It has happened before. The case of Weimar Germany was the most infamous. But more recently Zimbabwe experienced hyperinflation. Ironically, the only value of Zimbabwe’s currency is as collector’s items.

(Here, check out a 100 Trillion dollar note that goes for $21.99.)

Now Venezuela is in the grip of hyperinflation. The smart phone video on the right ought to give you an idea of how hyperinflation effects the everyday lives of the common person. But ultimately currency collapse is coming to so-called First World nations; specifically to America and Europe. It is foretold in Scripture.

For example, the 8th chapter of Daniel foretells that a fierce-looking king will ascend during the finale and he will bring mighty ones to ruin along with the holy ones. Who are the mighty ones? Quite likely they are the millionaires and wealthy class who  along with the rest of the world will find their wealth has vanished like a puff of smoke.

Thus, into the street they will throw their worthless Dollars, Euros, Pesos and Yen, during the day of Jehovah. 

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Based upon their borrowed chronology from the Adventists, for 40 years prior C.T. Russell and the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society had been pointing forward to 1914. In the years leading up to that fateful summer of 1914 the nations of Europe had become dangerously entangled in military alliances. One alliance was called the Triple Entente —Great Britain, France and Russia. The other was the so-called Central powers, primarily Germany, Austria-Hungry and later jointed by the Ottoman Empire.

When the heir to the throne of the Austrian empire was assassinated on July 28th that was the spark that detonated the Great War – as it was originally called. By August all the allied nations had formally declared war upon each other. And in October Charles Russell declared that the Gentile times had ended – their kings had had their day. Although the First World War commenced in 1914 virtually nothing that the Bible Students had been anticipating worked out as they expected. The war dragged on for four years and did not result in global anarchy and Armageddon.

Just two years into the war C.T. Russell unexpectedly passed away. As a result the Bethel headquarters was thrown into a power struggle in his absence. Not only that, the government incarcerated the Watchtower’s new president and seven others on charges of espionage. But the war quickly ended once the Americans joined in on the side of the Triple Entente and the world went on as before; except, approximately half the Bible Students were casualties of the unexpected turn of events – stumbled due to their unfulfilled expectations.

Now, a century after the start of the First Word War, the nations are again pitted against each other in two blocs. There are the BRICS nations and the Anglo-American-NATO alliance. But now is a far more dangerous situation, as virtually all the nations involved have nuclear weapons. One spark and a global conflagration will ensue. And what about the expectations of Jehovah’s Witnesses? That is the subject matter of this site.

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