Sunday, March 6

The solid foundation of God remains standing.2 Tim. 2:19.

What is significant about Paul’s word choice in this scripture? This is the only mention in the Bible of “the solid foundation of God.” The Bible uses the word “foundation” as a metaphor for various things, including literal Jerusalem as the capital of ancient Israel. The role that Jesus plays in Jehovah’s purpose is also compared to a foundation. What did Paul have in mind when he wrote about “the solid foundation of God”? Paul mentions it in the same context in which he quotes Moses’ words about Korah and his supporters, recorded at Numbers 16:5. Paul was evidently referring to the events in Moses’ day in an effort to encourage Timothy and remind him of Jehovah’s ability to detect and counteract rebellious acts. Jehovah’s purpose was not about to be thwarted by apostates in the congregation any more than it was by Korah centuries before.


There has been an undercurrent of apostasy within the organization from at least the early 1980’s, spearheaded foremost by Ray Franz.

Having been a member of the Governing Body before his departure he acquired some measure of authority with Jehovah’s Witnesses. Even after his death his books apparently still influence a considerable number of “active” JW’s who consider him their champion.

Ray Franz Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses 1980Foremost, Franz opposed the Watchtower’s blood policy and the teaching that there are two groups of believers with different destinies.  Franz advocated that all Christians should partake of the emblems, a gangrenous infection that continues to spread among persons who are not well grounded in the truth. He also discredited the chronology that fixed the fall of Jerusalem to 607 B.C.E., upon which the 1914 date is anchored; but of course, he had no insight into the paradox that Paul wrote about concerning the “deluding influence,” which God allows in order to promote a false parousia among Christians prior to the manifestation of Jesus.

Most tellingly perhaps, although Franz was critical of the Watchtower and his fellow Governing Body members on a whole host of issues, he found no fault with the Society’s policy for dealing with pedophilia —probably because he helped formulate it in those early days!

But while the late-Franz and his disciples may constitute a modern-day version of the sect of Nicholaus, which Jesus hates, the apostasy about which Paul warned would immediately precede the parousia is yet to manifest itself. The apostasy that must come first will not emanate from any outsider or former member. It will come from a faction of the leading men who, like Korah, will oppose Jehovah’s appointed leader, Jesus, when he arrives for the judgment.

One of the most blatantly fraudulent teachings of Ray Franz is that God never intervened in the past to set matters straight with the ancient people who bore the name of Jehovah. Franz also has apparently convinced seemingly intelligent people that the divine name is no more connected with Jehovah’s Witnesses than any other religious group; hence, the implication is, no one should suppose that Jehovah will ever intervene to set matters straight in modern times either.

Apparently, Ray Franz has had a much greater influence over the currently presiding stupid prophets than Jehovah’s Witnesses realize.