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e-Watchman Radio #7

Instead of posting as videos, the Internet radio is going to be posted as audio only. To download click the little icon in the upper right-hand corner of the player. If you have questions please pop me an email and I will consider them in a future Daily Word program.  To read Mailbag article click here

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e-Watchman Radio #6

Discussion of the significance of President Trump's pullout from Syria and the leadup to the biblically foretold pronouncement of "peace and security. Here is a link to the article considered.

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e-W Radio #5 – Happy Solstice!

Are these the last days? No. But they ain't far off. The financial system can come crashing down on any given day. True, no one knows the day or hour, but obviously, it is getting close. That reality is driving the empire to push the nations into war.

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The Glory of Jehovah Will Be Revealed

This article renews the Isaiah commentary series. The history of Israel and Judah during the days of the kings is a saddening chronicle of the back and forth struggle between unfaithful, apostate, baal worshipping kings and the reformers. No sooner would the righteous kings have cleared out the idolators the next generation of regents would apostatize again. Back and forth it went for nearly four centuries. [...]

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Watchman Radio #1

Consideration of the Daily Text of Jehovah's Witnesses and a couple of news items. And the reading of a MailBag question about the Watchtower's interpretation of the beast from the abyss.

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