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Against an Apostate Nation

This is an edited repost of an article originally published in June 2011 Jehovah God has a purpose. That is a fundamental truth expressed in Scripture.  God is not aimless, haphazard, or uninterested in the goings-on of his wayward creation down here, as some may suppose. On the other hand, neither does he choose to control every detail and facet of life as some religionists believe. [...]

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Woe to those who enact harmful regulations

In the 10th chapter of Isaiah the denunciation continues: “Woe to those who enact harmful regulations, who constantly draft oppressive decrees, to deny the legal claim of the poor, to deprive the lowly among my people of justice, making widows their spoil and fatherless children their plunder!" God has always required the judges of his people to look after the welfare of the helpless and disadvantaged. God [...]

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The land of Zebulun and Naphtali will see a great light

Jehovah has feelings. Seems strange to even have to say that. Sometimes, though, we might forget or fail to appreciate that simple fact. Actually, we have thoughts and feelings and can relate to ourselves and the people around us and God because we are made in His image and likeness. For example, we may feel impatient in a certain situation. That’s because God endowed us with [...]

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Unless You People Have Faith

Download unless-you-have-faith-download This article was originally posted in March 2011. It is being reposted now along with a relevant video to newer visitors to this site who may not have considered the older articles.  In the seventh chapter of Isaiah, the kingdom of Judah and Jerusalem are threatened by a coalition of Syria and Israel. The prophet Isaiah is instructed to confront the terrified [...]

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Here I am! Send me!

I saw Jehovah sitting on a lofty and elevated throne, and the skirts of his robe filled the temple. Seraphs were standing above him; each had six wings. Each covered his face with two and covered his feet with two, and each of them would fly about with two. And one called to the other: “Holy, holy, holy is Jehovah of armies. The whole earth is filled [...]

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Woe to the Watchtower Society!

  This is a slightly edited repost of an article originally published in January 2011 Upon his final pilgrimage to Jerusalem Jesus denounced the Pharisees with a scathing series of “woes.” Ultimately, on that same occasion, Jesus condemned the holy city of Jerusalem itself, saying to the Jews: “Look! Your house is abandoned to you.” Jerusalem had fulfilled its purpose. It had received its promised messianic [...]

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Jehovah’s Vineyard

______________________   This article was originally posted in January 2011 The overlaying theme of Isaiah; indeed, of virtually all the prophets, is the unfaithfulness, subsequent destruction of the faithless and punishment for the erring; then, the restoration and ultimate salvation of a chastened remnant. When it comes to salvation, people generally think in terms of their own salvation. But from God’s standpoint, his purpose has [...]

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With Judgment & the Spirit of Burning Down

This is a repost from 2010 When the Israelites were set free from their hard slavery in Egypt, in accord with God’s solemn promise to his friend, Abraham, Jehovah then established his covenant with them. No other people were in such a blessed relationship with Jehovah God. But the blessing was conditional. Only as long as the people listened to God would they [...]

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Jehovah’s Witnesses and the city of Jerusalem

This article is a repost from 2010 Jerusalem was not considered a great city such as ancient Babylon or Rome. It was not an important commercial center like Tyre once was. Jerusalem, though, had a long and rich history as the administrative capital of Israel and Judah and the religious center for all the Jews, no matter where on [...]

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Mountain of the House

This article was originally written in 2010. The Watchtower is commonly accused of being a false prophet because of several failed predictions and raised expectations related to specific years, such as 1914 and 1925 and more recently 1975. In actuality, though, only a very small percentage of the Watchtower Society’s eschatology has to do with the things to come. That is because Jehovah’s Witnesses have [...]

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