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The Revealer of Secrets

This is part one of a series on Daniel that is intended to become a brochure. Note, the information presented in these articles may be changed and edited in the final PDF   “Truly your God is a God of gods and a Lord of kings and a Revealer of secrets, because you were able to reveal this secret.” - King Nebuchadnezzar We are living at [...]

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He Has Closed Your Eyes, the Prophets

This is the concluding segment of the brochure entitled The Second Coming of Christ. Jehovah’s Witnesses will refuse to believe it. They will likely bristle with offense at the mere suggestion that those who are “in the truth” could ever be deceived by the duly appointed “slave.” When confronted with the truth they will retort with firm conviction: ‘The Governing Body could not be that wrong. It is [...]

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The Eighth King

______________ “And the wild beast that was but is not, it is also itself an eighth king, but springs from the seven, and it goes off into destruction.” -Revelation 17:11- After the collapse of the USSR, the British Empire hit upon a scheme to exploit the economic and military power of the United States to establish a new world order — an Anglo-dominated world [...]

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Why has Jehovah taken so long?

QUESTION: What is the reason Jehovah has waited this long to bring about his purpose? Its obvious man cannot rule himself. Have all these years really been necessary, if so for what? The Bible acknowledges that God has subjected mankind to futility. Paul explained: “For the creation was subjected to futility, not by its own will, but through the one who subjected it, on the [...]

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JW rapist gets sentenced to 5 years

A man who pleaded guilty to raping two underage girls he met through the Jehovah's Witness congregation they all belonged to has been sentenced to five years in prison — a "relief" to his victims. Elihu Rodriguez, 32, of Yakima, Washington, was given five years, the maximum sentence prosecutors had asked for, after Rodriguez pleaded guilty to three felony counts of child rape in the third [...]

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You did not discern the time of your inspection

This is the concluding segment of the upcoming brochure (Renamed: The Second Coming Of Christ - What Will It Mean for You?) Sitting with his apostles upon the Mount of Olives a few days before the end of his earthly ministry, Jesus spoke of the things to come. He forewarned his disciples that Jerusalem was going to become a desolate waste. Not a stone would [...]

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Taking hold of the robe of a Jew

This article appears in the WatchTower Review section I have said it before. It bears repeating. Most everything the Watchtower teaches as regards doctrine is true. Conversely, most everything the Watchtower teaches as the modern fulfillment of prophecy is false. The reason for the disconnect is itself foretold in prophecy. The simple truth is, Jehovah’s Witnesses are under a powerful deluding influence. As the apostle revealed [...]

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The Kingdom of God is in your midst

Part III Concerning the false prophets who will be empowered to perform great signs and wonders during the tribulation, why did Jesus say “if possible, even the chosen ones” would be deceived —implying that it will not be possible? What factor will make it impossible for the chosen ones to be taken in by the deception that will mislead many? Consider the experience of the [...]

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False Christs and False Prophets Will Arise

This is the second installment of a forthcoming brochure. When speaking of his second coming Jesus saw fit to warn his followers to beware of the inevitable presence of deceivers and imposters who will both precede and accompany his parousia. In fact, in responding to his apostles’ request for a sign Jesus first warned them to look out that they are not misled because many will [...]

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