The Watchtower’s Deluding Influence

//The Watchtower’s Deluding Influence

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Sunday, January 8

Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing that he has a short period of time.Rev. 12:12.

In 1914, war broke out between nations of Europe—a war that spread and engulfed the whole world. By the time it ended in 1918, terrible food shortages had been experienced and there was a flu epidemic in which more people died than were killed in the war. Thus “the sign” that Jesus had given to identify his invisible presence as earth’s new King started to be fulfilled. Ample evidence points to the year 1914 as the time when “a crown was given” to the Lord Jesus Christ. He “went out conquering and to complete his conquest.”  He cleansed the heavens in a war against Satan and his demons, who were hurled down to the vicinity of the earth. Ever since, mankind has experienced the truthfulness of the inspired words of today’s text.


In order for lies and falsehoods to have their desired effect they have to be repeated often and confidently, in a matter-of-fact way. Thus, trinitarians often make the unfounded claim that Jesus is God. Evolutionists no longer even refer to the theory of evolution —it is a fact! Here in the United States the mainstream media regularly make the claim that Russia invaded Ukraine and Crimea, and similar falsehoods. And the Watchtower regularly makes statements regarding Jesus having become king in 1914 and Satan being cast down, such as in today’s daily text.

The definition of delusion is a fixed false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual fact. That certainly describes the condition of Jehovah’s Witnesses as regards the whole 1914 rigamarole.

Consider a few facts which Jehovah’s Witnesses cannot accept. Around 1914 the population was approximately one billion. Approximately  17 million were slaughtered from 1914-1918. A few million more died from famines. And the estimates for those killed by the Spanish Flu run as high as 50 million —taking the combined death toll to roughly 70 million.

The unsealing of the seven seals of the symbolic scroll of God’s judgments unleashes the horses of war, famine and pestilence, which are given authority over a fourth part of the earth. That certainly seems to indicate that a very large percentage of earth’s population will be impacted. But 70 million is nowhere near a fourth of one billion. It is 7%. And since 1914 the population of earth has exploded and now stands at 7.4 billion. How can there be a population explosion at the same time the world is stalked by the horsemen of Death? It literally does not add up.

Consider a closer look at some other facts.

Of course, Jehovah’s Witnesses could not possibly be persuaded by mere facts and figures. As a remarkable demonstration of the power of the deluding influence that presently grips Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Watchtower has convinced millions of otherwise rational people that there cannot be another world war in the future, coupled with widespread food shortages and global pandemics. But obviously there can be a war that far exceeds the horror wrought by the First World War. Some intelligent people consider world war three to not only be inevitable, but imminent. And there are evil men who are determined to bring it about.

There is another line of reasoning, one which totally repudiates the Watchtower’s 1914 doctrine, provided one is willing to honestly reason upon the facts. Follow with me, please.


As an immediate knock-on effect of the Devil’s violent eviction from Heaven the political system under his control suffers a mortal blow. Afterwards it revives and persecutes God’s sons for 1,260 days, also expressed as 42 months. After the beast revives from its seeming death it also compels all of mankind to worship it. The 13th chapter of Revelation indicates that all who do so will receive the irreversible judgment of everlasting death. Verse eight states:  “And all those who dwell on the earth will worship it. From the founding of the world, not one of their names has been written in the scroll of life of the Lamb who was slaughtered.”

Since it is obvious that Satan’s expulsion is directly related to the deathblow inflicted on the beast, the Watchtower is compelled to make the preposterous claim that the wild beast suffered its mortal blow and went into the symbolic abyss as a result of the First World War, but it emerged afterwards.* Besides the inconvenient facts that the Anglo-American alliance was victorious and neither London or Washington experienced anything remotely analogous to a mortal head wound, and the League of Nations was a farce —the United States not even being a member of it —nevertheless, Jehovah’s Witnesses have been deluded into imagining that Revelation has been fulfilled. It is considered to be beyond dispute.

But if it were true, if the beast had been wounded and revived back in the early 20th century, that means that not one person of the bygone generation who may have been a supporter of the political system will receive a resurrection. And the billions now living who promote the state cannot possibly avoid permanent death either. Yet, around the world Jehovah’s Witnesses preach a message of hope and salvation to the very multitudes who are supposedly already irrevocably doomed to everlasting death. And Jehovah’s Witnesses are oblivious to the spectacular contradiction. Such is the power of the deluding influence the Watchtower wields over them. 

There is an emotional component that weighs heavy in advancing the delusion. It is fear. It terrifies Jehovah’s Witnesses to even contemplate the possibility that the Governing Body could be wrong, especially on something as monumental as the coming of Christ.

Being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses is not like being a Catholic or Baptist or whatever, not if you are all in anyway. Jehovah’s Witnesses make a huge commitment —devoting their lives to the Cause, possibly suffering persecution from family or friends; spending many hours every week in study, meeting attendance and field service.

To make that sort of commitment Jehovah’s Witnesses wholeheartedly believe that Jehovah has provided the faithful and discreet slave as an infallible guide. Although the Governing Body does not expressly claim infallibility, it is certainly implied —the overriding assumption being that if they are wrong God would surely fix it. God would never allow the slave to be misled or mislead the flock. Therefore, to question the Watchtower’s teachings —even their interpretation of prophecy —is considered rank apostasy. Yet, what does the scripture say? — “And the wisdom of their wise men will perish, and the understanding of their discreet men will be hidden.”

The question is, what happens when the missiles start flying and mushroom clouds cast their deadly pall over the world? Jesus has the answer: “Then, too, many will be stumbled and will betray one another and will hate one another.”

Sadly, when the infallible slave is proven to have made a grievous error the faith of many will be shattered. And when the Devil comes down in anger and the truth is outlawed, those whose faith has merely been in men will hate their former brothers and betray them to the tyrants. That is why Jehovah allows for the deluding influence the Watchtower wields. He wants to find out if you really have the faith. Or as it says in Malachi: “But who will endure the day of his coming, and who will be able to stand when he appears?”


Note: The original edition of the New World Translation used the expression “operation of error.” The latest revision uses a more appropriate phrase: “deluding influence.” There are a number of articles on this site exploring the significance of the man of lawlessness and the nature of the deluding influence he wields —culminating in the emergence of the antichrist.

*The Watchtower claims that there are actually two different seven headed beasts that emerge from the abyss. But one abyss is interpreted to mean the sea of mankind, which, of course, is part of the delusion. 

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  • Lisa-Lisa

    Clear, logical, easy to understand unless you are wearing the Watchtower’s rose colored glasses. Great article!

  • Lev

    Question: How do you know that in (Revelation 11: 1,2), representatives of the “outer court” spiritual temple of Jehovah before Armageddon will “trample” the past “anointed” if in the “outer court” worship of Jehovah’s Witnesses with an earthly hope ?. Watchtower 01.02.98. page 21, The Watchtower .01.05.02. page 30; Watchtower 15/11/00 page 13, paragraph 15.

  • Joseph Stephan

    Once JW’s pull their heads out of the fog, they can be able to see this is crystal clear. Wake up NOW or you may turn on and hate your brothers in the future.

    • Arvid Fløysand

      Those who already are like sheep will wake up when they recognise the voice of the great Master and they will find their way out of the fog…the goats will get lost in that same fog…(i am waiting for my dear brother who is still in there…i belive he is on his way out thou..i hope and pray)

      • Joseph Stephan

        I know how you feel, I have one brother also clinging to the 1914 lie, all the rest of us have been shaking from our slumber. He thinks we all have gone Rouge, so he moved 900 miles away.

  • Beverly kenyon

    So happy Brother King has covered the 1914 Lie as I noticed at most meetings or even talks they couldn’t resist mentioning 1914, they just had to bang on about it and you say that you don’t believe 1914 to be true, they look at you like you’ve grown two horns out of your head! If you’re reasonable and truth loving then this article scripturally, logically and factually tears apart the 1914 Lie! There’s no denying it! Jehovah’s witnesses might have invested their whole lives in their faith but to be lied to is a complete betrayal of trust. The truth might hurt but a lie is much worse…it could mean your life and your family and friends lives!

  • Dean LaRue

    you would think that someone at bethel would have said this overlapping generation crap can’t fly. Let’s try something else (maybe not the truth) but anything would make more sense.

    • Arvid Fløysand

      (Well a former bethelite that i know of said so long time ago and are enjoying this site)…:-)

      • Dean LaRue

        excellent news .

      • Beverly kenyon

        Arvid, you’re that bethelite, I just know you are!! Lol.

    • Bklyn Kevin

      Hello and welcome Dean nice to have you with us.
      You know what you said makes sense but apparently the watchtower tract society is not interested in the truth concerning their 1914 scenario / delusion or there overlapping generations.

      So the question is, why are they so blind?.

      The Eyes of the Blind Will Be Opened
      But why would Jehovah allow the leaders of his people to mislead them? Indeed, if the Governing Body is the faithful slave how is it possible for them to be in such a state of blindness that only Christ’s powerful presence can open their eyes? There are several reasons.

      One, people have an ingrained tendency to follow men. Jehovah’s Witnesses are no exception. Consider the fact that in the first century Paul sternly rebuked some of the anointed Corinthians who boasted of being followers of Paul, some of Cephas, and still others followed Apollos. Paul was compelled to remind them that he did not die for them not were any baptized in the name of Paul.

      But has the Governing Body followed the apostle’s example in this regard? There is no evidence to point to in the affirmative. On the contrary, the leadership of the Society and the elders constantly lavish praise upon the Governing Body and the faithful slave and speak of them in reverent tones. And it is noteworthy that for the past few decades all persons baptized as Jehovah’s Witnesses have been compelled to also declare that they recognize that they belong to God’s “spirit-directed organization.” Read more>

      • Joel

        All good points BK!

      • Dean LaRue

        Isaiah asks who are as blind as Jehovah’s people . They will do anything to keep up their immaculate deception.

