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Women weeping over the god Tammuz

Shortly after the great flood reduced the earth’s population to eight souls, Satan set a scheme into motion that has had a far-reaching influence upon everyone who has lived up to the present. The Devil knew of God’s intention to produce a seed or offspring, who would crush the head of the serpent. After all, Jehovah addressed that so-called Edenic prophecy directly to the one who [...]

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See the evil, detestable things they are doing

From the very beginning, the leading men of Israel were prone to idolatry. It was the brother of Moses, Aaron, who made a golden calf for the camp to worship while his brother was on the mountain receiving the Ten Commandments. Shortly after Israel settled in the promised land they began worshipping the baals. Over and over again God would chastise them. They would repent and [...]

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This symbol of jealousy in the entryway

"Then he stretched out what appeared to be a hand and took me by a tuft of hair of my head, and a spirit carried me between the earth and the heavens and brought me to Jerusalem by means of the visions from God, to the entrance of the inner gate that faces north, where the idolatrous symbol of jealousy that incites jealousy stood. And look! [...]

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I will turn my face away from them

A continuation of the Ezekiel series. When I first started publishing on e-watchman it was almost exactly one year after the terror attack of 9-11, which was used as a pretext to launch the British Empire’s ongoing perpetual war scheme. (By the way, the reason the deep state is intent on taking down the American president is because he clearly stated he was going to end [...]

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Look! A Unique Calamity Is Coming!

“This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah says: ‘Look! A calamity, a unique calamity, is coming. An end is coming; the end will come; it will rouse itself against you. Look! It is coming. Your turn has come, you who inhabit the land. The time is coming, the day is near. There is confusion and not joyful shouting on the mountains.” —Ezekiel 7:5-6 In what sense [...]

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On the Third Day He Will Raise Us Up

Can you provide a commentary on Hosea 6:1-2? Those verses read: “Come, and let us return to Jehovah, for he has torn us to pieces, but he will heal us. He struck us, but he will bind our wounds. He will revive us after two days. On the third day he will raise us up, and we will live before him.” As everyone who has [...]

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Your High Place Will Be Demolished

Part 3 of the Ezekiel series considering the 6th chapter One of the first articles published on e-Watchman was entitled The Coming Collapse of the Watchtower, which was subsequently published as a chapter in Jehovah Himself Has Become King. 100 copies of the first edition (2005) were distributed to the Governing Body and branch offices. Copies of the second edition were placed with every kingdom [...]

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You Were More Troublesome than the Nations

Part two of the Ezekiel series. When God speaks it is wise to listen. After all, Jehovah God is the Commander of the universe. He speaks the word and things happen. “Let light come to be,” he said. And then there was light. ‘Let the earth blossom with vegetation’ —boom, done. God can command the birds of the heavens, as when ravens brought Elijah meat. God [...]

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They will know that a prophet was among them

At the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Watchtower Society, a new publication was released entitled Pure Worship of Jehovah—Restored at Last. The very title epitomizes the core message of the Watchtower Bible Society, that being —the existence of Jehovah’s Witnesses is a result of the fulfillment of prophecy regarding God’s purpose to bring into existence a holy organization for his praise. While there is no [...]

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Unless those days were cut short…

Question: There are concerns that the earth might be struck by a large asteroid or comet and that the Yellow Stone caldera might erupt, either of which could destroy the world. Do you think something like this might be what Armageddon is? The earth has had numerous catastrophes over the few billion years of its existence. It has taken direct hits from huge meteors and comets. [...]

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