent years?

The thing is, the Watchtower has repeatedly warned Jehovah’s Witnesses not to even peek at websites such as mine, which may criticize the leadership of the organization. So, any of Jehovah’s Witnesses who disregard that warning must take some responsibility themselves.

From my standpoint, my presence on the web is an open conversation I am having with the leadership of the Watchtower —a conversation in which I speak for God. I know that sounds presumptuous. Perhaps the more modest way to put it is that I allow Jehovah to speak for himself by means of the Scriptures. Shall we expect the Watchtower to bring the focus of Jehovah’s prophetic denunciation upon itself?

Look at the ministry of Jeremiah. He was tasked with presenting the issues that Jehovah had with his people before them, all out in public. Jeremiah posted himself in the gate of the city so that all passersby could hear what Jehovah had to say. And it was not well received by most. Jeremiah was assaulted and made to be a laughingstock —a pariah. The king even shredded and burned the scroll that was presented to him from Jeremiah.

Jeremiah rejoiced that he had the privilege of speaking God’s message, but he was rightly filled with indignation against those whom God himself called “my people.” That is why Jeremiah said: “Your words were found, and I ate them; and your word became to me the exultation and the rejoicing of my heart, for your name has been called on me, O Jehovah God of armies. I do not sit in the company of merrymakers and rejoice. Because your hand is upon me, I sit alone, for you have filled me with indignation.” —Jeremiah 15:16-17

I am similarly happy to have my assignment, but also filled with indignation because of the deception, arrogance and hypocrisy on the part of the leadership of the Watchtower.

Ultimately, through it all, Jeremiah prevailed. I hope to as well.

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  • ELiJAHx7

    Brother King, it seems if you are either loved or hated, there doesn’t seem to be any in between….I mean, this seems to be the case with those in the past who have proclaimed Jehovah’s judgments and were bold enough to speak truth to power…You know the burden it bares, but, also the reward, which is much greater!
    We who love the truth have much love for you, because you love Jehovah!
    -Luke 10:16

  • Hi Robert. Many thanks for answering this question of mine. It is much appreciated. I noticed you changed the spelling in the question from proper English (UK English) to US English. Boo! 😉

    • Anderiega

      It is an excellent question. Thank you for asking. When my elders followed my “liked” websites on FB, it led them to e-watchman and I had a (ambushed) meeting with them as a result. They diagnosed brother King as “a Governing Body basher” and told me I should stop associating with apostates. But as is quoted from Jeremiah and many other faithful Bible writers, it is not improper to declare the hypocrisy of leaders who are entrusted with shepherding God’s people. When I initially learned everything I did about a year ago, I was too “enthusiastic” because I too was filled with indignation, but I’m learning to sit back and “be responsible” and “yielding” while I wait upon Jehovah. Thankfully I don’t need to wait in the dark or all alone because I have upbuilding, aware friends on this site.

      • Andres Felipe

        Ánimo hermana todos estamos en la misma lucha…Todos estamos gimiendo por las cosas detestables que suceden en medio del pueblo de jehova (Eze 9:4-7)desde bogota Colombia…Con amor

      • Joel

        Yes you do Anderiega!

    • ewatchman

      My spell checker is American, so it ain’t to keen on British spelling ;~)

  • Andres Felipe

    La salvación de muchos siervos de jehova del pasado , “un resto “, fue gracias a la labor incómoda de los profetas de jehova , que hablaban la palabra nada agradable de jehova hacia su pueblo…Los que leemos a Robert hemos abierto nuestros ojos de las mentiras e hipocresía del pueblo que jehová escogió…pronto vendrá el castigo y la recompensa…Muchas, muchas gracias Robert.desde Colombia te amamos…sigue adelante ✔

  • we all have that indignation as well Robert. many of us hope to achieve in assignment as well

  • brother Robert Jehovah’s will always has and always will prevail it is the will of Jehovah that his message go forth through out the entire inhabited earth you are simply carrying out Jehovah’s will and I recall what the holy scriptures say.

    1 John 2:21
    I write you, not because you do not know the truth, but because you know it, and because no lie originates with the truth.

    Hebrews 11:1
    11 Faith is the assured expectation of what is hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities that are not seen.