  • Anderiega

    “When Satan and his angels are cast down from Heaven he persecutes God’s sons for 1,260 days. As an immediate knock-on effect of the Devil’s violent eviction from Heaven the political system under his control suffers a mortal blow. Afterwards it revives and persecutes God’s sons for 1,260 days, also expressed as 42 months. After the beast revives from its seeming death it compels mankind to worship it. “.

    Question for clarity: are these the same 1260 days or 1,260 X 2? I’m just trying to be sure. Thanks.

    • Shelley.

      I may be wrong but my understanding is that the crash of the political and financial system by means of world war with be immediate upon Satans exspulsion from the heavenly realm.When the beast rises after what seems to be a death blow Satan will use the beast to persecute Gods sons for 1260 days.

    • ive had those same thoughts before too

    • here – “In harmony with the fact that the two witnesses come on the scene after the sealing has been accomplished”

      you and Kevin can boggle each others minds how 1,260 surpasses 150 days when they are supposedly sealed on day 1,110 which is the start of the 150 days that supposedly end at the end

      1,260 – 150 = 1,110
      2,520 – 150 = 2,370

      • Bklyn Kevin

        3 I will cause my two witnesses to prophesy for 1,260 days dressed in sackcloth.”
        7 When they have finished their witnessing, the wild beast that ascends out of the abyss will wage war with them and conquer them and kill them. Revelation 11:.

        At this point they are in a separation stage when they are undergoing a refining period as it were and they are not yet sealed.

        “Hour test” – however those who pass the test finally arrive at day 1,110 in the second half of the week and are sealed and appointed as faithful slaves and receive the little scroll thus preaching the final judgment for five months and only to be martyred and resurrected in a blink of an eye and then Armageddon ensues.

        “O sword, awake against my shepherd, Against the man who is my companion,” declares Jehovah of armies.”Strike the shepherd, and let the flock be scattered; And I will turn my hand against those who are insignificant.”
        “And in all the land,” declares Jehovah,”Two parts in it will be cut off and perish; And the third part will be left remaining in it. And I will bring the third part through the fire;And I will refine them as silver is refined,And test them as gold is tested.

        They will call on my name, And I will answer them.I will say, ‘They are my people,’ And they will say, ‘Jehovah is our God.’” Zechariah 13:7-9.

        To the angel of the congregation in Philadelphia write: These are the things he says who is holy,who is true, who has the key of David, who opens so that no one will shut and shuts so that no one opens: ‘I know your deeds—look! I have set before you an opened door, which no one can shut. And I know that you have a little power, and you kept my word and did not prove false to my name.

        Look! I will make those from the synagogue of Satan who say they are Jews yet are not, but are lying—look! I will make them come and bow before your feet and make them know that I have loved you. Because you kept the word about my endurance, I will also keep you from the hour of test, which is to come upon the entire inhabited earth, to put to the test those dwelling on the earth. I am coming quickly. Keep holding fast to what you have, so that no one may take your crown.

        The one who conquers—I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God, and he will by no means go out from it anymore, and I will write upon him the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, the New Jerusalem+ that descends out of heaven from my God, and my own new name. Let the one who has an ear hear what the spirit says to the congregations.’

        Revelation 3:7-13

    • they are 1,260 X 2 = 7 years and Jehovah him self can change his mind but Jehovah’s pattern never changes. so why would he change his pattern now? his pattern of completeness will never change the end of this wicked system and the great tribulations to come i believe will be a full seven year tribulation from beginning to end and then his kingdom will be installed. read the scriptures and look at Jehovah’s patterns and you will conclude as I have. all through biblical history Jehovah has shown his pattern never changes but don’t take my word for it go to the holy scriptures and research these biblical facts and accounts.

      • except the days are cut so it wont be a full 7

        and if Kevin wants to get real literal about it, days means two

        • Matthew 24:22
          In fact, unless those days were cut short, no flesh would be saved; but on account of the chosen ones those days will be cut short.

          but the tribulations its self will last a full 7 years that is Jehovah’s pattern 7 meaning completeness. the total end of this wicked system. now I will research this just to make sure I am understanding the scriptures correctly brother give me a day or two so that I may further research a more detailed answer brother.

        • Matthew 24:22
          In fact, unless those days were cut short, no flesh would be saved; but on account of the chosen ones those days will be cut short.

          but the tribulations its self will last a full 7 years that is Jehovah’s pattern 7 meaning completeness. the total end of this wicked system. But the final judgment witch is 150 days or five months has to come to its completion and that would conclude the seven years.

          • cutting short days from a 7 year tribulation is less then 2,520 and not a full 7 years. idk how you still get a full 7. youre saying hes going to cut it 150 then add 150 more?

            • i can clearly see you have more of an accurate knowledge to gain brother so until that time I refuse to debate this because no matter what answer I may give you it will never be good enough for you because you lack understanding and if you do not agree with my answer then go to Jehovah and make it a matter of prayer and I know if you truly seek the truth he will give you truth.

              Matthew 6:26
              Observe intently the birds of heaven; they do not sow seed or reap or gather into storehouses, yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth more than they are?

              Luke 11:9
              So I say to you, keep on asking, and it will be given you; keep on seeking, and you will find; keep on knocking, and it will be opened to you.

              Matthew 7:11
              Therefore, if you, although being wicked, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more so will your Father who is in the heavens give good things to those asking him!

              Matthew 6:33
              33 “Keep on, then, seeking first the Kingdom and his righteousness, and all these other things will be added to you.

              1 Peter 1:21
              21 Through him you are believers in God, the one who raised him up from the dead and gave him glory, so that your faith and hope might be in God.

            • then dont debate, just explain the answer so i can understand accurately. otherwise how could it be good enough if what knowledge i am lacking is not explained so i can understand. when two or more are gathered here so is Jesus. what knowledge am i lacking that is making it clear to you? otherwise im telling you now speaking for myself that i dont refuse the truth.

              not understanding is one thing but refusing to understand is another.

              you say i should agree with what answers you give but i will refuse to agree because i am lacking in understanding [of something], then you refuse to help me understand. so then how can you say im the one refusing when im the one willing to learn? give me what i am lacking so i can agree what it is youre telling me.

              Robert just said a couple days ago that he feels the tribulation wont be a full 3&1/2 years because of days being cut short otherwise no flesh would be saved. that right or wrong isnt the point. the point is even he gets the concept of days cut short the same as im being taught even here by him. subtracting days from what would have been a full week is less then a week. its simple math. 7 – days = not 7 just as Robert has said not 3&1/2 because of being cut short days.

              Robert has said that the two witnesses who prophesy for 1,260 days do not come on the scene untill AFTER they have been sealed. if they are sealed on day 2,370 in the second half as you say but then they start to prophesy 1,260 days as scripture says and Robert has pointed out, that would exceed 1,110 days past Armageddon. armageddon being the last day 2,520 of your full week.

              they are said to prophesy 1,260 days.
              they are said to prophesy 5months (150).

              150 from 2,370 makes sense equaling your FULL 2,520 week. BUT 1,260 from 2,370 does NOT make sense because that goes way past your 2,520 full week by 1110 days.

              they are sealed on day 2,370 then prophecy 1,260 days? it does not add up. either you are in error or Robert.

              just because somebody points out by their understanding what it is thats in disagreement with you does not mean they are unteachable by refussing to agree no matter what answer you give them nor lacking in understanding. but you say my lack of understanding is clear to you, so then piont out what is clearly lacking so i can know. otherwise i feel that you are not wanting to make it understood to me not because i am going to refuss no matter what answer is given me due to MY lack of understanding but rather, could it be Leon, that you dont know yourself.

              asking Jehovah through prayer is very good advice though.

              dont mistaking my honesty for lack of love Leonard

            • 1914for100Alex

              It’s definitely not the easiest thing to figure out, but that’s why we’re all here. To discuss and to learn. Not to confuse anyone any further, and feel free to correct my thinking, but is it possible that the result of things being “cut short” actually IS the reason it would amount to 3 1/2 years? In other words, if Jehovah let things go on for, let’s say 4 years, we’d completely annihilate each other, so he has to cut it just short of that and make it 3 1/2?

              Matthew 24:22 and Mark 13:20 is where we find this account. Notice how it is worded in Mark though, as opposed to Matthew. Jesus states that Jehovah “has cut short the days” instead of “those days will be cut short”. If Jehovah already “has cut short those days”, should we assume that when we read about the tribulation lasting 3 1/2 years that that’s the literal number we should go with? No doubt Jehovah can do whatever he sees fit, but I don’t see a reason why things couldn’t be cut short and still last 3 1/2 years, unless I’m missing something. I do understand though with how it’s worded in Matthew why someone would conclude that it will be less than 3 1/2, but as Leonard stated, Jehovah tends to do things in a pattern. I’m here to learn too, so anyone is welcome to show me where I might be wrong.

            • ive thought of the same thing.
              the four winds correspond with cutting short.
              the longest number is 1,335*
              the second is 1,290*
              time to cut short, seal then prophecy.

              im half asleeep. edit later*

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Please take note of what the scriptures actually say.

              In fact, unless those days were cut short, (no flesh would be saved;)
              but on account of the chosen ones (those days will be cut short).

              please take note that It doesn’t say that the great tribulations ENDS but that those days get cut short.

              (those days will be cut short). Meaning earthquakes wars and food shortages etc.
              Would be put on hold until the chosen ones are sealed.

              In other words
              No flesh would be saved but on the account of the chosen ones the destruction would be held up so to speak. Put on hold.

              And that’s when the four angels holds back the four winds temporarily as described in Revelations so that the chosen ones can get sealed and commence with the final judgment for five months and then they will be martyred and Armageddon will immediately ensue.

              After this I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding tight the four winds of the earth, so that no wind could blow on the earth or on the sea or on any tree.

              And I saw another angel ascending from the sunrise, having a seal of the living God; and he called with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was granted to harm the earth and the sea, saying:

              “Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees, until after we have sealed the slaves of our God in their foreheads.Revelation 7 Read more>

            • 1914for100Alex

              Ok. That makes sense. There’s a little pause in the mayhem. Thanks Kevin!

