In the aftermath of the devastating terror attack on September 11 – now a decade ago – in 2003 a former CIA director, one James Woolsey by name, is quoted as saying that the United States had embarked upon World War Four. (He was counting the Cold War as World War Three.)

He went on to identify Iraq and Iran as the primary enemies, along with Syria, Egypt and even Saudi Arabia, and of course, the conveniently ephemeral al-Qaeda. Laughably, Woolsey claimed that America was intent on bringing democracy to all the oppressed peoples of those lands ruled by dictators.

(As a side note, not only has the world’s most sophisticated military superpower failed to eradicate the sandal-shod, ragtag Taliban in Afghanistan in ten years of war – a Taliban who had nothing whatsoever to do with the 9-11 attack – since the invasion of Afghanistan heroin production has soared, particularly in the British-held Helmand province. Not only are the hundreds of billions of dollars of illicit dope money being laundered through the offshore banking/hedge fund conduit in order to prop up the bankrupt European banking system, but also the deadly drug itself is being deployed primarily as a weapon against the people of Russia. The US has resolutely refused to destroy the poppy crop, which it could easily do.)

Since 9-11 the tumult set into motion by Woolsey’s so-named WWIV has killed over one million Iraqis, brought ruin and misery to Afghanistan, and in recent months the war has indeed taken on a more global nature with the recent attack upon Libya by US-led NATO forces in alliance with al-Qaeda “rebels” – with rumors of larger conflicts swirling about. Quite likely, Syria is next on the list of Islamic countries due to be “democratized.”

For a certainty, since the beginning of 2011 conflicts and disorders are flaring up all over the Islamic world, in large part nurtured by the indiscriminate killing of civilians by unmanned US drone attacks and covert operations deploying death squads, intended to destabilize otherwise relatively stable sovereign governments.

Besides the minor inconveniences such as increased airport screening, though, to most Americans and Europeans, and the rest of the world for that matter, the so-called war on terror is hardly a cause for concern. It is true; for the most part peoples living outside of the immediate conflict zones have continued to go about their daily lives all these years. That may soon change though.

What Mr. Woolsey did not mention, is that, it is apparently the ultimate intention of the dark powers steering the Anglo-American war machine to provoke war with China and Pakistan. Unlike all the wars up to the present, excepting the Cold War, disconcertingly, all parties in that scenario are nuclear powers.

As knowledgeable persons surely know, the United States is not at all concerned with spreading democracy to the Middle East and South Asia. The actual strategic purpose of the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan (besides escalating opium production for the reasons already stated and seizing control over huge oil and gas reserves as well as vital international pipelines) is to establish forward bases from where an attack can more effectively be launched against China, and likely Russia as well. Presently, America has over 700 military bases scattered all over the world – many in lands of the former USSR and formerly Soviet allied Eastern Bloc.

The former CIA man’s World War Four talk may seem to be hyperbole, especially in comparison with the appalling destruction wrought from the two so-called world wars of the past 20th Century; however, Woolsey’s comment ought to be seen not so much as an official designation of the present conflicts, but rather, as an unofficial declaration of Anglo-American policy intentions. Given the present trajectory of the ongoing conflict, war between the nuclear powers seems inevitable. And any such war between nuclear powers with ICBM’s would truly merit the designation of a world war.

While conspiracy-mongers have fabricated absurd stories that the Twin Towers (and presumably the Pentagon itself) were rigged with tons of explosives, as if massive, fuel-laden aircraft slamming into the structures was inconsequential, the true purpose of such conspiracy theories seems to be to distract from the real conspiracy. While there are undoubtedly men within the American establishment who were in the loop, the London/Saudi connection is never mentioned in the mainstream media – this in spite of the fact that nearly all the 9-11 hijackers were Saudi nationals, including the recently assassinated Osama bin Laden himself, who was a known asset of British intelligence.

Unquestionably, the 9-11 attack has served as the pretext for the Anglo-American Empire to initiate its perpetual war policy with the ultimate goal of world conquest.

