After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 most people imagined that there would finally be peace on earth, or at least the looming threat of nuclear war would be resolved. Now, 30 years after the Cold War ended the nuclear menace is back with a vengeance—except now the majority of the population seems oblivious to it.

In the aftermath of the collapse of the USSR, the Anglo Empire began the next phase of its quest for global domination aimed at breaking up the continent-sprawling nation of Russia. First, Russia’s ally, Serbia, was attacked. Then, after the 9-11 event London handed their American dumb giant its marching orders. In reality, the list of targeted nations had already been formulated beforehand. Afghanistan was first, then Iraq. Next, Libya was subjected to shock and awe, and its president was assassinated; then, on to Syria, at which point Russia was invited by the Syrian president to bring its military to bear against the terrorist groups the Anglo Empire had created, trained, and armed.

Even before Russia’s intervention, the empire had begun preparing for war with Putin’s Russia, only via a proxy—Ukraine. Although most news media refused to report it, the Ukrainian Nazi battalions killed over 14,000 ethnic Russians in the breakaway regions of Ukraine over the period from the coup in Kyiv in 2014 up to Russia’s intervention. At the beginning of the conflict, Ukraine had the largest army in Europe. Now it is estimated that the Ukrainian army has suffered 400,000 dead and many times that number wounded or captured. Even Western propagandists now reluctantly admit that their economic and proxy war against Russia has failed.

As of October 7, 2023, the theater of war has shifted back to the Middle East. The destruction of Gaza is inflaming the Middle East. The one nation that was on London’s hit list that has not been destroyed is Iran. Not surprisingly the war hawks are circling above Tehran once again.

Iran is not Iraq or Libya though. It has a formidable military and thousands of powerful missiles that could utterly destroy the cities of Israel. And then there is Hezbollah right on Israel’s northern border. I expect Israel to be destroyed in the near term. Israel’s destruction by Islam would be a devastating blow to the “Christian” fundamentalists who have foolishly embraced the British Empire’s Zionism as the fulfillment of the Bible’s restoration prophecies. If every hill and mountain is to be leveled to prepare the way of Jehovah, Evangelicalism and their piled-high rapturist tripe must be flattened.

Given that Iran is allied with both Russia and China the next phase of the war will likely erupt as World War Three. WW3 will be a devastating blow to the Watchtower. What credibility could it possibly retain when its revered 1914 wall-like dogma crashes in a heap?

My advice: buy out the opportune time. We are now enjoying the calm before the storm.

Warfare is based upon deception. Although the propagandists have deceived Westerners into imagining that the newly designated Axis of Evil comprised of Russia, China, and Iran, has designs on world domination, London’s real target for overthrow is the United States and Europe, not coincidently the heart of Christendom as well as Jehovah’s Witnesses. To that end, the globalists have accelerated the bankruptcy of the U.S. dollar reserve system with the intent of using the central banks to foreclose on the nations. It is a race given that the central banks are also bankrupt.

Meanwhile, over the course of 2023, both Europe and America have been inundated with untold thousands of immigrants who are being assisted by globalist-aligned NGOs. While many are simply seeking a better life, along with the flood of illegals is a virtual fifth column of single men of military age from Russia, China, Pakistan, and Ukraine, including terrorists on the government’s watch list from various Islamic nations. This invasion is undoubtedly the scheme of the imperialists to pre-position saboteurs, so-called sleeper cells, for the day and hour when they receive the signal to attack. There are many vulnerable, so-called soft targets, such as power stations and oil refineries. The collapse of the system will then be blamed on Russia, China, Iran, etc.

It is hardly coincidental that this invasion is being vigorously accelerated in the run-up to the presidential elections later in 2024. The game plan appears to be to plunge society into chaos before the elections as a pretext for imposing martial law and preventing any possibility of Trump regaining power. Time is short. The London-run global financial system has been on life support for many years and is vulnerable to an unscheduled blowout of the two-quadrillion-dollar derivatives bubble.

Given the sharply divided political state in the so-called United States, a civil war is now a certainty. Just remember, the First World War erupted as a result of a lone assassin with a pistol—bang, bang, bang!

Besides the utter bankruptcy of the Trans-Atlantic financial system, come January 1, 2024, the BRICS will become BRICS+ with the addition of Egypt, the UAE, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. China’s Belt and Road is coming to the Middle East. WW1 may have begun with a pistol shot but the real reason for the war was London’s intent to destroy Germany’s railway link-up to the Middle East in the form of the Berlin to Bagdad railroad, as well as Russia’s interior development, all of which threatened the British Empire’s maritime domination. BRICS+ and China’s BRI pose an even more formidable challenge since they represent an entirely new economic system.

But the geo-political developments on Earth are just a small part of reality. The book of Revelation reveals the things to come. And by far the most earthshaking event in all of history will be the coming to power of the Kingdom of God, accompanied by the unseen war in heaven and the ouster of Satan and his angels. “Woe for the earth and for the sea”—says a loud voice from heaven—“because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing that he has a short period of time.”

The coming global tumult will mark the beginning of Satan’s short period of time. It will also be a time of great confusion for Jehovah’s Witnesses who have been deluded into believing that 1914 was the beginning of the end.

While patriots and nationalists will try to preserve their respective nations from destruction, their efforts will be in vain. The reason is that the onrushing global crash will be caused by the leading wave of Jehovah’s military force that is destined to wreck all the earth. All indications are that the day of Jehovah is very near.

“Listen! A crowd in the mountains;

It sounds like a numerous people!

Listen! The uproar of kingdoms,

Of nations gathered together!

Jehovah of armies is mustering the army for war.

They are coming from a distant land,

From the extremity of the heavens,

Jehovah and the weapons of his wrath,

To bring ruin to all the earth.

Wail, for the day of Jehovah is near!

It will come as a destruction from the Almighty.

That is why all hands will go limp,

And every man’s heart will melt with fear.

The people are panic-stricken.

They are seized with convulsions and pain,

Like a woman in labor.

They look at one another in horror,

With faces inflamed by anguish.

 Look! The day of Jehovah is coming,

Cruel both with fury and with burning anger,

To make the land an object of horror,

And to annihilate the land’s sinners from it.

For the stars of the heavens and their constellations

Will not give off their light;

The sun will be dark when it rises,

And the moon will not shed its light.”

Isaiah 13:4-10

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