            • Cocheta

              I agree with you there, Alex. WW3 COULD go on indefinitely until the very last nuke button is pushed & everyone dies. But, would this be answering satan in the way it is supposed to be? No, I don’t believe so, satan has always contended that man would give everything he owned to save his soul, but if we look at Job’s troubles & the answer Jehovah gave to satan (Job 2:6) “Only do not take his life”. To actually kill Job would not have successfully proved satans case there, because he (& we) have to prove that whilst STILL ALIVE we will remain faithful despite everything that is thrown at us, otherwise there is no legal answer to complete Jehovahs trust in mankind & the question will always remain throughout all eternity that POSSIBLY humans will not stumble if tempted &/or tortured, as it was in the very beginning with our first parents

              Satan even tried to kill Jesus as a baby so that prophecy could not be fulfilled & as we know, Jesus completely answered all the claims of satan, that no-one, not even the Perfect Man would give even his life for Jehovah as he endured a horribly painful death out of pure love for his Father.

              It would be an easy matter to allow all humans to die/be killed by satan, but there is no eternal answer in that. All it would prove is that some humans lasted as long as they could hide out before they were all nuked, so had no choice but to die! In fact it would be an undeserved blessing from Jehovah to allow all humans to die before Armageddon is upon us, so that we miss the horrors of it!

              So, yes, I do believe that Jehovah has set a time limit to WW3 to give all at least a fighting chance of life & the chance to spit in the eye of satan & say ‘look, we stayed faithful despite what you did’ We must be allowed to live to give that final answer & make the heart of Jehovah glad (“be wise, my son”)

              I understand that the Gospels were primarily written to the Chosen ones, but it must also logically follow, as in Jesus’ teachings, that there will be a ‘great crowd’ left otherwise how could the prophecy be completely fulfilled that tells us that those who minister to the chosen ones will be saved?
              I firmly believe that there HAS to be some chosen ones left on earth for a short time before they are all gathered, in order to lead us by their enlightened (at that time) teachings – we will all be in such a state by then that we will need our hands holding to get us over that ‘final boulder’ to the last hurdle as it were. The WTS will not be around to lead us at that stage!

              (I got your e-mail btw)

            • Arvid Fløysand

              Very good…:-)

            • Cocheta

              thank you Arvid, the little wheels in my brain are turning this morning. In fact I have some other things on my mind that I am trying to work out, but I need to eat first before I can get them into words that make sense! I have the Insight books open at the account of Joseph & of course, the Holy Scriptures so I can work out what I am trying to get across to all of you for a debate point (or knocking me down in flames, LOL)

            • Beverly kenyon

              That’s why you were up for being a lawyer Cocheta, you’ve logically dissected all the points and clues written and as presented a good debate to think about. Then throw in the great points by Bklyn Kevin and 1914 for good measure even me with limited ‘grey matter’ get a good clear picture of that time to come. No one can shoot you down in flames for your logical thinking.

            • 1914for100Alex

              I think you’re absolutely right about how Job’s story will relate to those surviving the GT. As I read through the Hebrew scriptures I’m constantly looking for parallels to what we’re about to go through. Most people don’t have a clue that there are lessons to be learned. Christendom puts all its emphasis on Jesus dying for our sins, as if that’s the only lesson the Bible teaches that’s worth remembering. At least with the Witnesses they’re much more familiar with those old stories and it shouldn’t take much for the light bulb to go on.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Scripture for thought.

              But a physical man does not accept the things of the spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot get to know them, because they are examined spiritually. However, the spiritual man examines all things.
              Corinthians 2: Read more>

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Could you please provide the link concerning where Robert supposedly said” a couple of days ago that he feels the tribulation wont be a full 3&1/2 years because of days being cut short otherwise no flesh would be saved. I would greatly appreciate. thank you.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              I just read the link you gave me above and nowhere does it say what you are claiming
              Are you saying that Robert said he doubts the great tribulation will last for 3 1/2 years?
              If that’s what you’re saying then please tell me where does it say that in the link because I just read it twice It doesn’t say that. Please be more specific with your points so I can understand you.

            • i dont know how to word it any clearer. i also quoted him. i wouldnt had said that if it wasnt true. here is a picture.

              im going off of what i learn here.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Yes you’re right he did say that however it was not in his article but it was a reply or comment to muldoon55.

              However he says he (doubts) that the great tribulations will last for 3 1/2 years- so in other words it’s not written in stone and he gos on to conclude and say that the 1260 days are the period from the time when the beast is resurrected until the end.
              It’s my guess if we want to know his thoughts on the matter we will have to write and ask him. Anyway it’s late and I’m tired I guess we can continue this another time.
              But at least now I understand why you were saying what you said. Have a good night.

            • nope, not in the artical.
              yes im awere that those are his doubts, that is why i was careful to use that same wording myself and to later quote him so you could see why i have my own thoughts about it. yes he went on to conclude exactly what i was careful to quote him saying in its entirety also and why i said right or wrong is not my point but that he is expressing its cut short as to the tribulation not being 3&1/2 years. showing i understood its not in stone. if im not understanding what he is doubting then my bad but when i read someone saying they doubt the tribulation will last for 3&1/2 years because God is going to cut it short, then i look up the scripture that says days cut, i then ask what is meant by days cut short? is it just the tribulations cut short within a set full timeline of days such as the 2,520 model or is it actual days removed to shorten the timeline. i am very awear how Robert concluded with the 1,260 and i had thought about his comment. im not trying to speak for Robert but just what i gather.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              So more food for thought.
              DA Just for arguments sake, let’s suppose you’re right and the great tribulations is less than 3 1/2 years because the days were cut short as you say then how would you explain why the disgusting thing is in place for 1,290 days which is more than
              3 1/2 years?.

              I would love to hear your explanation scripturally of course.

              And from the time that the constant feature has been removed and the disgusting thing that causes desolation has been put in place, there will be 1,290 days. Daniel 12:11.

            • im havent claimed the tribulation is less then 3&1/2 years. im not sure yet how long or short it will be but i know the days get cut short as Robert also has shared his thought concerning the concept of days being cut short.

              i also asked and brought up the same thing as you did if you read over my last comments. 1,335* days is longer then 1,260, and so is 1,290*. cuttting them short will allow time for 1’260 days of prophesying by the two witnesses who Robert has explained are not on the scene till after they are sealed. they then prophesy 1,260 days. if they are sealed only 150 days before amageddon then that does not leave room for 1,260 but only 150. now if the days are cut short 1110 days, then they wont be any prophesying for 1,260 days but only 150.

              they are either sealed before 1,260 days or they only prophesy 150 being sealed 150 days just before the last day.

              the question is, what is mean by cutting short the days? is it just the hard times of the full timeline or the actual days of the timeline itself? a question i have already asked before also.

      • Cocheta

        if you wouldn’t mind quoting or referencing the Scriptures you are using for this line of reasoning please, Leonard.

  • Anderiega

    It’s hard for our well intentioned brothers and sisters to be clear headed when the WT prints articles like this : (next week’s study article, paragraph 9)

    “”. What is the only channel that is being used to help us understand God’s Word?

    “9 Some may feel that they can interpret the Bible on their own. However, Jesus has appointed the ‘faithful slave’ to be the only channel for dispensing spiritual food. Since 1919, the glorified Jesus Christ has been using that slave to help his followers understand God’s own Book and heed its directives. By obeying the instructions found in the Bible, we promote cleanness, peace, and unity in the congregation. Each one of us does well to ask himself, ‘Am I loyal to the channel that Jesus is using today?’ “”

    • Bklyn Kevin

      Your question . “What is the only channel that is being used to help us understand God’s Word?.
      Matthew 23:8
      But you, do not you be called Rabbi, for (one is your Teacher,) and all of you are brothers.
      You address me as ‘Teacher’ and ‘Lord,’ and you are correct, for I am such.
      John 13:13

      I have spoken these things to you while I am still with you.
      But the helper, the holy spirit, which the Father will send in my name, that one will teach you all things and bring back to your minds all the things I told you.

      • John 8:18
        I am one who bears witness about myself, and the Father who sent me bears witness about me.”

        Luke 8:15
        As for that on the fine soil, these are the ones who, after hearing the word with a fine and good heart, retain it and bear fruit with endurance.

      • Burt Reynolds

        Hello Kevin, how are we to perceive the Holy Spirit that will teach h all these things?

        • Bklyn Kevin

          Excellent question Burt and I have some answers for you.
          However I need to do a little research as to answer your question scripturally so I will get back to you as soon as I finish my research in regards to your question. thank you.

          • Arvid Fløysand

            Kevin…Your spiritual utter garments are very beautiful and in harmony with your humble mind and big heart …i hope i one day can have the pleasure to shake your hand and say “hello Kevin long time no see,i am Arvid”…

            • Peaceful Waters

              Avrid your comments always make me smile 🙂

          • Burt Reynolds

            Thank you Kevin.

        • Bklyn Kevin

          Hello Burt sorry I took so long.

          Your question : So how do we become aware as to perceive the holy spirit that teachers all things?.

          And I will ask another question.

          Did you ever see the holy spirit at work?, Well I have right here on Roberts web site, how so you might ask.

          Many brothers and sisters prior to coming to Roberts web site shared this same commonality.

          They all had mentioned they were on their last lag spiritually and that they were confused because the man of lawlessness over at the watchtower was beating them down with command upon command a little here a little there and with un scriptural man mad policies.

          I mean let’s face it all of us here when we found out the watchtower was teaching erroneous prophecies – we lost some of our hopes and dreams and It even damage our faith to some degree or another, however when we felt all was lost we continue to bag our heavenly father Jehovah for understanding saying in our minds “Jehovah I known these are your people what’s going on?, then Lo and behold we stumble upon Roberts web site and find the truth that we was frantically seeking.

          Was it coincidence, I don’t think so and please keep in mind the whole world lies in the power of the wicked one Satan the devil and nobody has any hope of rational thinking under his reign.

          So it had to be Jehovah’s spirit directing our steps due to our relentless prayers to him after all did not Jesus say”

          for everyone asking receives, and everyone seeking finds, and to everyone knocking, it will be opened. Indeed, which one of you, if his son asks for bread, will hand him a stone?. Matthew7:8-9.

