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Counterfeit words – “pure worship restored”

Jerusalem was no more. The temple that had stood for nearly 500 years lay in ruins. All the people were gone too, except for a few left behind. Many had been killed. The rest were led away to Babylon. The prophets had foretold Jerusalem’s fall. They also foretold that God would repurchase his people and restore them to their desolate homeland. This actually happened. In one [...]

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I will demand an accounting from them

"This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah says: ‘I am against the shepherds, and I will demand an accounting of them for my sheep, and I will dismiss them from feeding my sheep, and the shepherds will no longer feed themselves. I will rescue my sheep from their mouth, and they will no longer be food for them.’” - Ez 34:10 Reading the Pure Worship publication [...]

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The great sea monster

In chapter seven of the Pure Worship publication the Masters offer the Learners a few more lessons derived from Jehovah’s judgments against the nations roundabout Israel. As already discussed, despite the fact that a rather considerable portion of Ezekiel is devoted to the judgment upon Tyre the Governing Body offered no insight whatsoever into the significance of the king of Tyre being [...]

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Jehovah unsheathes his polished sword

The 21st chapter of Ezekiel opens with Jehovah saying to Ezekiel: “Son of man, turn your face toward Jerusalem, and make a proclamation against the holy places, and prophesy against the land of Israel. Say to the land of Israel, ‘This is what Jehovah says: “Here I am against you, and I will bring my sword out of its sheath and cut off from you both [...]

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Are you ready to judge them?

In the 20th chapter of Ezekiel Jehovah poses the question to his watchman: “Are you ready to judge them? Are you ready to judge them, son of man?” Ezekiel was qualified to judge them. He being a Hebrew and a son of a priest, Ezekiel would have been knowledgable of the history of the nation and the laws that God gave them —laws that the Israelites [...]

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Will you be marked for survival?

Back when I was an elder I used to speak from the Watchtower’s public talk outline entitled: Are You Marked for Survival? As I recall it delved into all the evils that are prevalent in Christendom, such as bloodguilt from all of the many wars and various other evils. Supposedly godly people who are grieved over the evils within Christendom are being marked for survival. Now, [...]

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You will have to know that I am Jehovah

“And you will have to know that I, Jehovah, am striking you.” —Ezekiel 7:9 Chapter seven of the Pure Worship publication is entitled: “The Nations Will Have to Know that I am Jehovah.” The writers cite the many nations that surrounded Israel and the wars and atrocities that took place over the centuries. By the time Ezekiel came on the scene, it was time for God [...]

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I will bring an end to your prostitution

"They will burn your houses with fire and execute judgment on you before the eyes of many women; and I will bring an end to your prostitution, and you will stop giving payment. I will satisfy my rage against you, and my indignation will turn away from you; and I will be calm and no longer feel offended."  --Ezekiel 16:41-42 Jesus was called “rabbi,” which means [...]

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Babylon, Gog, and King of the North

Please kindly explain Gog of Magog, King of the North and Babylon the great. Do they all mean the same thing? There are subtle differences, but similarities. Two of the entities have been around a long time, since before the time of Christ; that being the king of the north and Babylon the Great. Gog of Magog comes on the scene in the final part of [...]

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Jehovah fools the prophet

A consideration of the 14th chapter of Ezekiel The case has been made that Jehovah’s Witnesses are practicing a form of idolatry —the ubiquitous Organization being the idol. By the Watchtower’s own definition idolatry may involve giving undue praise or adoration to an organization. Here is what is stated in the very first paragraph of the Insight book on the topic of Idolatry: An idol is [...]

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