This is the first of what will hopefully be regular, daily videos on a variety of topics, including questions from viewers and readers and commentary on the Watchtower’s Daily Text, or world updates in light of Bible prophecy. 

This program is based on the Daily Text

Saturday, August 18

You have been saved through faith, and this is not of your own doing; rather, it is God’s gift.​—Eph. 2:8.

In our present day, Jehovah’s people have been exercising their faith in God’s established Kingdom. This has resulted in the development of a worldwide spiritual paradise that has over eight million inhabitants. It is a place that abounds with the fruitage of God’s spirit. (Gal. 5:22, 23) What a powerful demonstration of true Christian faith and love! No human can take credit for this. It has been accomplished by our God. This wonderful work is bringing “fame to Jehovah, an everlasting sign that will never perish.” (Isa. 55:13) Our spiritual paradise will continue to grow and to flourish until the whole earth is filled with perfect, righteous, and happy humans to the eternal praise of Jehovah’s name. May we keep on exercising our faith in Jehovah’s promises!