          Now you can be assured if these events happen to you in a similar sequence and you’re a faithful servant of Jehovah it wasn’t just a coincidence and in fact it was Jehovah answering your very prayers guiding you with his holy spirit.

          However, when that one comes, the spirit of the truth, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak of his own initiative, but what he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things to come and (bring back to your minds all the things I told you.) John14:26.

          For sure many of us here will agree that the Jehovah’s holy spirit surely opened up our minds and allowed us to perceive not only the profound truths about the man of lawlessness but also of the future outcome.

          Now John who quoted Jesus said it best.
          And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free John 8:32.

          Now this is only a taste of what’s to come because when Jesus comes in his second coming Jehovah will pour out his spirit upon his faithful to the fullest measure and you will perceive far more then this and in fact he will compensate us for the hardships we endured for the sake of his name. Joel 2: Read more>

          But just as it is written: “Eye has not seen and ear has not heard, nor have there been conceived in the heart of man the things that God has prepared for those who love him.Corinthians2:9.

          • Burt Reynolds

            Thanks for your time on that Kevin. Very helpful.

          • Richard Long

            Kevin, I find myself clinging to a single thread of the hem of Robert’s garment. Daniel Genser’s story is one of a brother who waged a mighty war for his faith and still was, at least temporarily, vanquished. I shall likely never forget him and pray that Jehovah has a plan to reclaim him.

    • Bklyn Kevin

      Far as I can see the watchtowers so-called faithful and discreet slave has only got one thing going for them and that’s just the basic truth, however when it comes to their erroneous prophecies that’s a whole other story. That’s why the Apostle Paul clearly said make sure of all things – in other words don’t take nobody’s word as written in stone, after all did not the Apostle Paul also say”
      all the things that were written beforehand were written for our instruction.

      • ELiJAHx7

        I can still see the 2 elders blank face expressions, when I quoted the Apostle Paul, “make sure all things”, to them..
        In contrast to the “faithful slave aka governing body” who demand unquestionable loyalty….
        Yes, that day, standing in the kingdom hall parking lot, I made known to them my unquestionable loyalty to Jehovah’s truth…
        I still wonder what they talked about when I drove away…
        Hopefully, Paul’s word’s made them question too!

      • John 18:36
        Jesus answered: “My Kingdom is no part of this world. If my Kingdom were part of this world, my attendants would have fought that I should not be handed over to the Jews. But as it is, my Kingdom is not from this source.”

      • Joel

        Excellent point BK. Besides the facts that the Watchtower Society has “released” millions from the clutches of false doctrine, things like the Trinity, Hell fire, and immortality of the Soul; preaching the good news of the Kingdom (not personal salvation in Jesus as the church world erroneously teaches), and the greatest teaching of all—the Divine Name JEHOVAH—The Society has missed the boat almost completely on Prophecy.

        The question that all lovers of truth must face is whether the restoration of the “basic doctrines” of the truth (those listed above) are of such great importance that they impel one to STAY IN THE ORGANIZATION despite knowing that the other side to the Organization, namely, prophecy, is far off the mark; in fact false. Which is more important to ones salvation and the vindication of God’s great name? That’s the question of our time.

        • Bklyn Kevin

          Let’s face it we’re naturally social creatures and when we find a group that accommodates our way of thinking we naturally follow them and conform to their ideology’s as to be (assimilated) so to speak and there’s nothing wrong with that provided the group that they associated with followed Jehovah’s moral standards.

          However what’s one to do when they find out that this particular group that they had been associated with has a foundation of lies not to mention most of their personal family adheres to these very policies and will enforce them by shunning even the closest of family members if necessary just to appease the conformity of the group of course in this case I’m speaking about the watchtower and some of their policies which are unbiblical and designed to promote loyalty to the watchtower rather than Jehovah.

          Like I said in the beginning – let’s face it were naturally social creatures and will stay close to the nest regardless of the horrible things and none truths that we may find within the group especially in view of losing our personal family members if we don’t conform to the man of lawlessness whims. I tell you for sure it’s more than a hard place and rock.

          • Joel

            You are spot on Bk. It’s like “dammed if you do, or damned if you don’t! What is a conscientious JW suppose to do? My God! We’re damn there trapped!

            • Bklyn Kevin

              In regards to your question “What is a conscientious JW suppose to do?.

              I recommend we stay close to the organization until the disgusting thing gets put in place and then of course we should flee as Jesus instructed.

              However until that time has arrived we can take the opportunity to plant seeds within the congregations covertly but we should be cautious like a snake and as innocent as a dove.

              You see everyone here who is in good standings with the watchtower and understands the big picture has a unique opportunity to further Jehovah’s kingdom interest but ultimately the choice is there’s.

              They can be a covert pioneer as it were, undercover and nobody would be the wiser.

            • Joel

              I hear you BK. Excellent advice. I will take it to heart. Let’s hope others do as well.

          • KB

            I feel the same way brother. Satans grip on the leadership of the organization is alive and well. It should be visible but he has transformed himself into an angel of light. JWs accept the direction from the branch as if it came directly from the mouth of Jehovah himself. You can rest assured that Jehovahs heart is sad when disfellowshipping is used as a way to control the brothers and sisters. We shouldn’t associate with wrongdoers, but family is off limits. The watchtower has gone above and beyond scripture on disfellowshipping. Ezekiel 34 brings me much comfort and explains why this happens.

            • Joseph Stephan

              No church No organization should have the power to break up families…..NEVER● Should be a crime.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              I Agree with you 100,000,000 %.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Put on the complete suit of armor from God so that you may be able to stand firm against the crafty acts of the Devil; because we have a struggle, not against blood and flesh, but [against the man of lawlessness at the watchtower] ,against the governments, against the authorities, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the wicked spirit forces in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6 :10-12.

    • Joseph Stephan

      They have to keep the flock in submission and in the fog. Because if they dare examine the scriptures on their own a light bulb will go on!
      The sheep are nothing more than assets now, sad but true.

      • that 4,000 dollar a day still going on right? whats the total now?

        • Joseph Stephan

          Not sure, was going back to court in August and I’ve seen no updates. (Its a million dollars a year)

        • ELiJAHx7


        • Cocheta

          I read somewhere in one of the ‘anti’ groups on FB that it is currently around the $746k mark & counting!

      • Matthew 18:7
        “Woe to the world because of the stumbling blocks! Of course, it is inevitable that stumbling blocks will come, but woe to the man through whom the stumbling block comes!

        Zephaniah 3:1
        Woe to the rebellious, the polluted, the oppressive city!

        Isaiah 3:11
        Woe to the wicked one! Disaster will befall him, For what his hands have done will be done to him!

        Isaiah 5:18
        Woe to those who drag along their guilt with ropes of deception And their sin with wagon cords;

        Isaiah 5:21
        Woe to those wise in their own eyes And discreet in their own sight!

        Isaiah 5:22
        Woe to those who are mighty in drinking wine And to the men who are masters at mixing alcoholic drinks,

        Isaiah 10:1
        Woe to those who enact harmful regulations, Who constantly draft oppressive decrees,

    • Shelley.

      When the Australian royal commission asked Mr Jackson if the GB was the only channel Jehovah was using he said that it would be presumptuous of him to think they were the only ones Jehovah was using.Too bad this fact was not in a footnote in next weeks watchtower study.

    • ugg :/

    • Burt Reynolds

      It is indeed an interesting point you raise, as well as that of Nigel above, far more subtle than pride or a belief that they cannot be wrong, even tough these two items contribute deeply to the issues at hand. When that governing body chap …I forget his name…was being grilled at the Royal Commission, by the attorney about Jehovah’s witnesses being the only channel through which Jehovah expressed himself, he denied it! He said it would be presumptuous to say so. And this, after proclaiming that it was Jehovah’s channel since the watchtower was first established. He had…Jackson…I just recalled the name…one of the finest opportunities to stand up for the truth, but he was cowed and sat behind that desk like a flushed rabbit and denied it. Undeniably, Jehovah has used the organisation and is not limited to it, drawing as he does, like hooks in the jaw, the governments and others to the Great Day. But who else has been given understanding of the name and proclaimed it? Others know of it, and use it…but understand it? No.

      When safely behind his own desk in bethel, where there is no one to challenge, it is easy for him to say on behalf of the governing body, that they are the only channel, and by doing so, keep their choke hold on the throat of truth over the congregants. For the same reason, the psychology behind the majority of the witnesses is that and change to the truth is now too terrible to imagine and it is safer to stay spiritually anaesthetised…not be caused they do not want to hear the truth – they think they are being given truth, but because they feel if it were not the truth, then there is no truth and they have wasted their lives and suffered the ridicule for nothing, not even their salvation. This is why they can swallow such rediculous ‘evidently’s’ as the generations being multiple! What they are told, all that they are told, has to be truth, no matter how incredible. They have not been lied to, it’s just new understanding. The governing body are given Devine understanding, even though they say they are not….they are just ‘being modest.’ This is how the captive mind works.

      Their fault is that they have not based thier belief on the fact of, and truth of, the bible. Thus all that they are fed, told, inferred, is a completed mindset, so powerful, that it reaches every corner of their faith. The test of course, would be if they are able to understand that, when the time comes….not the sure truth, for that will be shown to them, but to recognise the deceit that they have laboured under. It begs the question, is the deceit about the truth, or about the self when the truth is so clear to understand. Why is the truth so clear, yet so hidden? Is the truth hidden by Satan, or does Satan compel the person to decieve themselves, and which is the more powerful hold? Satan arguably cannot conceal the truth. You may wonder when you think how difficult it is to persuade a witness to think for themselves. It is a conceit so subtle that it seethes through to the very depth of ones perceived existence.

      It is odd, is it not, that far from the bible being so complex that the governing body demands that it requires a body of largely uneducated, apparently divinely blessed men, to to expound the primary command of Jehovah, that being, that without love, all else that we do is worthless. We may ask ourselves why the personification of love is so totally lacking in the watchtower as the seat of all their learning.