    Luke 6:22
    “Happy are you whenever men hate you, and when they exclude you and reproach you and denounce your name as wicked for the sake of the Son of man.

    John 15:24
    If I had not done among them the works that no one else did, they would have no sin; but now they have both seen me and hated me as well as my Father.

    John 7:7
    The world has no reason to hate you, but it hates me, because I bear witness about it that its works are wicked.

    Deuteronomy 26:16
    “This day Jehovah your God is commanding you to carry out these regulations and judicial decisions. You must observe them and carry them out with all your heart and all your soul.

    blessed are you brother Robert for you are persecuted on the basis of his name.

    Psalm 118:26
    Blessed is the one who comes in the name of Jehovah; We bless you from the house of Jehovah.

    Matthew 19:29
    29 And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or lands for the sake of my name will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit everlasting life.

    yes brother Robert they ridicule you because you speak the truth concerning the coming judgments of Jehovah but blessed are you among many.

    Matthew 28:20
    20 teaching them to observe all the things I have commanded you. And look! I am with you all the days until the conclusion of the system of things.”

    Matthew 24:14
    14 And this good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.

    your assignment is clear to me brother Robert and Jehovah knows you are doing all that you can to deliver his prophetic holy words to all who will listen and most of all to bring Jehovah’s warnings to the house of god and I trust in you not as a man but as a faithful messenger and servant of Jehovah.

    as for the watchtower bible track society Jehovah’s warnings are clear only they refuse to or can not yet see.

    Isaiah 42:19
    Who is blind except my servant, So deaf as the messenger I send? Who is so blind as the one rewarded, So blind as the servant of Jehovah?

    Ezekiel 28:26
    They will dwell on it in security and build houses and plant vineyards, and they will dwell in security when I execute judgment on all those around them who treat them with scorn; and they will have to know that I am Jehovah their God.”’”

    1 Samuel 8:18
    The day will come when you will cry out because of the king you have chosen for yourselves, but Jehovah will not answer you in that day.”

    Ezekiel 11:12
    and you will have to know that I am Jehovah. For you did not walk in my regulations and carry out my judgments, but you have acted in harmony with the judgments of the nations around you.’”

    Matthew 25:30
    And throw the good-for-nothing slave out into the darkness outside. There is where his weeping and the gnashing of his teeth will be.’

    1 Peter 4:17
    For it is the appointed time for the judgment to start with the house of God. Now if it starts first with us, what will the outcome be for those who are not obedient to the good news of God?

    Revelation 11:2
    But as for the courtyard that is outside the temple sanctuary, leave it out and do not measure it, because it has been given to the nations, and they will trample the holy city underfoot for 42 months.

    Daniel 12:11
    “And from the time that the constant feature has been removed and the disgusting thing that causes desolation has been put in place, there will be 1,290 days.

  • Beverly kenyon

    It’s a thankless job being a prophet of God. They’ve been persecuted and killed. Matt5:12. Romans 11:3. And as for anyone studying or any witness who has love for God and faith in him and his Son, Jesus Christ, then nothing anyone could say should separate them from God’s love. Rom8:38,39. Brother King is an easy target for lovers of the lie. Galations 4:16.

  • Noe Namely

    Well written piece Bro Rob….. I have supported you very soon after seeing your uTube about the secret UN relationship that Watchtower was involved in. It dealt with just what I had been feeling toward the Body for years but afraid to actually give it a voice. I too love your work and no longer go out of my way to avoid being noticed by certain WT members and their so called Theocratic Warfare. I had created several screen names and switched them around often when going on uTube, I’m over it for the most part now. I attended Sunday Meeting last Sunday and enjoyed the talk very much but found holes when the WT Lesson touched on 1914 briefly. I did not enjoy actually being in the Hall, even though I was a stranger. there. We live in our RV & travel quite a bit. At times I have visited 4-5 Halls over a years time as we passed through the areas that had a Kingdom Hall. I found it interesting how different each of them were…with the strictness and close over sight of WT, I had expected carbon copies I think. That has been a huge relief actually, that each place reflected the personality of it’s own Congregation/people. I have grown my beard out again for the first time in about 25/30 years. I don’t miss that morning shave at all. I didn’t realize it would be this white, lol….Best to All!

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