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Who are the glorious ones of Jude?

Who exactly are the “glorious ones” and who is the “they” spoken about in the letter of Jude? The brief letter of Jude was written “to called ones who are loved by God the Father and preserved for Jesus Christ,” for the express purpose of exhorting them to put up a hard fight for the faith; the reason being, because “certain men have slipped in among [...]

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How did Abraham “see” Jesus’ day?

Question: What did Jesus mean when he told the Jews at John 8:56: “Abraham your father rejoiced greatly at the prospect of seeing my day, and he saw it and rejoiced.” How did Abraham see Jesus’ day? The Jews claimed that Abraham was their father. That is because they knew that Abraham was the genetic progenitor of the Israelites. (Although he himself was not a Jew [...]

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