      • Beverly kenyon

        Hiya Burt, you’ve made my gloomy day here in a wet soggy Manchester a bit brighter seeing you back. Yay!! And of course you’re on blistering form with that fantastic post! Yeah, that Geoffrey Jackson used that old nugget, the Lie of Ommission! So fast forward months and in next week’s study article paragraph 9 it states the faithful slave is the only channel for dispensing spiritual food then further then ends by guilt tripping the reader with the question, ‘Am I loyal to the channel that Jesus is using today?’ Shameless!

        • Burt Reynolds

          Hello Beverly, thanks for your note. I’ve not been away, I’ve just been ill. I think my pacemaker turned itself off. I’m getting it fixed at the NHS KwickFit. They are ‘outsourcing’ again. I had forgotten about the ‘spiritual warfare’ let-out clause for lies and abdication of responsibility and aliegence. Good point. I don’t think the bible truth can be hidden. Of course I don’t know, but if you stop to think about it, we all know it’s true we will die, but we choose not to think of it. Maybe because eternity is built into us. When I was in the congregation, I felt safe. I would see the end. I need not die. This must be the truth. If that illusion is shattered, as it was for me, the person has no option but to re-evaluate. But if it is not taken away, then the impetus to search is lacking. So when the end comes, those still under the warm duvet will have to choose to stay there, or jump into an unknown void. What better deception can there be to hide the lie in a cosy half truth and appeal to the emotive person that over rides sense with comfort….yet they do not know it.

          It seems odd to me that the majority of people who have left the watchtower have done so because of some altercation or let-down and they have been treated harshly. Yet the bible says to forgive, so they forgive and stay and over-ride their natural inclination and wonderment at such events. They remain blind because it is easier than believing the outcome. Those that do force themselves to see the elders proving false to the power of truth, are forced to look again and wander around in an anchor less faith that looks for the father. How difficult is that going to be when you are led to believe that the father has abandoned you? ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me…’ And thus as the scriptures say, they betray one another and offer each other up to be killed in their desperation of apparant abandonment. We are fortunate indeed to have been found wanting by the watchtower at this time and forced to look again at the facts.

          • Arvid Fløysand

            it made me very happy to see Basil in the comment-section today…and as usual some well formulated comments along with it…good to have you here Burt..i hope you will have the best pacemaker there is…kind- hearted people deserve the best..btw..your peacemaker seems to be very strong and functional 😉

          • 1914for100Alex

            It boggles my mind that anyone would consider thinking that Jehovah has abandoned them as opposed to thinking that maybe, just maybe, they were lied to. I hope the majority are open to a new explanation. It’s right there in black and white. Why would you give up or continue clinging to a lie? But sadly, some will.

          • Joseph Stephan

            Burt, I’ll jolt you with some high voltage to get you going again!????no charge.
            Hope you feel better soon! ?

          • Beverly kenyon

            Wow, Burt, that’s horrible to hear you’ve been ill. I didn’t know you had a pacemaker. Well, I hope they can fix it at the NHS kwickFit, that’s so funny, and that’s what I missed…that humour! Our NHS is in such a mess but I hope you’re being looked after and not left in a corridor! Or we might have to plug you in and give you 1000 volts as suggested by Joseph! Lol. All I know is that I’m so glad that you’re okay and you’re back here with your words of insight and wisdom. I’m not meaning to sound harsh when I say this, but we went searching for truth because we were either treated badly in our congregations or we felt things were wrong and weren’t adding up so why can’t they do the same or do they like the status quo ( not the band ), or as Jehovah himself says, my people like it that way. Jeremiah5:31. And you try to waft the FOG from around them, you’re treated like a pariah, something unpleasant on their shoe! I will try my hardest to be forgiving as I also want to be forgiven but I have a real problem with anyone treating me like that. But like the scripture at Roman1:25 that Bklyn Kevin posted before where it talks about them exchanging the truth for a lie…it sums up the situation in our religion. Sad but true!

          • Joel

            Love you Burt. Keep on brother, keep on. Your comments are stellar!

      • Beverly kenyon

        Also one more thing Burt, the lying tactic Jackson used is called spiritual warfare so he most probably felt justified in lying under oath actually thinking he’s doing God a service. That’s why when Jesus arrives in his real parousia he will say to them, get away you workers of lawlessness.

        • Bklyn Kevin

          Then, indeed, the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will do away with by the spirit of his mouth and bring to nothing by the manifestation of his presence. 2 Thessalonians 2:8.

          • Beverly kenyon

            Love that scripture Bklyn Kevin as that’s gonna be the solution to what we see happening in God’s house. Also loved the Romans 1:25 you posted as well. You also mentioned in a post to someone about the only thing the WT/GB has got going for it is teaching the basic truth…I think that’s a neat and tidy way to put it to someone…that’s it…no messing about!

      • ewatchman

        So true.

      • Bklyn Kevin

        Excellent thoughts Burt thank you for sharing.

        I enjoyed the point you brought out concerning why the brothers and sisters believe in the lies that the watchtower tells them – you said in so many words-

        “This is why they can swallow such rediculous lies from the watchtower like the multiple generations scenario.
        They believe all that they are told, has to be truth, no matter how incredible the lie.

        The brothers and sisters more than likely say to themselves in order to appease their own conscience.
        “They have not been lied to, and it’s just new understanding. The governing body are given Devine understanding, even though they say they are not….they are just ‘being modest.’
        (This is how the captive mind works.)

        For there will be a period of time when they will not put up with the wholesome teaching, but according to their own desires, they will surround themselves with teachers [watchtower] to have their ears tickled. They will turn away from listening to the truth and give attention to false stories. Timothy 4:3-4

        They exchanged the truth of God for the lie and worshippe and rendered sacred service to the creation rather than the Creator, who is praised forever. Amen. Romans1:25.

        But the lawless one’s presence is by the operation of Satan with every powerful work and lying signs and wonders and every unrighteous deception for those who are perishing, as a retribution [WHY] because they did not accept the love of the truth in order that they might be saved. 2Thessalonians 9-10.

        • Joel

          Here, here!

      • ELiJAHx7

        Yes, “lying to ones self”, how devilishly clever!
        Pride before a fall…so goes satan!

        • Joel

          so true

      • Joel

        excellent reasoning Burt! Bravo!

      • Thinking

        Hey Burt…there’s a loop hole with what B Jackson said about it being preposterous to think they were the only channel God was using ….I got caught out with repeating this ….he actually uses the word . SEEMS ..before that
        SO …he’s saying … seems preposterous to think we are the only channel God is using….
        It’s a play of words….I had to go back and watch it a few times….
        He played the politician….
        I remember years a go a elder asked me what he thought of a interview given by a member of the GB…on TV..I said I didn’t like it..I felt he was being dodgy..and this elder said yeah ..he was playing the politician and he didn’t like it either…this was way before TATT for me…that elder is now a CO..I wonder what he thought of it…
        Hang in there My dear Brother…..Jehovah sees all…and we are enduring under difficult times…xx

        • Burt Reynolds

          Thanks for that Thinking. It ‘seems preposterous’ that I need new batteries for my hearing aids! I have to say I admire his slight of hand.

    • e.v.g

      Tyrants indeed, liars, negligent men. When the system shuts down they’re going to cry of fear along with their arrogant witnessess.

    • Joel

      “. . . loyal to the channel that Jesus is using today.” are you kidding me? No where in the Bible, or in the history of Israel, or the early Christians, has God ever directed His people to be loyal to a man-made Institution. No where! Loyalty to GOD and His Son is all!

  • sorry Mr. Watchtower man of lawlessness but Jesus was already given a crown (of thorns) in the 1st century and authority in heaven and on earth has been given him long before 1914. Matthew 28:18 John 19:2

    • Nigel

      Your point being…?

      • that what the bible teaches in conflict with the WT’s daily text today about 1914. my point should be clear in my comment. idk why you ask

        • Nigel

          Because I don’t see the connection between the points in Brother King’s article (the “deluding influence” and the 1914 error) and your points. Everyone, even the WTS, agrees that Jesus was given “all authority” over 2000 years ago.

          • “Everyone, even the WTS, agrees that Jesus was given “all authority” over 2000 years ago.”

            that is why they are guilty of “double-speak” concerning 1914 hogwash. he was crowned twice? he was given athority again “2000” years later? nonsence! he sits on two thrones? he comes on multiple occasions? whitewash!

            “earth’s new King started to be fulfilled”? really, over a hundred years and God’s son still hasnt conquered this wicked system into a paradise? no way.
            last i checked the scripture says from the time the 8th king is installed to the END is 1,290 days not over 100 years.

            “Ample evidence points to the year 1914 as the time when “a crown was given” to the Lord Jesus Christ” ample evidence? horse shit!

            • Nigel

              Ok, I see your point now.

            • maybe im the only one who ever gets them. i dont expect you to be a mind-reader. i didnt make plans for Nigel to understand best for him when i posted my comment :p

            • ELiJAHx7

              What would the comment section be without a D.A. anyways? LoL
              You have to appreciate the differences in all of us, it would be completely boring if we all were the same…
              But, we are on the path to follow Christ, and that makes us family!

            • ELiJAHx7

              I hope you get that! LoL

            • yeah ive been waiting for a chance to type that Nigel joke. looks like i pulled it off :p

            • Nigel

              lol. My wife loves that song…

            • yeah i do too. ^_^

  • Nigel

    Thanks for the clear article Brother King.

    Personally, I heard you loud & clear about the “fear factor”; I recall that when I first started learning of the 1914/607BCE discrepancies I literally shut my mind to the issue for at least 6 months. I didn’t want to think of the possibility of the WTS being in error & all that such enlightenment would entail. (Thankfully the Lord brought it up to me repeatedly until I began an honest investigation: Hallelujah! Praise Jah for His patience & mercy!)

    I’d like to suggest that there exists another fleshly flaw that is keeping many JWs bound by this deluding influence: Pride.

    JWs cannot fathom the possibility that they, as representatives of WTS, could be wrong in any way!! They, alone, have the complete truth & all other professing “Christians” are destined to be nothing more than land-fill in Hades!

