What are the implications for the Society in the event of global war?

We are now witnessing a massive military buildup in the Middle East and Asia. With the conquest of Iraq and Afghanistan dozens of military bases and staging areas have been set up in those devastated countries, as well as in compliant Arab states of the Persian Gulf region, for the express purpose of encircling Iran.

The United States has made no secret of the fact it has ordered the construction of monster, earth-penetrating, bunker-buster ordinance, intended to destroy underground nuclear facilities in Iran. It has shipped dozens of these to Israel as well. Even more disconcerting, if conventional bombs cannot accomplish the task at hand the US has not ruled out using low-yield, tactical nuclear weapons.

Accompanying the buildup to attack Iran the US is also deploying an anti-missile shield in Eastern Europe, ostensibly to protect Europe from non-existent Iranian ballistic missiles.

Russia, of course, knows that the missile shield is really intended to neutralize the formidable continental ballistic missile arsenal Russia possesses. The present strategic situation has driven Russia and China to cooperate in preparation for what they perceive as World War Three.

A few days ago Russia issued a statement saying if the US goes through with the AMD system they are prepared to launch a preemptive strike upon those batteries. The Cold War is back with a vengeance and at a stage reminiscent of the Cuban Missile Crisis, which brought the world to a hairsbreadth of nuclear catastrophe.

The relentless preparations for nuclear war are the result of the impending collapse of the Anglo-American-centered monetary and financial system. Many are expecting the Euro Zone to collapse in the coming months. And, of course, a crash of the Euro debt bubble would have a knock-on effect for the global financial system, since it would surely trigger trillions in debt default swaps and other derivatives.

The collapse of the financial system has the potential to bring down with it the governments of Europe and America. In recognition of that grim reality the United States is preparing for rule by martial law.

Draconian executive orders, such as the recently signed National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), allows for indefinite detention of American citizens without trial. With the stroke of a pen the signing of NDAA has virtually nullified the constitutional protections guaranteed all Americans.

This recent development may have a far-reaching impact upon Jehovah’s Witnesses personally, as well as the Watchtower Society itself.

As is well known, although Jehovah’s Witnesses are not patriots, in times past the Watchtower has championed the freedoms guaranteed in the American Bill of Rights. Numerous Supreme Court decisions have been handed down in favor of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

But in times of crisis, during the hysteria and panic of war, those legal victories may be a thing of the past.

So, we have come to a point where sober observers are anticipating nothing less than the sudden, earth-shaking crash of the Anglo-American-European political and financial institutions.

Ironically, this is exactly what is depicted in the 13th chapter of Revelation with the sword-stroke upon the head of the beast.

Although the Watchtower long ago identified the mortally wounded head as the Anglo-American duo, inexplicably the Society has led Jehovah’s Witnesses to believe that the vision was realized during the First World War – this in spite of the fact that Great Britain and America were victorious!

Concurrent with the ongoing drive for global war is the talk of peace. This is typical. When President Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize he declared it to be a mandate for him to bring peace to the world. There is increasing political pressure to achieve some sort of peace in the Middle East before the end of 2012. If accomplished this may be the long-awaited fulfillment of their saying “peace and security.”

But instead of being the precursor to the war of Armageddon, the context of Paul’s prophecy indicates that it will initiate the thief-like arrival of the day of Jehovah.

Jesus similarly warned that he was coming as a thief in the night for the purpose of judging his appointed slaves as to their faithfulness.

That obvious connection between the day of Jehovah and the inspection of the household of the master presents Jehovah’s Witnesses with a dilemma though.

On the one hand the Watchtower unequivocally teaches that Jesus’ thief-like coming took place in 1918. Supposedly that is when he judged his slaves and appointed the Watchtower over all of his belongings.

On the other hand, Jehovah’s Witnesses see no connection between the thief-like coming of Christ and the thief-like beginning of the day of Jehovah.

Obviously, there is no expectation among Jehovah’s Witnesses for Jesus to arrive unexpectedly, just like a thief in the night, in order to judge the house of God. But is that not exactly what Jesus foretold; namely, that he was coming at a time his disciples did not think likely?

Although the Watchtower has convinced Jehovah’s Witnesses that there cannot be a Third World War, the nations do not seem to have gotten that message.

The stage is now set for the day of Jehovah to erupt in all its ferocity. Look for some sort of Middle East peace accord in the months ahead.

That development will surely precede the sudden outbreak of war and financial collapse – bringing “sudden destruction” upon the Anglo-American system, which will signal the beginning of the parousia and the day of Jehovah.

From the ashes of their destruction shall arise the eighth king – likely in the form of the United Nations Organization. But gone will be the democratic, nation-state system. Instead, humanity will be subjected to a tyrannical world government.

For more than a century the British Empire has had a policy of population reduction. During the reign of the last king the remnants of the British system will implement a policy of global genocide. This is what is foretold in the prophecy of Habakkuk.

Whether the Watchtower survives for a time even as an institution is irrelevant. The future parousia of Christ will discredit the Watchtower Society beyond repair. What a test of faith for all of Jehovah’s Witnesses the day of Jehovah will prove to be!

This kingdom bulletin #6 is being distributed to congregations in the southern United States and Texas.

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