Already the initial phase of the Anglo-Sino war has begun – at least the preliminary cyber war phase. And the recent NATO attack upon Libya forced the evacuation of thousands of Chinese engineers and other workers who were developing Libya’s oil infrastructure for nationalist purposes.

Somnolent Westerners might be alarmed if they knew that a coordinated cyber attack could conceivably shut down the entire power grid. Such a scenario, whether conducted through cyber war or an actual upper-atmospheric EMP attack, could possibly be the means by which the Anglo-American system is toppled in fulfillment of prophecy. 

There is no question that Americans and all so-called developed nations are absolutely dependent upon the electric and cyber grid, all of which are run by computers. Such dependency actually makes those nations extremely vulnerable to a sudden take-down of their power systems.

It may well be that the prophecy of Joel is portraying this very thing. Joel depicts armies of various, voracious insect species, climbing over protective walls and through open windows (Perhaps representing Internet firewalls and computer operating systems, which are likened to windows) devouring a defenseless world, as it were, as a precursor to Jehovah’s fear-inspiring judgment. Without doubt, a total shutdown of the power grid for more than a few days would completely destroy the financial system and prevent even everyday, mundane transactions such as cash machine withdrawals, Internet purchases and all credit and debit car transactions from taking place. Civilization would quickly come unraveled if such were ever to occur.

Obviously, the ancient prophets could not intelligibly write about an electromagnetic pulse attack using nuclear missiles exploding high up in the atmosphere, or cyber warfare conducted through cables straddling the planet and satellite communications bounced from the other side of the globe, but the symbolism employed of a horrific insect infestation that suddenly devours everything in sight would seem to be God’s way of depicting the horrors soon to be unleashed upon the modern world. 

No wonder the prophecies symbolize the day of Jehovah as a day of clouds and thick gloom, a day when the heavenly luminaries fall from the sky.

Given the treacherous nature of the dark powers ruling the world, it is not at all out of the question that a false flag cyber or EMP attack might be staged as a way of shutting down the system before government shuts down the bankrupt financiers – with the added dividend of an event such as that allowing them to focus the blame on China as a pretext to escalating World War Four to the nuclear phase.  (Not insignificantly, the US military is not as vulnerable to an EMP event given that their vital electronics have been “hardened” to protect against just such an attack.)

In conjunction with the wars and uprisings wracking North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia, the ongoing covert cyber war, and the feverish preparations for global war, pushing the whole process is a ruthless financial warfare being waged by the City of London/Wall Street Empire of the financiers against all the nations.

Although boasting of being God’s prophet upon earth, the Watchtower Society, and consequently millions of Jehovah’s Witnesses under its influence, is completely oblivious to what is taking place currently, at least as far as the prophetic significance of the looming disaster. (No doubt this is why Jehovah addresses his priests and older men as drunkards in the book of Joel during the global insect onslaught.)

The Watchtower is even on record assuring trusting Jehovah’s Witnesses that there will be no other world war. The oracle of Bethel has come to that conclusion by reasoning that another world war would undoubtedly involve nuclear weapons, which could indeed conceivably destroy the whole world and make it uninhabitable. It has not seemed to dawn upon them that that is exactly why Jesus foretold that unless the tribulation was cut short no flesh would be saved.

Jehovah’s Witnesses have been led to believe that the next aspect of prophecy to be fulfilled will be the destruction of false religion by the political system. Although that will undoubtedly occur eventually, since Jehovah himself has spoken it, there is no indication that the nations are inclined to carry out such an attack in the present political environment. First must come the collapse of the system – then the last king will miraculously arise from the ashes and subject mankind to a global, beast-like tyranny. 

Instead, the present reality before us indicates that nation will rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom on an unprecedented scale. Call it world war if you prefer. Jesus simply referred to it as a great tribulation unlike anything that has ever occurred before or will ever occur again.