    Alas, how great is their error in this 1914 matter & what arrogance & pride this has resulted in!

    Of course, there are many true Christians to be found within the ranks of the JWs who will gladly follow Jesus, and not mere mortal men, when He is finally revealed so not all is/are lost…

    (Indeed, it’s my belief that true Christians can be found in most assemblies that confess Christ as their Lord, even if they do not use the name of Jah and they think Jesus died on a cross, not a stake (not that knowledge of such a inconsequential fact will either grant or inhibit entry to the Kingdom, anyway.))

  • “there can be a war that far exceeds the horror wrought by the First World War” yeah it was called the civil war in 1861 to 1865 lol

  • ELiJAHx7

    Sometimes, I dare browse the “web” to gauge the status of the vast “ex-jws”, who have taken to the internet and comment sections….
    I can tell you with a certainty that the anger and hatred is at a fever pitch!
    It doesn’t take much imaging as to how they want to deal with the watchtower and active Jehovah’s Witnesses…
    When satan and his demonic hoard are cast down and bound, in fierce and full control…Yes, those who truly have faith, will face the wrath of those who have chosen hatred instead of love, faith in men, and not Jehovah…
    But, have no fear, Jehovah will by no means leave those who remain faithful to Him!

    • Beverly kenyon

      Yeah, Elijahx7, being lied to and betrayed are emotions that cut deep so for some of those haters they’re dealing with it by lashing out or others deal with it by internalising the pain and I know that two wrongs don’t make a right. But the Watchtower Man of Lawlessness ( a phrase coined by DA, brilliant!), isn’t innocent of being hateful as well with the name calling and put downs with anyone who doesn’t tow the ‘company line,’ names like, apostate, worldly, spiritually weak and the ‘best’ nasty one, mentally diseased! So yeah, you’re right, those who choose hatred and put their faith in men will face the wrath of the King, Jesus Christ who Jehovah has entrusted all things to!

      • ELiJAHx7

        I agree…I have been called “apostate” by my own relative who is also a witness…I thought myself to be a tough guy, but, to be called that, hurt….I admit
        I am anything but apostate, so I continue to pray for those who do not ” know what they do”….
        Jehovah knows me better than they ever will…

        • Beverly kenyon

          Well, Elijahx7 you’re in good company as wasn’t Jesus called nasty things by the religious leaders! Yeah, that does hurt when called that particular name and by someone related by blood and related to you by faith which Arvid pointed out that, that bond runs deeper so yeah, that’s gotta hurt! Never mind….sticks and stones and if that witness relation doesn’t change well like the rest of them Jehovah says, terror will make them understand!

          • Noe Namely

            Hi, What do you mean when you say…Terror will make them understand? What is it they will understand by this Terror? Is it meant to Terrorize people so that they might be saved in the nick of time after gaining the “understanding” you mentioned? Or the Terrorizing ia punishment and their end, once they finally do understand & realize what it all meant whether it was intentional or actually an actual case of not understanding because of mass misinformation from several sources? I admite, the longer I have been associated with the JW, the more confusing it has become for me, to the point i have left there and can’t seem to make myself return for fear of being judged for merely putting on an act that i believe the mistaken Doctrine just to fit in and be accepted? I have truly stalled and am now like that saying of being like the “Deer in the Headlights.” Thank You….

            • Beverly kenyon

              Hiya Noe Namely, the ‘terror’ I spoke of in my post to EliJahx7 is found in Isaiah chapter 28. I see it as when you say to your child when they keep pursuing a bad course and just won’t be told, you say, ‘well you’re going to have to learn the hard way!’ And that’s what Jehovah is saying to his people when you read that chapter in Isaiah. I’m not really sure if there’s an actual scripture that says, terror will make them understand…those words sounds vaguely familiar so I would need help locating that scripture as I’ve tried finding it but couldn’t. I do understand your dilemma and it’s a conscience thing and based on your circumstances and only you can make that decision whether to stay in and continue being an active JW. You said, ‘if I go into Field Service again,’ well for me personally, that’s the important thing being a JW, telling of the Kingdom message, so I felt a bit jealous you saying that. When I see witnesses out on the Ministry I look at them wishing it was me there with them, feeling excited about who I might find at a door who is willing to have a good chat about the message…it makes me feel a bit sad I’m not involved like that as I remember how I used to do that, but that’s my personal opinion. I think you can get round not misleading people with WT false doctrines…but you have to be smart and crafty…serpent and doves, and without bringing attention to yourself. Don’t know if you know but I went back and messed up royally, so now I’ve learned my lesson and I’ve scouted out another KH I’m thinking of visiting as I’ve been compromised at that last KH…compromised of my own doing…so I won’t be falling for that trick again!! I also ask Jehovah to please guide me where he thinks I should be, so that’s another suggestion to think about. For moral support keep visiting sites like EWatchman and Perimeno, Baruq and Timothy Kline and everyone’s comments here on this site as there’s some truly spiritual and loving, real, humble, clever Brothers and Sisters, and most of all you’re not on your own with some of the things that’s bothering you…a lot of us on this site can relate to your concerns. Lovely meeting you.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Only Terror Will Make Them Understand. Isaiah28: 19.
              Read more>

            • Beverly kenyon

              Knew it!!! Bklyn Kevin…that’s amazing…I knew that scripture was there to be found! I kept looking but couldn’t see the wood for the trees…I knew it was there! Only saw my scribblings in my notebook for the Isaiah chapter 28, went on my Bible Hub app punched in key words and zilch! Aargh! Bklyn Kevin you’re like an Angel…there in seconds…no, nano seconds…isn’t that how Angels with their awesome energy can travel, and it’s clean energy…not like our prehistoric and primitive way of travelling…don’t care if it’s a Jaguar (my favourite car), or any other high performance car, it’s still primative the way we travel, that’s why can’t wait to see in Jehovah’s New World how we’ll be travelling. Thanks for that Bklyn Kevin. Hope Noe Namely see’s your post and checks it out.

            • ewatchman

              The prophecy in the 28th chapter of Isaiah is addressed to the leaders of God’s people who claim to know all. They present themselves as being in a covenant with death, as if being above God’s rebuke or reach. Yet, from God’s standpoint they are spiritually drunk. They do not understand the very judgments contained in prophecy which they presume to explain to their flock. No mere human can correct them of their error. Believe me, I’ve tried. Only global terror can arouse them from their delusion that Christ has already come and bestowed his blessing on them. But the wicked slave will not benefit from the rebuke.

      • sally

        Good points Sister Beverley! But don’t forget serious questioners of the WT are also viewed as potential “viewers of pornography” (don’t ask me how the the one leads to the other but hey ho). Also being you are being “weeded out by the Angels” if your not towing the line. The WT has far more cutting remarks and accusations of people than everyone else put together!

        • Beverly kenyon

          Yeah Sally, I’d forgotten that little nasty ridiculous ‘gem’ of their’s. Is that a mick take? Pornography…seriously…Euww! If it wasn’t serious it would be beyond laughable! They’re gonna find that sometime in the near future they’re the ones to be weeded out out by the Angels for bringing reproach and profaning Jehovah’s name!! Good to hear from you Sally. Hope you and family are in good health and well. Do you think that’s the Watchtower Man of lawlessness having a dig with those stupid infantile put downs?! Not just a dig but a giggle as well because it’s so ridiculous!!

      • Joel

        You are so right Beverly. Names like apostate, mentally diseased, worldly, spiritually weak, are all phrases that hurt indeed. That is why many JWs who are fortunate enough to learn the “truth of the truth,” decide to STAY IN the Organization, rather than leave and face THE wrath of the Organizations judicial arm of discipline. Love for family and friends is one thing; but love—and loyalty—for Jehovah, and His Son Jesus Christ, is a quite another. It is in fact the ONLY “devotion” that will matter in the end.

        • Beverly kenyon

          Hiya Joel, I’m not being funny but I couldn’t make out from your post to me whether you were having a go at me for being critical of our ‘glorious leaders’ or whether you were agreeing with some of my points…if I’m wrong please, please forgive as I think a lot of you as a Brother…so humble and full of that righteous energy that I adore. Also I’m very worn out today, had lots to do, and being fatigued I get sensitive and emotional…so please forgive me if I’m wrong, I would never deliberately want to hurt your feelings. Those awful, nasty horrid names come from the WT/GB themselves, written in their literature, endorsed by them so therefore giving permission to witnesses who hang on to their every word the green light, the go ahead to hurl those names at ones who they judge to be not towing the company line, disagreeing with them, using their discernment and critical thinking, their wonderfully designed brain and God given free will. I have absolute respect for ones who know the REAL TRUTH but choose to stay in God’s house, ones like KB and his family, that man really struggles with those meetings but he’s there and others on this site who despite their awful treatment in a place that should be viewed as a sanctuary from this ghastly world, instead are mistreated by ones who are suppose to love them intensely and supposedly related to them in the truth! I would honestly say, that meets the criteria of an abusive relationship! I still to this day find that shocking in my religion. We’re suppose to die for each other but you know the scripture…instead they’ll be betraying each other and handing each other over to the authorities to be killed…the ultimate betrayal. I’m so happy I’ve been forewarned about how it will all unfold as I would NEVER want to be guilty of such a thing…I have enough imperfections and sins of my own as it is!!!

          • Joel

            Hey sister Beverly! No, I am not being critical of you. In fact, I am agreeing with you! I agree with all that you have said.

            • Beverly kenyon

              Aww, sorry Joel, I just couldn’t make out some of that post, mind you I was extremely tired so everything wasn’t making sense. When tired I really can’t function or think straight. So sorry, as there’s no way I would want to offend you. Thank you for the reply…appreciate it.

    • Joel

      You are so right Elijah, the anger that other ex-JWs feel toward the Organization is palpable. Many JWs left family, friends, loved ones to pursue the “deluding influence” that the Watchtower presents as truth. So when it comes out that the Organization was right in general doctrine—but wrong in prophetic speculation—the FAITH of many is and will be shattered! Faith in the true God Jehovah will be the telling point of many.

