Presenting answers to 60 questions posed by Trinitarians

“But sanctify the Christ as Lord in your hearts, always ready to make a defense before everyone who demands of you a reason for the hope you have…” -1 Peter 3:15

Michael the archangel with sword in hand ready to slay the dragon
QUESTION #17 - According to Revelation 22:6, Jehovah sent his angel. However, several verses later in the same chapter at Revelation 22:16, it says Jesus sent his angel. How can this be true unless Jesus is Jehovah? Jehovah's Witnesses believe that Jehovah has given Jesus all authority, in heaven and on earth. That means

Michael the Archangel and Jesus Christ

One of Jehovah's Witnesses in a discussion with young man on the street
QUESTION #13 - According to Revelation 1:7-8, Jesus is called the Alpha and Omega, Jehovah God, and the Almighty. We know it is Jesus because in verse 7 it says he was pierced. Jesus was the one that was pierced. Also, it says "he is coming" which means the one who was pierced (Jesus)

More Trinity Questions for Jehovah’s Witnesses

The Lamb of God with seven horns and eyes
QUESTION #12 - According to Revelation 5:13-14, 'the One' (God the Father) and the Lamb (Jesus) are both worshipped at the same time. The Bible is clear that only the one true God may be worshipped. How then can the Lamb (Jesus) be worshipped if he is not God? ANSWER - Some might wonder

The Lamb who was slaughtered is worthy

QUESTION #10 - In your Kingdom Interlinear Translation of John 14:14, it shows the word 'me' in the original text that is missing. A word for word literal translation would be something like, "if ever anything you should ask me in the name of me, this shall I do." So if translated correctly, it

Ignorant and unstable persons distort the truth

Jehovah handing the scroll with seven seals to Jesus
QUESTION #9 - How do you explain both Jehovah and Jesus being called by the same titles (eg. 'Lord of Lords', 'Savior', 'Mighty God', 'First and the Last', 'King of Israel', 'Rock', 'Light', 'Almighty', 'Alpha and Omega', and ‘Shepherd')? ANSWER - This is easily explained by those who know the Scriptures. First, Jesus is

The LORD said to my lord

Christ sits enthroned
QUESTION #8 - According to John 12:41, John says Isaiah saw Jesus' glory and spoke about him. The New World Translation has a cross reference pointing back to Isaiah 6:1,8. There, Isaiah saw Jehovah and spoke about him. There is even a cross reference pointing to John 12:41. So the Watchtower agrees that these

The Coming of Christ in the Glory of Jehovah

The resurrected Jesus looks to God in heaven
QUESTION #6 - When was Jehovah ever valued at 30 silver pieces as stated in Zechariah 11:12-13? And why does your Bible have a cross reference pointing to the New Testament which is about how Jesus was betrayed for 30 silver pieces? ANSWER - The questioner does not understand the prophecy of Zechariah. The

Breakdown this temple and in three days I will raise it up

QUESTION #5 - Thomas called Jesus 'God' with a big 'G' at John 20:28. Jesus not only failed to correct Thomas, but he actually confirmed that Thomas was correct. How can this be, if Jesus is not God? ANSWER - In my opinion one of the most important qualities for a person to cultivate

Stop being unbelieving but become believing

Jesus Christ is the only-begotten god
"No man has seen God at any time; the only-begotten god who is at the Father’s side is the one who has explained Him." Question #4 - According to the Bible, Jesus is 'God' with a big 'G' (Isaiah 9:6, John 20:28, etc). The Watchtower teaches that Jesus is 'a God' or 'a separate

Jesus Christ – the only-begotten god

Jesus rides with bow and arrow - Watchtower illustration
QUESTION #3 - According to Isaiah 9:6, Jesus is called 'Mighty God'. The Watchtower teaches that Jesus is rightly called 'Mighty God', but this doesn't mean he is 'Almighty God'. Since this is the case, how do you explain Jehovah being called 'Mighty God' just a single chapter later in Isaiah 10:21? Using consistent

Jehovah makes Jesus a Mighty God

This question is found at QUESTION #2 - In your Bible, you have a section of John 8:58 translated as "I have been" when it should have been translated "I am". Why would the Jews have tried stoning him after he simply said "I have been"? Jesus had just got done saying that

Did the Jews think Jesus claimed to be God?

This is the first of a series of 60 answers to 60 questions for Jehovah's Witnesses found at the website JW Lies. QUESTION #1 - How do you explain the direct correlation between Hebrews 1:10-12 and Psalms 102:25-27? They both say the same thing almost word-for-word and there are even cross references in your

Jesus created all things