  • According to John12:1-50
    42 All the same, many even of the rulers actually put faith in him,+ but they would not acknowledge him because of the Pharisees, so that they would not be expelled from the synagogue;+ 43 for they loved the glory of men even more than the glory of God.+

  • According to John
    Jesus said these things and went off and hid from them. Although he had performed so many signs before them, they were not putting faith in him, so that the word of Isaiah the prophet might be fulfilled, who said: “Jehovah, who has put faith in the thing heard from us? And as for the arm of Jehovah, to whom has it been revealed?” The reason why they were not able to believe is that again Isaiah said: He has blinded their eyes and has made their hearts hard, so that they would not see with their eyes and understand with their hearts and turn around and I heal them. Isaiah said these things because he saw his glory, and he spoke about him. All the same, many even of the rulers actually put faith in him, but they would not acknowledge him because of the Pharisees, so that they would not be expelled from the synagogue; for they loved the glory of men / [watchtower] even more than the glory of God. John 12:37-39

  • since the change is deluding influence, i guess you could also read 2-Thess 2:9 as the delusion of Satan

  • Searcher

    No doubt WW1 had far reaching effects but primarily in Europe, WW1 played no small part in shaping modern Europe as we know it today. The main battle field was France and Belgium particularly in the closing stages and certainly could not be described as being a world war geographically, some historians believing the label WW1 is misleading as to the true nature of the Great War as it was know pre WW2.

    For a more in-depth read:

  • Simpletruth

    Wonderfully written, thanks!

  • SilverPhoenix55

    Finally, something that makes sense!

  • True Witness

    Hello brothers and sisters.
    Another clear article about how wrong 1914 theory is. It is like Trinity and Christmas. Many believe without checking. This is real delusion of Satan. How sad that in JW organization such a powerful lie exists and it will kill many from JW . How wicked GB is that allows people to die like this.

  • Anderiega

    The more I study, the bigger the mess (deluding influence) pile grows. I don’t know how brother King and others of you keep your thoughts so organized!! What are some specific WT or literature articles that “matter of factly” state that JWs will stroll on out the other side of the GT after the UN and the Kings of the Earth turn on false religion. (I know I’ve read it many times and I can visualize the WT paintings depicting such delusions)

    Oh how I’d love to comment on Isaiah 32:14 this week! “For the fortified tower has been forsaken; the noisy city has been abandoned. Ophel and the watchtower have become a permanent wasteland. A delight for wild donkeys, a pasture for the flocks.”
    I’d love to say this: “just as the Jewish religion representing the Law was a tutor leading to the Christ, the watchtower has been a tutor for Jehovah’s witnesses today, but Isaiah is clear in showing how Jerusalem/ Ariel/ Ophel will be done away with when Jesus reigns for righteousness (Isaiah 32:1), so we have these words in Isaiah and many other Bible books to prepare us for the day when the watchtower is destroyed.”

    • Arvid Fløysand

      We are all more than less walking around like super- Vulcanos feeling ready to erupt any time with all the wonderful Kingdom-news of REAL truth…we really struggle to hold back..its a natural urge for all who 100% LOVE Jehova God and our glorious King Jesus AND this fantastic pure TRUTH,..that we want to almost explode and tell the whole world those wonderful news…and most of tell our dearest own brothers and sisters…so what is Jehovas plan with us?i am not sure..but i AM sure there IS a wonderful plan…and i do belive HE will guide and control all of HIS “vulcanos” to erupt in just the right time…i too feel so ready for this moment…have so much to share and give…(i for myself must admit that i am a” leaking” Vulcano…i share little by little to those who are hungry..)…we indeed live exiting times …we must pray and try our best to stay very close to Jehova..:-)…(may Jehova continue to bless you and all of our fine brothers and sisters on this site and out there were ever they might be)…warm brotherly love to you all from your brother in truth

      • Beverly kenyon

        Thank you Arvid for the warm brotherly love you’ve sent to all of us. That’s how I feel about the REAL truth that I’ve been so fortunate to learn from this site. I want tell every single person I talk to about what I’ve learned..I’m bubbling to tell everyone and that’s the same exciting feeling i felt when one day as a sixteen year old I opened the door to a blonde woman who told me about Jehovah’s Kingdom and how we weren’t meant grow old and die and how the Kingdom was going to do away with injustices…I was blown away!!! After a few visits from her I told any and everyone who would listen about what God was going to do and I still feel that exciting feeling of I have to tell everyone about the Kingdom and the benefits it will bring to mankind but of course it’s so much more better now I know the REAL truth of God’s word…the passion for me has never waned.

        • Arvid Fløysand

          Yes its amazing isnt it ?first of all we are so fortunate to be borne in to this world..What is the chance of that?…its in fact much easier to vinn first price in a big lottery…and than we move on and who is super lucky one more time?..we were..first price one more time…WOHOOO…so happy we were when we learned the beautiful truth…and than the most unexpected …this GOLDEN ticket..the truth about the truth…no wonder we keep asking why us?…i for sure do not feel worthy of ALL this…Jehova is a wonderful wonderful God…we all are so very very lucky..we just have to stay lojal and endure so that we can reach the “other”side and be able to let Jehova know how thankful we are for all He done for us…:-)

          • Beverly kenyon

            Arvid, I love that illustration. I have my Golden Ticket and nothing will be prising it out of my little mitts (hands). So now, as you rightly say, endure and stay loyal while holding our Golden Ticket and that rope with Jesus pulling us all the way into Paradise..that rope illustration was another good one Arvid.

  • I recently became an unbaptised publisher, just a few weeks ago, after having studied for about 3 years with the JWs. I actually got “The knock” about 6 years ago, but for the first two or so years I just accepted the magazines on a monthly basis, no home Bible study or anything like that. During the two years prior to my starting a Bible study I did a lot of self-study using the books on the JW website, and I also visited a lot of forums and websites that were run by either bitter ex-JWs, those who were never JWs but believed they knew everything there was to know about JWs, and, of course, sites like this one run by ex-JW but without the hate/bitterness etc. I have also read a number of books written by ex-JWs, such as “30 Years a Watchtower Slave”, “Crises of Conscience” among others. My religious background is 20 years as a “born again evangelical” Christian. Anyway, I just wanted to give a little introduction to me first so that you can see I am not coming from naivety or in-experience.

    As a newly unbaptised publisher I find the 1914 doctrine extremely difficult to get my head round. I think the JWs have a lot of truth where doctrine and teachings is concerned, but prophecy is their weak point. I am not sure, still, how the 607 BCE date was reached when much of secular opinion seems to point to somewhere round about 587 BCE. However, I remain a JW for various reasons: 1) Like I said, I believe that the JWs do have a lot right (Jesus’ divinity, hell etc), I really do enjoy the Sunday and mid-week services, as well as the assemblies and conventions, and I really do enjoy associating with the people there. I am new on the door-to-door ministry. I do enjoy it the door-to-door stuff, though I can’t say that I “love it”. I don’t leap out of bed in the mornings shouting “Yipee! Field Ministry!” but then again neither do I lay in bed praying for rain, earthquakes or illness to get me out of knocking on doors >.<

    I do enjoy reading the articles, listening to podcasts and reading the comments that Robert King has here, so I just wanted to say hi really.

    If anybody is interested I have a blog on Tumblr ( which chronicles my association with the JWs from shortly after I started studying with them. I started it in December 2013, and it's still going.

    Thanks for reading this.

    • this site isnt run by a ex-witness, just so you know.

      • No, but the site I saw this discussion on and replied through is (E-Watchman).

        • ok, well the address here is which is The Watchmans Post and Robert King who runs it and many who support and comment here, such as myself, are Jehovah’s witness

          • Yes, I know this. I am not sure what you are getting at. 🙂

            • welcome to the Watchman’s Post. glad you enjoy 🙂

              some mite mistake reading your comment that Robert is ex


            • Robert King is an ex-Jehovah’s Witness. He was a Jehovah’s Witness, as in a member of the Watchtower Society, but he was disfellowshipped. Seems like you are the one who needs to read his site more. If you want to argue that you and he are witnesses of Jehovah despite not being a member of the Watchtower Society, i.e., what most people would understand to be a Jehovah’s Witness, then that is fine by me. I agree that anybody who witnesses for God is technically speaking a Jehovah’s Witness. But I think you fully well know what I meant when I said that Robert King is an ex-Jehovah’s Witness. Seems to me you just want a bit of a willy-waving contest here over the use of the term “Jehovah’s Witness”.

            • Jamie Mac

              Hi , welcome.You mentioned 1914 and the fact that you could not get your head around it. What are your feelings towards it at this present time, no doubt you have read some of Roberts’s articles debunking it.

            • Hi. I still struggle with the whole 1914/1919 thing. Perhaps it’s because it’s contemporary history, not that long ago that it seems odd. Perhaps it’s because a definitive date has been given that it causes me a problem. I am not saying it’s definitely not true, however, I am skeptical. I know that the Witnesses, even before 1900, had said that something big would happen in 1914, though I don’t think they said it would be a world war, which I thought was pretty impressive. But with Rutherford and crew being locked up being translated as the “slaying of the beast”, that I am not so sure about.

            • Jamie Mac

              Hi again, I found the whole 1914 thing captivating, it tickled my ears. However, I remember studying the Red Revelation book, cannot remember the exact title, and when we were discussing the 2 witnesses and individual names where branded, I suddenly felt distraught because I knew it was not the truth, I don’t know how I knew I just did. I think this is what you alluded to.

              I know that you are on the right path as you have being learning wonderful truths about Jehovah and his son Jesus, something which has escaped almost all of Christendom, please keep on it. Please, also, if you feel so inclined, take a look at some of Robert’s articles relating to 1914. They certainly open my eyes up.

            • Yes, I have that red book, though I am not sure if it is used much anymore. I think the “God’s Kingdom Rules” book sort of superseded it. Yes, the identifying of the two witnesses of Revelation as being members of the WBTS did ring big alarm bells in my head. I believe it to be wishful thinking on the part of the Society more than anything else. I am not sure if the Two Witnesses will be literal people of whether they are symbolic, probably the latter seeing as much of revelation is symbolic. However, like I said, I feel that the Society do have a lot right and, on the whole, they speak the truth. I really enjoy associating with them.

            • no he is not. he is a witness and always has been a dedicated servant of Jehovah. he never left the truth, the WT/congregation disfellowshiped him. they are saying he is no longer one of Jehovah’s witnesses, Jehovah has shown otherwise

            • Robert King was disfellowshipped from the Watchtower organisation some years ago. Read his book “Jehovah Himself Has Become King.” Listen to some of his podcasts. Even ask the guy himself. He’s pretty open about it.

            • ive known Robert for several years now so you are going to explaine to me? ive read that book several times more then any book i have ever read

            • Clearly you paid no attention when reading that book. Read this article that Robert King wrote. About the 12th paragraph down, where he says ‘back in 2005, when I was disfellowshipped…”


            • FACT:
              e-Watchman = a witness from Jehovah

              clearly – Isaiah 43:9-12 – the purpose

            • FACT: Robert King was a baptised elder with the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society but was disfellowshipped in 2005.

              If he still classes himself as a witness of Jehovah due to the fact that he is witnessing for Him, then I agree and have no proplem with that fact, like I stated at the start.

              I am guessing you are not a witness for Jehovah or even Christian? If you do claim to be then shame on you for your expletive name calling when you called me a “newcomer stubborn sh*t” – not a very Christian attitude at all.

            • yeah well take a hike then i wont have anything to say to your stupidity.
              i. NOT in the mood for you or anyones shit. the whole reason that book JHHBK is written is as a witness to Jehovah for a fact the WT doesnt even understand half of what Jehovah has said prophetically; Isaiah itself being a closed book.

              here i’ll make it easy for you –

              “you are my witnesses is the utterance of _______”

              a) the Watchtower
              b) the bible
              c) banana
              d) Jehovah

              does the Watchtower no longer being Roberts fellow disqualify him as a witness to Jehovah? No!

              im not very christian because its bloody hard and Jehovah himself know this is as good as it gets! i work my ass off trying to stay sane and do what little i can for Jehovah and for my own benefit an well being. i can not improve on my current situation any more then what im doing.
              meanwhile i dont need anymore people arguing with me when i tell the truth! you dont like tallking to me then be christian and “take your leave” Pro 17:14

            • Beverly kenyon

              True DA. Brother King is a dedicated servant of Jehovah. He was disfellowshipped for telling the Truth. Galatians 4:16.

            • the guy is an idiot. just like all the others acts like hes a student but comes on here acting like he knows everything just to argue. this is not a EX witness site but the complete opposite. being EX-JW doesnt mean you have been nor have to be anounced disfellowshiped by the congregation by committee and is nothing to do with no longer being a witness of Jehovah. the Watchtower is not the athority on the matter either. Jehovah is. Robert was disfellowshiped (and branded apostate ) from his fellow brothers and sisters under the influence of the Watchtower BECAUSE he IS one of Jehovah’s witnesses and has not ever excommunicated himself from that dedication but has carried on loyaly with that commencement to this day. not all have rejected fellowship with Robert which is why many are here IN fellowship with him. duh. many who are EX-Jehovah want nothing to do with being his witness and some even antichrist. this is NOT an ex-JW website

            • Beverly kenyon

              DA, I can’t make that guy out, comes across as very digital but he does ask good questions and I’ll give him credit for working hard to dedicate himself to Jehovah but I’ll give him extra brownie points for being here on EWatchman but I find that username that’s similar to the jw online symbol creepy and weird! I couldn’t care less they disfellowshipped Brother King as it was our gain and it was only because he spoke out about their lying treachery and that says it all for me so no I don’t recognise them anymore and I don’t recognise their kangaroo style cloak and dagger ‘court’. I will base what I know about Brother King on his work and service to Jehovah dispensing true spiritual food to lost sheep and no one else will tell me different using whatever ever words…not interested!

            • Hi Beverly. I am sorry my avatar stumbled you. I have changed it for something less oppressive, I hope. As for the username “JW Student”; it is something I adopted on Tumblr back in 2013 when I started my blog and started studying with the JWs. I keep it as JW Student as that is what readers of my blog know me by now, and I don’t really want to change it. Even though I was a “born again evangelical” Christian for 20 years prior to starting studying with the JWs, and even though I am no longer a “Bible Student” but an unbaptised publisher (as of three weeks ago), I still consider myself a student of Jehovah. 🙂

              Robert King has taught me a lot and has answered many of my questions here, on his audio podcasts and in emails. I am vary grateful to him.

            • Beverly kenyon

              Hi JW Student, no your avatar didn’t stumble me at all, like I said to DA, I found it weird and creepy but your new one is very striking. Can I just say, DA is the one on this site that I think a lot of with much respect for his Bible knowledge, so it wasn’t nice to see him like that in his post when you referred to Brother King as an ex JW. DA was correct when he said Brother King wasn’t en ex JW and yes Brother King has never hidden the fact he was disfellowshipped. This site is a spiritual lifeline for a lot of us here and a place for Christian fellowship also to meet the most amazing interesting real truth seekers without judgement and it’s good to see you here but I wouldn’t say we’re ex JWs and this is no ex JW site. DA, my friend is right to point out that Jehovah is the Authority on these matters not the WT and their shunning practices which is pagan based.

            • Hi Beverly. When I said that Robert King was ex-JW I meant that he was once a member of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society, commonly known as Jehovah’s Witnesses, but was disfellowshipped from that organisation. I agree that he is still a Witness of Jehovah, as is anybody who witnesses for Jehovah, regardless of whether they are formal members of WBTS or not, and I did say that several times. Anyhow, I am not getting into that argument again. I lost all respect for DA when he chose to become abusive by use of expletives, so for me I will just ignore him (or block him on here if I can). I think that will be for the best. I find this site vary interesting as is the information that Robert King provides. I am happy being a JW (a member of the WBTS) and, as far as I am concerned right now, will remain one. I don’t believe all they teach but on the whole I enjoy associating with them. Hopefully my experiences on the forum/site will remain positive, though my opinion of it has taken a bit of a battering recently. I guess the WTBS would frown at my use of a Swedish flag in my avatar if they saw this. In fact I think the whole being here would draw in a few breaths at the KH >.< However, I am not a mindless sheep; I serve Jehovah, not an organisation. I'm too long in the tooth to become a mindless zombie. 🙂

            • Beverly kenyon

              Hiya JW Student, yeah, we’ll leave that argument well alone now as we’ve all made our points about it and don’t want to flog it to death! As a man who’s been in the forces for many years I would’ve thought being called **** is pretty tame and you would just brush that off even though yes, it’s not nice being called names. My brother was in the forces and him and his friends had the worst potty mouths going! DA would have to do worse than that to me for me to lose respect for him as I love the bones of the guy. He’s not afraid to show his vulnerable side, he’s real and human with all the faults that go with it and sometimes he literally cries out in anguish to Jehovah about being sinful and everything horrible about this world, it breaks my heart sometimes to see him in such a state but at the same time makes me have great affection for him even more! He’s also a true servant of God and has stuck close to truth on this site for several years now. At least he didn’t call down thunder on your head like the ‘Sons of Thunder’ in the bible and Paul having that explosive argument with…can’t remember the name off the top of my head, but I’m sure you know who it is. These were real people with real emotions showing vulnerability in full HD and we’re no different especially when you feel passionately as DA clearly does about this site and the work being done by Brother King. It’s also good to see your mind hasn’t being hijacked by WT and you’re very clear in who you serve, Jehovah and our King, Jesus Christ. Didn’t know your avatar was the Swedish flag as the design is very striking! The WT would frown at anything they’re not in control of. Everyone here on this site bring something different to the table with their different personalities and yes the discussions are vigorous and passionate sometimes but we have the freedom to express ourselves. That would be horrific to be a WT mindless zombie because Jehovah blessed us with our precious gift of free will.

    • The WT calculates 607 based upon the 70 years that Jeremiah foretold that Jerusalem would be desolated. It is pretty well established that Babylon fell in 539BCE and allowing for two years for the Jews to be released and go back to Judah, making it 537, then count back 70 years – 607. Here’s an article the WT published in the topic

      I don’t get into the whole 607 verses 589 controversy for the simple reason that there is no basis in the assumption that the “appointed times of the nations” to trample Jerusalem, about which Jesus spoke in the 21st chapter of Luke, began when Babylon destroyed Jerusalem.

      • Hi Robert, and thank you for your personal reply. Thanks for also explaining where the 607 date comes from. These are certainly interesting times we are now living in. I know you believe WWIII is just around the corner, or at least I think that is what you believe. I have to be honest and say that I don’t think WWIII will be nuclear, I don’t think Jehovah will allow that to happen. But then again only Jehovah really knows the intricacies of his final plan. I do wish your Q&A podcasts were more regular though 🙁

    • Beverly kenyon

      I remember you JW Student. You had a moral dilemma going on about being a military man and getting baptised. You appeared, asked your question then disappeared. You’ve made progress. Yeah, I read some of your blog and it was interesting.

      • Hi Beverly. I left the military in January of this year. I have to be honest, it wasn’t just because I wanted to be a Jehovah’s Witness that I left the military, I also left as I felt that after 24 years service, it was time to move on. As I got older I disliked more and more the 6-9 months away from home onboard a “tin can” >.< Plus, I wanted to be "young" enough to be employable 🙂

        It is nice being an unbaptised publisher. I asked on Sunday if I could go out on the literature cart this week with an experienced brother, but my request was declined as I need to attend some sort of training first. I was disappointed but I do understand the protocol.

        • Beverly kenyon

          Wonder if there was ‘protocol’ when Jesus sent his apostles out in the Ministry and did the early Christians follow ‘protocol’ when they too went out preaching about the Kingdom. Instead of hindering they should be utilising all that energy and eagerness and being fired up to witness by unbaptised publishers like yourself because when you finally get to that stage you’re just raring to go!

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